Wendy: Surprise

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1  -  An Idea

Wendy Tomas' heart was racing. She was in the airport waiting for her husband Marty, an Army helicopter pilot who was returning for his mid tour leave from Korea. Wendy and Marty met almost ten years ago, while in college. He was an engineering student while she was studying to become a gym teacher. After college, they married and he joined the Army while she started teaching in high school.

Wendy had suspected that Marty had a secret ever since their college days, but she had only confirmed it after he left for Korea. When she decided to replace their computer with a new one, she found many pictures of women wearing leg casts buried deep in the files. After several weeks of trying to think of a surprise she could have for him during his thirty day leave, she finally decided to have a cast put on her leg. She would wear it for a couple of days, then have it removed before they went to spend a week alone together in a cabin she had rented in the woods about fifty miles from home.

She had started to implement her plan over a month ago. She knew she wanted to have a cast put on her leg, but she didn't know how to get it done. She though about claiming that her leg hurt but she figured out quickly that there would have to be some identifiable injury for that story to work, and she wasn't ready to hurt herself to get a cast. She even thought of calling around to several orthopedic Doctor's offices to ask if one of them would do it for her. She tried to develop a story, mostly true, to explain that she wanted the cast to surprise her husband for a party. She also thought about telling them she needed the cast as a prop for a little play she was in.

Finally, she heard about Bill, one of her old students. Two weeks before Marty was due to arrive home, she rode the elevator to the third floor of the office building where Bill worked as a cast technician for an Orthopedic Surgeon. She was planning to just look around and check out the area so she could walk in with more confidence when she got up the courage to go see him.

Her heart was already racing as she rounded the corner of the hallway and came face to face with Bill. Her immediate reaction was to just smile and walk away, but she knew this would probably be the best chance she would have at asking for his help. She cleared her throat and said,"Hello Bill, how are you?"

"Hello Misses Tomas, it is nice to see you. Can I help you?"

?Uh, Bill," she smiled widely while her big blue eyes shined. She continued in a soft voice,"Well, uh, can I talk to you for a minute?" I, uh, I have to ask you for a personal favor.

'sure, if you would like, in about five minutes we can go down to the coffee shop.

A few minutes later Bill and Wendy were drinking coffee while they talked. ?Well Misses Tomas?"

?Please Bill, it's Wendy. You graduated five years ago, so please, no more Misses Tomas.

"OK uh, Wendy, what can I help you with?"

Wendy could feel her face becoming flushed. ?Bill, this is kind of embarrassing, but, uh, would you," she looked down at her feet before continuing,"uh, well Bill, would it be all right if you, uh, well, I want a?"? She swallowed her last words,"? cast on my leg.

Bill asked,"A cast on your leg?" Is that what you said?"

Wendy looked up. She could feel her face being red hot. ?Uh-huh,"? she responded. "I uh, well, I want it to be a surprise for, uh, for my husband. You see, he likes, gosh Bill, I am so embarrassed, I?m sorry, I shouldn't have asked.

Bill reached out and put his hand on hers. ?Wendy, listen, you shouldn't be embarrassed. You may not believe this, but, ever now and then I see a woman who wants a leg cast for her husband.

?Really!? Wendy responded. "Here, I thought I was the only one who?"

"No Wendy. I have had women ask for me to make the cast a little longer than necessary, even over her knee and to the top of her leg when a below the knee cast was all that was necessary. I can even recall a couple of times when the husband or boyfriend would ask me in front of her to do it.

?Gosh Bill, I would never have guessed.

'sure, Wendy, when do you want the cast put on?"

?Well, Marty will be coming home on Saturday afternoon in two weeks. I think it would be neat to get the cast the day before. That way it will be nice and dry and?"

?Why don't you come by about one in the afternoon?" We are finished with patients about noon on Fridays so everyone will be gone by then.

Wendy reached over and hugged Bill before saying, "Thank you. I will see you then.

For the next two weeks Wendy agonized about her decision. Even though Bill had explained that she wasn't alone in her thoughts, she was worried that Marty might think it was a stupid idea. Then there was the question of exactly how much cast did she want. She thought about getting just a small cast on her foot and ankle, but maybe one to her knee would be better. Should she use crutches or get one of those shoe things so she could walk on the cast. Maybe, since she was going to embarrass herself by getting the cast, she should get one over her knee, or maybe she should go all the way and have the cast extend all the way from her toes to her hip. If she did that, there would be no question, she would have to use crutches.

A week before time to get her cast, Wendy went to the store and bought a pair of crutches to practice with. For the next couple of days she used the crutches around the house. Then she decided to really find out what life on crutches was like. She was going to the mall on crutches. In order to make her use of crutches look real, she put a sock on her right foot and made sure that she didn't put weight on it.

While walking through the mall, she wasn't exactly sure why, but she noticed a little physical excitement as she became aware that several men and a couple of women stopped what they were doing and watched her walk by. She was sitting in the food court drinking a coke when a young woman who Wendy recognized as one of her students of a few years ago walked up. She said,"Hello Misses Tomas, may I join you?"

After they talked for a few minutes the young woman asked, "I see you are on crutches, what happened?"

Wendy hadn't thought about being asked a question like that. She quickly responded with the first thought she had. "Oh, I stubbed my toe, I?m sure that it will be all right in a couple of days.

The woman giggled. "Oh, I?m sorry, that isn't funny. I was just remembering how I turned my ankle and used crutches for a few days. My boyfriend liked it so much, I continued to wrap my ankle in a bandage and use crutches for several days after my ankle was well.

"Oh, really," Wendy answered while her mind was rapidly processing the thought that the woman had done that for her boyfriend. "You did that for him?" she responded with a question while she could feel herself becoming very physically excited. She asked with the most innocent voice she had, 'so, your boyfriend liked for you to use crutches?"

Her eyes glistened.Oh gosh yes!? He made love to me each time we met while I was on crutches. She looked around before leaning over closer to Wendy. She whispered, "You know, I?m thinking about wrapping my ankle and telling him that I hurt it again.

?Really, that sounds like fun," Wendy giggled.

"Yep," she laughed,"Heck, if I knew how, I?d get a cast on my leg, then I bet he would really enjoy me.

As a new crutch user, she found it necessary to rest frequently as she continued down the mall. She was sitting on a bench while thinking about the young woman's story when a man in his forties walked by. After the man walked by, he turned and walked back. ?Wendy, is that you?" he asked as she looked up.

"Hi Gary," she responded to the man she recognized as one of her fellow teachers. She quickly looked down at her foot and back to him while wondering what to say.

?What happened," he asked while pointing at her sock covered right foot.

She decided to use the same story she had already used on the young woman. "Oh, I just stubbed my toe, it will be all right in a few days.

"Oh, I thought you might have to get a cast," he reacted with what sounded like disappointment in his voice.

"No, just this," she smiled.

The man continued,"Well, I remember when my wife broke her ankle. She was in a big cast for three months.

"I?M sorry to here that," Wendy offered.

?Well, I have to say, it was a real experience for both of us. Watching her walk around on crutches with her leg in that cast was a real turn?"? The man's voice trailed off while his face became flushed. ?Uh, I need to go," he said while turning very quickly to leave.

Wendy wanted to call him back to hear more but she decided to not embarrass herself or him anymore by asking.

Wendy spent another hour in the mall while watching for people react to her. As she drove home she was beginning to make up her mind that she would be using crutches for her surprise to Marty. Now, all she had to do was decide how much cast she was going to ask Bill to put on her leg.

CHAPTER 2 -  The Cast

Wendy spent the remainder of the week on crutches. She even ventured to the grocery store on them. After one of the young men in the store watched her trying to use her crutches while pushing the cart, he walked up to her and said,"Ma?am, we have a electric scooter cart you are welcome to use.

Thank you," she responded while smiling.

"You are welcome. Can I help you with your crutches while you are getting onto the scooter?"

She started to say no, but she was enjoying the attention so she decided to play along. She followed the young man to the scooter. He turned the seat sideways and held her hand after taking her crutches. As she sat down, he bent down and placed his hands around her ankle while gently lifting her foot and guiding it onto the cart. She winked while experiencing a warm feeling flash through her body.Thanks, I don't think I could have done it without your help.

Thursday evening before she was to get her cast, she took a bubble bath and shaved her legs. She was sure that she wanted her leg to be smooth when the cast was removed after wearing it for the weekend. She spent a restless Thursday night while going over in her mind exactly how much of a cast she was going to ask Bill to put on her leg. She was enjoying all the attention she had been receiving on her crutches, and she was sure, from conversations she had experienced with people she had encountered, that she was going to enjoy the cast even more, but she wasn't sure how Marty would react. Would he like it or would he think she was stupid!

Friday morning, Wendy found that she was so nervous she could hardly eat breakfast. She wanted the cast, but she was having second thoughts. After all, she was about ready to cripple herself and it was all just because she had some silly idea about trying to please her husband. As the clock neared one o'clock, she finally put on a pair of shorts and a blouse. She put the sock on her right foot before placing a sock and sports shoe on her left foot.

Wendy was on her crutches as she rounded the corner of the hallway next to where Bill would put her leg in a cast. She still wasn't sure what cast she wanted, but she was thinking about just one from her toes to her knee. With that cast, she would still be able to walk without crutches until she could get it cut off if Marty thought it was dumb.

As Wendy entered the cast room she saw Bill just finishing a cast on another woman. Bill looked toward Wendy. ?Ma?am, I will be with you in a few minutes.If you wish you can be seated over there while I finish with this lady.

?Wendy was fascinated as she watched Bill finish the cast. She could feel a warm feeling coming over her as she watched the woman get off the casting table and onto her crutches with her leg stiffly covered in a cast from her toes to her hip. When the woman left, Bill turned to Wendy. "Have you decided what you want me to do?" he asked.

"Yes, I think I have," she answered. ?After watching you finish up with that other woman, and watching her walking out with her cast, well, uh, I want one just like hers.

Bill looked at her,"Good choice. I think your husband will enjoy it.

Wendy felt one last moment of doubt flash through her mind. "I hope so," she responded with a soft voice.

Wendy was so used to using crutches that she stood and placed them under her arms without even thinking about it. She walked over to the cast table and turned around like she had observed a few minutes earlier. Bill placed his hands under her arms and helped her sit on the edge of the table. He leaned her crutches against the wall before turning back to Wendy. ?Would you like to remove your sock, or would like for me to?"

?Please, you can do it for me," she responded with a smile while thinking that, if Bill was going to cast her leg, she might as well let him do it all. Bill removed her sock and rubbed his hands over her soft foot before asking,"What color cast do you want?"

?Blue. Marty has blue eyes, so I want blue.

Bill asked Wendy to turn up the bottom leg of her shorts. She could feel herself becoming excited while he ran his bare hands up and down her soft, smooth leg. "I think your husband will really enjoy this," he responded.

Bill cut a length of stockinet and slipped it over her foot. He rolled the top of it to her hip while leaving the other end of it extending over her toes. As he rolled padding over her leg Wendy asked, 'so, it isn't unusual for women to have casts for their guys?"

"No, it isn't. Usually they aren't quite as forward with it as you were. They usually try to get me to apply more casting materials, or once in a while another cast after it isn't needed, but?"

'so, I was more forward huh!?

"Yes, but I kind of like that," Bill answered while putting on gloves. "I noticed you on crutches. You are getting around like a professional. Have you been in a cast before?"

?Uh, thank you, but no, I just got the crutches a week ago and I have been practicing ever since. So you think I?m pretty good on them?"

"Oh yes. I have seen people in casts for months that weren't as good as you.

As the heat in the setting fiberglass began to develop, Wendy began to enjoy the feeling since the air conditioning in the room had made her legs cold. ?Wow, I didn't know that a cast could feel so good.

When Bill was finished with the cast, he helped Wendy off the table and onto her crutches. Before she left, she hugged him and told him she would call his cell phone when she wanted him to remove it.

Wendy hadn't left the building before she discovered that walking on crutches with a heavy, stiff kneed cast was different than walking on crutches with a sock on her foot. It was going to take a little practice to keep her cast and crutches separated.

Then, there was the little problem of getting her stiffly casted leg into her car. She walked to the side of her car, balanced on her crutches and opened her door. So far, it was just like before. She turned around and backed up to the seat. When she sat down, her stiff leg stuck out.

After putting her crutches in the seat beside her, she tried to turn around and lift her legs into the car. Her cast covered leg hung up on the side of the door. She had to slide back on the seat until her foot cleared the door opening. Then there was another problem. When she turned with her legs inside the car, her cast covered right leg was in the way, she couldn't work the accelerator and brake peddle.

Wendy felt tears running down her cheeks. She began to ask herself if she should continue with her cast, or immediately go back into the building and ask Bill to remove it. She had planned so well, now to have something so simple as getting into her car stop her, well, she dried her eyes, moved around on the seat until she got her casted leg out of the way, and drove off.

On the way home she decided to stop by the grocery store. When she walked in on her crutches, the young man who had assisted her earlier hurried over. She began to laugh when he said,"Wow, what a bummer!?

"Yep, pretty neat, huh!? she said while lifting her casted foot to show him.

?Gosh ma?am, that is an awesome cast.

All of a sudden Wendy began to feel much better. She continued to giggle while walking to the scooter cart. She turned to him and asked,"Would you like to help me with my cast?"

He smiled and bent down to place his hands around her casted ankle. She watched him move his hands up and down her cast. ?Don't you wish your girlfriend had one like this?"

He looked up with a red face and said, "Ohhhh yyyes.

Wendy didn't rest well the first night she spent in her cast. Not only did she have difficulties getting comfortable in bed, but she was too nervous to sleep. Had she made a mistake?" Would Marty guess why she was in a cast?" If he figured it out, was he going to be embarrassed?" How embarrassed was she going to be when he saw her and she knew why she was wearing the cast?"

Saturday morning, Wendy laid out a knee length full skirt and blouse along with a thigh hi stocking and a low heeled sandal. She put her new cast in a plastic bag and took a shower. After breakfast she dressed while anticipating and dreading what was about to happen in a few short hours. She had gone far enough that there was no turning back. Even if she wanted to change her mind, it was too late for her to find Bill and have him remove the cast.

An hour before time for Marty to arrive, Wendy made her way to the car. She had become proficient at getting into the car with her cast. While driving to the airport she could feel her heart beginning to race. Once she had parked, she remained in the car for a few minutes while she calmed down.

She was so nervous she could hardly stand on her crutches as she made her way to the baggage claim area. How was she going to explain her cast?" In all of her planning and preparation she had never thought of that. Should she tell him that she had been in an accident?" When?" How long had she been in the cast?" How much longer would she be casted?" What if she just told Marty up front why she was wearing the cast?" She didn't know what story to tell him.

Wendy was sitting in a chair along the wall with her crutches lying on the floor beside her. She was trying to decide what to tell him. She felt fear wash over her like ice water on a hot day when Marty walked around the corner. ?My god Wendy, what happened to you?"

CHAPTER 3 - Marty is Home

Wendy was so surprised by Marty's early arrival that she didn't know what to say or do. She reached for her crutches and stood while Marty was looking on in disbelief. She placed her crutches under her arms before reaching out to hug him. She could feel her inner fires building as Marty pulled her tightly into his hold while placing a long, passionate hiss on her wanting lips. "I love you," she whispered.

Although she had wrestled with an answer to his anticipated question about her cast, she was not ready. She blurted out an answer, "I broke my leg," so quickly she committed herself to either wearing the cast during his thirty days of leave, or having to explain why she was wearing it. But, that was the last thing on her mind for the moment. She hadn't seen him for six months and they had some things to catch up on.

She followed him on her crutches while he retrieved his baggage and got to their car. She asked him,"Would you mind driving?" My cast makes it difficult for me to drive.

Wendy felt her heart begin to race when Marty began to ask more questions. ?When did you break your leg, and how come you haven't told me?"? She wanted to just tell him why she was wearing her cast, get it over with, and enjoy the rest of his leave without having to worry about it. If he thought it was stupid, she would find Bill and have him remove it that afternoon. But, the reason for the cast was to entertain Marty's deep desires and she had made plans that included her wearing it for him. She made a quick decision to continue the false pretensions until they were ready to take the trip to the cabin, then she would have Bill remove it.

Wendy cleared her throat while trying to respond with a calm voice. ?Uh, I uh, a couple of days ago, uh, I turned my ankle and?" she swallowed her words, "I broke it. Quickly she reached down and took hold of the bottom of her skirt and slowly slipped it to the top of her legs while saying,"Hey Marty, do you want to see the top of my cast?" See, it goes all the way to the top of my leg. Then she giggled a nervous laugh. "It almost touches my"Our"Oh Marty, I can hardly wait.

Marty looked over at her legs and smiled. ?Gosh Wendy, that sure is a lot of cast for a broken ankle.

"Yeah, I know, but that is what I got. Then she took an unplanned opportunity to ask," ?Do you like it?"

Marty reached out, placed his hand on the stocking bathed top of her left leg. He smiled and responded, "I think your cast looks great?uh?. I mean, uh, I?m sorry. I didn't mean to say that I was saying that it was great that you broke your leg, uh, I meant?"

"That's all right Honey, I think I know what you were trying to say," Wendy responded with some relief. She wasn't going to have to worry any longer about Marty not liking her cast. Now all that was left was, how would he react when she explained that she hadn't really broken her leg, but maybe that could wait until later.

For the next few minutes Marty talked about his flight back from Korea before he asked another question. "Honey, if you broke your leg just a couple of days ago, doesn't it still hurt?"

Wendy hadn't anticipated a question like that. ?Uh, pills, pain pills. The Doctor gave me some pain pills, but it doesn't hurt much now.

?Good," Marty winked,"because I would hate for your leg to be hurting this afternoon.

Wendy took the opportunity to add a little levity to a tense situation. She turned her head in a sensual pose while saying,"Gosh Marty, just what do you have in mind for this afternoon?"

Marty reached out with his right arm, placed it over her shoulder and pulled her closer to him. ?What do you think," he said with a soft voice.

When they got home, Marty insisted upon Wendy staying in the car until he could get to her door. After opening her door, he reached inside, placed his hands around her casted ankle, lifted her leg, and guided it out of the car. He helped her stand on her left foot before handing her the crutches. He held his hand against her back as she walked from the car to the front door.

Wendy handed him the key before stepping back on her crutches while he opened the door. He insisted that he was going to carry her across the threshold and into the house. He bent down, placed his left arm under her knees while placing his right arm around her back. As he lifted her into his strong arms, she placed her arms around his shoulders and pulled her body close against his muscular torso. Before he stood her down in the living room she turned his face to hers. She met his lips with hers for a long kiss that would shortly lead to the bedroom.

An hour later Wendy was dressing while Marty was showering before going to a restaurant for dinner. While she combed her long brunette hair she told herself,"After just finding out what a cast can add to making love, I may loose Bill's phone number until after Marty has gone back to Korea.

Marty wore a dark blue suit with a white shirt and red tie, while Wendy was in a matching dark blue, knee length skirt with a matching jacket over a white blouse. She walked to the couch on her crutches. She sat on the edge of the seat while looking up at Marty. She extended her right hand holding a two inch heeled red pump. She asked while lifting her left foot bathed in a dark blue sandal foot nylon stocking,"Honey, would you help me with my shoe?"

Marty willingly stepped forward, got to his knees and placed his right hand around her ankle while taking her shoe in his left hand. While lifting her foot, he gently slipped her shoe on her small foot. Then he stood and reached down, taking her hands in his. He helped her stand before giving her the crutches.

Marty followed her to the car, opened the door and watched as she sat on the edge of the seat. He reached down, placed his hands around her casted ankle and lifted her leg as she swung it into the car. While driving to the restaurant, Wendy wanted to ask Marty if he enjoyed the cast, but she was afraid to bring up the subject. Would he tell her he didn't like the cast, and say that he wished she didn't have it?" Maybe he would tell her in a less then sincere voice that it was OK. She decided not to take the chance for fear that she wouldn't like the answer.

When they entered the restaurant, they were quickly guided to a small table located in a dark corner of the room. There was a small candle burning in the center of the table. Marty pulled her chair out. He stood by while she removed her crutches and sat down. He leaned her crutches in the corner before seating himself across from her. Marty reached out and placed his hand on hers. He said in a soft voice,"Wow, this is nice.

Wendy responded with a wink, "I?m glad you like it. I made reservations three weeks ago. I told them I wanted it to be very romantic because my love was returning after six months.

?Wendy, I think you have been planning this whole thing for months.

"You might think so," she smiled widely before reaching out for his other hand.

?But, I guess, breaking your leg wasn't in the plan?"?

?And, what if it was," Wendy reacted with a flirty tilt of her head while thinking that she could use this opportunity to explain her cast.

"Oh Honey, I can't think you would have planned that," he reacted with total sincerity.

"You?re right Honey, there is no way that I could have planned to break my leg just two days before you get back after being gone for six months.

'speaking of plans, what else have you planned for us?" Marty asked with a wink. "I mean, after tonight, because if you don't have any plans for tonight, I certainly do.

?And Marty, exactly what are your plans for tonight?" she teased.

?Well, gosh Wendy, I would have thought that you have that planned out also.

?Why would I do that?" I was just thinking that I would do what I have always done every night that you have been gone. You know, just put on a flannel nightgown, brush my teeth and go to bed. But, what plans were you thinking?"

?Well," he said while leaning closer. "I have this little package that I brought home with me.

"Oh really, and what would be in that package?"

'something for you to put on," she smiled.

?Let me guess. Is it a new flannel nightgown?"

"No, fraid not," he chuckled. ?Guess again.

?Will it make me smell good?"

"You don't need anything like that. You already smell delicious.

"OK Honey, I give up. What did you get for me?"

'sorry Dear, but you are going to have to wait until we get home. Then you can see it," Marty said while trying to end the conversation.

"Oh, please, what is it?" she begged.

After they finished eating, Wendy teasingly begged all the way home for Marty to tell her what the gift was. He refused until they were back in the living room. "Now will you tell me?" she teased.

?Just stand right there for a minute," Marty said while he left the room. When he returned he gave a small package with a big bow on it. He reached out with both hands, placed his hands on the sides of her face, pulled her lips to his and kissed her. "Take this to the bedroom before you open it. Then you can do what you want with what is inside the box.

CHAPTER 4 -  I Love the Cast

A few minutes later Wendy stepped from the bedroom on her crutches, wearing a red teddy with a red nylon stocking pulled high on her left leg. She said while lifting her right leg in the blue fiberglass cast, 'sorry Honey, but I could only put on one of the stockings.

Marty said,"Wow, look at you. Now I remember why I was hurrying home from Korea. And, the cast is better than a stocking.

?Really Honey?" Do you really like my cast that much?"

"Yes, I really do, but I guess there isn't anything you could do about it, even if I hated it.

She knocked on her casted knee while smiling seductively. "That's right Honey, I can't do anything about it. As she turned on her crutches to walk back into the bedroom followed by Marty, she reassured herself that she had made a good decision when she got the cast, and she wasn't going to tell Marty anything different. She was going to wear it with pleasure until he was back on the airplane after a month of sensual delight.

They slept in late on Sunday morning. She took a shower and put on a pair of shorts and a blouse before fixing breakfast while Marty showered. When he entered the kitchen he stood silently for a full minute while watching her glide around on her crutches. Finally he cleared his throat as a way of getting her attention. She turned on her crutches and held out her arms while he stepped forward and embraced her. He kissed her rosy lips before whispering, "I love you.

She turned her attention back to making breakfast while he watched. Finally he said, "I just can't believe how well you get around on those crutches. I mean, it has been just a couple of days since you broke your leg. I can remember a girl in college who wasn't that good after a month on crutches.

Wendy remembered exactly who he was talking about but she decided not to let him know. "Oh, and who was that?" she asked while wishing to refocus his attention on someone other than herself.

?Uh, I think her name was Brenda," he answered.

"Oh, well she must have been around before me. But enough of her because breakfast is ready, besides, I?m your woman in a cast now, not her.

Marty stepped up to Wendy and wrapped his arms around her. He hugged her tightly before saying, "You?re right, you are all mine, cast and all, and I love both you and the cast. Then he bent back so he could look into her eyes,"But you never did explain how you became so good on those crutches.

Wendy had to think quickly. She couldn't tell him that she had been practicing for two weeks. ?Uh, when I was in high school. Uh, I was on crutches then.

?Gee Wendy, you never told me about that.

"Oh, it was no big thing," she quickly responded. "I just twisted my ankle and wore an elastic bandage on it for a couple of weeks.

Marty responded with a voice reeking with disappointment, "Oh, I thought maybe you had been in a cast.

"No Honey, but I almost was. Then she turned to the plates and said,"Please help me get this stuff to the table.

After breakfast, Wendy said,"Honey, I have a cabin in the woods reserved for the week, but this afternoon, I would like for us to just sit around the pool and catch a few rays.

About two thirty Wendy walked out of the bedroom on her crutches wearing a red bikini. She said,"When you are ready, we can go out and lay by the pool.

A few minutes later Marty was also in a bathing suit and they were both sitting poolside. She rolled over on a towel while Marty rubbed her back with lotion. When he turned to the top of her legs she raised up on her elbows and said with a wink, "You had better be careful down there or you will have to do more than just rub my legs.

"You can count on it," he winked,"but later. Right now we are catching the rays, or don't you remember?"

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot," she said with a giggle.

A few minutes later another couple walked up. He was in a swimsuit and she in a bikini. Wendy rolled over and sat up. "Hi April, this is my husband Marty. He is home on a month's leave from Korea.

?Wendy, Marty, this is my husband John. After a round of handshakes, John walked around so he had a clear view of Wendy's cast before they sat down together. April turned to Wendy,"Gosh girl, what happened to you?"

Wendy felt a slight flush flash over her face. She hadn't though about trying to explain her cast to anyone she knew. ?Uh?"

Marty spoke up. 'she broke her leg a couple of days ago. Isn't that a heck of a cast she is in?"

?Gosh yes!? John reacted as if he was as interested in her cast as Marty was.

April looked toward Wendy. "Oh you poor thing, and it had to happen just as your husband was coming home on leave.

"Yep, but that's the breaks," Wendy giggled.

April continued, "Yes, I remember, when I was in high school. I was in a cast like yours during the Senior Prom.

John turned his head rapidly,"Huh, you never told be before that you had a broken leg and wore a cast on it.

?Well John, I guess it never came up before.

Wendy thought to herself, "I bet it comes up for him tonight because he is obviously just as interested in the subject as Marty is. Maybe, after Marty has gone back to Korea, April and I will have to have a woman to woman talk.

An hour later April was trying to get John to leave but he continued to create small talk and look at Wendy's cast. Finally Wendy decided that she was going to have to take control. She looked at Marty and said,"Honey, please help me up and give me my crutches. I think I have had enough sun for the day.

As soon as she was on her crutches, John stood and told April he was ready to follow her back to their apartment. As the left Wendy told herself, "I bet I know what John and April are going to be doing together in a few minutes.

A few minutes later Wendy had changed back into her blouse and shorts. Marty was wearing shorts and a shirt. Wendy suggested, "I don't want to cook dinner. Lets grab some burgers and go to the park.

After going through the drive-through they stopped at the closest park. Marty carried the food and a blanket to a secluded area partly hidden behind some bushes. After he spread the blanket out he helped Wendy sit down. She handed him his burger and began to wiggle her toes in her cast. "Honey, my toes are itching. Would you please rub them for me?"

Marty ate with one hand while rubbing her toes with the other hand. After he finished his burger, he moved around with her legs across his lap. He began to rub her left foot and lower leg. She laid back and closed her eyes. As he moved his hands higher on her leg she began to feel her inner fires come to life. She smiled and relaxed for a few minutes while enjoying the sensual leg rub.

She sat up and said, "That was wonderful, but I need to tell you about the plans for the week. We will leave in the morning for the office where I rented the cabin. We will drive back into the woods for about five miles where we will spend the week by our selves. I have already packed for us, so you won't have to worry about that," she reassured him.

He smiled a seductive grin. ?What's up?" Wendy asked.

"Oh, nothing much. I was just wondering what you had packed for me, but more yet, I was wondering what you had packed for yourself.

Wendy returned his smile. ?Who knows, maybe I didn't pack anything for me to wear. After all, I will be wearing this cast, what else would you want me to wear?"

?Well," he grinned. "That would probably be just enough, except, it will probably be cold at night up there.

?But, I?ll have you to keep me warm," she winked while tilting her head seductively.

"You mean, like this," Marty reached out and placed his arm around her shoulder and pulled her face to his. He began to kiss her passionately.

?Marty," she said with a soft voice, "Not here, someone will see us.

A few minutes later Marty helped her up and onto her crutches.

While driving home Wendy asked,"Did you see how interested John was in April's story about her breaking her leg?"

"No, I guess I didn't.

"I guess you didn't notice either how he never took his eyes off of my cast?"

Marty acted innocent. ?Uh no, I guess I didn't pick up on that. Maybe I was too interested in my wonderful lady in her cast.

"Oh Marty, that is so nice of you, just for that, you can have all of me and my cast that you want.

?Great, because I am going to love you to death when we get home.

An hour later Windy was standing in front of the bedroom door on her crutches. She was wearing her new red teddy again. 'sorry Honey, but I guess you are still going to have to take me with only one stocking.

He smiled, "That's fine with me.

?Good, because you promised me earlier that you were going to love me to death, and I am ready to die.

CHAPTER 5 - To the Cabin

Wendy got up early Monday morning. She was very excited to begin the next phase of her trip through ecstasy with her casted leg and her wonderful husband. She made breakfast while Marty showered. After breakfast, she showered and put on a pair of jeans cutoffs and a long sleeved blue shirt. She sat on the edge of a chair and slipped a white sock and white sports shoe on her left foot. She said,"Marty, Dear, while you are putting the stuff in the Jeep, I need to run down to the pharmacy and get a refill of my birth control pills.

When she returned she thought Marty acted like he had a secret, but he denied it when she asked him. Instead, he walked up to her, wrapped his arms around her and placed a passionate kiss on her lips. ?Wendy, my Dear, I just want you to know how much I love you, cast and all.

"Thank you Marty, I love you too. I was afraid that you wouldn't like me when you saw me in this big cast.

"Honey, your cast is just perfect. If you had to break your leg, I am glad that it was while I was home.

Marty walked next to her as she made her way to the passenger side of the Jeep. She stood by while he opened the door. He leaned her crutches against the side of the Jeep before placing his hands around her small waist and lifting her to the seat. Then he bent down and lifted her legs while she turned to place them inside the Jeep.

As soon as he got the Jeep started and in the street he placed his hand on the knee of her cast while saying, "Thank you for planning this week for just the two of us.

The drive took them from the city along a strip of interstate before turning off onto a paved, two lane road for several miles. As they advanced up the road, they began to climb into the mountains before ending the drive at the edge of a mountain valley.

Wendy noticed that for the entire drive lasting almost two hours, Marty never took his hand off of her casted knee except when necessary to handle the Jeep. She wanted to ask him why he was holding onto her knee like that, but she was sure that she knew, and she didn't want to embarrass him with the question. She shut her eyes and laid back on the seat. With the kind of attention she was getting, she was sure she had made the right decision when she decided to keep her cast.

When they arrived at the office where they would check in for the cabin, Wendy told Marty that she would do it since she had made the reservations. At first Marty insisted, "No Honey, I will do it.

Wendy said with a smile,"Please Marty, just because I have a cast on my leg doesn't mean that I am an invalid.

As he opened his door and turned to get out of the Jeep he said,"Well, at least let me help you out of the Jeep.

Wendy opened her door and sat quietly until Marty was at her side. He reached in and lifted her legs while she turned around on the seat. He placed his hands around her waist and lifted her from the seat and to the ground before handing her the crutches.? He followed her into the office.

The woman managing the cabins looked up. "Oh Honey, you poor thing," she responded while her eyes traveled from Wendy's toes to her head and back down. "If you had called, we would have canceled your reservation. Surely you don't want to spoil your visit to the cabin while your leg is in that big cast.

Wendy smiled, "Oh, that is OK. I have learned very quickly that life goes on even with a cast," then she turned to Marty and said,"doesn't it Honey?"

Marty's face became flushed from embarrassment. ?Uh, yeah, the cast, sure life goes on.

?Wendy said while looking at Marty,"Honey, I?m sorry, I guess you were thinking about something else.

"Huh, oh yeah, I guess I was just day dreaming.

She turned back to the woman and continued. ?Actually the cast is going to give us an excuse to just lay around the cabin and enjoy the scenery and isolation for a while. You know, getting away from the big city.

?Well, if the walls begin to close in too much you can ride the horses that are stabled there. Then she cleared her throat while her face became red. ?But, with your cast, maybe shopping would be the best thing for you. There is a small shopping mall about five miles down the road past the cabin.

"Thank you for the information, and I may just try riding a horse to see what it is like in a cast since I had a lot of experience riding horses as a girl growing up on a farm.

The woman added with a smile,"Well, if you do, here is a map of a trail or two that you can ride on. There is even a place you can camp out overnight if you would like. There are some camping supplies in the cabin.

Marty followed her back to the Jeep and helped her inside. The last five miles from the office to the cabin was on a one lane paved road winding through tall pine trees. A few times they could see a mountain peak in the background. As they rounded the last turn in the road they saw the cabin sitting before them in a clearing surrounded by tall trees with a stable, a lake and a grassy meadow.

As soon as Marty had parked the Jeep, Wendy opened the door and slipped off the seat to the ground. By the time he was to her side of the Jeep, she had already retrieved her crutches. She took a deep breath while looking around. "Oh Marty, isn't this beautiful?"? Then she stepped past him on her crutches and started walking around the area while looking at the beautiful surroundings. As she looked she was already formulating plans for what Marty and she would be doing at the various areas.

She was already becoming aroused at the thought of her and Marty rolling on the grass in the meadow. Then there was the lake. Surely there would be a boat they could use for the afternoon to explore a far away beach. And the horses, certainly she wasn't going to allow her casted leg to keep her form riding one of the horses. She turned around, wrapped her arms around Marty and placed a kiss on his lips. "Oh Honey, it is going to be so nice up here with just you and me all alone.

Marty kissed her before answering. ?Wendy, Dear, I think this is going to be the nicest vacation we have ever had. But first, don't you think we should unpack?"

"Oh, sure, I guess I was so overcome by all of this that I forgot all about that. She led the way to the cabin. She had to take one step up to the porch floor before she could walk past two rocking chairs and a glider swing and on to the front door. When she opened the door she was introduced to a cozy but spacious room with a king sized bed in one corner with a television at the foot of the bed. There was a small bathroom in one corner with a stove, microwave and dinning table along the opposite wall. She looked around for a few seconds before saying,"Wow Marty, isn't this lovely?"? Then she walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. She bounced up and down while saying, "I have a feeling we are really going to enjoy this place.

Marty walked over, pushed his hands down on the bed a couple of times and said, "Yes, I think we sure will, especially the bed.

Wendy smiled,"But Honey, I hope you aren't planning to spend all our time together in the bed.

"I wouldn't think of it," he said. ?After all, I saw you looking at the meadow and the horses.

Marty went to the Jeep and began to carry their things into the cabin while Wendy began to put them away. After the suitcases were empty and the small closet was filled, Marty said with a teasing grin,"Looks like you made sure that you had a plenty of things to wear so I guess you have plans other than spending all day in bed.

?Maybe!? she winked before stepping in front of Marty while calling for another kiss on her wanting lips.

By the time everything was in its proper place Marty looked around while indicating that he was hungry. Wendy told him, "If you will get us a beer, I will put a pizza in the oven. We can sit on the porch in the swing while we eat it.

After putting the pizza in the oven, Wendy followed him to the porch. She sat beside him with her legs across his lap. "Honey, would you please remove my shoe for me. After walking around for a while my foot is really tired. You know it has to do the walking for both feet since I have my other poor little foot in this big ol? cast.

He removed her shoe and white sock. He began to slowly massage her foot while they drank their beer. When the pizza was ready, Marty brought it out to the porch. He sat back down on the swing and she swung back around, placing her legs across his lap again while they ate.

After they were finished eating, Marty began to slowly rub her left leg from her toes to the top of her shorts, and over to the top of her cast. He slowly moved his fingers down the top of her cast, gently massaging the soft inner portion of her thigh while ripples of sensual excitement bolted through her body. Soon, Marty had her in his arms, and carrying her to the bed.

CHAPTER 6 - I Am So Sorry

When Wendy awoke Tuesday morning she was wearing nothing but her cast and a wide smile on her pretty face. She couldn't believe how much she had enjoyed the night before with Marty and her cast. If she had known how much they were enjoying her cast, she would have dreamed up an excuse years earlier to wear one. Since Marty was frequently gone on Army business, she would have had ample opportunities to have faked an injury and they could have experienced casted ecstasy many times before now.

She rolled over and placed a kiss on Marty's lips. He opened his eyes, wrapped his arms around her naked body and said,"Good morning, my love," then he rolled her onto her back and began to kiss her with a passion fired by a good night's sleep.

An hour later they both got out of bed. Marty handed her a robe before stepping to the coffeepot. While he was making breakfast, Wendy went to the bathroom and showered.

While eating breakfast she asked,"Honey, what do you want to do today?"

He looked at her with a teasing smile,"What do you think?"

She threw her napkin at him. ?Me too, but there has to be something else we can do also.

Wendy looked toward the lake. "How about going for a boat ride, and taking a picnic lunch with us?"

An hour later Marty was leading and carrying a basket of food while Wendy followed closely behind on her crutches. When they got to the small boat dock, Marty put the basket in the boat before helping her in. He untied the boat jumped in and pushed it off.

They road around the edge of the lake for an hour before coming to a sand covered beach. He ran the boat up on the edge of the beach, shut off the engine and climbed out. He lifted Wendy out and gave her the crutches. With her first attempt at walking it became obvious that she had a problem. The tips of her crutches sank into the soft sand making it nearly impossible for her to use them. "Honey," she said with pleading eyes cast in a pouting face, "I need help. I am afraid I can't walk in this sand and you will have to carry me.

As he bent down to place one arm under the back of her knees and the other arm around her back, she reached out and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pulling herself tightly into his strong, masculine arms. She placed a light kiss on his cheek and whispered, "You are my hero.

He carried her up the beach to where the sand disappeared into a flat, rocky area at the foot of a rock strewn hillside. He stood her down. She placed her crutches back under her arms and took a couple of steps over to a rock that would serve as a chair. She looked around. ?Look Honey," she said while pointing up the side of the hill, "I want to go up there.

Marty looked in the direction she was pointing. "Honey, I don't think you should. With the cast, you might fall and get hurt.

"Oh, come on Honey, don't you want to have a little adventure?" she said with another version of her pouty face.

Marty submitted just like Wendy knew that he would. She stood, placed her crutches under her arms and took a few steps to where a trail had been worn into the rocks and dirt around them. Marty stood closely behind her while expecting that she would fall with each step she took. As she made her way up the path, she stopped several times and looked back at him with a smile conveying an "I told you so," look.

It wasn't long before her know it all smile was wiped off her pretty face. She failed to get the tip of her left crutch planted on firm ground before she put weight on it. The crutch slipped out from under her. Marty attempted to catch her but not before she fell, landing on the knee of her cast.

?Are you all right," Marty asked with a near panic laden voice while reaching down to place his arms around Wendy's shoulders because she had rolled over, sitting on the ground.

She began to giggle. "Yes Dear, I am all right.

?Are you sure?" You fell on your broken leg. Are you sure that you are all right?"

Wendy wanted to tell him not to worry because her leg wasn't broken, but she had been enjoying her casting experience so much, she quickly decided to not say anything. She just reached up and placed her arms around his neck, pulling his face to hers. She kissed his lips lightly before saying,"Please help me up so we can continue.

Reluctantly, Marty helped her stand up again. He handed her the crutches while saying,"Are you sure you want to do this?"

She giggled. ?And why not?" before starting to climb again.

Once they got to the top of the hill, they found a bench to sit on while resting for a few minutes. As they looked around Wendy said,"Honey, this is so pretty up here, would you mind going back down and getting out picnic basket?"

As they were finishing eating Wendy looked out toward the boat. She said with a raised voice while pointing toward it,"Look Honey, the boat is floating away!?

Marty jumped up and began to run down the hill while Wendy watched with disbelief. ?Marty," she yelled,"Marty, be careful!?

While he ran down the hill, Wendy took three steps on her crutches before she forgot about playing the casted invalid on crutches. She ran as well as she could, with her casted leg, down the hill after him while carrying her crutches. When she got to the bottom of the hill, she stopped long enough to place her crutches under her arms before trying to walk through the sand on them. Her concern for Marty, who had already ran into the water and started to swim after the boat was so great that she made an unconscious decision. She forgot to try to use the crutches and walked on her casted foot to the water's edge while holding her breath for his safety.

?Marty Honey," she screamed out, be careful. She watched with her heart in her throat while he caught up with the boat and jumped into it.

All of a sudden, while watching him drive the boat back, she realized that she was going to have to explain how she got where she was on a freshly broken leg without using her crutches. She wouldn't be able to lie and tell him that she had used them because there were no crutch marks in the sand, which was too deep for her to use her crutches in anyhow. Should she try to convince him that it was all right for her to have walked on her leg, or should she just own up to the truth, take her punishment and go on from there?

When Marty got the boat back to the beach, she stood on her crutches and watched him as he walked up to her. She reached out to hug his wet body while tears ran down her cheeks. "Oh Honey, I was so afraid for you," she choked out before placing a kiss on his wet lips.

After they embraced for a minute he stepped back and looked at her. "How did you get down here?" I thought the sand was too deep for you to walk in with your crutches.

Wendy took a deep breath. She had to decide very quickly what she was going to tell him. "Honey, please sit down with me," she said while removing the crutches from under her arms and collapsing to the sandy beach.

Marty sat beside her. ?What's wrong Honey, did you hurt your leg again?"

She reached out and took his hand in hers while tears formed in her big blue eyes. ?Marty, Dear, I have been lying to you," she choked out. "I?m sorry Honey, but?" she began to cry uncontrollably.

He stroked her hand while placing his other arm around her shoulder, pulling her against him.Lying? Wendy, what have you been lying about?"

"Oh Marty, I am so ashamed of myself. I uh, I"I really didn't b?break?bbreak my leg.

"Oh that," he responded. ?What's so wrong that you are ashamed of yourself?" Did you only sprain your knee or something but you told me you broke it?" What could be so bad that you are crying and telling my that you lied?"

Not only did she have to tell him the truth about why she was wearing the cast, but she would be putting him in the embarrassing position of having his secret openly revealed. She sniffed back her tears. ?Well, Marty, I meant it when I said I didn't break my leg. Uh, there is nothing wrong with my leg. She watched Marty's face to see if he would react. "You see Dear, I, uh, I got this cast just for you. She saw a red flush flash over his face. "Oh Honey, I?m sorry if I embarrassed you. Uh, you see I wanted to surprise you with something that I thought you would enjoy.

Marty remained silent, but she was sure that he was thinking about what she was telling him. Finally he pulled her to him and turned her face to his. He placed a light kiss on her lips before wiping away her tears. He began to say something but she interrupted, "I think we should go back home in the morning and I will get the cast cut off. I shouldn't have done it, I am so sorry that I embarrassed you like this?"

Marty interrupted,"My Dear Wendy, I don't want you to do that, uh, unless you want to. You did it for me and I appreciate it. I love you for being so considerate. I mean, it wasn't easy, I am sure, for you to do this, and to think that you have been hobbling around on crutches like that, well?"

"Oh Marty, I love you so much.

"I know, and I love you too, including the cast.

They held each other tightly while watching the sun set over the lake before he helped her back into the boat and they slowly made their way back to the cabin.

CHAPTER 7 - I've Been Forgiven

Although Marty had told her that he appreciated her thought, and he had made wonderful love to her when they got back to the cabin, she was still very unsure what to expect when she opened her eyes to a new Wednesday morning. She rolled over next to him and laid her arm over his body. He opened his eyes, looked into her big blue eyes and said,"Good morning, my love.

With that, Wendy began to feel like she had been forgiven for lying to him. She sat up, turned with her legs over the side of the bed and began to stand when his arm reached out and pulled her back down on the bed. ?My Dear, where are you going?" he asked.

She reacted without being sure what was next. Was he going to vent an unforeseen rage upon her over her indiscretion?" Very quickly she found out, for as she fell back onto the bed, Marty bent down and began to kiss her warm lips.

An hour later they got up. She made breakfast while he showered. While they ate Wendy said,"Honey, what do you say to us driving into town and maybe taking in a movie?" You know, we haven't done that since you came home. We can go to the mall for a little while before the movie starts.

After Wendy showered, she put on a white blouse and a knee length, light tan, full shirt with a beige nylon stocking attached to a garter belt and a two inch heeled pump. She had told herself that if Marty forgave her, she would still use her crutches and act as if she had never revealed her secret.

When she was ready, she placed her crutches under her arms and walked out to the porch where she could see Marty out by the horses. When he looked up, she waived and said,"Honey, I am ready if you are.

He smiled and met her as she walked to the passenger side of the Jeep. She stood by on her crutches while he opened the door. He took her crutches and helped her into the Jeep just like he had always done.

As Marty drove toward town, he reached over and placed his hand on her cast covered knee while Wendy's heart began to race. She fought with herself for several minutes before she finally got up the courage to bring up the subject again. She said,"Honey, I am sorry that I had this cast put on my leg. I thought it would be a great surprise for you when you got home, but I don't think that I should have done it. I know that you have been a real gentleman about it and I want you to know that I really appreciate it, but if you want, we can turn around and go back home. I will get the cast cut off this afternoon.

Marty smiled. "Honey, I really appreciate that you have done this just for me, but I have been wondering, just how did you dream up the idea?"

Wendy wasn't sure if she wanted to tell him about the pictures on the computer, so she decided to just talk about what she had observed while they were in college. ?Well, I remember the time we went skiing along with Tom and Gretchen. She broke her leg and you were interested enough in how well she was doing that we went to see her several times while she was in her cast. Then, when she was back in school, all the guys swarmed around her. I guess that kind of made me jealous of all the attention she got from the guys. While I was trying to think of a way to ensure that I got your undivided attention, I came up with the cast idea.

?Well, you certainly got my attention!?

"I know!? She reacted with more enthusiasm than she had intended. ?Actually, I had planned to just wear it for a couple of days, but? we found it to be so much fun that I decided to keep it a little longer, but I can have it removed at anytime.

Marty cleared his throat,"Well, maybe that explains a strange phone call I answered while you were out getting your birth control pills.


"Yes, it was from a man, I think he said his name was Bill, or something like that. He asked when you were coming in to get your cast removed. I thought the question was weird since you had just broken your leg, but I let it pass.

Wendy immediately realized why Marty had been acting strange that morning when she returned from the pharmacy, but she played along as if she hadn't connected the dots. "Oh yeah, Bill is the guy who put me in this cast and I had kind of told him that I would probably be back in on Monday to get it removed," she paused for a few seconds before continuing with a giggle,"but I didn't.

When they arrived at the mall Wendy sat quietly while Marty walked to her side of the Jeep and helped her out. She was careful to use her crutches while respecting the handicap of her cast as they walked into the mall. They began to walk down one side of the mall, stopping along the way to look in the store windows.

As they approached one of the dress shops Wendy spotted a sundress that she liked. They entered the store and selected one of the dresses. She went to the dressing room and put it on. When she walked out for Marty to see her, his wide smile told her that he approved, so she kept it on while carrying her blouse and skirt in the shopping bag.

After spending an hour walking through the mall Wendy stopped and looked around. "Honey, can we set down for a little while, my foot and leg are tired?"

Marty pointed toward the food court while saying, Why don't we go over there and have something to eat while you are resting your leg?"

They had almost finished eating their burgers when a cute young woman with long brunette hair and a wide smile walked up on a pair of crutches. Wendy could tell by the expression on Marty's face that his attention was focused upon the young woman before she could pass her eyes down the hourglass figure of the crutches bound young woman. She was wearing a sleeveless white tee shirt and a pair of red, white and blue shorts. Her right leg was encased in a bright blue cast that started at her toes and extended all the way up her leg, disappearing under the bottom of her shorts.

The young woman smiled. "I see you and I have something in common," she said while looking toward Wendy.

"Yes, it certainly does," Wendy responded while taking a quick glance toward Marty and back to the woman.Would you like to be seated with us?"

'sure, why not.

While she was maneuvering around on her crutches, Marty stood and pulled out a chair for her. When she was seated, he took her crutches and leaned them against a nearby chair.

Once she was seated she extended her right hand to Wendy. ?My name is Tatiana.

?Wendy, and this is my husband Marty.

Tatiana looked toward Marty with a disarming smile revealing her wonderfully white teeth. Marty returned her smile while Wendy looked on with a knowing understanding of what must be speeding through Marty's mind at that moment. "Honey," Wendy said, "why don't you help Tatiana?" I am sure she would like a burger and fries if you would go get it for her.

Marty smiled at Wendy while looking toward Tatiana's pretty smile. ?Can I do that for you?" he asked.

"Oh, would you?" she asked with a charming Texas accent.

While Marty was gone Tatiana said,"Aren't men wonderful. I just can't get over how helpful they have become since I broke my leg.

"I think I know what you mean. Marty has become totally devoted since I showed up in this cast.

"Yeah, I think I understand. I broke my leg while skiing last January. My boyfriend George was with me, and it seemed like he just couldn't wait to see me in my cast. She leaned over closer to Wendy as if she was about to tell her a national secret. "You know, George was with me when I got this cast, which is my third one, well the doctor was talking like he might put me in a short leg cast and you should have see George's face. In fact, he started questioning the doctor about why the short cast. Can you imagine, I?m sure that he would have been willing to pay the doctor to make sure I got another full leg cast.

Wendy winked with an understanding nod. She was very happy to see Marty approaching with Tatiana's burger so she wouldn't be tempted to reveal her casting situation. In stead she said,"Honey, you can't believe what Tatiana has just told me. She has had her cast since January, isn't that just awful?"

"Oh yeah, just awful," but I guess they make?m big in Texas.

"Texas, how did you know I was from Texas?" Tatiana quizzed.

"Your shorts. The Texas star is in the middle of one leg," Marty winked.

A few minutes passed while Marty quizzed Tatiana about her cast. Finally Wendy said,"Marty Honey, we will be late to the show if we don't get going.

Marty helped Wendy to stand with her crutches before extending his hand to Tatiana. "It has been nice to meet you.

While they were driving home after the show, Wendy related Tatiana's story about her boyfriend wanting the doctor to put her back in a full leg cast. She was sure that he was much more interested in the story than he pretended to be. She also said,"Honey, I hope that I have made you happy with the way I am still wearing my cast and using the crutches.

He reached over, placed his hand on her casted knee and said, "You can't believe how happy I am that you really didn't break your leg, but that you are still using your crutches as if you had. It means the world to me. It is the best homecoming present you could ever have given me.

CHAPTER 8 - Gotcha

Wendy awoke on Thursday morning with the lightest feeling of the heart she had experienced since she started her casting adventure. She had finally come clean with Marty and he had forgiven her. And, after the night before there was no doubt that he was enjoying her cast.

While they ate breakfast, Wendy read the information on the horse trail and campsite that they had been told of when they checked in. She wasn't sure if Marty would go along with it, but she decided to ask anyhow. ?Marty, Honey, uh, would you like to take me on horseback to that campsite and spend the night in the woods. Then we can ride back in here in the morning?"

?Gosh Wendy, do you think you should be riding a horse? I mean, with your cast and all, you know. What if you fell off and really got hurt. What would we do then?"

"Haven't I already proven to you that the cast is only a slight inconvenience, and not something that we should consider as a deterrent to anything," she giggled, "Other than maybe going swimming in the lake?"

He leaned over and kissed her lips. "Yes, you are right. When do you want to leave?"

?Well, according to this brochure, we need to take along our personal items, some food and a plastic bag stored in the closet that has some bedding in it. There will be cooking utensils, running water and shelter when we get there. I will be ready as soon as we get the breakfast dishes cleaned up and you saddle the horses.

While Marty was taking care of the horses, Wendy dressed in a pair of jeans that she had to open the leg of to get it over her cast and a long sleeved shirt. When she walked on her crutches out to meet Marty, she was also carrying a jacket for each of them. She said, "They also recommended that we take these along because we will be going up in elevation and it will be cooler at night up there.

Marty finished saddling the horses and put the provisions in saddlebags. Then he led her horse out of the corral and over to where she was standing on her crutches. She patted the horse's nose while Marty led his horse out. She walked up to the left side of the horse before she had thought about the problem of her getting her left foot up and into the stirrup while standing on crutches. She felt her face becoming flushed with embarrassment after making the ?anything but swimming? speech a few minutes earlier.

Wendy tried to think of a way that she could mount the horse without standing on her cast. She reached for the saddle horn while leaning on her crutches. She tried to pull herself up to where she could place her left foot in the stirrup but she couldn't lift her foot that high. Finally she looked around to find Marty standing behind her with a wide smile on his face. "I?m sorry Honey, but I just couldn't resist letting you do that. I wanted to see what you would do.

?Well, I guess I look pretty foolish after telling you how I could do anything while in this cast.

Marty stepped up to her back. He wrapped his arms around her and leaned over her shoulder to kiss her cheek.Here, let me help you, I know you don't want to walk on your cast, and I appreciate that. Part of the excitement of seeing you in the cast is the fact that you are using the crutches and not walking on the cast.

He placed his hands at her waist and lifted her enough that she put her left foot in the stirrup. He continued to hold on to her left leg as she grabbed the saddle horn while lifting her casted right leg and swinging it over the back of the horse. She sat in the saddle and grinned a wide smile at Marty. "Thank you for the help.

"You are welcome my love," he responded with a smile while he tied the crutches to the side of the saddle before he mounted his horse. He was in the lead as they nudged their horses out and along the trail leading away from the cabin. The trail was easy for the first half hour as it passed along a meadow and toward the edge of a line of trees. With the line of trees, the trail began a winding climb up the side of the mountain. They had ridden for about an hour when they came to a small stream. Wendy said,"Honey, can we stop here for a few minutes. My butt is getting tired?"

Marty stopped and climbed off of his horse. He walked around and lifted Wendy off of her horse.After he gave her the crutches she walked over to a big rock and sat down while watching for fish to swim by in the stream. "You know Honey, it is so calm here, I think I could spend the day just relaxing on this rock.

Marty walked over and sat beside her for several minutes before saying,"Wendy my Dear, don't you think it is about time for us to get started again?" If I understand the instructions, there will be some things we will have to do when we get there.

She leaned over and kissed his cheek. "Honey, I have been enjoying this time alone with you so much, I wish it would never end.

He returned her kiss. ?Me too.

They walked back to the horses. This time he helped her mount without making her plead for help first. They rode for another hour before they came to a small clearing carved in a tall pine forest with mountains in the background. As they entered the area, they saw a small cabin located in one corner with a small corral next to it. As they got closer they could see a fire pit and a small pile of firewood.

Marty led the way to the corral. After he dismounted, he helped Wendy down and onto her crutches. She immediately began to explore the area. She walked to the front of the cabin, which was a wooden structure of about twelve feet by twelve feet. There was a window and door in the front. She stepped to the window, placed her hands by her face and peered in. The room was too dark for her to see anything.

She opened the door and looked inside. There was a small table and two chairs along with a small wood stove and sink in one corner. A small double bed was along the opposite wall. A very small corner was walled off for what she guessed was a toilet. A kerosene lamp was sitting on the table. "Oh look Honey, they have a little cabin for us to stay in," she said with more excitement that the situation called for.

Marty removed their supplies from the saddlebags and carried them into the cabin. He suggested,"Maybe we should get unpacked before we go looking around the area.

Wendy was excited enough that she didn't really want to bother with that, but she agreed. She sat the food out while Marty unpacked the bedding. He looked around and found an air bed and a small pump to finish the bed.

After laying out the bedding, he agreed to go for a walk with Wendy. They walked up a footpath for about one hundred feet that led from the cabin up behind it to a clearing with a bench. She hurried over and sat down while looking through the treetops at a mountain crested with snow. ?Gosh, that looks cold," she remarked.

Marty said, "Yeah, and I think it feels a little cold right now. I think we should go back to the cabin and get our jackets.

As they walked back to the cabin Wendy said, "I think it is about time to eat. What do you say to a fire in the wood stove?" You build the fire and I will make us something for supper.

While Marty was building the fire, Wendy walked up to Marty and gave him hug. "This is going to be a lot of fun. Just you and me all alone in the woods like this. I may want to stay out here for ever.

While they were eating, Wendy was looking out the window. "You know what I would like to do after we are done eating?" I would like for you to build a fire in that fire pit out there, and us just sit by the fire and look at the stars. Don't you think that would be romantic?"

?Great idea, but don't you think it will be a little cold out there?"

?Well, we will have the fire to start to keep us warm, but I had another idea on how to really warm us up," she winked while tilting her head in a sensual pose.

"Oh, I think I am beginning to catch on," he chuckled. ?Do you think it would be fun to have the air bed out there by the fire?"

?Gosh Honey, I think you are becoming a mind reader. I think that would be a wonderful idea.

After they finished eating and the dishes were washed, Wendy told Marty, "If you will go out and start the fire, I will make us some coffee, and who knows, I may have a little surprise in it for you.

Marty laughed. ?After your welcoming home surprise, I?m not sure if I can handle another one.

Wendy stepped in front of him. She placed her arms around him and kissed his lips before saying, "Now that wasn't nice. We both know that you and I have been enjoying that little surprise together.

CHAPTER 9 - Love By Campfire

By the time Wendy had the coffee ready, Marty had made the campfire and carried the airbed outside and placed it by the fire for them to sit on. She called Marty to come inside and get the cups since she was on her crutches.

After she sat beside Marty he looked at her with a wide smile. "OK Honey, what is the big surprise?"

She rolled over on one hip so she could retrieve a bottle from her back pocked. "How about a little Bourbon for our coffee?"

They sat next to each other with their feet toward the fire while they drank their spiked coffee. When they were finished, Wendy turned and laid her legs across Matry's lap. She placed her arm around his shoulder and pulled his face to hers. "I love you," she whispered in his ear before turning his face to hers and placing a passionate kiss on his warm lips.

?Marty, Honey, my foot is itching, would you please remove my shoe?"

He reached down and removed her white walking shoe. She wiggled her toes through the white sock she was wearing. He reached down and began to massage her toes.

?Please, remove my sock so you can rub my toes.

As he slowly began to remove her white sock he could feel that she was wearing a nylon stocking underneath. When he had removed her sock she turned his face back to hers and kissed him again before asking,"Honey, do you like it?"

"Yes very much. You know that I have always enjoyed you wearing stockings.

"Yes," she pulled him closer to her. "Yes, if I remember correctly, you told me one time that the reason you first walked up to me and introduced yourself was because I always wore nylons. I believe that you told me you had been watching me for a week.

?Gosh, do you still remember that?"

"How could I forget. That is why I have such a wonderful husband now. And, it was all because I wore nylon stockings.

?Well, I have to admit, I have always fanaticized about your legs in stockings.

?And now my Dear, you have something else to fanaticize over. My leg in a full leg cast.

He pulled her face to his and kissed her before saying,"And, I love you for it.

?Marty, Honey, would you like to see some more of my leg in nylon?"

He was becoming so energized that he was beginning to loose control of his responses. ?Uh-huh," he responded while kissing her wanting lips.

She laid back and said,"Dear, if you want to see more, just unfasten the top of my jeans and help me pull them off.

As he fumbled with the fastener on the front of her jeans, Wendy could feel her body already beginning to react in anticipation of what was next. As he worked her jeans down off of her hips, he saw her naked body wrapped in a garter belt fastened snuggly around her slim waist. When he slowly pulled the jeans farther down he could see in the dim, flickering light of the fire that the garters were attached to a long, beige stocking pulled very high to the top of her left leg. He removed her jeans from her nylon bathed leg and her cast. He began to softly and gently move his fingertips up the inside of her leg, beginning at her ankle, along the inside of her knee and to the top of her inner thigh while Wendy's body was reacting to his slow advancement.

Her right leg began to twitch against the secure prison of the fiberglass hugging every bend and shape of her sensual leg inside it. Her left leg trembled with every millimeter of advancement of Marty's finger tips as they encircled the top of her leg painted in the flickering fire light against the dark tan reinforced top of her stocking. As his fingers ringed the garter at the front of her leg, securely pulling taunt the top of her stocking, she sat up just enough to reach out and place a hand on each side of Marty's face.

Wendy laid back down while pulling Marty's face to hers. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled his lips tightly against hers. His reaction was sensual and spontaneous.

Wendy was the first to wake up. The last thing that she remembered was the warm, sensually satisfying feeling as Marty made deep, hot love to her. Now, a deep chill was bolting through her body like a sharp knife. She raised up on one elbow to look in the direction of the fire. Only a small cloud of smoke remained. There were no longer any flames or glowing embers. She way lying naked with only her cast to keep her warm, next to her wonderful man who was also naked.

"Honey," she said while gently shaking his shoulder. "Honey, I?m cold. We need to go inside.

"Huh, what?" Marty said while his mind was accepting the reality that his body was also about to freeze.

"Honey, I?m cold. We need to go inside," Wendy said again through chattering teeth.

Marty got up and slipped on his pants before lifting Wendy into his arms. She grabbed her clothes before he carried her inside the small cabin. He sat her on a chair while he went back outside and got the airbed. While he was outside she slipped her blouse back on.

Marty placed the airbed on the bed and threw a sheet over it. He lifted Wendy into his arms and placed her on the bed and covered her up. Then he rebuilt the fire in the cabin stove.

After an hour the cabin was warm and so were they. Wendy rolled over and placed a kiss on Marty's lips. He looked into her eyes as the first light of the new morning was shining through the window. "I love you," he said before he began to caress her wonderful body. Before long they were sealing their love again.

It was mid morning before they got out of bed. Wendy made them breakfast while Marty went outside and cleaned up the area from the night before. After they ate, Marty said,"Wow, that was some surprise you had for me last night.

"Oh, you mean the Bourbon!? You liked the Bourbon in the coffee?"

"Oh yes, but I liked what came after the Bourbon the best.

?And what was that my Dear husband?" Wendy asked while taking her stocking by the top and toe and looping it around Marty's neck so she could pull his face to hers for a kiss.

?Well, what do you think?" he responded while taking the stocking from her and looping it around her neck for a kiss. ?By the way, when did you put that on?"

"Yesterday before we left home.

?Well, I was wondering if you had decided that, with the cast, you couldn't also wear a nylon stocking.

"No Honey, but the cast was such a new idea, I didn't want to distract your attention with the nylon.

?Wendy my Dear, you can never distract me from your wonderful legs, whether it is a cast or nylon stocking or both.

She reached out and placed her arms on his shoulders. She pulled his face to hers and said between kisses, "Thank you Honey, you really know how to win a girl's heart.

A few minutes later Wendy dressed in her blouse and jeans, but without her surprise underneath, while Marty saddled the horses for the ride back to the cabin. When they arrived at the cabin, Marty helped her from the horse and onto her crutches. She walked into the cabin while he tended the horses.

When he came inside, Wendy looked at her watch. ?Well, here it is the middle of the afternoon on Friday and we don't have to go home until Sunday. What would you like to do for the rest of the afternoon?"

He thought for a minute before he cleared his throat and responded with a shy voice. ?What about us just going for a little walk out into the meadow?" Maybe we can spread out a blanket and you can put on your bikini and get a little sun. We can take along some sandwiches and a couple of cans of beer and just relax.

Wendy smiled a sensual little grin. ?Marty, is there a reason why you want me in a bikini?"

?Uh, no!? he responded while trying to look as innocent as possible.

"Honey, I don't believe you. Are you sure you don't have something sinister in mind when you asked me to put on my bikini and go out there and lay on a blanket next to you?"

He put on his best ?ah shucks," smile while looking down at his toes. ?Gosh Honey, why would you think I was planning anything like that?" I mean, just because I want the most beautiful girl I know to model her bikini for me, uh, I just don't get your question.

She walked up to him, placed her hands on both sides of his face. She pulled his face to hers and kissed him with a passion. ?Gosh Honey, I don't know, maybe it is because you want some more of this. She stepped back on her crutches before continuing, "Now go feed the horses or something for a few minutes while I make the sandwiches and put on my bikini.

A few minutes later she opened the cabin door. She stood in it with her wonderfully shaped body in a red bikini. She yelled out, "OK Honey, it is time to come and get it, uh I mean come and get me," then she began to giggle like a high school girl after her first kiss.

The Vacation is Over

After an afternoon and evening of lying on the blanket in the meadow, Wendy and Marty decided to go to bed early. Marty was the first to awaken on Saturday morning. When Wendy awoke she saw Marty raised up on one elbow, looking into her eyes with a wide smile. ?What's so funny," she asked.

"Oh, I was just thinking how lucky I am to have a wife like you.

?And, what's so special about me?"

"Your desire to please me. I mean, somehow you figured out that I would enjoy you wearing a cast on your leg, so you got one. And the other night, how you were wearing that stocking and turned it into such a titillating surprise for me.

?Come here!? she responded while looking into his eyes. "I have to tell you that the pleasure has been all mine. You have made wonderful love to me," she said before pulling his face down to hers,"and you are about to do it again, aren't you?"

"How did you guess?"

"Intuition, female intuition," she giggled before throwing the sheet back, revealing her naked body with the cast on one leg and the nylon stocking on the other. "Now, love me until I am about to die.

"Oh Honey, I am going to almost kill you with love!?

An hour later they were seated at the small table eating breakfast.Marty reached out and placed his hand on Wendy's.Honey, what would you like to do today, since it is our last day before we have to go back home?"

?Well, we have had so many good times here, I think I would like to relive some of them by redoing a little of each. You know, a boat ride again, a short horseback ride and then spend the evening back out in the meadow," she giggled before saying,"and maybe with another little campfire.

After eating, Wendy put on her jeans and white blouse. She was waiting for Marty by the boat when he was finished dressing in jeans and a short sleeved shirt. He lifted her into the boat before he untied it and jumped in. For the first hour they just drove around the edge of the shoreline. When they got to the place where they had stopped on Monday, she asked,"Honey, can we stop here for a few minutes?"

He carried her from the boat to the rocks above the sandy beach. While sitting beside each other Wendy began to cry. ?What's wrong Honey?"

"I have had so much fun with you this last few days, and we are going to have to go back home in the morning. I just don't want it to stop.

He reached over and dabbed the tears from her eyes before kissing the tip of her nose. "It won't stop my Dear wife. It won't stop just because we went back home.

?But, you have to leave in less than three weeks!?"

Wendy sniffed back her tears. "I was just remembering how much our lives have changed since that first date.

"Yeah, we were both in college. I remember how my heart was racing the first time I walked up to you and introduced myself. Gee, was I scared.

?Why?" Were you afraid that I would bite or something?"

"No. It was just that you were so beautiful all dressed up with a beautiful dress and all. I was afraid that you would ignore me.

"I was flattered that you stopped to talk to me. I think that I had been noticing you watching me and I thought that you were very handsome. I kind of had a wish that I could meet you.

?Do you remember what I was wearing for our first date?"

'sure. How could I forget?" You had on a very conservative two peace gray suit with a white blouse underneath the jacket. The front of it was buttoned high. The bottom of the slim line skirt reached the middle of your knees and you were wearing gray nylons with two inch black pumps.

?Gosh Marty, how did you ever remember that much detail?"

'simple, I fell in love with you that night and I have never stopped loving you.

She reached out and placed her hands on both sides of his face. She turned his face to hers and kissed his lips before saying,"And I have loved you from that night also.

"How about the first time we made love, do you remember that?" Marty asked.

"How could I ever forget that?" Wendy responded with a little giggle. "It was our fourth date. I got all dressed up and you took me to one of the finest restaurants in town. All during dinner you acted like you were a little nervous but you wouldn't tell me why. Finally, when were back in the car you reached into your pocket and withdrew a key. You handed it to me while acting like you weren't really sure if I would take it. I looked at you and you looked back. I asked what was the key for, and you said, something like, you would like to make love to me if I wanted too.

"Yeah, and I can still feel my palms beginning to sweat while you are reminding me of that story," Marty said with a tight voice reflecting his current level of anxiety.

Wendy reached out and placed her arm around Marty's shoulder. She pulled him against her and held him tightly as if she was afraid that he would leave.Well, I know that I didn't tell you, but I was just as anxious as you were. I had wanted to make love to you from the first date, and I was wondering if you ever would.

They sat arm in arm for half an hour before Marty said, "If you want to go horseback riding, maybe we should head back. Wendy held his hand all the way back to the cabin.

A few minutes after their return, Wendy was standing on her crutches beside her horse, while waiting for Marty to lift her into the saddle. They rode side beside while holding hands as they made their way along the trail leading back into the woods. They rode for about an hour before stopping at the place they had while riding to the small overnight cabin.

Marty got off his horse and helped Wendy down. She took her crutches and began to explore the area. She walked over to a big rock next to the stream. She looked to Marty with pleading eyes while saying,"Honey, will you help me up on this rock?"? As soon as she was seated she began wiggling her toes in her cast. "Honey, my toes itch. Will you please rub them for me?"

Marty bent down and began to rub them while she laid back on the rock and close her eyes. A few minutes later she was asleep. She began to dream of herself still in her cast when Marty returned in another six months after completing his tour in Korea. She was sure that he would still be as interested then in her cast as he was now. She could feel something happening to her big toe. It was like something wet was covering it while there was a pulling feeling like something had put a suction on it. Suddenly, she awoke. As her mind began to clear she realized that the feeling was because Marty had his wonderful hot lips encircling her toe and he was sucking on it. She sat up and giggled. "Oh Marty, that feels so good. You can do it for the rest of the day, if you want to.

'so, you enjoyed that?" he asked.

She wiggled her toes while giggling. "Honey, I think that was wonderful. It sent shivers up and down my leg. I think you have found something new that will pay off for you later this evening, but I think we should be heading back to the cabin if we are going to have time to finish our adventure in the meadow.

When the arrived back at the cabin, Wendy suggested that she would make some sandwiches while Marty put the horses away. When she was finished she walked to the porch and stood on her crutches while calling for Marty. "Honey, the sandwiches are ready. If you would come and get them and the bedding package, we can walk out to the meadow together.

A few minutes later, Wendy was seated on a blanket while Marty was building a small fire. As the fire grew, Wendy opened the food and served it. When they were finished eating, Wendy turned with her legs over Marty's lap. She said,"Honey, would you please remove my shoe and sock.

As Marty began to remove her white sock, a wide smile crossed his face. You are wearing your nylon stocking under your jeans again, aren't you?"

She giggled. ?Well, if you really want to know, I guess you will have to help me take my jeans off, then you can find out.

Marty slowly removed her jeans, while playing a little game of pulling them down a small amount, then pulling them back up while saying, "I don't want to know.

After he had finally remove her jeans and blouse, revealing her beautifully shaped body in only a garter belt, nylon stocking and her cast, she began to wiggle her casted toes. "Honey, remember what I told you earlier about my toes. If you want to really turn me on, please that little thing on them again.

Marty bent down and placed his hot lips over her big toe. As he began to suck on it, Wendy felt vibrations of pleasure rock through her casted leg like waves on the ocean. She began to call out, "Oh Marty, please!?

It was well past sundown, with only the light of a full moon when they awaken, arm in arm next to the dying campfire. Marty helped Wendy get dressed again before they walked back to the cabin.

They cuddled in bed before falling asleep with the reality that they were spending their last night in the wonders of seclusion before returning home.

Sunday morning, after one last moment of love making, they dressed and ate breakfast before packing to return home. As they were nearing home Marty reached out and placed his hand on her casted knee. "Honey, I just want to tell you how happy you have made me during the last week. Your cast was a wonderfully thoughtful idea, and I greatly appreciated it.

"Yes, I know that you did. Do you want me to have it removed when we get home?"

?My Dear, it is up to you. You know how much of an inconvenience it has been for you to get around in, but it is fine with me if you wish to continue to wear it.

Wendy leaned over and placed her arm around his shoulder. "Honey, I want to wear it until you are gone, if it is OK with you.

Marty turned to her with a smile, "It would be my pleasure.

She giggled,"And mine too.

CHAPTER 11- The Accident

Wendy and Marty had been doing their best to cope with the regular demands of returning to a house where the man had been gone for six months. There was the dripping faucet to be fixed, and the a little repair to a couple of loose boards on the porch.

Although Wendy had been keeping up with mowing the yard, she couldn't while on crutches, so that was another chore for Marty. By Friday they were both ready for a break.

Marty suggested,"My Dear, I would like to take you shopping this evening. I think you deserve a new outfit."

Wendy always enjoyed shopping, and she thought it would be a good way to please Marty since he had suggested it. 'sure, and maybe we can grab some dinner while we are out.?

Wendy put on a knee length slim line skirt and blouse along with a nylon stocking and a two inch heeled sandal while Marty wore slacks and a short sleeved shirt.

As was the routine, Wendy stood by the side of the car on her crutches while waiting for Marty to open the door and help her with her casted leg. Once they were in the car, Wendy asked,"Exactly what are you wanting to buy for me to wear?"

Marty looked at her and answered,"How about a new dress and some new shoes. I think you should have a nice new shoe for your pretty little foot.

Marty parked as close to the entrance as he could. When they got out of the car, Wendy looked at the sky. ?Looks like it might rain a little while we are in the mall.

The first store the came to was a shoe store. Wendy looked at Marty with a smile. ?What do you think?" Should we go in here?"

'sure, I told you that I wanted to get you some new shoes.

A young man met them as they entered the store. "Hello ma-am, may I help you," he asked while it was obvious that his eyes had already focused upon her cast covered leg.

Wendy pointed down to her left foot while leaning on her crutches. ?Well, yes, I think I need a new pair, uh, I mean a new shoe," she smiled while looking into the young man's face.

?Uh, sure ma-am. If you will follow me, I will show you some shoes. He led them to a back corner of the store, which was out of the way. He showed Wendy a chair to set in and offered to take her crutches as soon as she was seated. She glanced toward Marty who was standing back watching. He could tell by the shine in her eyes, that she was about to give the poor young man a real interesting time.

Once he had stood her crutches in a corner, the young man pulled up one of the footrests and sat on it while bending down to place his hand around her left ankle. As he lifted her foot, she raised her knee enough that his eyes followed the sensual form of her leg wrapped in nylon all the way from her knee up under her skirt and to the reinforced top of her stocking. She looked into his eyes, before he had a chance to look away. ?Did you enjoy what you saw?" she asked. "Oh, I?m sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you?" she continued while realizing that what she said would embarrass him more. "How about my cast," she continued. ?Did you like what you saw there?"

The young man was so embarrassed, he stood and started to walk away. Wendy felt sorry for him. 'sonny," she called,"please come back here. I?m sorry, I don't know what got into me.

The young man returned. He measured her foot and brought out several different shoes. Just before they left with three pairs of new shoes, she turned to the young man. 'sonny, please forgive me, I am sorry I embarrassed you. It is just that I have had this cast on my leg for so long. She looked at Marty with a wink before continuing, "I haven't been able to leave the house for four months, and well, I guess I was looking for some entertainment, and well...

"Oh, that's all right ma-am. I am sorry you broke your leg and haven't been out for so long. As he turned to walk away, they heard him say under his breath,"Four months, no wonder she is like that.

When they left the store Marty turned to her. ?Wow, you sure did show your stuff in there. I hope you had fun.

"I just don't know what came over me. I guess the cast is making me feel foxy.

While walking down the center of the mall, they noticed a young woman with long brunette hair walking in front of them. Due to the number of people in the mall, all they could see was that she appeared to have a pronounced limp.

She momentarily disappeared in the crowd. As they got closer to where they had last seen her, they saw that she had seated herself on the edge of a massive flowerpot. She was a very pretty young woman wearing a white long sleeved sweater and a pair of long legged blue sweatpants.

Wendy turned to Marty. ?Gosh, I think I know her. That is Charity. She is one of the new teachers in my school.

?Look at her right foot," Marty exclaimed. ?Looks like she has a big cast on it.

As they approached her, she recognized Wendy. She slipped off of the flowerpot and stood down on her cast and the light blue shoe on her left foot. ?Wendy, is that you?"

Wendy answered, "Yes, Charity, is that you?" What happened to your foot?"

Charity pulled the bottom of her pant leg up showing a white fiberglass cast that hugged her lower leg and foot all the way to her knee. The cast under her foot had been built up with a rubber walking pad under the center of her foot. As Wendy saw the massive cast encasing her foot she said,"Good gosh Charity, why such a big cast?"

Charity shrugged her shoulders while smiling. "I don't know. I guess he thought that I should be wearing a high heel with it all the time.

Charity looked at Wendy's cast. ?And, what happened to your leg?"

Wendy looked at Marty with a smile before turning back to Charity. "Oh, I stepped in a hole a couple of weeks ago and broke my leg.

"How about your leg?" What happened to you?" Wendy asked while Marty was standing by and looking at the massive cast with just her toes sticking out of it.

Charity wiggled her toes. "I tripped over a rug and fell. I broke my ankle.

'so, how long have you been in a cast?" Marty asked.

She pointed while saying, "This one!? Oh just a couple of weeks, but I had a full leg cast for six weeks first. You know, crutches and all that stuff from the Doctor about reinjuring it if I put any weight on it.
Wendy looked toward Marty again before responding, "Yes we know, don't we Honey?"

?What does your boyfriend think of your cast?" Wendy asked while knowing that Marty was going to enjoy the answer.

Charity blushed slightly. She leaned over like she was going to tell a secret. ?Well, I have to think that he loves it.

"Oh really?" Wendy responded with total innocence.

"Oh yeah. I thought he was going to pester me to death when I got my first cast. He wouldn't let me do anything, and with this cast, he seems to be totally fascinated with the way the doctor put that big blob underneath my foot causing me to limp when I walk.

'so he is really into you being in a cast?" Wendy continued with her innocent sounding questions.

"How about you and Marty?"

Wendy reached out and looped her arm in Marty's arm. "Oh him, I just think he is like most boys who see a damsel in distress. You know, very comforting with everything he does. Then Wendy looked at her watch. "Honey, it is getting late, I think we should forget about the dress and go home.

As they walked to the exit and looked out, Wendy pointed through the door,"Wow, look at all the water in the parking lot. There must have been a cloud burst while we were talking to Charity.

"Yeah, but it looks like the rain has stopped. Just wait here and I will run out and get the car.

A couple of minutes later, Marty had parked the car a few feet from the curb. He jumped out and ran back to the mall door to help Wendy out on her crutches. She walked to the curb and stopped. She looked down to see the street was covered with dirty water, apparently from a back up in the storm drain. She placed the tips of her crutches in the water, which appeared to be only as deep as the rubber tips on her crutches. She swung herself on her crutches off of the curb. When she stepped into the water with her left foot, the water was actually covering a hole several feet long and over a foot deep.

With the loss of the expected footing, she fell from her crutches, landing on her butt in the cold, dirty, stinking water. The water not only soaked her clothes but she could feel the nearly instant flooding of her cast from both ends with the cold water. She screamed out, as much from surprise and injury. "Oh god Marty, I need your help. This water is freezing and I have nearly drowned myself.

Marty raced to her side. He bent down and asked,"Are you hurt?"

She was still reeling from the shock and surprise of what had happened. She looked into his eyes without answering for several seconds before finally responding, "No, I don't think that I am hurt, but I am a real mess.

Marty stood, placed his hands under her arms and helped her stand up. He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the car while the shock of surprise was turning into anger followed by tears. "Oh Honey, look at me. My dress is a mess, and oh god, my cast, it is full of water. What am I going to do?"

CHAPTER 12- A Fresh Cast

It's nine o?clock at night. Her clothes are drenched in stinking, dirty water. Water is still dripping from her cast as they are driving home from the mall. She could feel the awful sensation of the water squishing in the lining of her cast against her leg with each step she took.

Marty helped her from the car and onto her crutches. She walked into the house and to the kitchen where the water wouldn't get on her carpet. She sat down in a chair and looked up at Marty with tears in her eyes.

?Marty, what can we do. I am drenched in stinking, dirty water, my cast is filled with that mess and I feel dirty all over.

'since your cast is already wet, let me help you get your clothes off, then you can step into the shower.

?But, my cast will get?" Wendy suddenly understood. "Oh, maybe if I let the shower run on the cast, it will wash it off.

"Yes, and then maybe you will feel better.

A few minutes later Wendy called from the shower," ?Marty, Honey, I can't take this awful feeling thing against my leg anymore. What will we do?"

Marty suggested," ?Well, maybe I can get a saw and cut it off.

"No, I don't want to do that. Surely there is something we can do to dry it out.

He thought for a minute,"What I we use a hair dryer on it?" Maybe it will dry it out.

A few minutes later Wendy was sitting on a chair with the heel of her casted leg propped up on another chair while Marty directed the hair dryer to the top of her cast. ?Marty, stop, please. The cast is getting too hot. It is about to burn my leg.

Marty turned the dryer off. ?Well, what do you think we can do now?"

"I don't know. Maybe, if I wrap it in some dry towels, it will dry out by morning.

A few minutes later Wendy was lying in bed with her cast wrapped in several layers of towels.? She attempted to fall asleep, but every time she shut her eyes, she relived the awful feeling of the cold, dirty water flooding into her cast from the top and around her toes.

Well into the early morning she finally fell asleep. She began to dream. She envisioned herself in a lake surrounded by dirty water. Her leg was surrounded with a heavy rock. She couldn't move it and it was pulling her under as the cold water flooded in around her leg. She was kicking and screaming, but it didn't help. As the cold water invaded her cast, she sank deeper into the dirty water of the lake. She couldn't breath, the water was so cold it was taking her breath away. With one final scream, which was aloud, Marty sprang wide awake in one instant. He turned to Wendy while shaking her. ?Wendy," he yelled while continuing to shake her. "Honey, what is wrong?"

"Huh, what?" Wendy tried to clear her mind from the fogginess of her dream.

"Honey, you were screaming. What is wrong?"

Wendy sat up in bed with tears running down her cheeks. ?Marty, I just had the most awful dream. I have to get this thing off of my leg.

?Do you want me to try to cut it off now?"

?Uh," Wendy thought for a few seconds. ?Uh, no, not yet. As soon as it is time, I will call Bill and ask him if we can go to his office. I will ask him to remove it for me.

Marty held her in his arms until she fell back asleep. He got up around eight o?clock and made her breakfast and served it to her while she was still in bed. An hour later, she called Bill who agreed to meet them at noon.

Marty helped her get dressed in her shorts with a blouse and her sports shoe. By the time he helped her into the car, her cast was beginning to have a very distinctive smell similar to the dirty water that had flooded into it the night before. "I can hardly wait to get this off," Wendy said while they were driving to Bill's office.

"I?m sure that it is very uncomfortable," Marty responded in support of his beautiful wife.

Marty could feel his heart beginning to race with her next comment. "Honey, should I have Bill put me in a new cast?"?

He wanted to shout "YES," but he didn't want to influence her to do something she didn't want to do. "Honey, that has to be your decision. "You are the one with the crutches and the handicap of dragging around a heavy cast that holds your leg out stiff.

"Yes, but do you want me to get another cast?"

?Well, I can't answer that. You are the one who has to live with it. You have to put the plastic bag over it while showering. You are the one who has a problem getting in and out of the car?"

"Yes, but you make getting into the car a lot of fun.? She leaned her head over on his shoulder," "I mean, the way you always open the door and help me lift my legs in or out of the car.

?Wendy my Dear, I have loved every minute that you have been in that cast, but I don't want you to do something you no longer want to do.

'so, you won't be upset if I get a new cast?"

Marty reached out and placed his hand on hers. "No, I would love it if you got a new cast.

When they entered Bill's office, Wendy introduced him. ?Bill, this is my husband. He knows all about the reason for the cast and he is OK with it. Like I told you on the phone, I fell last night and submerged the cast in dirty water. I would like for you to remove the old cast, and give me a new one.

"OK Wendy. If Marty would like to help you get up onto the table, I?ll take a look at what we can do.? Then he turned to Marty. "Have you ever seen how a cast is removed or applied?"

"No, but I have always wanted to.

Bill picked up a cast cutter and began to cut up the sides of the old cast. When he was finished, he spread the cast apart and took it off of her leg.

Wendy looked at her leg, "Oh, how ugly," she said while looking at the dirty mud and hair on it. ?And, can you believe the smell.

Bill turned to Marty. Would you like to help Wendy clean her leg up?"? Then he handed Marty a pan of warm water, some soap and a clean cloth.

Wendy laid back on the table as he began to bathe her leg in warm soapy water. "Oh Honey, that feels so good.

Marty slowly washed her leg, beginning at the top where the cast had been touching her shorts. He moved down her leg while Wendy could feel her body becoming excited. After he had washed all of the mud off of her leg and foot, Bill gave him some saving cream and a razor. Marty took great care in smoothing the shaving cream on her shapely leg before cautiously shaving her leg from her thigh to her ankle.

When he had finished with her leg, Marty looked at her toes. Wendy sat up, wiggled them and said, "If you will look in my purse, I have some nail polish.

When Marty had finished carefully polishing her toenails, Bill asked,"Wendy, are you sure you want me to cast your leg again?"

Wendy looked at Marty. She answered with a wide smile, "Yes, we would love that, wouldn't we Honey?"

?"Uh, yes.

Bill turned to Marty. ?Would you like to help put the new cast on?"

Marty's face lighted up. 'sure, what should I do?"

Bill got a roll of cotton stockinet out and cut a length of it off. He instructed Marty in slipping it over her foot and to the top of her leg with some of the fabric still extending over her toes. Then he gave Marty a roll of cotton padding and explained how to cover her leg with it.

When Marty was finished, Bill told him,"Very good. Now it is time to wrap her leg in the fiberglass casting material.

Marty put on some rubber gloves before putting a roll of blue fiberglass in water. He removed it and began to wrap her foot and up her leg. He repeated the process with several more rolls of fiberglass before finishing the edges of the cast at her toes and upper thigh.

When he was finished Bill said, "I couldn't have done a better job myself.

Marty helped Wendy off the table. He handed her the crutches and stepped back. Wendy stepped to Bill, hugged him and said, "Thank you, you can't believe how happy you have made us.

Marty shook Bill's hand. "I agree with Wendy. You have made us very happy.

Wendy walked to the car and stood by while Marty helped her. As they drove home, Wendy said, "I am so happy that we decided to do this again.

?Me too," Marty said while placing his hand on her freshly casted knee.

"You were luck that Bill was there when you were washing my leg.

?Why is that," Marty asked without having an idea where she was headed with her comment.

?Well, you made me so hot, I would have jumped off the table and made you love me right there in the middle of the floor.

"Oh, and what makes you think that I wasn't just as hot?"

Wendy giggled. 'so, Honey, what would you like to do for the rest of the day?"

Marty grinned. "How about if we test drive your new cast?"

Wendy reached up and placed a kiss on his cheek, "I thought you would never ask.

CHAPTER 13- The Party

"Hello, yes this is Wendy. Oh, hi April, it is nice of you to call. Uh, just a minute, let me ask Marty.? Wendy covered the receiver with her hand.

?"Honey, this is April. I know it will be our last weekend together before you have to leave for Korea, but she is inviting us to a card party she is planning for next Saturday evening. Would you like to go?"?"

?"April, sure we would love to come. What can we bring?"

Saturday afternoon Wendy was trying to decide what to wear. She asked Marty,"What do you think, should I put on, shorts and a blouse, or should I wear a dress?"

?Well," he said with a wide smile. "That depends on who you are dressing for.

Wendy looked at him with a puzzled look on her pretty face. "I don't get it. What do you mean?"

"If you are dressing for me, well it would be a pretty dress, but if it is for John?"

She began to giggle. "Oh, I understand. If I wear the shorts, John will be following me around all evening while watching me in my cast.

"Yep. He probably will regardless?"

"Honey, I am dressing for you, not John, so a dress and stocking it is," she responded while stepping to Marty on her crutches and placing a kiss on his cheek. ?Do you think I should wear something sexy, or conservative?"

?Gee, I would love sexy, and I am sure that John would love it also.

"You devil, you. You want me to tease him with just enough fire that he will be hurting all evening," she reacted with a wink and a tossing of her hair in a flirting nod.

?Me a devil?" How about you in that sexy cast?"

She lifted the cast in the air while responding, 'so, my cast is sexy?" Gosh, I didn't know you thought that way," then she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pulled his lips to hers and kissed him with a passion that caused them to interrupt April's party plans for a little party of their own.

Wendy looked through her closet for just the right dress for the party. She found a dark blue dress with short sleeves and a plunging neckline. The body of the dress was formfitting with an attached full shirt that called for several layers of ruffled petticoats.

She dressed her leg in a dark blue nylon attached to a blue garter belt. After putting on her layers petticoats she slipped into her dress, which stopped at the top of her kneecap.

Wendy placed her long brunette hair in a French roll before applying a light coat of makeup. She walked out of the bedroom on her crutches and turned so Marty could zip up the back of her dress. She sat on the edge of the sofa while slipping her left foot into a two inch heeled sandal. She stood, turned around in front of Marty and asked,"Well, is this sexy enough to drive John wild?"

"If it doesn't, he is blind," Marty answered with a wink.

When April opened the door, Wendy nearly fell down from the shock while Marty's heart instantly began to race in his chest. She was standing before them wearing shorts and a blouse, but she had red crutches under her arms, and a quick glance toward her feet revealed her right leg in a pink fiberglass cast from her toes to her thigh. It was an automatic response from Wendy and Marty at the same time,"What happened to you?"

She took a very awkward couple of steps back on her crutches before inviting them in. They could see John standing behind her with a wide smile.

Wendy stepped inside on her crutches, followed by Marty. John said while his eyes surveyed Wendy from her toes to her head and back to her toes,"Welcome, please come in and have a seat.? Then he turned to address Wendy, "I must say you look pretty this evening.?

Wendy wanted to ask him something like,"was he enjoying himself," but she decided to be civil. ?Well, thank you, but your wife really looks pretty tonight also.

John stepped close to April. He wrapped one arm around her waist. "Yes, she sure does, doesn't she?"

After Wendy and Marty were seated, April sat across from them. John asked what they wanted to drink. He reappeared in a couple of minutes with soft drinks before being seated next to April.

?Well April, tell us about your leg," Wendy asked while knowing that Marty was about to have heart failure from seeing her in that big pink cast.

April reached down and placed her hands on the ankle of her cast. "I guess it is obvious that I broke my leg. We, another girl and I, we were crossing the street when a car ran into us.

Wendy was sure that Marty was wishing that he could see the other girl, but that would probably never happen. He wouldn't risk asking who she was. Wendy decided to ask for him. "The other girl?" I guess she wasn't hurt?"

"Oh no, her leg was broken also.

Wendy glanced toward Marty while saying, "Oh, I?m sorry. Is she OK?"

Just as she was about to respond, the doorbell rang. April slowly stood on her left leg and placed her crutches under her arms. As she made her way to the door, it was obvious that she was not a skilled crutch user.

"Hello Jelly, Robert, please come in.

Marty leaned forward to look toward the new arrivals. His heart instantly began to race again after just becoming normal after seeing April in her cast.

Jelly was on crutches. She was wearing a blue skirt and blouse. Her left foot was in a three inch heeled sandal. Her right leg was in a red fiberglass cast that began at her toes and extended above her knee, disappearing under her skirt. The knee of her cast was at an angle, causing her foot to be suspended above the floor. Marty watched her and Robert walk into the room.

Marty and John stood while April introduced Robert. She turned to Jelly while introducing Wendy. "Obviously we girls have a lot in common.

Jelly smiled, "Yep, it looks like we do.

?Jelly?" That is an interesting name," Marty observed.

Jelly shook her head. ?Well, actually, my name is Sandra, but I kind of picked up Jelly when I was in grade school. I really liked jellyrolls, and someone began to call me Jelly, and it stuck.

John jumped up and brought in two more chairs.? He positioned them so he would be able to see Jelly's casted leg.

After everyone was seated Wendy asked again, "You were telling us about your broken leg.

"Yes.? She looked toward Jelly and back toward Wendy. "If you hadn't already guessed, Jelly was the other girl. Some guy wasn't paying attention and missed the stop sign. He squeaked his brakes to stop, but not before he hit us. I guess," while turning back to Jelly,"we both got broken legs but not so bad that we had to have surgery. I know that I will probably be in my cast for three months.

Jelly shook her head, "Yeah, three months is what the Doctor told me also.

A few minutes of small talk later, April, reached for her crutches while saying,"Girls, why don't we go into the kitchen and put together some snacks while the boys get the cards out?"

As the three women leaned on their crutches while making some sandwiches, they started to compare cast stories. Wendy asked,"Well Jelly, you are really getting around well on your crutches. It looks like you have been on them before.

"That's because I have. A few years ago I wore a full leg plaster cast for several months due to a broken leg. It was before I met Robert, but I got a lot of crutching experience.

April jumped into the conversation. 'speaking of Robert, what does he think of your cast?"

"Oh," Jelly said while smiling,"He loves it. In fact, he is jealous of not knowing me when I had my plaster cast. I felt so sorry for him that I went through some old pictures and found a couple. One was while I was wearing shorts and standing on my crutches; but the picture he really liked was me lying on the bed. I had a black stocking on my leg and he really liked that.

Wendy started to say that Marty would like to see it, but she decided not to. In stead, she turned to April. ?Dear, I assume that John enjoys your cast!?

April's face blushed. ?Uh, well, uh, yeas, he loves it.

Wendy shook her head,"Uh-huh, I understand.

Soon the girls joined the guys at the card table.? Three hours later, Wendy suggested that she was tired and it was time to leave. As the group broke up, the guys all stood back from the girls far enough that they all got their last good look at the girls wonderfully casted legs.

While Wendy and Marty walked back to their home, Wendy said, "I was really surprised to see April in the cast, but I was shocked when Jelly showed up in a cast also.

"Yeah, me too!? And to think they will have to wear their casts for three months, can you believe that?"

"Three months is a long time. What would you say if I had to be in a cast for that long?"

?Well, I would really hate for you to have to go through the pain of a broken leg, regardless of how long you were in a cast, but, and please don't take me the wrong way, but I would enjoy you wearing a cast for that long.

She thought for a few seconds, "Yeah, I think I might too.

As soon as they got into the house, Wendy turned on her crutches to face Marty. She had been as turned on by thinking of what Marty would be doing to her as she was from seeing and talking to the girls about their casts.

The next morning over breakfast Wendy reached out and placed her hand on Marty's. 'so, three months?" That wouldn't bother you if I was your handicapped and helpless little wife for three months?" One who had to depend upon you for everything?"

Marty leaned over and placed a kiss on her lips. "Not a bit Honey, not a bit.

CHAPTER 14- Goodbye

Wendy and Marty had spent most of the last month renewing their love, but it was now time for Marty to return to his military duty. Wendy had planned a romantic evening the night before he was to board a plane back to Korea.

Although she had told Marty that she wanted them to go out for dinner, she had been secretive about her plans. She had even told Marty to go play golf that Friday afternoon while she got ready. She took a shower and shaved her leg before going to the beauty shop to get her long brunette hair washed and placed in a French roll. When she got home she put on a new black bra and matching panties with a black garter belt. She sat on the edge of the bed to put on a sheer black nylon stocking. She gathered the stocking on her thumbs and slipped the sandal foot toe over her toes before slipping it over her high arch and smoothly rounded heel. She extended her silky smooth long leg while pulling the sheer film of nylon up her calf, over her rounded knee and to the top of her leg. After attaching the top of her stocking to the garters, she stood and put her crutches under her arms. She walked to a mirror and looked at herself. She had a sensuous smile on her pretty face when she looked at the little red heart on the front of her panties.

When Marty came home, she asked him to use the spare bathroom to shower, and put on a new suit she had laid out for him. While he was cleaning up, she applied a light coat of make up before slipping into a sleeveless, one piece knee length black dress. The front of the dress was low cut revealing her cleavage. Just before stepping out of the bedroom she slipped her small left foot into a three inch heeled sandal revealing her newly polished toenails peeking through the thin film of nylon.

Marty was standing in the living room as she stepped out. ?Wow, you look stunningly beautiful," he said while she turned slowly on her crutches for him to look at his sensual bride. She walked over and removed her crutches so she could be seated. She handed Marty the toe of a black stocking while saying,"Honey, would you do me the pleasure of putting this over the toes of my cast?"

Marty bent down on one knee and took the nylon from her. He slipped it over her toes and worked the edges of the stocking between the cast and the soft skin of her imprisoned toes.

She stood, placed her crutches under her arms and walked to the car where she stood by until Marty could help her. Once Marty had helped her into the car and was seated behind the wheel, he turned to her. ?Where are we going?" he asked.

She smiled. ?Do you remember the restaurant where you took me on our first date?"

'sure, how could I ever forget?"

She reached out and placed her hand on his. "That's where we are going. I have reservations at seven for the two of us in a dark quiet corner.

Marty smiled. He leaned over and kissed her cheek. "I know this is going to be a great evening my Dear!?

When Marty drove up to the restaurant, a young man dressed in a tux approached the car to help Wendy out. She smiled and said, "Thank you sir, but you see, I have a broken leg, and my husband will help me.

The man stepped back while Marty walked to her side of the car. He opened the door, reached inside and helped her turn her legs out of the car. He helped her stand and place her crutches under her arms. She stepped away from the car so Marty could drive it to the parking lot.

It was obvious, while she was waiting that the young man in the tux was looking at her cast. 'she decided to tease the poor guy a little. She smiled. "It is pretty interesting, isn't it?" Does it make you wish your girlfriend had one?"

The guy's face became red with embarrassment. ?Uh, yes ma-am, uh no ma-am, uh?"?

Wendy placed her hand on his arm. "That's OK, I know what you mean.

A few minutes later they were seated across from each other at a small table in a darkened corner. A candle was burning in the center of the table. As soon as the waiter had taken their order, Wendy repositioned herself so she could lift her casted leg. "Honey, can I rest the heel of my cast on your chair?"

Marty reached down and placed his hands on the heel of her cast and guided it to the edge of his chair. Once it was safety resting between his legs, he reached down and began to slowly, and gently massage the tip of her big toe through the black nylon. Wendy smiled. She tilted her head sensuously. "Honey, I will give you the rest of the evening to stop that.

?And, if I don't?" he asked with a playful smile.

?Well, then, you will have to continue that when we get home.

While eating, they started to talk about the wonderful time they had experienced for the last month. Before long, Wendy's eyes were filled with tears. "Honey, please, we need to talk about something else.

Marty reached out and wiped her tears away. "I hear music," he said. ?Would you honor me with a dance after we finish eating?"

"I would love too," she eagerly responded. Then she said,"But, my leg, how can I dance with the cast?"

?Who cares if you can't rock and roll, we can still hold each other close and swing to the music.

After eating, Marty helped Wendy lower her cast back to the floor. He stood and walked to her. He helped her stand on her crutches. As they walked toward the dance floor, they came upon a small area where couples could have their picture taken. They had pictures taken of them standing as well as seated. For one shot, Wendy scooted the bottom of her dress up to display almost all of her cast as well as the reinforced top of her black stocking. As she was having the picture taken, she was thinking of what she would do with it later.

They were seated at a small table for two. Marty ordered a bottle of Champaign. They listened to several songs before a slow song was played. As the music began, Wendy lifted her left foot. "Honey, would you please remove my shoe. I wouldn't want to fall down and break my leg on the last evening we have together.

Wendy stood in her stocking foot while Marty held her tightly. While the music played, they slowly moved about on the dance floor. An hour, and several dances later, they were on their way home.

Wendy stood on her crutches at the foot of the bed while looking with tears running down her cheeks. "Honey, would you like to undress me?"

Marty hugged her tightly, placed a passionate hiss on her wanting lips and whispered, "I would love to.

He unfastened the back of her black dress. His eyes followed it as it slowly fell to the floor around her feet. He couldn't take his eyes off of her hourglass figure. He unfastened her bra and began to cup each of her wonderful love mounds in his hands while his tongue slowly encircled each nipple.

He lifted her off of crutches and sat her on the edge of the bed. He bent down, placed his hand around her stocking covered ankle and slowly removed her shoe. Then he lifted her foot to his lips, kissing the tip of her big toe. He moved her to the center of the bed, bent down and kissed the heart in the center of her black panties before removing them.

While she was lying on the bed, he lifted her casted leg, placed his mouth over her toes confined in her cast and began to suck on them while she was giggling. A few minutes later, they sealed their love for the final time before falling asleep arm in arm.

Before long, they were both awake again, embracing each other and crying while remembering again all the exciting adventures they had experienced during the last month, while dreading what was about to come. Too soon, the dreaded Saturday morning arrived.

Wendy had spent much of the night before in tears after having a wonderful final evening with her husband and lover. Now she had to watch him get on the airplane and leave. To help him remember, she slipped the photo of her in her black dress into his baggage while he wasn't looking.

For the occasion, and just for him, she wore a dress with a nylon stocking and two inch heel. While waiting in the airport for his plane, they talked. ?Dear, I want to thank you one last time for wearing that cast on your leg. I know you did it just for me, and I will always remember.

"I would do it again in a heartbeat," she said.

As the last call for boarding was made, they hugged and sealed his departure with one last, long and passionate kiss. "She stood at the window of the airport and watched his airplane take off while wiping tears from her eyes.

She slowly walked back to her car on her crutches and drove home. She laid on her bed and cried for most of the rest of the day. She had enjoyed her time in her cast, but she wasn't sure how much of it was because it had turned Marty on, or maybe, she was also turned on by wearing it. She knew she had to get it removed, and get back to normal, but she decided to wear it for one more week in Marty's memory, before calling Bill. In the meantime, she was still going to use her crutches.

A couple of days later she received an e-mail from Marty. "Thank you for the picture you slipped into my bag. I love it.

Wendy wrote back, "I wore blue this time, but I?m thinking of red when you return in six months.

- The End-

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