Marissa: Love Rediscovered

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CHAPTER 1 - The Accident

It had been raining all day. Marissa was trying to dodge the rain and traffic as she hurried from one class to another on the college campus where she was a junior studying to be a television reporter. It was already two minutes after eight o'clock in the evening, dark, and with the rain blowing hard. She was late to her final class of the day. She had the hood of her raincoat up over her head when she stepped into the street. A car came from out of the dark and hit her on her right side. She was thrown to the pavement as the car sped away without stopping.

Marissa awoke to the strong smell of alcohol and strange noises. She hurt all over. Her head was throbbing as if someone was inside it and using a hammer to escape. When she moved her head, her neck was telling her not to. She tried to lift her right arm but it was heavy. Her wrist wouldn't move, and her elbow was so stiff it was impossible to move it. Through the dim light shinning across her bed from a partially opened door she tried to see why her arm wouldn't move but it was covered by a white sheet. She reached over with her left arm, which was also so sore that it was trying to teller it didn't want to be moved either and touched where her right arm should be. She could feel her left hand touching something hard where she knew her arm was supposed to be, but she couldn't feel her hand against her right arm.

She tried to move her right ankle, but it wouldn't. Her leg was so heavy she couldn't lift it. Her knee wouldn't bend. She slowly moved her left foot under the sheet. She felt something hard and with a course texture when her foot came to rest where she was sure her right leg should be, but she couldn't feel her foot touching her leg. She strained to lift her head hoping to see why nothing was working. She tried to identify where she was, but in the fog of a mind that wasn't receiving the signals she should recognize, she began to panic. "Help," she called out. "Someone help me! Where am I? Why can't I move my leg? It is so heavy, what is going on? Please, someone, help me!"

The door to the room sprang open with a bang. A woman ran through it while saying, "It's OK Honey. I'm here."
With the additional light from the fully opened door, Marissa could see the woman was wearing a white dress, a nurse's uniform. "What, where, who are you? Where am I?" she yelled.

The woman stepped to Marissa's bedside. She placed her hand on her left arm while saying in a soft, calming voice, "It's OK Honey. You are in the hospital."

"Hospital!" Marissa yelled. "Hospital, why, what, why can't I move my…?"

The woman continued. "You have been in a terrible accident. You were hit by a car, and your leg and arm were fractured."

"No, I don't believe you. I wasn't ever hit by a c…" Her voice trailed off. "Wait a minute, why am I…? What day is it? It is Monday, isn't it?"

"No Honey," the nurse said with a reassuring voice. "It is Thursday morning."

Marissa tried to throw the sheet off with her left hand while saying, "I've got to get out of here! I will be late to my classes." She attempted to sit up and turn to lift her legs out of the bed, but her body screamed out as pain shot through her neck and down her right arm, and through her back and down her right leg, all the way to her toes, NO, YOU AREN'T GOING ANYWHERE!

"Oh god," she screamed out while falling back on the bed. "What has happened to me?" she pleaded with the nurse. "Why can't I move my arm and leg? What's wrong with me?"

The nurse placed her hand on Marissa's forehead. "Honey, like I said, you broke your leg and arm when a car hit you. Now you need to lay back and rest. The Doctor will be in to see you in a little while."

Marissa laid back down with her head spinning. She hurt all over, her arm and leg were broken and two days had been erased, stolen, from her memory. In fact, she wasn't even sure she had been told the truth about being hit by a car because she had no memory of it. All she remembered was being late to class and it was raining so hard that she had covered her head with her raincoat. Within a couple of minutes, she was asleep again.

The next thing she knew, a hand was placed against her face while fingers were opening her left eye and a small, but bright light was being shined into it. She shook her head while attempting to raise her right arm to brush away the irritating light source. "Easy Marissa. Take it easy, I won't hurt you," the soft, kind voice said.

"Who are you? What do you want?" she asked while opening her other eye.

"I'm Doctor Marsha Little. I'm your Orthopedic Surgeon."

"Orthopedic Surgeon? Why do I need an Orthopedic Surgeon?" Marissa asked while still trying to focus her mind on the present and not remembering the past.

"Don't you remember, you were in an accident? A car hit you and broke your arm and leg. I am the one who set your leg and arm and put the casts on."

"Oh," Marissa responded with a soft voice that carried doubt about her understanding of what she had been told.
"Casts? Me? Casts?" she continued while the facts began to slowly sink into her foggy mind.

Doctor Little lifted the sheet form Marissa's arms. "Yes, casts. See, your right arm is in a cast."

Marissa lifted her head enough that she could see a red fiberglass shell covered her arm from near the top of her shoulder down to her thumb and fingers. Her elbow was flexed to almost ninety degrees. She said, "Oh, wow," before laying her head back on the pillow.

Doctor Little reached over and felt of her fingers. "Feels like you have good circulation in your arm and hand." Then she stepped down toward the foot of the bed. She lifted the sheet off of her right leg and felt of Marissa's toes. "Your toes feel nice and warm also."

Marissa raised her head again and looked down toward her feet. "My god, you mean I have a cast on my leg also?"

"Yes, I am afraid so," Doctor Little said while lifting the sheet to show Marissa that her right leg was in a red fiberglass cast from her hip to her toes.

Marissa laid back and stared at the ceiling for a minute. Tears formed in her big brown eyes. "Gosh Doctor Little, now what am I going to do? With casts like these, how am I going to get back to class?"

"The bigger question Honey is, what are we going to do with you since you live alone? Do you have family close by who can take care of you?"

"No, I live in a small apartment off campus by myself. Uh, my parents live about three hours away, but they are in Europe right now and their place is too far for me to come every day back to school."
"Well, we will think of something, I am sure, but in the meantime, tomorrow morning we will get you started on learning how to get around on crutches."

After Doctor Little left, Marissa laid back down and began to think. Here she was laying in the hospital with huge casts on her arm and leg. She didn't know who or how she was ran over, and she was all alone. What was she going to do? A few minutes later she fell asleep.

She had been asleep for only a few minutes when she was awaken by a hand on her arm and a soft voice saying, "Marissa, I'm Investigator Marie LeBeau and this is my partner, Detective Kyle Forest. We are here to ask you a few questions about your accident."

Marissa turned and looked at Marie with a weak smile. Marie returned her smile with an even larger one. Then Marissa noticed the tops of a pair of crutches nestled under Marie's arms. Marissa said with a very mater of fact voice, "You are on crutches! What happened to you?"

Marie stepped back from the bed far enough that Marissa could look down to her feet. Marie lifted her right leg while
slipping the bottom of her skirt up showing that she was in a cast from her toes to well above the bottom of her skirt.

"Well, I was in a car wreck a couple of months ago and broke my leg, but we need to talk about your accident."

"I wish I could," Marissa responded. "It was dark and raining hard. I had my raincoat pulled up over my head and I didn't see anything."

"Did you hear anything unusual?" Marie asked.

Marissa laid quietly for almost a minute while thinking. "Uh, no, I don't think so. Oh, I don't know, maybe there was a loud exhaust noise or something, I don't know."

"Would you mind if we took the clothes you were wearing back to the lab so our forensic experts could examine them?" Marie asked.

Marissa shook her head, "No, go ahead and take them if you can find out where they are."

Kayle walked over to a small cabinet and opened it. He pulled out a clear plastic bag and held it up. "Marissa, are these the clothes you were wearing?"

"Yes," Marissa responded.

The next morning a young man came to Marissa's room pushing a wheelchair. He helped her into it and headed down the hall to a room full of crutches and other equipment. He said as he pushed her into the room, "Welcome to my torture chamber. Or, at least, that is what most of my patients call it when they see what I am going to make them do in order that they can learn to walk on crutches so they can leave the hospital." After an hour of helping Marissa with a walker and some crutches he said, "I think this will be enough for today. If you continue to improve, the Doc may spring you from here in a couple or three more days."

Marissa smiled while remembering to herself that the Doctor said she couldn't live alone so it wasn't likely she would be leaving the hospital for a while.

Marissa had just finished her evening meal when a tall, good looking man in his early twenties entered her room. She looked up to see a wide smile on his handsome face. "Hello Marissa. Remember me? I'm Jacque."

CHAPTER 2 - The Dream

Marissa looked at the handsome man standing before her. Suddenly her mind was flooded with memories of the past. "Jacque? Jacque, is that really you? I mean, what are you doing here? How did you find me?"

She was firing questions so fast Jacque didn't have a chance to respond. Finally, he held up his hands, "Wait a minute, you are talking too fast for me to answer."

"Oh, I'm sorry, it's just that, Jacque, is that really you? I mean, are you the guy that was my brother's friend back when I was a snot-nosed kid?"

"Yes Marissa, I think I am, but wow you have grown up! Uh, I mean," he could feel his face becoming flushed from embarrassment.

"I guess I have grown a little," she said while casually glancing down toward her large, rounded breasts.

"More than a little I would say."

His voice trailed off while his face had a renewed blush added to his already reddened cheeks.

Marissa giggled. She extended her left hand while saying, "I'm sorry, but my right arm is a little bound up right now."

Jacque stepped forward, taking her soft hand in his. He held onto it a little longer than necessary for a handshake. "I heard on the radio that a young woman named Marissa had been hit by a car, and, well, I just remembered that was your name so I decided to come to the hospital and see if it was the same kid I knew several years ago."

"Gosh Jacque, it really has been a long time since you left for the Army?"

"Yes, fraid so. After doing two years in the Army, I got out and went to college. I graduated a year ago. How about you?"

"I guess I was fourteen or fifteen when you left. I am now starting my junior year, or at least I was until this happened. Now I am not sure what will happen since I can't live by myself like this and my folks are in Europe."

"Wow, that's too bad," Jacque responded. "So, I guess you aren't married then, uh, I mean, since you are living by yourself?"

"No, not even a steady boyfriend. How about you? You married yet?" Marissa asked.

"Nope, me neither," Jacque answered. After several uncomfortable seconds of continued silence he cleared his throat and looked at his watch. "Well, I guess I had better get going, I have several things to do."

Marissa reached out for his hand again while saying, "Can you come back and see me again? They say I will have to be here for several more days since I am living alone with no one to help me."

Jacque touched her hand, "Sure, I'll come back and see you again."

As he left the room Marissa told herself, "Yeah, I bet. I'll never see him again." She turned her head to the side and smiled as she closed her eyes. A few minutes later and she was asleep.

Marissa was playing with her Barbie dolls when she heard Jacque's voice at the door. She felt a strange feeling flash over like a breath of hot air as she peaked around the corner and saw him. He was telling her brother Johnny that he had his driver's license and he was asking him if he wanted to go for a ride. When Jacque and Johnny stepped outside she stepped to the window and pulled back the corner of the curtain. She didn't know why she had that strange feeling between her legs, but she was wishing Jacque had invited her to go for a ride too.

Marissa stired slightly in her dream. She moved her left hand down and laid it on her panties before her dream continued. She had heard Johnny talking on the phone to Jacque. He was coming over and she was now old enough to recognize why she wanted to see him. He was very handsome and his looks made her feel hot all over. She hurried to her room and shut the door while she combed her long dark hair and put on some lipstick. She knew that she had to be careful because her mother didn't approve of twelve year olds wearing a lot of makeup. She changed her blouse and put on a fresh pair of shorts. She wished she had some that showed all of her legs but her mother would only let her wear shorts that came to her mid-thighs. She slipped on a pair of black pumps with a one-inch heel, the only pair of shoes with heels that she had. When she came from her bedroom she smiled a narrow smile to cover her crooked teeth while extending her right hand and saying, "Hello Jacque, I am Marissa, Johnny's sister."

He looked up and shook her hand while saying, "It is nice to meet you," then he turned back to talking with Johnny while Marissa felt her face turning hot with an embarrassed flush. She started to say more but her embarrassment overcame her. She hurried back into her bedroom and shut the door. She fell across her bed and began to cry. "Why did I do that?" she asked herself.

Marissa's body was beginning to tingle in her sleep as her dream continued. Marissa knew Jacque was coming over and she wanted to look real grown-up although she was still only thirteen years old. She put on her tightest fitting sweater while wishing that her breasts were as large as Sharon's, another girl in her class. If only they would grow faster. She lifted the bottom of her sweater and slipped a folded handkerchief in each of her bra cups. After smoothing her sweater back down she looked in the mirror. "Well," she said to herself, "at least they look like they are as big as Sharon's." She put on a pair of short leg shorts that she had finally talked her mother into letting her get and walked outside and sat on the porch swing while waiting for Jacque to arrive. When he approached the porch, she stood up and smiled a narrow smile, while holding her left hand in front of her face. "Hi Jacque," she said while extending her right hand.

"Oh, hello Marissa, is Johnny home yet?"

"No, but you can sit on the porch with me while we are waiting," she said while her heart was racing.

"OK," he answered while sitting himself on one end of the porch swing. "So, how have you been?" he asked.

Marissa felt her heart racing. She was actually sitting beside Jacque and he was asking her about herself. "Fine, just doing great," she stumbled out, with a tongue tied from excitement. "I'm getting my braces next week!" she blurted out while wishing she hadn't said it.

"Oh, that's nice. I always thought girls with braces were cute," Jacque answered. Then he looked up, "Well here comes Johnny. Good luck with your braces."

As Marissa watched Jacque walk out to meet Johnny all she could remember was that Jacque had said she was cute."

As her mind began to clear from her dreams, Marissa could sense a feeling of immense pleasure between her legs. Was she dreaming now? No! She was awake and her fingers had made their way to her most sensitive spot. Oh how she had been enjoying her dreams about Jacque.

Marissa was just recovering form her own personal adventure when she heard, "Hello young lady," coming from the quickly recognizable voice of the little guy with the wheelchair and the torture chamber. "Are you read for another lesson in how to use crutches?" he asked with a sickeningly happy voice.

She turned her head facing him and responded, "Oh, not you again!"

"I'm afraid so. We have to get you up and around so we can get you out of here," he said with a disgustingly happy grin.

Marissa threw the sheet back, exposing her legs, one still neatly shaved while the other was in a massive red prison shell of fiberglass. The guy didn't skip a beat in grabbing her dark blue sweat pants and helping her on with them. Then he helped her into the wheelchair and pushed her down the hall to the physical therapy room. After a tiring hour of crutches training Marissa found herself exhausted but back in her bed.

She was just about ready to become relaxed and comfortable when Investigator Marie LeBeau walked in on her crutches with her partner, Detective Kyle Forest. "Hello Marissa, do you remember us?" Marie asked.

Marissa smiled a vacant smile while trying to recall who they were. Finally she said, "Oh yes, you are the police officers who were asking me about the accident, but I still don't remember anything."

Marie said, "That's all right Marissa. We have come here to tell you what the lab boys have found on your clothes from that night. By the way, do you know anyone who drives a black Corvette?"

"Black Corvette?" Marissa thought for a few seconds. "No, I don't think that I do, but why are you asking me that question?"

"The lab found black paint and small particles of fiberglass on the leg of your pants. They match the materials used on the Corvette." Kyle responded.

"Oh," Marissa reacted with a question in her voice. "So I guess you don't know whose car it was or you wouldn't be asking me these questions?"

"That's right," Marie said. "But we will keep looking, and we will get him. By the way, how are you getting alone? I mean, I know broken bones hurt, and then there are the casts and crutches to get used to."

"Well, I guess I will adapt to them. The Doctor tells me I have a long time to get used to them, and it looks like they won't let me out of here for a while since I don't have anyone at home to take care of me."

Marie looked at Kyle and back to Marissa. "I know what you mean," she said. "When I was hurt they wouldn't let me out of the hospital either, but." she turned to Kyle and smiled, "Kyle here, was good enough to take me in like a sick puppy and look after me, weren't you Honey?"

Kyle's face blushed. "Now, Investigator LeBeau, you know we don't talk about our personal lives outside the house!"

"Sorry," Marie responded with a cute smile. She turned back to Marissa. "So, I guess we know where to find you if we need to talk again."

Marissa sighed, "Yes, fraid so."

A few minutes after Marie and Kyle had gone, Jacque entered the room. As Marissa saw him, she felt her body get warm all over. She was sure her cheeks were glowing red also, but she wasn't sure if it was because she was happy to see him, or if she was embarrassed over here dreams about him. "Hi Marissa," he said as he stepped forward and extended his hand. Marissa extended her left hand while her heart began to race.

Jacque held onto her soft hand for several seconds while she smiled and said, "Good afternoon, and what brings you back to see me?"

"You!" Jacque responded with a soft, but positive voice. "I came back to see a beautiful girl who needs my help."

"Needs your help? What do you mean?" Marissa quizzed him.

"Well, it is very simple. I have done some research, and you see, the Doctors tell me you can't get out of here because you don't have anyone to take care of you, but they said I could do so I am volunteering to do that if you will let me."

"Gosh Jacque, that is very generous of you, but I can't."

"And, why not?"

"Jacque, you have a full time job and a life of your own and I can't ask you to change all of that just so I don't have to be in here. That wouldn't be fair to you."

"Oh Marissa, I have thought all of that over and I want you to come home with me as soon as they will let you."

"Well, I'll think about it, but the guy who is teaching me to use crutches says I won't be ready for another couple of days anyhow. So thanks anyway, but I'll just stay here."

Jacque smiled. "Well, I'm not going to let you tell me no like that."

"And, I'm not going to let you talk me into it like that, so I guess we are even," Marissa answered.

A couple of minutes later Jacque said as he was walking out the door,."I have to leave now, but I will be back to get you."

Marissa yelled back, "But I'm not going."

As soon as Jacque was gone, she began to ask herself, "Why did I just do that? Why did I tell him no?"

CHAPTER 3 - Going to Jacque's House

The next afternoon Jacque came back to see Marissa. She had been thinking about his offer to let her stay with him until she was better. She had been torn between wanting to get out of the hospital, imposing upon him to share his home with her, and her burning desire to get to know him better. She wanted so much to cave in to her desires and say yes, but she just couldn't make herself say yes.

"Hi young lady!" Jacque greeted her with a very wide and friendly smile. "How are you feeling today?"

Marissa returned his smile. "I am feeling much better. The guy with the torture chamber has told me that I am making progress and about one more hour of his crutches training and I will be good enough to lea." her voice trained off before she finished her sentence.

"Lea�?" What's that mean?" Jacque asked. "Are you trying to tell me that they might let you out tomorrow?"

"Uh, well, uh, they won't because I don't have anywhere to go. No one to look after me." �Actually, Marissa hadn't intended to go down that road with Jacque because she knew that it would raise questions that she wasn't ready to answer but he picked up on it anyhow.

"So, I guess that means that you are ready to take me up on my offer and stay with me?" His statement was a question.

Marissa wanted to hold out her left arm and motion for him to step forward so she could hug him and say, "Yes," but she didn't. In stead, she looked down so she wouldn't be making eye contact with him. "No," she said almost under her breath. "No, Jacque, I don't think I should."

"Well, why not?" he said with a stronger voice than he had intended. "Just why would you chose to stay in the hospital when you can come and stay in my home?"

Marissa was almost in tears. She had wanted so badly to say yes, but she just couldn't bring herself to say so. Finally she said, "Jacque, I'm just not ready to say yes. I guess I will have to spend another day in here before I am convinced."

Jacque stepped forward. He reached for her left hand and held it for a few seconds before saying, "Well, you know I'm not going to let this be your last word, don't you?"

"Uh huh," Marissa said without looking up.

As Jacque turned and walked out of the room she said in a voice so soft that only she could hear it, "Jacque, please come back here. I want to go home with you."

Marissa turned on he left side as best she could with both her arm and leg in a fiberglass prison. She buried her face in her pillow and began to cry. Oh how she wished that she had said yes!

The next morning Doctor Little came in. She was all smiles. "I understand that you have mastered your crutches and are ready to get out of here!"

"I would love to, but I thought you told me that I couldn't leave because I didn't have anyone to look after me?" Marissa responded with a doubting sound in her voice.

"Yes, that is true, but your friend, Jacque, told me you were going to move in with him until you got better."

Now Marissa wasn't sure what she should say. She hadn't agreed to go with Jacque, although she wanted to, but she knew that Doctor Little wouldn't let her out of the hospital unless she went home with him. "Uh, great! That's right, I am going to move in with Jacque," she answered while wondering why Jacque had asked her, and when he would be coming after her.

Marissa was just finishing lunch when Jacque appeared at her door. "Hello young lady! Are you ready to come home with me?"

She wanted to be angry with him and ask him just what did he think he was doing by going behind her back and telling Doctor Little that he was going to take care of her. But, she couldn't because that might cause her to have to remain in the hospital. Besides, she had been wanting to get to know him better since she had first laid eyes on him when she was just twelve years old. ��

Marissa smiled, "Well, that depends upon what you have in mind about taking care of me." She was really wanting to ask him if he would make love to her when they got home but she didn't have the courage to ask so she just said, "Uh, I mean, how can you look after me and still work?"

"That is not a problem. I can work from my home office most of the time so I can be there to help you anytime you need me."

"Oh," Marissa said with a soft voice while not being sure what else she could say. "OK, then if you will help me get my old black sweat pants on, I think I will be ready to go."

Jacque helped her turn on the bed so her legs were over the side while he slipped the pant legs over her feet. �Then he helped her slip off the bed and stand on her left foot while he worked the pants up her legs. As he was moving them to the top of her legs, his right hand slipped. It brushed her body between her legs causing her to experience a feeling of great joy quickly flashing through her body as thoughts of pleasure filled her mind. Once he helped her get the sweat pants on, he helped her slip a light purple sleeveless shirt over her head and arms.

Marissa was asking herself while Jacque was helping her get dressed, Why had she resisted his offer to help her? After all, he had been her first love, even though she had never told him so, and now he was back in her life, and helping her get dressed.

As soon as she was dressed, Jacque helped her into a wheelchair. After checking her out of the hospital, he pushed her outside and into the parking lot. �Marissa said while turning in her wheelchair and looking up at Jacque with a wide smile on her pretty face, "Wow, I had forgotten how nice it is to be outside in the fresh air. I mean, after several days of smelling nothing but the stench of alcohol in the hospital, I love it out here."

Jacque pushed her up next to a red Mustang. "Here we are. Let me help you out of the wheelchair and into the car."

Marissa smiled. "Oh, what a pretty car. Have you had it long?"

"A few days. Now let me help you," he responded.

Jacque placed her crutches in the back seat and helped Marissa stand on her left foot. He placed his hands under her arms and lifted her as she hopped on her left foot over next to the seat. As he helped her sit on the edge of the seat, she smiled. He bent down, placed his hands around her ankles and lifted them while she turned on the seat. As he leaned over to help her turn her legs around and into the car, Marissa leaned forward, pressing her large breasts into his face. She moved back and forth, rubbing them against him. He quickly jumped back and looked into her big brown eyes. She giggled and said, "Oh Jacque, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that."

He smiled. "That's all right. No harm done."

Marissa thought, No harm done, but I sure did enjoy it.

Marissa turned to Jacque as they were driving out of the parking lot. "I want to thank you for doing this. I know you didn't have to, but I really appreciate it."

He winked. "Just happy to help a damsel in distress."

They had driven for a few minutes when Marissa said, "Wow, this looks like the neighborhood where I live." As they continued, she began to feel her heart beginning to pound. "Oh Jacque, look," she said while pointing at the street. "That's where I was hit by the car."

"Oh really!� I guess I knew that but I didn't think about it. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have taken this road, but, as you can see, it is the easiest way to get to my house."

"I'm OK," Marissa responded while placing her left arm on his right arm. "It's all right. I had to pass the place sometime."

A couple of blocks later, Jacque turned into the driveway of a ranch style house about fifteen years old. He parked the car and walked around to Marissa's side. After opening the door he got her crutches from the back seat and stood them against the car. Then he reached into the car to lift her legs while wondering if he was going to be treated again to the barrage of wonderful love mounds squashed against his face. To his dissatisfaction, Marissa didn't try to repeat the actions she had displayed while he was helping her into the car. He lifted her legs and helped her turn around with her feet outside the car. He helped her stand on her left foot before he gave her the crutches.

As Marissa walked slowly on her crutches she said, "Oh, what a pretty house."

Jacque responded, "Yes, I like it, but I think I will like it even more with someone sharing it with me to keep me company."

Jacque guided her into the house and helped her be seated in an overstuffed chair green sofa. As soon as she was seated, he pulled out a footrest to hold her casted leg and keep the cast from cutting into her leg. She smiled and said, "You have a beautiful place here." Then she looked at the sofa and asked, "Is this where I will be sleeping?"

"No Marissa, I will be sleeping out here while you can have my bedroom."

"No, Jacque, that isn't right for you to give up your bed for me." Actually, what she wanted to say was, "Jacque, I want to share your bed with you," but she knew she couldn't be that bold, at least not yet.

"Marissa, I insist. By the way, you don't have any clothes with you, do we need to go to your apartment and get some of your things?"

CHAPTER 4 - I'm Sorry Jacque

After Marissa had rested for a short while Jacque suggested that he take her by her apartment, so she could get some of her things. When he helped her into the car, she treated him to another adventure with her breasts in his face while he was helping her swing her legs inside. This time he said, "Marissa, I think you are doing that on purpose."

She smiled and said, What if I am?"

He just winked and closed the door to the car. While they were driving the short distance to her apartment she asked, "Jacque, really, why are you helping me like this?"

"Oh, I don't know," he responded. "Maybe, it is just that I was curious when I read your name in the paper that I wanted to see if you were the same little kid that I knew before I went into the Army."

"Well, what do you think? Am I still the same little kid, or not?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

"Uh, I have to say not!" he answered.

"Well, do you like what you see?" she continued.

"I have to say absolutely, yes, I like what I have seen so far."

"So far?" she asked. "What does that mean?"

"Uh, nothing. I was just trying to say that I really was very pleased when I saw you in the hospital, and, well, uh, the casts, uh, I mean." Jacque was trying to explain his response while creating even more questions.

"My casts? What do they have to do with anything?" she wondered out loud.

"Maybe that was what I meant when I said I liked it so far. You know, I actually haven't been able to se very much of you with those big casts on your arm and leg, and you are always covered up with a sheet or something."

"Well, you know what they say, sometimes the sexiest part is in the imagination, and I guess you just have to imagine what my arm and leg and the rest of me looks like. Oh, I'm sorry," she said while feeling her face become flushed. "We haven't known each other long enough for me to be talking about sex, but then, maybe I wasn't talking about sex."

Jacque smiled. "I'm not complaining," he responded while turning to look at her pretty face.

When they arrived at her apartment, Jacque helped her from the car and onto her crutches. When they entered her apartment, she asked him to get her suitcase down, then go to the other room and watch TV while she gathered up some of her things.

Marissa went through her lingerie drawer and packed some of her sheerest bras, panties and a couple of garterbelts along with some nylon stockings. She selected several dresses from her closet including a red wine colored low cut, sleeveless dress. While she was looking at it, she was already beginning to formulate plans on wearing it to her advantage with Jacque.

When she was finished packing, she asked Jacque to carry her suitcase to the car. As she followed along behind him, she was noticing how sexy he looked in a pair of tight fitting pants and nit shirt. She decided not to tease him anymore with her questions about her body or casts as they drove back to his house. When they got home, Jacque carried her suitcase inside and to the bedroom. He placed it on the bed and told her, "I think there is enough room that you can put your things in the dresser too." Then he left the room. As Marissa unpacked she put most of her things in an empty drawer but she rolled up her nylon stockings and laid them next to his socks while thinking that she hoped he liked ladies in nylons.

When it became bedtime, Jacque made his bed on the couch while Marissa reluctantly took his bed. She had been asleep for several hours when she began to dream about her accident. It was raining hard and she had to hurry to class because she was already late. As she stepped into the street, she began to hear the loud sound of an engine running. She turned just in time to see a car racing toward her. Although she didn't realize it, her screams were more than just a dream, they were real. She screamed again, this time louder before she began to cry.

Jacque became instantly awakened at the sound of her screams. He hurried to the bedroom. "What's wrong Marissa?" he asked. She didn't respond but he heard her sobbing. He decided to try to comfort her by lying down beside her. He reached out and took her left hand in his while he gently stoked her pretty face. "It's all right Marissa, I'm here," he said with a soft, soothing voice.

The next morning Marissa awoke first. She was surprised to see Jacque lying beside her. She was lying on her back with his right arm under her neck and over her right shoulder. His face was turned toward hers. She moved her left hand under the blanket and over her naked breasts and down to the sensitive area between her legs while trying to remember whether she had put on any night clothes before going to bed. As she moved her arm around Jacque woke up. He smiled and said, "Good morning young lady."

"Jacque, what are you doing in bed with me?" Marissa asked with a surprisingly accusing voice.

"You were having a nightmare last night so I came in here to comfort you. Looks like I fell asleep with you in my arms."

Marissa tried to clear her head. "Nightmare? I don't remember any nightmare!"

"Well, you were screaming out something, I guess, about your accident. Anyhow, I came in and you were crying. I asked you what was wrong and you didn't answer me so I just laid down beside you and fell asleep."

She wanted to ask him if he had done anything to her but she was afraid to. Actually, she could feel her body becoming warm all over at the thought of him having made love to her, but she couldn't ask him. What if he had? Would he be afraid to tell her? And, if he hadn't, would that sound like she was trying to get him to do so against his will. Finally she decided to ask, "Jacque, I guess you know I am naked under the covers."

"Well," he said, "Actually, I didn't know for sure, but I kind of thought you might be. Uh, what I mean is, well, in the dark I thought you might not be wearing anything uh, that is, nothing but your casts."

"Oh Jacque, just how did you determine that?" Marissa asked with more force than she had intended.

Jacque could feel his face becoming flushed. "Uh, I, uh, well, uh."

Marissa laughed. "That's OK Jacque. I shouldn't have asked you that." Then she took the blanket in her left hand and threw it back off of her sensual body. "Here Jacque, look at me. You were saying earlier that you liked what you had seen so far, so here is the rest of me! �I have grown quite a bit since the last time you saw me, haven't I?" She giggled.

"Uh, well, uh, I guess you have. Uh, not that I have ever seen you like this before so how would I know?" he responded with a slight chuckle brought on by not knowing what else to say.

Marissa looked at Jacque with her big brown eyes. "Jacque, do you like me like this? I mean uh, with my arm and leg in a big o'l cast?"

"Marissa, I think you are a very beautiful young lady, with or without the casts. Now, don't you think you should cover yourself up again?"

"Doesn't you seeing me like this cause you to have any thoughts? I mean, would you like to ma." she choked the rest of her sentence below her breath, "make love to me."

"Marissa, I have to get dressed and go down town so I suggest you get up and get dressed if you want me to help you with breakfast before I have to go."

As Marissa watched Jacque leave the room wearing his briefs, she didn't know what to think. She was staring at his firm behind while fantasizing about what it would be like to have him make love to her, and she was also wishing that she hadn't come on so strong a couple of minutes earlier. Finally, she decided that she was going to have to be more careful in how she approached Jacque or she would scare him away, and she would never have him make love to her.

A few minutes later she was walking into the kitchen on her crutches with her body completely covered in a big robe that extended from her neck to her ankles. "Coffee?" Jacque asked.

"Yes, I would love some," she answered as she walked over and sat in a chair next to the table. After a couple of minutes of silence she finally cleared her throat and said, "Uh Jacque, I'm sorry that I said and did what I did in the bedroom a few minutes ago. Will you please forgive me?"

Jacque walked over to her. He placed his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to him. "Marissa, you are a very beautiful young woman. We have known each other, more or less, for a number of years, and I am very comfortable around you. In fact, I can remember when you used to try to tease me to get my attention, and I think that was all that you were doing in there a few minutes ago."

Marissa could feel tears forming in her eyes as she said, "Yes, Jacque, that was all I was doing. I was just teasing you." Then she stood and placed her crutches under her arms while saying,."I'm not feeling well. I think I will go back to bed for a while." She walked into the bedroom and shut the door. She walked over and collapsed on the bed. She cried herself back to sleep.

CHAPTER 5 - The Shower

After her attempt to gain Jacque's attention by throwing off the blanket and laying naked before him had not gotten her the attention she had wished, Marissa decided to "lay low" for a few days. She hoped his interest in her would build and he might forget about her not so discrete attempt at getting his attention. After a week of being very reserved, being careful not to be flirty or show too much skin she decided it was time to make her play. When Jacque came home, he found Marissa sitting on the sofa with her legs stretched out on the cushions. She was wearing the wine red dress she had been saving for the occasion.

Marissa looked at him with a cute, disarming smile and said, "Jacque, how about coming over here and sitting next to me with my feet in your lap?"

"Sure," he responded. He lifted her legs and turned them out so he could sit down. Then he placed them across his lap.

She handed him a bottle of hand lotion and asked with a slight pouting lip, "Jacque, Dear, would you please put some lotion on my toes in my cast? They are getting so dry and I can't reach them."

He took the bottle and poured some lotion in his hand. As he began to rub her toes Marissa laid back and closed her eyes. "Jacque, you know what this reminds me of?"

"Well, I guess not?" he responded.

"Jacque, do you remember the time when we, you and I, we were out in the yard and I fell down. I began to cry that I hurt my ankle and you came over and picked me up. You carried me to the porch swing and sat me down. Then you sat beside me and rubbed my ankle."

"I think I do, but I'm not sure. It was a long time ago."

"Think back, I was about fourteen, I had a mouth full of braces, and I was trying so hard to get your attention. I was wearing shorts and a pair of high heels."

"Oh yes, I think I remember. You were prancing around and fell off one of your shoes. I thought you had broken your leg."

"I think I made it look much worse that it was," Marissa giggled. "I was trying so hard to get you to pay attention to me."

"Well, I guess you probably were," Jacque smiled while placing his hand on her left leg. He began to rub lotion into her ankle and heel. "But I really did think you might have broken your ankle. I guess I was kind of hoping you would get a cast on it."

"Actually Jacque, the summer after you left for the Army I did get a cast on my ankle for a few weeks. It was one of those plaster casts from my toes to my knee with a rubber heel. But why would you want to see me in a cast?"

"I guess I have always thought that girls in casts were sexy," he responded under his breath.

Marissa smiled. "Sexy huh! I guess you have been keeping a secret from me."

Jacque reached up and turned Marissa's face to his. He placed a quick kiss on her lips. "Yes, I guess so."

"So Jacque, do you think I am sexy now? I mean, with a cast from my toes to my hip on my right leg and from my fingers to my shoulder on my right arm, there couldn't be much more of me to cast."

"So much so that I have had a hard time keeping to myself. But, with you being my best friend's little sister and all, well, I just haven't."

Marissa interrupted. She said with more force than she had intended, "Do you see my brother around here? Do I look like a little sister?"

Jacque reached out and placed his arm over her shoulder. He pulled her to him and placed a passionate kiss on her wanting lips.

Marissa said, "I guess that the answers to my questions are no and no."

Jacque placed his hand on her upper leg under her skirt. As his hand slowly crept up her leg, he could feel her panties becoming damp between her legs.

She said, "Jacque, I want you to have what you are touching right now, but I haven't had a shower since the accident. All I have been able to do is a sponge bath, and that is pretty hard to do with one arm in a cast. I want you to please help me take a shower, then I want you to take me to bed and love me until I become blind with passion."

Jacque kissed her once more before he scooped her into his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He sat her on the bed before asking, What do you think we should do to keep your casts from getting wet?"

"I knew a girl in college with a cast on her leg. She told me she put a plastic trash bag over it and taped it in place. That kept the water out."

Jacque disappeared for a minute. When he returned he had two black plastic bags and a roll of tape. He helped Marissa stand up while he helped her remove her dress and panties. She sat on the edge of the bed while Jacque placed a plastic bag over each cast and wrapped tape around the top of it. Then he placed a plastic stool in the shower and turned the water on. When he returned Marissa asked, "Well, aren't you going to take your clothes off and get in the shower with me?"

"Uh, if you want me to," Jacque responded with a shy grin.

"Well, just how did you think you were going to give me a shower if you didn't get in there with me?"

As Jacque stripped all of his cloths off, Marissa's eyes immediately focused upon Jacque's tools. ."Wow, big boy," she said with a disarming smile, "looks like you are already for the second part of my wish, loving my brains out."

Jacque smiled.

Jacque helped Marissa stand on her left foot. He gave her the crutches and helped her into the shower. She sat on the plastic stool, and he placed the crutches outside the shower. He began by shampooing her long brunette hair. When he was finished he lathered a wash cloth and began to wash her left arm at her shoulder. He slowly washed her upper arm, past her elbow and down her forearm. When he was finished washing her hand and fingers, he placed her index finger in his mouth and gently sucked on it while Marissa giggled. "Wow, you sure know how to start getting a girl turned on," she winked.

He washed her other shoulder before turning to her back. As he washed her back, Marissa closed her eyes and made a soft moaning sound. When he was finished with her back, he turned off the shower before bending down in front of her. He covered her left leg from her crouch to her ankle in shaving cream. He slowly drew a new razor up her leg beginning at her ankle. When he had shaved all the hair off of her lower leg, he turned to her inner thigh. She could feel her inner fires beginning to roar. She said with a giggle as he carefully shaved her upper leg, "Be careful that you don't let the razor slip and cut more than we want cause that would ruin the second part of my wish."

He turned the shower back on and lifted her left foot. He ran the soap filled cloth over and between each of her small toes. She closed her eyes and smiled as he gently washed her high arch and ankle. When he was finished, he bent down while lifting her foot to his mouth. He opened his mouth and placed his lips over her big toe. He began so suck on it while she wiggled it back and forth in his mouth and giggled.

When he was finished with her foot and leg, she sat up straight and winked. "Well, are you going to wash my breasts?"

Jacque blushed. "Are you sure you want me to do that for you?"

"Hey, I asked you to give me a shower, and that is a part of me, isn't it?" she giggled.

Jacque lathered the washcloth and slowly began to wash her left breast. He began by slowly circling her breast from her chest toward her nipple. As he got closer to her nipple, it became erect. She closed her eyes and smiled. When he was finished with her left breast, he turned his attention to her right breast. When he finished and rinsed the soap off he opened his mouth and placed his lips over her left nipple. He gently teased her nipple with the tip of his hot tongue while her inner fires began to roar. She wrapped her left arm around his head and pulled his face even tighter onto her breast.

After a minute of passion, she released her hold on his head and turned his face to hers. She placed a long, lip-locking kiss on his lips. He stood up and smiled. Then he attempted to hand her the wash cloth while saying, "Here, you can finish the job between your legs."

She shook her head. "No, that is also a part of my shower. Now take the washcloth and help me stand up while you finish your job."

Two minutes later, Jacque reached for her crutches. While she was balancing on them, Jacque used a soft towel to dry her off. Then he removed the plastic bags from her casts. Jacque dried himself off before lifting Marissa's naked body in his arms and carrying her to the bed. He laid her down on her back and stepped back. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"I am just admiring the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on, and she is all mine."

She reached up with her extended left arm while saying, "I bet you didn't know what you would be missing when you were looking at that skinny kid with a mouth full of braces, did you?"

He stepped forward and leaned down over her. He placed a hand on each side of her head and placed his lips on hers. She put her left arm over his shoulder and pulled his face closer to hers while opening her mouth and inviting his hot tongue into her throbbing mouth. He could feel her smooth, perfect teeth as his tongue penetrated deep into her mouth. After a few seconds he withdrew his tongue and moved his body lower on hers. He lifted her casted right arm and placed her right index finger in his mouth. Marissa could feel her body begin to convulse with an orgasm as he began to move her finger in and out of his mouth while sucking on it. ��

Jacque moved his attention to her casted right leg. He placed his face at the top of her cast and inserted his tongue down her leg under the top of her cast. He slowly massaged her inner thigh with his darting tongue. He moved his attention to her casted foot. He opened his mouth and placed his lips over her big toe. As he sucked on it, he could feel Marissa trying to move her leg confined in the prison of fiberglass.

Marissa whispered, "Please, take me now!"

They slept through the night arm in arm.

CHAPTER 6 - A Visit From the Police

It had been three days since Marissa was finally rewarded with Jacque taking her to bed for the first time. She had put her wine red dress on again and was sitting on a green plastic lawn chair on an inside porch while waiting patiently on him to return home. She had her legs extended in front of her with a folded blue and white blanket between them and a green plastic stool. She was wearing a three inch white heeled sandal on her left foot. She had had always enjoyed wearing nylon stockings and garterbelts, and she intended to dress her left foot and leg in one of her nylon stockings but she found it difficult to put a stocking on with her right arm and hand in a cast.

Marissa laid back in her chair and closed her eyes. Shortly she was asleep with a dream of the last time she had seen Jacque before he left for the Army. She was almost sixteen and very interested in making an impression on him. She had become fascinated with his tall, good looking stature, shiny dark hair and handsome face. She was hoping to catch his eye and maybe, just maybe, he would offer to take her out to dinner, just the two of them, before he left for boot camp. She had been planning all day. She took a shower and washed her long brunette hair. She shaved her legs before she slipped on a pair of long, silky smooth sandalfoot tan nylon stockings. While she attached them to her garterbelt she could already feel her panties becoming wet between her legs from anticipation of what she hoped would happen that evening. She slipped her small, high arched feet into open toed sandals with two-inch heels. She had wanted to impress Jacque with a pair of three-inch heels but her mother had stopped her from buying them. She put on a tight fitting blouse that emphasized her large breasts. As she looked at them in the mirror she thought, "they have finally caught up with Sharon's." Her skirt was just above her knees. While she applied a light coat of makeup and lipstick she noticed how nicely her teeth had been straightened and aligned, even though she still had a few months left before her braces were gone. She wished that they were already off, but then she remembered that Jacque had told her that he thought girls in braces were cute. She was waiting on the front porch when Jacque arrived. She was just about to ask him to sit on the swing beside her when her dream was interrupted.

"Honey, I'm home and I brought some pizzas for dinner."

She leaned forward in the chair with a wide smile and her big brown eyes dancing. The front of her wine red dress fell open allowing Jacque to see her large, rounded right breast, white and untanned with just a shadow of her nipple showing. "Hello Dear, I'm in here just waiting for you," she called out in a soft flirty voice. Her face turned upward to meet Jacque's as he bent down to place a passionate kiss on her wanting lips.

"How have you been?" Jacque asked.

"I was just having the most wonderful dream about us," she answered.

"Oh yeah, a dream about us?" he responded with a question in his voice.

"Uh-huh. Remember the last time I saw you before you left for the Army?"

"How could I forget? You were standing on the porch waiting on me as I drove up to say good-by to your brother. You were in a tight fitting blouse and short skirt that showed of your sexy legs." Jacque swallowed his last two words but not before Marissa heard them.

"Sexy legs, huh? I didn't know you noticed. I mean, you just gave me a quick look and walked on past without saying anything."

"I wanted to, but, uh, it was your brother. I just didn't feel like I should be talking to you since I was your brother's best friend."

"Oh, what did that have to do with it?" Marissa was now becoming interested in why Jacque felt that way about her so many years ago.

"Gosh Marissa, I can still remember how turned on I felt when I saw you, but, well, I just couldn't, uh, I guess I was embarrassed by seeing you and having those kind of thoughts."

"What kind of thoughts, Jacque?"

"Well, uh, I saw you in that short skirt and stockings with those high heels and, well, uh, I just wanted to take you into my arms." his voice trailed off to nothing.

"Take my into your arms and what Jacque? Kiss me?"

"Uh yes. It was those legs and your gorgeous, uh, womanly, uh, figure, and well, those braces. Gosh Marissa, ever since you got those braces on your teeth, well, uh, I just wanted to grab you up in my arms and kiss you. I mean, you were standing before me as a woman, and."

"And what Jacque? Did you want to have sex with me?"

Jacque's face became red. "Uh, please Marissa, did you have to say that?"

"Well, isn't that what you were thinking?"

"Uh, well, yes, I was," Jacque answered.

Marissa reached out with her left arm. She smiled her disarming smile. "Well Jacque, the pizza can wait, so why don't you make it right by taking me to the bedroom and having sex with me right now."

Jacque bent down, scooped her into his strong masculine arms, and carried her to the bedroom. He sat her on the bed and helped her remove her dress before he laid her in the center of the bed. He held her in his arms while kissing her passionately before turning his attention to her large, rounded breasts smiling at him with an invitation to place his mouth on them and gently tease their erect nipples. He kissed her flat stomach before moving his attention to the top of her cast imprisoned right leg. He massaged her inner thigh under the top of the cast with his fingers while Marissa's love juices flowed. Shortly she was demanding that he enter her with all of his strength.

An hour later Jacque helped Marissa get dressed. He carried her back to the living room and sat her on the couch. She sat with her legs over his lap while he served them the now cold pizza.

They were just finishing the last of the pizza when there was a knock on the door. "Just a minute," Jacque yelled as he lifted her legs from his lap. When he opened the door, he saw a very pretty young woman with strawberry blond hair standing in front of him on crutches. As his eyes followed the crutches to the porch floor, he saw that her right leg was in a multicolored fiberglass cast from her toes, over her knee and under the bottom of her skirt. There was a young man standing beside her. She said while holding a Police Officers badge out for him to see, "Hello, I'm Investigator Marie LeBeau and this is my partner, Detective Kyle Forest, may we come in?"

Marissa asked in a voice loud enough for all to hear, "Jacque, who is it?"

Marie answered, "Marissa, it's me, Investigator LeBeau."

"Jacque, let them please. Marie is the Officer who is investigating my accident."

Jacque stepped back and allowed Marie and Kyle to enter. He showed them the way to where Marissa was sitting. Marie turned to Jacque and said while leaning on her crutches so she could shake his hand, "Sir, I don't think we have met."

Jacque smiled as he extended his hand. "Uh, Jacque, Reynolds."

Marie smiled. "Jacque, that wouldn't be French from New Orleans would it? That's where I come from. You know LeBeau."

"Oh no, fraid not. I guess my mother was fascinated with some guy on television named Jacque. I think he was some king of under water explorer or something."

"Well, I guess not then, but I thought I would ask," Marie responded.

Marissa looked toward Marie and Kyle, "Would you folks like to have a seat?"

Marie answered, "No thanks, but we came here to talk with Mister Reynolds."

"Oh, what can I do for you?" he asked with a puzzled expression on his face.

"We understand that you own a black Corvette." Marie's statement was almost demanding in quality.

Marissa's face recorded surprise. "Jacque, you never told me that you owned a Corvette."

"That's because I don't own one," Jacque responded with hesitation to Marissa.

"Mister Reynolds, we have it on good faith from a citizen that you have been seen driving a black Corvette within the last two or three weeks."

Marissa stood on her crutches and walked over next to Jacque.

Jacque cleared his throat. "Well, yes that is true. My father loaned me his Corvette while I was waiting for my new Mustang to arrive from the factory."

"So, you did have a black Corvette?" Marie continued.

"Yes, but I didn't lie to you. I don't own it, my father does."

"Well, OK Mister Reynolds. Where is the car now?" Marie continued.

"It is in the garage out back," he answered while pointing over his shoulder in the general direction of the detached garage behind the house.

"May we see the car?" Marie asked.

"Well, sure, but what is this all about?"

Marissa said while tears began to well up in her big brown eyes, "Oh Jacque, it was a black Corvette that hit me, don't you remember? They must think it was you, but I'm sure it wasn't!"

"Well, yes I remember, but I don't have anything to hide," he said while reaching out to put his hand on Marissa's shoulder. Then he turned to Marie. "Follow me and I will show you the car," he said.

Kyle stepped in front of Jacque. "Mister Reynolds, show me the way, please."

Kyle lead followed by Jacque, Marie and Marissa. When they got to the garage Kyle said, "OK Mister Reynolds, just unlock the door and step back while I step inside first."

Once Kyle was inside the garage, he turned the light on and made a quick survey of the area before calling, "OK Mister Reynolds, you can come in now."

Once Jacque and Marie were inside Kyle pointed toward the right front fender of the car, "Mister Reynolds, it looks like this car has been in an accident. Look at the finder and the windshield. Both of the are broken. What happened?"

Jacque reacted with tension in his voice as Marissa looked on with her heart racing and tears streaming down her face. "Uh, yes, I hit a deer the other night."

Kyle looked a little closer, "But it looks like you have tried to wash the car after the accident. Why did you do that?'

"Uh, I was afraid that it would begin to smell before I could get my father's insurance company to get the car fixed."

"Just where were you when you hit the deer?" Marie questioned.

"Out on Old Mill Lane by the Seven-Eleven," Jacque responded while realizing that he was probably going to have a hard time proving it.

"Was anyone with you, or did anyone see you that can confirm your statement?" Kyle asked.

Marissa was beginning to cry. She couldn't believe that Jacque was involved in her accident. She stepped over toward Jacque on her crutches but Kyle stepped between them. "Oh Jacque, you didn't have anything to do with my accident did you? Please tell me you didn't, please!" Marissa cried out.

Kyle said, "Mister Reynolds, turn around and put your hands behind your back. I am arresting you for felony, hit and run."

CHAPTER 7 - No Bail

Marissa looked at Marie. "Oh NO!" she yelled. "He didn't do it. I know he didn't. Please don't take him away!"

Marie stepped over to Marissa and placed her hand on Marissa's shoulder. "We will be taking him down town. You should contact an attorney. There will probably be an arraignment in the morning."

"Will he be out on bail?" Marissa asked.

"I don't know. That will be up to the judge," Marie answered.

Marissa began to cry so hard as she watched Kyle lead Jacque to the squad car with his hands cuffed behind his back that Marie had to help her sit down on an old chair in the garage. "He didn't do it Marie, I just know he didn't. Please don't take him away."

Marie stayed with Marissa for a few minutes until she had regained enough control that she could walk back to the house on her crutches. "Marissa, stay out of the garage and don't touch the car until the lab boys get here," Marie ordered. Then she looked back and said, "Marissa, I will call you."

Marissa was devastated. She didn't know what to do. She knew she had to help Jacque by calling an attorney, but she didn't know any. She also didn't know what her true feelings were. She had trusted Jacque, but now she didn't know if she should, or even if she could. She sat on the sofa and began to cry. After an hour, the phone rang. "Hello Marissa, this is Marie. Have you contacted an attorney for Jacque?"

Marissa wanted to lie and say yes, but she knew she couldn't. "No, Marie, I haven't. But why are you asking?"

"Listen Marissa," Marie responded. "I don't normally do this, but I recommend you contact a Catherine Fox, a female attorney who I have watched before. She is good, real good, and I think that is what Jacque needs right now."

"Marie, why are you doing this?"

"Well, Marissa, I guess I just want Jacque to have the best representation possible."

"Marie," Marissa said with doubt in her voice, "I don't get it. You should be trying to convict him, not help him."

Marie replied, "Can we have lunch in a couple of days and I will tell you why. For now, just let me say that I have my reasons for being sure he is well represented."

Marissa called Catherine Fox, who said she would go to the jail and meet with Jacque. After she hung up the phone she sat back down on the couch and closed her eyes. Although she was upset and confused over the experience, she fell asleep. Soon she was dreaming of the night she was hurt. She remembered a loud sound from the exhaust and some screeching sounds. She quickly looked toward the car just before it hit her. She didn't get a clear view of the driver through the wet windshield and the wipers moving quickly past the driver's face, but she thought the driver had long, blond hair.� Then she felt almost as if she was having an out of body experience, standing above the car as she watched herself being hit. She was thrown back out of the way. She felt the searing pain of the bumper striking her leg before landing with her arm against the curb with another searing pain.

She screamed out from the pain she was feeling in her dream, awaking her. She was in a cold sweat. Her pretty red dress was clinging to her large, rounded breasts, and she could feel water running down the top of the cast on her right arm. She felt sick to her stomach when her mind cleared enough to remember that Jacque had been taken away in handcuffs. Oh god, what was she going to do? She was still barely able to get around in her casts, and certainly, she didn't feel competent to be driving Jacque's red Mustang.

Just then, the phone rang. She struggled to clear her mind enough to answer it. "Hello," she choked out.

"Hello Marissa, this is Catherine Fox. I just wasted to tell you that Jacque will be meeting the Judge in the morning and he has asked that you come, that is, if you aren't afraid of him."

"Uh, no, I, uh, I'm not afraid of him. I don't think he did it. But, maybe you haven't heard, I have a big cast on my right leg and right arm. I don't think that I can drive."

"Oh, uh, well Marissa, I will be happy to drop by and pick you up if you want me to."

"That would be great," Marissa responded. After hanging up the phone she laid back and closed her eyes while wondering what she had to wear and if she was making a mistake by going to court. The next thing she realized the alarm was going of at seven o'clock the next morning. She rubbed the sleep from her big brown eyes and sat up. She was still so groggy that she forgot about her casted leg. She jumped out of bed and fell to the floor. She began to laugh without really understanding why. Finally, she told herself it must be her way of releasing nervous tension.

She took a shower as quickly as she could with one arm and one leg in a fiberglass prison. She had just finished combing her long brown hair and slipping into a light blue skirt and white blouse when she heard the honking of a horn. She looked out the window and saw that it was Catherine Fox in a little blue convertible sport's car.

Marissa made her way outside and to the car on her crutches. To her surprise, Catherine was a very beautiful woman in her mid thirties with long blond hair and a hauntingly attractive smile. She was dressed in a blue pinstriped knee length skirt with a matching jacket over a white blouse. Her long legs were in black, sheer nylon stockings with three inch black heels. Marissa extended her left hand while saying, "Sorry, but this is all I have."

Catherine smiled, showing here evenly spaced, white teeth. "Nice to meet you. Now we need to talk while I am driving to court."

After Marissa worked her casted leg and arm into the small car, she turned to Catherine and asked, "What is it you want to talk about?"

"You said on the phone that you aren't afraid of Jacque because he didn't do it. �Why do you believe that?"

"I have known Jacque since I was about twelve years old. Uh, I mean, uh, my brother and Jacque were palls while I was growing up."

"So you have known him that long?"

"Well, kind of, uh, Jacque went away to the Army when I was about sixteen, and, uh, I hadn't seen him until a couple of weeks ago when he came waltzing into the hospital to see me."

"So, I guess that was after you were hurt?" Catherine's statement was a question.

"Yes. He said he had heard about a woman named Marissa being hit by a car, and he wondered if it was me."

"Didn't you find that kind of unusual? I mean, a man from your past just walking in to the hospital a couple of days after you were hurt?'

Marissa thought for a minute before continuing. "Well, I hadn't, uh, that is until now. He told me he had read it in the paper but later he said he heard about it on the radio, or was it the other way around? Anyway, he was friendly, and, well," Marissa paused for a few seconds while her face became flushed with embarrassment. She looked down at the foot of her cast lying on the floor of the car. "Uh, anyway, uh, when I was a kid, I had a crush on him, and, well, I guess I just."

"Yeah, you just fell back in love with him as soon as he walked through the hospital door, didn't you?" Catherine completed her thought.

"Yeah, you are right. But, I still don't think he did it. He just couldn't."

"Well, sounds like the police have a pretty good case against Jacque. I mean, the car is all messed up and all he can give as an excuse is that he hit a deer, and then he washed the car. The police have even looked along the road where he said he hit the deer, but they can't find anything. No dead dear, or nothing."

Marissa felt tears welling up in he big brown eyes. "No, he didn't do it." She sniffed back her tears and said, "Catherine, what if I told you that I just had a dream and I thought I saw someone with long blond hair driving the car that hit me?"

"A dream?"

"Yeah, a dream. I dreamed that just last night."

"I'm sorry Marissa, but I don't think that will help. I mean, a dream against the evidence the police have, well, just be honest with yourself, would you accept a dream like that?"

Marissa lowered her head and wiped away her tears again. "No, I reckon not," she said in a soft voice.

Catherine parked the care in front of the courthouse. She helped Marissa from the car and into the courtroom where she sat in the observer's area. Catherine was waiting at the defendant's table when Marissa nearly choked with her breath being taken away as she saw Jacque being led into the courtroom by two police officers. He was in an orange jumpsuit with "PRISONER" written in big black letters across his back. His hands were in cuffs attached to a chain around his waist, and his legs were shackled together with a short length of chain that caused him to have a hopping gate to his walk.

Jacque looked toward her and smiled. She lost control and began to sob loudly when he mouthed "I love you."

The entire court proceedings lasted barely two minutes. Before Marissa could understand what was happening, the judge had set a trial date for two weeks and denied Jacque bail. She watched, with tears streaming down her cheeks as Jacque was led from the courtroom.

CHAPTER 8 - No, Please Don't Shoot Him!

Marissa was devastated by what she had seen in court. On the way home she asked Catherine, "What is happening? Why didn't they let Jacque come home?"

"Honey, I'm afraid that they were concerned for your safety. You see, if he was the one who ran over you, they had the fear that he might try to do it again, so the Judge decided to play it safe and keep him in jail."

"You mean, the only way for Jacque to get out of jail is for me to leave?"

"Yes," Catherine responded. "But leaving means that you would have to leave town. Are you ready to do that?"

"Well, that isn't fair. I can't leave him all alone with no one here for him. I need to be by his side."

"I guess that is something you need to think about, isn't it?" Catherine said as she drove into the driveway to let Marissa out.

Marissa slowly made her way into Jacque's house. She walked to his closet and selected one of his shirts. She put it on while smelling the scent of his shaving lotion still on it. �She walked to the bed, laid down and wrapped his pillow into her arms with her face pressed against it. She could smell him on it while she tried to control the heartache of the man she loved in jail for trying to kill her. As she took deep breaths of his scent, she began to relax. Soon she was dreaming.

Marissa was looking through something white. It was clouding her vision. She reached out with both of her hands, discovering that it was a veil over her face. Then she realized that the cast was missing from her arm. She looked down, seeing a full-skirted white dress flowing all the way to the floor. Her right leg felt different. She bent down, and lifted the bottom of the skirt. She could see that both of her feet were in white nylon stockings and high-heeled white sandals. Her leg cast had disappeared. �

As Marissa was trying to sort out what her senses were telling her, she began to hear in the distance, the sound of organ music. It was the Bridal March. Someone was getting married. Then she felt an arm pass between her right elbow and her waist. She turned and looked at a tall, very handsome man in a black tuxedo standing beside her with his left arm in hers. "Oh my god," she said as she recognized the man. He was Detective Kyle Forest. "What are you doing here?" she asked while the music became louder.

""You are getting married," he responded while slowly leading Marissa down the aisle of the church. The aisle was so long that she couldn't clearly make out who was at the other end. As they slowly walked, she could barely make out the figure of a man in a black robe standing with his back to her. There were two women with him. They were both wearing orange dresses. The same orange color that Jacque was wearing in court. When she got close enough, the two women turned around facing her. "No, no, it can't be," she told Kyle. One of the women was Catherine Fox while the other woman, still on her crutches was Investigator Marie LeBeau. As they stepped apart, Marissa could see Jacque standing between them. �She gasped when she saw that he was still in his orange jail clothes with his hands and feet still in chains.

Just then, the man in the black robes turned around. "Oh this can't be happening," Marissa cried out. "You are the judge who sent Jacque back to jail."

He smiled. "Yes ma'am. Now shall we get on with the ceremony?"

Marissa began to cry as the judge began. "We are gathered here today to celebrate the sentencing of Mister Jacque Reynolds for the intentional running down of this beautiful young lady, Marissa. Does anyone know why we should not proceed with this ceremony?"

Marissa spoke up. She pleaded, "Judge, he didn't do it. Please, let him go."

"Over ruled," the Judge said. "Now shall we get on with it?" He turned to Kyle. "Detective Forest, do you have the gun with you?"

"Yes your honor, I do."

Then the Judge asked, "Investigator LeBeau, do you have the bullet?"

"Yes your honor, I do."

"Then, I direct that the two of you take Mister Reynolds out in back, and shoot him at the stroke of midnight."

"Oh god NO!" Marissa screamed out as she watched them leading Jacque away. "Please Catherine can't you do�?" Her question was interrupted by the distant sound of a bell ringing. It was too late, the clock was striking midnight, but wait, it wasn't a clock, it was a phone. The phone was ringing. She tried to clear her mind enough to separate her horrible dream from the reality that the phone was ringing. Finally, she reached for the phone. "Hello," she said with a shaky voice.

"Hello Marissa, this is Marie, are you all right?"

Marissa tried to calm her self. Her dream had been so real that she was shaking all over. Finally, after several seconds she squeaked out a soft response, "Uh -huh."

Marie asked, ."Can I come over and talk with you?"

"Uh, yeah, uh, I guess so," Marissa responded with confusion from her dream still clouding her mind.

A few minutes later she heard the doorbell. She stumbled to her crutches and walked on a weak knee to the door. "Oh, hello Marie," she answered when she opened the door and saw her standing on her crutches before her.

"Hi Marissa, can I come in?"

Marissa stepped back on her crutches and invited Marie in. They walked to the sofa and sat down before Marie said, "I know this morning was very hard on you, I mean, seeing Jacque like that. I just wanted to drop by and see how you were doing."

"Well Marie, how would you feel if your boy friend, uh I mean Kyle, uh, how would you feel if he were accused of trying to kill you when you knew he didn't do it? And then, you had to see him in chains like he was this morning?"

Marie reached over and placed her hand on Marissa's. "Oh Honey, I'm so sorry, but I think you have to admit that it is hard for him to not look guilty with the evidence, I mean, the car and no alibi. Just what was Kyle, uh, Detective Forest and I, well, what were we supposed to do?"

Marissa wiped away her tears. "Oh, I am sorry Marie, I know you were just trying to do your job, but that doesn't make it hurt any less. You know, Jacque and I were friends since I was about twelve years old. I guess you could say that I had a crush on him almost all the way through high school until he went to the army. I used to lay in bed late at night and, well uh, let me just say, uh, I used to have very strong, uh, well, I mean, I fell asleep many a night with dreams of him giving me physical pleasure."

"Uh, I think I understand," Marie said with more understanding than she had wanted to admit because she had experienced the same thing many a night while dreaming of Kyle before she broke her leg. "So," Marie asked while hoping to change the subject slightly, "tell me again how Jacque came back into your life after so many years."

"Well, like I think I told you before, he came to the hospital to see me. He said he had either heard my name on the radio, or read it in the newspaper, but I can't remember which." Marissa wanted to change the subject away from her and Jacque so she looked at Marie with a smile and asked, "So, just how did you and Kyle meet?"

"The job. I was a rookie when I responded to a crime scene and saw him. He was so busy doing his job and flirting with a big breasted blond at the scene that he didn't even notice me."

"That is a typical male for you," Marissa responded before the both began to laugh.

Marie continued. "A year or so later, I heard that Kyle was needing a new partner so I went to an interview. I know he wasn't interested in me as a partner. In fact, I think he didn't want a female partner." She looked at Marissa with a twinkle in her eye. ."You know, being a cop is such a male ego type of thing that most of them don't want to admit that a mer woman can do the same thing, and even better sometimes."

"Yeah, I think I get the picture," Marissa giggled.

"Anyhow, I jumped right in the middle of him and told him that he had better not be turning me down because I am female. Well, it was obvious that he wasn't ready for a challenge like that. He said I had enough spunk that I should show up the next Monday in civilian clothes if I was going to work with him."

"Well, OK," Marissa said. "Now, bring me up to date on how you broke your leg and all that stuff with Kyle. And don't try to tell me there isn't anything between the two of you because it is obvious that the two of you are building fires together."

"My broken leg is pretty simple. I was in the squad car by my self when a drunk ran a light and broadsided me. They though I was going to die from a head injury but I fooled them. Anyhow, Kyle felt sorry for me with my head injury and the big cast on my broken leg so he asked me to move in with him until I got better."

Marissa smiled. "Well, are you better yet?"

Marie said with a twinkle in her eye, "Nope! And, I don't think I will ever get better because it is so nice to have Kyle around to cuddle and sleep with."

"So, you admit that there is something between you," Marissa teased.

"Oh, I don't think that Kyle would want me to admit to that, so lets just say, he keeps me warm, very warm, at night." Then she looked at her watch and said, "Gosh, I didn't know it was so late, I have to go."

Marissa put her hand on Marie's and said, "Please, is there anything we can do to help Jacque?"

Marie answered as she was getting to her crutches, "Let me think about it and I will get back to you in a couple of days."

Marissa watched Marie leave, then she walked back to the bedroom and picked up Jacque's pillow. She sat on the edge of the bed and hugged it tightly in her arms while tears rolled down her pretty face.

CHAPTER 9 - Innocent???

Marissa was becoming more worried as each day passed. Marie had promised that she would get back to her in a couple of days with an answer on what they could do for Jacque, but that was eight days ago, and the trial was coming up in six more days. Yes, Catherine Fox, Jacque's attorney, had called her a couple of times and even come by the house to talk to her once, but Marissa needed to talk with Marie. There was that dream about seeing the driver of the car that hit her, maybe if she told Marie about it, it might help. It had been haunting here ever since she dreamed of the driver having long blond hair.

All day long, Marissa had been walking the floor as best she could on her crutches with her arm and leg in the fiberglass prisons. She had made up her mind that she was going to call Marie at home that evening if she didn't hear anything. She had just finished eating when the phone rang. "Hello, who is this?" Marissa answered.

"Oh Marissa, this is Marie. What are you doing in the morning?"

"Marie, I am so glad you called. I was getting worried. I don't have anything planned, but why?"

"Marissa, I thought I could drive by and pick you up. Then we could drive over to the place where Jacque said that he hit the deer and look around. I know the lab boys have been there, but, well, maybe we could find."

"Oh, great. And I have to tell you about a dream I had," Marissa said.

She hung up the phone with a feeling of renewed hope. She cleaned herself up and went to bed. Shortly she was asleep, dreaming, while clutching Jacque's pillow in her arms and smelling his wonderful scent.

"Oh Marie, look down there! I think I see a deer lying in the ditch," Marissa yelled out before running down the side of the road into the ditch. Just as she got to the deer, it lifted its head. Marie came running up and watched as the deer jumped up and ran away while Marissa chased after it. Marissa turned around, out of breath and yelled, "Marie, why didn't you try to help me?"

"Marissa, what do you mean, we can't catch a running deer with our legs in."

Marissa was suddenly awakened by the sound of a siren. She opened her eyes and saw flashing blue and red lights reflecting through the window for just a few seconds before it disappeared out of sight. Her mind was having a difficult time distinguishing her dreams from reality. She tried to move her right leg, then she realized she was still in her cast, and her running after a deer was all a dream. She laid awake for several minutes wondering if it had been a premonition of some sort before she fell back asleep.

The next morning Marie picked Marissa up in her patrol car. While they were driving to the area where Jacque said he had hit the deer, Marissa told Marie of her dream. Marie responded, "Well, I am sure you think that is what you saw, and you may be correct, but a dream won't stand up in court."

After a few minutes Marissa said, "Marie, I just don't understand why you are trying to help Jacque and me. I mean, it is like you are trying to blow your case."

Marie was silent for nearly a minute. Then she turned toward Marissa with tears in her eyes. "Well, it goes back to a case I made when I was a rookie. I investigated a case of a stolen car. The young woman, Kaiya, spent almost four years in prison for something her brother did. She tried to tell me, but I was too stubborn and cock-sure of myself to believe her. So, this time I intend to try to make sure I have it right."

"I appreciate your honesty," Marissa said. After thinking for a few seconds, she continued, "I guess, then you think Jacque is innocent."

"I'm just not sure. I mean, the evidences says he did it, but I just can't think he would have done it, and then invited you into his home like he has."

Marie parked her car along the side of the road where Jacque said he had hit the deer. She turned to Marissa. "Now we need to look for any broken car parts or bones, hair, anything that might help prove that Jacque was driving by here. But, I want to caution you, don't get your hopes up."

Both ladies got out of the car, onto their crutches and began walking along the roadway. Every few feet, they would stop and use their crutches to move the grass around, trying to look along side the road. They walked almost half a mile down one side of the road before crossing over and walking back up the other side. About half way back Marissa stopped and pointed toward something lying in the grass. "Marie, look at that," she called out with an excited voice.

Marie walked closer on her crutches. She removed her crutches and bent down, reaching for a piece of black material in the grass. When she picked it up she said, "I think this looks like a little piece of fiberglass. I wonder if it could have come from Jacque's car?"

"Wait," Marissa called out. "Look there is another piece," while pointing into the grass again.

Marie retrieved that piece and placed both of them in a plastic bag. "I'll take these to the lab boys and see what they tell us," she said with a wide smile. "They may just fit into a missing part of his Corvette."

They completed their walk back to the car without finding any more material. While driving Marissa back home Marie said, "I know that you are excited about what we found, and I am too, but you can't get your hopes up too high because they may not fit."

"Yes, I know," Marissa responded, "but this is exciting, isn't it?"

"Yes, and it may be good news, but it will take a few days to get the results," Marie responded.

"Marie, we don't have many days left. You know the trial is only four days away."

For the next two days, Marissa called Marie three times a day for an update, and the answer was always the same, the lab hadn't figure it out.

The afternoon of the day before the trial Marissa was becoming frantic. �She had called Marie three times and each time she was told that Marie wasn't available, but when she was, she would call.

Three-thirty in the afternoon Marissa heard someone at the door. She was very upset, and had been crying so she didn't want to answer the door. After several knocks on the door, her phone rang. Marissa decided she might as well answer it and get rid of who ever was bothering her. "Hello, what do you want?" she yelled in the phone while wiping back her tears.

"Marissa, this is Marie. Please answer your door, we need to talk," came the soft, reassuring voice from the phone.

"What is wrong? Did they finally get the lab report back and the parts don't match? Can't you just tell me over the phone and leave me alone?"

"Please Marissa, let me in, we need to talk," Marie asked again.

"Well, OK," Marissa hung up the phone and opened the door.

Marie and Marissa sat down on the sofa. "Well, tell me?" Marissa said while trying to hold back her tears.

Marie reached out and took her left hand. She smiled and said, "I have some good news. I passed your story about the long blond hair around the squad room and last night one of the patrolmen saw a black Corvette with a longhaired blond person driving it. Turned out that it was a young woman driving an out of state registered car. When the patrolman saw that there was some damage to the front of the car he began to question her. She broke down and admitted that she was the driver who had hit you."

Marissa began to cry loudly, "Oh thank god," she said between sobs. As she was asking, "Does that mean that Jacque is free?" the door opened. Jacque stepped through the door followed by Catherine Fox.

Marissa stood and held her arms out. Jacque stepped into them and squeezed her tightly. They kissed passionately while Marie stood on her crutches and walked with Catherine to the door. She said, "I think they would like to be alone for a while, so they can rediscover love."


Six months after Marissa had her dream of walking down the aisle, it became true. And yes, she did lift the bottom of her wedding dress just to make sure she was wearing white nylon stockings and high-heeled white sandals. Investigator Marie LeBeau, without her cast and crutches, and Catherine Fox were beautifully dressed in light blue flowing gowns as her bride's maids. Jacque was wearing a white tuxedo as he waited on his beautiful bride to be escorted down the aisle by Detective Kyle Forest. But, there was certainly one character missing from the wedding party. This time the man presiding over the ceremony was a real Reverend and not the Judge. They honeymooned in Hawaii.

- The End-

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