Sunny: A Christmas Cast

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CHAPTER 1 - Embarrassed

A young woman with big brown eyes and long straight blond hair was sitting uncomfortably on a wooden bench on the upper floor of the mall. She was very casually dressed in a short jeans skirt and a black sleeveless sweater top. Her left leg was covered with a green fiberglass cast from her toes to her hip. Her knee was molded nearly straight calling for the high-heeled sandal she was wearing on her right foot. She wasn't wearing the usual radiant smile on he pretty face.

She glanced down at her neatly polished toes wiggling at the end of her cast while asking herself if it had really been such a great idea that she went skiing six weeks ago. After all, it was not only the first day the slopes were open, but she was not really an experienced skier. She had made three runs down the less challenging slope before her confidence was up and she decided to take on the slope the locals referred to as "The Killer."? She was half way down when she caught the tip of her ski on a little rock that wasn't sufficiently covered by the snow. As she began to fall, she tried to catch herself, but she felt her leg snap just below her knee. She rolled in the snow while screaming out and holding her leg in pain. She vaguely remembered being placed in the Ski Patrol's basket and taken to the bottom of the mountain.

The next memory Sunny has was waking up in the hospital with her leg in a huge white fiberglass cast. After a few days, she was given an appointment to see her doctor again, discharged from the hospital and taken home by her boyfriend. After a week her boyfriend got tire of her cast and left her alone to look after herself.

Now, just two days before Christmas here she was, wearing a fresh cast the Doctor had just put on her leg an hour before, with no boyfriend and wishing she had never heard of skiing. At least her new cast was green, a little trick her Doctor pulled on her while telling her he was giving her a Christmas cast. She had been hoping beyond hope that he would just cut her old cast off and maybe wrap her leg in an elastic bandage, but no luck. In fact, he told he that if she were lucky, she might just be out of her cast in time to wear heels to church on Easter Sunday.
She was just about ready to start crying when she looked up. She saw a male figure hobbling toward her on crutches. He was wearing shorts exposing the fact that his left leg was in a white fiberglass cast from his toes to his hip. As he got closer, she could feel her heart beginning to beat a little faster. She wasn't sure, but she thought she might recognize him as an old boyfriend. "Carl, is that you?" she called to the man.

He stopped on his crutches and looked up. "Sunny?? Sunny is that you?" he said while returning the smile that was beginning to form on her pretty face.

"Yes Carl, what happened to you?"

"Well, I was just getting ready to ask you the same thing," he chuckled.

Sunny moved her crutches and slid to the end of the bench while patting it with her right hand. "Here, Carl, sit down and tell me what happened."

Sunny could feel a warm tingling feeling developing in her lower body as she watched Carl back up to the bench, remove his crutches and set with his casted left leg sticking out in front of him. He smiled. "Skiing, that is what happened, how about you?"

Sunny giggled. "Me too. I went skiing six weeks ago, and broke my leg just below my knee."

Carl placed his hand on the nearly straight knee of his cast. "Three weeks ago for me. I broke my leg just above my ski boot."

"So, how long will you be in your cast?"? Sunny asked.

"I don't know for sure. Probably another two months."

"Wow, I wish I had your Doctor. I have already been in a cast for six weeks and my Doctor tells me to expect at least another three months."

After a few more words about their casts Carl asked, "So tell me about yourself, I mean, are you married yet?? You know, stuff like that."

Sunny lowered her eyes. "No, uh, I had a steady boyfriend until this happened," she placed her hand on the knee of her cast before continuing. "He stayed with me for a week after I got out of the hospital, then he left. He said he didn't like my cast."

"Oh, that's too bad," Carl responded. "Maybe he should have broken his leg so he would know what being in a cast is like. I mean, it isn't easy having to hobble around on crutches and?"

Sunny picked up the conversation, "Yeah, you bump into things and taking a shower is a nightmare."

Carl looked over at Sunny and said, "What if we walk down to the food court and have a burger while we are talking?"

"That would be great," she smiled.

As they were hobbling down the mall Carl began to laugh. "What's so funny?"? Sunny asked.

"Oh, I was just thinking how funny we must look bumping along on crutches with our casted legs swinging back and forth like pendulums in an old clock."

"Yeah, I guess you are right. We do make an unlikely pair."

They ordered their burgers and got a sympathetic young woman to carry them to a table for them. While eating, Carl cleared his throat. "So, your boyfriend moved out on you?"

"Uh, yes," Sunny answered. "We had sex as soon as I was feeling like it after I got home with the cast on my leg. The next day he just said he was no longer interested in me. He picked up his things and left without even saying where he was going."

"Wow, that's too bad. I guess that means you will be spending Christmas alone?"? Carl responded while placing his hand on hers.

"Uh-huh, I guess so."? Sunny continued to think while they ate. When they were almost finished she said, "Uh, Carl, uh, what are you doing for Christmas?? Uh, I mean, I guess I should have asked you first if you had a girlfriend."

He smiled while reaching for her hand. "No Sunny, no girlfriend. Uh, I haven't had a steady since we broke up a year ago."
"? Oh," Sunny sat in silence. Finally, she got the courage to continue. "Well, uh, how would you like to spend Christmas with me?? I mean, well, maybe we could get dressed up and go out for Christmas dinner at a nice restaurant, then maybe we could come back to my place for a drink and maybe watch a movie or something."

"Sunny, you are a mind reader. That is exactly what I had wanted to suggest, but I was afraid that you might turn me down."

After a few minutes more of awkward conversation while finishing their burgers, Sunny said, "I have to run, uh, I mean, I have to (giggle) do some shopping so I will see you at about one in the afternoon on Christmas Day. Oh and, maybe you can wear a coat and tie and I will dress up a little. I don't know about you, but I think it will be fun to play dress-up since I haven't even put on a dress since this happened."

They both stood and placed their crutches under their arms. Without either of them saying anything, they both reached out or embraced. While hugging, Sunny said, "See ya on Christmas."

Sunny could feel her heart beating faster as she watched Carl hobble away on his crutches. She began to take a mental inventory of her clothes hanging in her closet. She had a nice red dress that would look very Christmas-e, but there was that green cast. After a few minutes of thought, she had an idea. She walked down the mall to a hosiery store and asked the clerk if she had any nylon stockings that matched the green in her cast.

The day before Christmas Sunny could feel herself becoming aroused each time her mind drifted to Carl. She wasn't sure why he was so attractive to her but then, she had never known him with his leg in a cast.

Christmas morning Sunny put her cast in a plastic bag and took a shower to include freshly shaving her right leg. She put on a pair of red panties with a matching red bra and garterbelt. She sat on the edge of the bed and slowly worked the toe of her green nylon stocking over her short, freshly polished toes. She pulled the stocking over the high arch of her small foot, past her soft, rounded heel and up her shapely calf. She extended her leg in the air while pulling the top of her stocking over her knee and to the top of her velvet smooth upper thigh before attaching it to the garters. She rested her leg beside her cast and wished she could have done that to her left leg also, but the cast was there and she couldn't do a thing about it. She put on a white blouse with long sleeves and left the top buttons undone exposing the cleavage between her large, rounded breasts. She slipped into her red skirt, which extended nearly to her ankles, but a slit on the left side exposed her cast almost all the way to the top of her soft white upper leg above her fiberglass prison. Before she sat back on the edge of the bed to slip a three-inch heeled red pump on her small foot, she put on a red jacked that matched the skirt. When she was finished dressing she stood on her crutches in front of a mirror and smiled. "I sure hope this turns Carl on," she said to herself.

CHAPTER 2 - Embarrassed

She was just finishing the touch-up on her hair she had placed in a French role when she heard a knock on the door. When she opened it, she saw Carl standing before her on his crutches wearing a black suit with a white shirt and a red and green Christmas tie. He had placed a black sock on his casted foot. He stepped inside and his eyes immediately passed from Sunny's pretty face to her feet and back. "Wow, you look pretty in that dress."

She acted slightly embarrassed when she said, "Oh, it is just an old dress I had left over from a dance I attended a while back."? Then she looked at him again. "You look pretty nice yourself."

Carl chuckled, "Oh, this is just an old suit I had left over from a dance a while back."? Sunny chuckled.

Carl reached into his pocket and withdrew a small package. He handed it to her and suggested that she open it before they left for dinner.

Sunny stepped back and walked over to the sofa. She removed her crutches and sat down before she opened the package. "What is it?" she asked while holding up a small knit red and green object with two long strings on it.

Carl walked over to her on his crutches and awkwardly got down in front of her. He reached out and took the object while saying, "It is a cast cover for your toes."? He slipped it over her casted toes and tied the long strings in a knot behind the heel of her cast.

"Oh, how neat," she said while wiggling her toes in the cover. "I'll bet that will really help to keep my toes warm."

"I like it on you," Carl responded. "Now, shall we go to the Branded Steer and have our Christmas Dinner?"

They both began to laugh while watching the other one struggling to get up and onto their crutches. "You know, we make quite a pair. I bet some people would pay good money to watch us trying to get around like this," Carl chuckled.

Sunny got back onto her crutches and had Carl help her with a sweater before they left her apartment for his car. After he tried to help her into the car with her cast, he walked to the driver's side. As he worked his cast into the car Sunny started to giggle again. "Man, aren't we a site for sore eyes?? I mean, both of us in casts and almost helpless, trying to help each other."

At the restaurant, they sat next to each other while the waiter helped them by moving a chair over for each of them to rest their casted leg on. While they were eating, Sunny asked, "Carl, you are going to come back to my apartment for a drink, aren't you?"

"Well, sure, if you want me to, but, since we are what you might call, ex's, well, I wasn't sure what you had in mind."

Sunny placed her hand on his arm. She leaned over close to him and whispered, "This may sound strange to you, but I have had the hots for you ever since I saw you in the mall."

"Oh!? Really!? And why would you be that way?"? Carl quizzed with a twinkle in his eye.

"Gosh, I don't know. Maybe I finally saw you in a compromising situation. You know, one where you can't run away and I like that."

"Oh, since I am hobbling around like this, my cast makes you hot?? Is that what you are trying to say?"

Sunny looked down with a smile like she had just been caught. "Well, maybe, but do you feel different with me in a cast too?"

Carl smiled, "Well, maybe."? He took a long breath before he continued. "You know, I do think your cast does add a certain mystique to you. I mean, well, yes, I have to admit, I have the hots for you also."

After they finished eating, they hobbled back to the car and headed to Sunny's apartment. "How about that drink?? Are you going to come in and have one with me?"? Sunny asked while really hoping that she could get more than a drink from him.

"If you are sure you want to," he answered with a chuckle.

"What are you chuckling about?"

"Oh, nothing. Uh, I was just wondering what the word 'to' meant."

"That depends. What do you want it to mean?"? Sunny asked with a giggle and a tug on his arm.

"Oh, I guess I was wondering exactly what you meant when you said you had the hots for me."

Sunny pointed toward the door. "If you will walk me to the door, and come in for that drink, well, I may just show you what I have in mind."

Carl could feel his body already beginning to react to her lightly valed invitation to take her to bed. "OK, I have to find out where you are going to take me with this," he smiled.

When they entered her apartment, Sunny asked Carl to help her remove her jacket, then she pointed toward the sofa. "Take off your coat and tie, and have a seat while I fix us a drink."

She managed to mix a couple of drinks and get them to the sofa without spilling too much of them. He took the drinks and placed them on a little table next to the sofa. She removed her crutches from under her arms and sat down on the other end of the sofa. She looked toward Carl. "Honey, would you mind lifting my legs and placing them in your lap?"

Carl leaned down, lifted her legs and swung them across his lap. "Gosh, your nylon stocking is sheer," he responded while rubbing his hand up her lower leg to her knee.

Sunny shook her head up and down. "Uh-huh, and it is even more sheer up here," she said while moving his hand up her leg under her skirt to the top of her stocking.

"Oh yes, much more sheer," Carl responded while Sunny closed her eyes. He moved his hand farther up her leg, feeling the soft skin of her leg above her stocking before touching her nylon panties drenched in her love juices. He moved his hand across them and to the velvet soft skin of her upper left thigh. He pushed his fingers deep down the top of her cast, massaging her inner thigh while she moaned very softly. He reached out with his other hand and pulled her face to his. Their hot throbbing lips parted. His tongue penetrated deeply within her wanting oral cavity. She began to gently suck on his appendage while his hand moved more vigorously under the top of her fiberglass prison.

"Oh god Carl, take me," Sunny called out with a shortened breath.

They parted long enough for Carl to help her remove her blouse and skirt before he laid her on the floor. After he removed the rest of his clothes, he got down on the floor next to her. He helped her remove her panties and bra before he reached out with his right hand and cupped her wonderfully large right love mound. While he gently massaged it he placed his mouth over the hard nipple and gently teased it with the tip of his tongue. He could feel her wonderful body begin to spasm with an orgasm.

Carl slipped down toward her casted leg. He began to bathe the top of her leg above the top of her cast with his hot, wet tongue while she was calling for him to enter her. After a few minutes of oral stimulation, her moved his body up, making contact with his chest against her glorious mounds of love. He began to kiss her hot lips while she moved her uncasted right leg around on the carpet and uttered a soft scream, "God Carl, please don't wait any longer."? She reached for his shoulders and pulled on his body demanding that he enter her hot, throbbing body.

After they made love in the center of the living room floor, they laid arm in arm with Sunny's casted leg lying over Carl's leg. Soon they were both asleep.

They awoke just in time to wish each other a Merry Christmas and move to Sunny's bed. She said, "I want to do it again, but this time I want to be on top."

Carl sat up. He smiled and said, "Honey, my body is all yours for the asking. Now what would you like for me to do?"?

"This," she responded while pushing him back down on his back on the bed. I want you to be my stud. I want you to lay there and let me make love to you this time. Then she laid with her body on his. She began to kiss his lips while placing her hands on both sides of his head. She opened her mouth and pushed her tongue against his lips. His lips quickly parted, accepting her hot tongue into his mouth.

Sunny pulled away from his face and moved her lips to his neck where she began to place kisses over his neck, down his right shoulder and to his right nipple. She placed her lips on his right nipple and began to tease it with the tip of her tongue just like he had done hers. She moved down his body, licking his flat, muscular abdomen with her darting tongue. Her level of passion had build to the point she moved her body back upon Carl's. She spread her legs and lowered her body onto his throbbing tool, administering the ultimate in sexual pleasure to a body that had wanted to experience his forces in her ever since she had seen him walking toward her on crutches with his leg in the cast.

The next morning Sunny invited Carl to stay for breakfast. While eating she said, "Carl, would you to like to move back in with me?"

He smiled. "Only, if you will agree to make love to me every night."

She giggled. "Ok, and I think it is almost night again, so get yourself back in that bed!"

- The End-

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