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This site now contains

- About 1600+ different casted women in 3000+ sets.

- In Individual sets of 75-300+ images each.

- Another 500 casted women in variety sets.

- There are about 360,000 images

- There are 600+ short video clips or story clips where the girls explain there cast experience.

- All sets are in a database and can be searched on multiple conditions and about 125+ criteria.

- There are contributions from a couple of dozen contributors incluidng Paul, Tony, Swtts, Tcast, CADollz, Castlovr, CastedAngelz, Gamtrulia, Hawk, Golfz Gal, Gipser, Daz, Uncfan, Bcast, Plasterman, Casted Memories, CGJ-Japan, CEG-Czech, SNE-Finland, + more!

NOTE: The C4S clip theaters featured selling full length HD clips are available for purchase SEPERATELY from this site membership. Clips from these C4S theaters are linked to the individual image sets on this site they were produced with for your convenience. About 600 shorter/smaller 2-3 minute excerpts from these full length C4S clips ARE INCLUDED with members to this site. They are noted as either STORY CLIP or SHORT CLIP in the SET MATERIAL INCLUDES: section for each image series they are attached to. One or two Individual full size/length HD version clips are made available individually on this site for a limited time each month and when that happens, are noted in the updates. Cancel here any time.

- Broken Angelz C4S clip store displays Fiber casts
- Casted Memories C4S clip store Plaster Casts
- Broken Devilz C4S clip store Adult Erotic Casts

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