Kelly: Cast Vacation

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The five hours plane ride to San Diego had been uneventful and Kelly sneaked through the window as the pilot began the descent. The clouds had just cleared up in the California sky and the young woman was truly excited by the three weeks vacation that lay ahead. The landing went smoothly and the passengers finally made their way out of the plane. Kelly retrieved her luggage and caught the next bus that took her to the car rental agency. She filled all the necessary papers, put her stuff in the trunk of the white Ford Escort and headed to Mission Bay where she had rented a small house near the beach. The traffic was light at this time of day and Kelly reached her destination in no time at all.

She pulled into the driveway of her beach house and it was just like she imagined it with white shutters, a big balcony and an American flag hanging over the door. She brought her luggage inside and quickly changed into her bathing suit. After settling in, she opened the bottle of beer she had bought on the way and went outside to relax before lunch. A few minutes later, she heard some noise on her right and she noticed a good looking man getting out of the house next door. He smiled and walked towards her.

“Hi, my name is Jeffrey. I guess we¹ll be neighbors for a while”.

“At least for the next three weeks. I¹m Kelly by the way. It’s nice to meet you”.

Jeffrey found Kelly very attractive with her long brown hair, pretty face and nice legs. He had a feeling the next weeks would be a delight.

“Listen, I know you just got here and you're probably tired from the plane ride, but some of the folks who live around here are planning a game of beach volleyball. Do you want to join us?”

Sensing a good opportunity to meet other people, and to get to know Jeffrey a little better, Kelly agreed. Jeffrey told her to be at the beach around two. He waved her good-bye and went for his morning run.

It was a little before two when Kelly arrived at the beach. Five men and two other women were already fooling around with a volley ball. Jeffrey was one of them. As soon as he saw Kelly, he said something to the dark-haired woman and waved.

“Hi Kelly. Let me introduce you... This is Bill, Pam, Robert, David, Jason and Christie. Everybody, this is Kelly”.

They all greeted the young woman with warmth and Robert said they should begin their game. Kelly was a little rusty at first, but having played a lot of volleyball in college, she quickly became the best player on the beach. With her team only one point away from victory, Kelly decided to give it all she got. On the other side of the net, Robert made a pass at Pam and the young woman jumped to smash the ball on Kelly¹s side. Kelly jumped as well, blocked the ball, but came down on Jeffrey¹s foot, who was standing next to her. Losing her balance, she placed all her weight on her right foot and her ankle rolled over. She heard a sickening snap even before she fell on the sand. Incredible pain exploded in her ankle. Kelly clutched her lower leg and began moaning loudly. Jeffrey knelt beside her.

“Oh my God Kelly! I'm so sorry..." was all he could say. People were now gathering around Kelly, but nobody seemed to know what to do. An older man finally alerted the lifeguard who came rushing. Jeffrey explained to him what happened. The lifeguard, he said his name was Jonathan, turned his attention to Kelly.

“Let me look at your ankle. I'll be careful, I promise". Biting her lip, Kelly extended her foot and placed it on Jonathan¹s lap. Her ankle was already very swollen and she could hardly move it at all. Jonathan probed the already swollen ankle and found bone tenderness on both sides of the limb. Not a good sign...

“Can somebody get some ice from a restaurant please?” he said, gently elevating Kelly's ankle on somebody’s bag.

“Kelly, I’m no doctor, but I¹m pretty sure your ankle is broken. I’ll put some ice on it to reduce the swelling and the ambulance will be here shortly. I need you to stay focus OK?”

Jonathan’s words hit Kelly with full force and she started to cry softly. The vacation she had so carefully planned for months were now ruined. How could she enjoy herself with a broken ankle? She then heard the faint sound of a siren coming her way. Noticing her distress, Jeffrey held the young woman and told her he would stay by her side.


Through teary eyes, Kelly saw two EMT's coming her way carrying a stretcher and a big black leather bag. They both knelt beside her and said their names were Patrick and Mike.

"Can you tell us what happened ?" one of them said.

"My--my ankle rolled over when I stepped on someone's foot" was all Kelly could mutter, wincing in pain. The EMT probbed her ankle as the lifeguard had done a few minutes before and his touch made Kelly cry in agony.

"I'll have to splint your ankle before taking you to the hospital. Hang in there Kelly, everything will be all right in no time". Kelly turned to Jeffrey and asked him to go to her house and get one of her dresses. She had no intention of going to the hospital only wearing her bathing suit. He took her key and promised he would be back shortly.

Mike pulled a splint from the leather bag and placed it on Kelly's ankle and foot. He then secured both Velcro straps to fully immobilize her lower leg. The two men lifted her very gently and put her on the stretcher. A soft pillow was slipped under her injured ankle. Jeffrey came back as Kelly was wheeled into the ambulance. He had brought a sleeveless yellow summer dress that Kelly pulled over her bathing suit. He told her that he would follow the ambulance in his car so he could
bring her home later.

At the hospital, Kelly was brought to an exam room. The EMT's got her settled on a bed and wished her good luck as they left. Five minutes later, Dr. Sinclair walked in. He removed the splint and orderd some x-rays of the ankle. Kelly was waiting for the results when Jeffrey found her, carrying her right sneaker. "How are you feeling ?".

"I'm still in pain, I wish they could give me something..." she said, her voice cracking. The doctor finally came back and told Kelly the bad news. «Well, Miss Palmer, your ankle is broken, but luckily, it's a clean break. We'll set that ankle in a cast for the next six to eight weeks and then you can be on your way home» he explained.

Kelly was devastated. "Will I be able to walk on the cast ?" she asked hopefully.

"I'm afraid not, you'll have to use crutches to get around" the doctor added.

The door opened and a young nurse came in wheeling a small cart with all kind of bandages on it. The nurse handed a stockinette to the doctor who pulled it up Kelly's leg. Jeffrey noticed that the stockinette extended beyond Kelly's knee and toes. Dr Sinclair then unrolled the cast padding, starting at her ankle and going down across her foot. He began wrapping the lower leg with fiberglass bandage and worked meticulously for about ten minutes. He molded the cast so it fitted perfectly and at the end, he cut off the extra stockinette to reveal Kelly's lovely toes. Jeffrey had his eyes locked on the foot sticking out of the cast. He'd always had a strong attraction to women wearing leg cast and Kelly looked definitely very hot in hers.

The doctor placed Kelly's casted ankle on two pillows to dry off and noted something in his chart. The nurse retreived a pair of wooden crutches from the supply closet and adjusted them to Kelly's height. «Have you ever been on crutches before ?» she inquired. «Yes, about three years ago I hurt my knee and I had to use them for two weeks» she told her. Kelly took the sneaker Jeffrey was giving her and put it on her good foot. With the nurse's help, Kelly stood up on her crutches and
took her very first steps. She handled the crutches pretty well and after a few more recommandations from the doctor, Kelly and Jeffrey left the hospital. On their way to the car, Jeffrey glanced often at Kelly's casted foot, rocking back and forth with her every moves on the crutches. He helped her get into his car and headed back to Kelly's beach house. Kelly didn't say one word on the ride back to her place. She looked out the window and wondered how she would be able to enjoy
her vacation even with a casted foot.

The whole gang was waiting for them in front of Jeffrey's house when they returned and Kelly saw some worried faces amongst them. She tried to smile, but it was too hard... Pamela opened the car door for her and gasped when she spotted the cast. "Oh Kelly !" was all she could say. They watched in silence as she tucked the crutches under her arms.

"Well, it's not hard to guess that my ankle is indeed broken..." she explained, glancing down at the cast. They said how sorry they were about her misfortune and asked her if she wanted to joined them at Robert's place for dinner.

"Thanks but no thanks. My ankle is still throbbing, so I'll just go lie down and take it easy for the rest of the day. Maybe some other time".

Jeffrey offered to keep her company, but Kelly declined. "You go with your friends. I won't be good company tonight anyway. Can you just help me inside ?".

Jeffrey told his friends he would be there in a little while and followed Kelly inside her house. She went into the bedroom and collapsed on the bed. Jeffrey slipped two pillows under her casted foot, gave her a painkiller and told her to call if she needed anything. As he closed the door, he wished he could have stayed there all night to admire Kelly sleeping in her cast.


The pain woke Kelly up around midnight. She had another hour to wait before taking a second pill, so she tried to think of something else to alleviate the throbbing. She realized she didn't know a whole lot about broken bones and wondered how she could get more information on ankle injuries. The internet ! Kelly never went anywhere, even on vacation, without her laptop and this was no exception. Taking one crutch, she hobbled toward the oak desk, opened the first drawer and pulled out her
computer. She sat back in bed and went online. She typed "Broken ankle" and found several ortho sites on the subject. She read a few pages and she was about to turn off her computer when something caught her attention. "Plaster of Paradise". Thinking it was yet another site about ankle breaks, she clicked on it and discovered... a fetish cast site! Pictures of women in leg casts, instructions on how to make a recreational cast, links to other casts sites, Kelly couldn't believe that such an interest existed. She looked at her cast and felt anything but attractive with this big white thing on her ankle.

She clicked on one link and entered a message board where casters met to
talk about their fetish. Then she saw it... "Sighting in San Diego" and it was signed JCast. Somehow, she knew this post was about her even before she read it. "Beach volleyball...blond woman...broken left ankle...white fiber toes" the whole story about her broken ankle was written for the whole world to see. There were a few replies, mainly people asking for pics of that "woman" with her cast. It was pretty obvious that Jeffrey was behind the original post. God, how he must have enjoyed watching her get casted at the hospital ! A bit digusted, she turned off the computer and put it on her nightstand.
She had trouble finding sleep with all these thoughts about cast fetish. Her disgust turned into amusement, then something else entirely... Jeffrey was a very handsome man and Kelly knew from the beginning they were headed for a little vacation fling. With her foot in a cast, she was now certain something would happen between the two of them... She wiggled her toes and fell asleep making plans for the next day.

Kelly had been up for about five minutes when she heard knocking. She opened the front door to find Jeffrey standing on the porch with a glass of orange juice and a paper bag. "I'm bringing you breakfast. I hope I didn't wake you?".

"No I was up and wondering how I would make breakfast leaning on these" she said, tapping on her crutches with her hands. She sat at the dinner table and let Jeffrey prop up her casted foot on another chair.

"Kelly, I'm so sorry about..." he began to say.

"Now stop it Jeffrey! It's nobody's fault... Accidents happen and there is nothing we can do about it. Speaking of that, I read something interesting last night on the net". Kelly went on to tell Jeffrey about the cast fetish sites and his post on the message board. Jeffrey was clearly embarrassed that he had been found out.

"Please understand that I never meant for this to happen and I felt so bad seeing you in pain yesterday. But that cast
looks so sexy on you...You have to promise you won't say a word to anybody about this" he pleaded.

"I'll make a deal with you... I won't tell anybody about your little secret if you become my slave for the next three weeks" she replied with a wicked smile. "Your--your slave?" he stammered.

"Yeah, my slave. You see, I'll need help getting around and I want you to wait hand and foot on me. That won't be too hard for you since you enjoy the company of women in leg cast and on crutches. I'd be totally dependant on you, poor little helpless Kelly with her leg in a cast..." she said in her most seductive voice.

Jeffrey was aroused like he'd never been before. How could he refuse such a proposition from this gorgeous lady ? "All right,
I'll do it. What do you want from me first?".

"Well, I was thinking of going to the beach. Will you take me?" Jeffrey nodded and Kelly went to the bedroom to change in her bathing suit. She declined Jeffrey's offer to drive her to the beach, insisting on crutching all the way. She kept her casted foot in front of her while she hobbled so that Jeffrey could look at it all he wanted.

At the beach, Jeffrey leaned Kelly's crutches against a wall and carried her into his arms. He layed her down gently on the sand and propped up her foot on a soft pillow he had brought. He retrieved her crutches and sat down beside her. Kelly pulled out her sunscreen lotion from her bag and asked Jeffrey to rub some on her back. When he was all done, she told him he had forgotten one little spot...

"Could you rub some lotion on my casted toes?" she asked him, handing him the bottle. Jeffrey blushed and did as he was told. He rubbed Kelly's toes very slowly, enjoying the moment. The feel of her cast against his skin was driving him wild and he knew Kelly had noticed the bulge in his bathing suit. When he was done, he thanked God Kelly had found out about his secret...


Jeffrey had enjoyed his day at the beach with Kelly. She'd asked him to rub lotion on her casted foot a few times, and twice, he had carried her into the ocean so that she could tip her toes in the water. The next morning, he woke up early and after his shower, he went out the door, wondering what Kelly had in store for him today. When he walked into her house, she was sitting on the couch, her cast propped up on the coffee table. She looked so vulnerable with her broken ankle...

"Good morning Jeffrey. Did you sleep well ?"

"Like a baby. I had nice dreams" he said smiling. Kelly didn't have to asked what the dreams were about, she had a pretty good idea it involved a casted woman.

"I was thinking of having a pedicure today. What do you think ?" Kelly wiggled her toes seductively. Jeffrey was aroused
thinking about seeing Kelly having her nails painted.

"Great idea. I know a place where..." he started to say.

"You don't understand honey. I want you to do my nails. Wouldn't you like that ? Here is a few dollars, go to the nearest drugstore and pick whatever color you want. I trust you you'll make a good choice".

Jeffrey chose a light shade of pink. He also bought some cotton balls and a golden toe ring.

"Are you ready for a date at the beauty parlor?" Jeffrey asked when he got back from his errance. Kelly smiled and lifted her foot onto the couch. Jeffrey sat down and placed her cast on his thigh. With shaky hands, he put cotton between her toes and opened the bottle of nail polish. The pink color looked good on her nails and she complimented him on his choice. When he was finished, he was hard as a rock... He pulled the toe ring from the bag and slipped it on her second toe.

"Nice!" Kelly said, wiggling her toes again.

"So what do you want to do today?"

"I was thinking a going shopping at Horton Plaza. How does that sound?"

"«As long as I am with you..." Jeffrey told her. She picked up her crutches and stood up. She crutched all the way to his car and got in.

"My ankle is throbbing this morning. Could I prop it up on your lap while you're driving?" Jeffrey thought he would die before Kelly's vacation was over.

He gently guided her casted foot on his thigh and started the car. Jeffrey loved having Kelly's cast on his leg and his elbow slightly touched the tip of her toes once or twice as he drove. They shopped until noon and Jeffrey noticed a lot of men, and even women, glancing often at Kelly's cast.

"So, how do like being my slave?" Kelly asked while they were having lunch.

"Do you doubt that I like it very much? I know I've said many times how sorry I am that you got hurt, but I have to admit this is a dream come true for me. I'd always had this fantasy about taking care of a casted woman".

In the afternoon, Kelly went from store to store to buy dresses. She tried a few of them on and every time Jeffrey just sat patiently, admiring Kelly coming out of the cabin to show him a dress, hopping on one foot. They stopped by a nice restaurant on the way home and by the time they reached Kelly's house, her ankle was starting to hurt. Jeffrey helped her sit down on the couch and made an icepack that he placed at the base of her toes. He retrieved one more pillow from the bedroom and slipped it under her cast. Exhausted by her day, Kelly fell asleep a few minutes later. Jeffrey took her into his arms and carried her to bed. He propped up her foot and gently kissed her toes.

"Good night casted beauty" he whispered as he was leaving.


The phone woke Kelly up and at first, she had trouble following Jeffrey's joyful tone. "Hey Kelly, sorry to call you so early, but one of my friends just phone to ask me if I wanted to borrow his yatch for the day. He was supposed to come down from L.A., but something came up. So what do you say ?".

Kelly rubbed the sleep from her eyes and told Jeffrey that it would be fantastic. "I'll be there in ten minutes. Don¹t bother with breakfast, we'll buy something on the way and eat it on the boat" Jeffrey offered.

The day was perfect with a temperature in the low 80's. The sun was shining and Kelly felt like she was on top of the world, even with a broken ankle. Jeffrey was taken good care of her and she certainly enjoyed his company. Jeffrey stopped at McDonald's and bought muffins, brown potatoes and orange juice. They arrived at the pier shortly before nine and everything was quiet. Jeffrey helped Kelly get on the boat and brought a chair for her to sit on. She propped up her casted foot on Jeffrey¹s thigh. They ate the food in a hurry and then Jeffrey started the engine. They moved around for about two hours until they came to a stop in the middle of the water. Jeffrey went back to the rear of the boat and sat with Kelly.

"Are you having a good time ?".

"Yeah, this is fantastic Jeffrey. You know, you make one hell of a slave" she said smiling. She saw the young man blushed. "I need to think of some kind of reward for all you are doing" she added mysteriously. She took on the incredible view and wished she could stay here forever.

"Ooo! I have an itch on my toes... I have an itch..." Kelly suddenly said. Jeffrey gently scratched her toes. "How¹s that ?".

Kelly noticed the bulge under Jeffrey¹s suit. "Much better, thanks".

Jeffrey rubbed her toes and instep softly. Her skin was so soft and warm.

"Mmmm, that feels real good" Kelly told him as he kept on caressing her casted toes.

"You have the most beautiful toes, did you know that Kelly?".

"Mmmmm, if you say so. Do you like these ones also ?".

Kelly slipped her right foot out of her sandal and began rubbing Jeffrey¹s crotch with them. The man was as hard as a rock. He took the foot Kelly
was offering him and began massaging it. He worked on her heel, high arch and instep before finally turning his attention to her five toes.
Jeffrey was on cloud nine, spending all his time with a beautiful casted woman. He didn¹t know things were about to get better...

He dropped Kelly off around five. He offered to cook her dinner, but she said she was tired from her day in the sun and that she wanted to take a
nap first. They agreed she would call when she was ready to eat. The phone rang at Jeffrey¹s house at about seven. It was Kelly.

"I'm hungry now. Can you come over ?".

"I'm on my way". When Jeffrey reached Kelly¹s place, he found the whole house in the dark. He knocked softly and heard Kelly asking him to come in.

"Hey Kelly, how come..." he froze. Kelly had turned on the light beside the couch and she was lying there in the nude, wearing only her cast.

"Kelly, what¹s going on ?".

"I told you I was hungry remember ? I just didn¹t bother to tell you for what... Don¹t look so shock, we both knew from day one this would be happening".

Jeffrey took Kelly in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He layed her down gently on the bed and before going any further, he slipped a pillow under her casted foot. He bent over and softly kissed the tip of her toes. With one finger, he strocked her instep lightly, enjoying the feel of her cast all around her pretty foot. Then he went for the kill... He bent over once again and gently sucked on her big toe while rubbing her cast with both hands. He sucked each toe and licked them with passion. For the finish, he put her five toes in his mouth and let his tongue do the work. Kelly was moaning in pleasure. He kissed her wet toes, her cast, her knee, her thigh then sitting on top of her, he found her secret garden. He tasted her and went wild with desire. His hands were caressing her thrusting hips, enjoying her smooth skin. He kissed her flat stomach and sucked her hard nipples. Their mouths finally found each other and they kissed hungrily. That night, Jeffrey made love like
he never had before, unleashing all the passion he felt for Kelly since the day he met her. He knew deep down that he really liked her, and that the cast she was wearing had nothing to do with it. Well, almost nothing... Thinking back to the first time he saw her crutching with her leg in a cast, he came so hard his head spinned. Kelly yelled his name and they were both left panting.

Jeffrey rolled back on his side of the bed and looked at Kelly. She was smiling...

"Wow, that was..." she began.

"Yeah, that was..." he said. He kissed her lips tenderly and stroked her shoulder.

"What now ?" he asked.

"A bath..." she said. Jeffrey smiled widened. He got up and went into the bathroom to draw his girl a bath.


Once the bubble bath was ready, Jeffrey came back in the room and stood in the doorway.

"Your bath is waiting madam" he said.

"Can you help me? My crutches are still in the living room".

Jeffrey carried her into the other room and slowly lowered her into the warm water. He propped up her cast on the side of the bath.

"Won't you join me?". She didn't have to ask twice and as soon as he sat into the bath, Kelly placed her cast on his broad shoulder. "I hope you don't mind holding my broken ankle" she said in a whisper.

"Not at all" Jeffrey replied while rubbing her cast, then her toes.

"This one also need some TLC" Kelly told him, raising her right foot from the water. Jeffrey cupped a hand under her soft heel and kissed her dripping foot. They got out of the bathtub an hour later and Jeffrey carried Kelly back to her bed. It was almost past midnight, but neither of them seemed tired.

"So what do you want to do tomorrow ?" Kelly asked.

"I'd like to take you to a fancy restaurant, if it's all right with you" Jeffrey offered.

"«Mmmm, you have my vote" Kelly answered, caressing Jeffrey¹s arm.

"Can I ask you one favor?" he asked, turning to face her.

"Sure. What is it ?".

"Well, you know how I just love to see you walk on crutches, but I was wondering if you could...well... leave them here tomorrow night when we go out".

"I don¹t understand..." she replied.

"Again, I love seeing you on crutches Kelly, but there is also something to be said about helping a beautiful woman to walk. I'd like to feel your body close to mine and know that without me, you wouldn't be able to take one step".

Kelly thought about it for a second, then smiled at Jeffrey. "I see your point. Yeah, that could be fun".

Jeffrey didn't bother to go home that night. They both fell asleep in each other's arms, thinking about their next date.

Jeffrey and Kelly spent the day in LA, visiting Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard and went up the Hollywoods Hills to take a closer look at the famous Hollywood sign. They drove around Beverly Hills and Kelly made Jeffrey promise he would take her back to Rodeo Drive. Before leaving, Jeffrey had made reservation at a La Jolla restaurant. Jeffrey dropped Kelly at her house and went home to change.

"Wow, you look absolutely fantastic" Jeffrey said as he walked inside Kelly's house an hour later. She was wearing a sexy black dress and a high heel on her good foot.

She laughed. "I know it won't be easy hopping in this, but I think it will be sexier..." she said, showing him her black pump.

He helped her up and put his arm around her waist. Kelly draped her right arm around Jeffrey's shoulders and placed her left hand in his right. They slowly made their way to the car, Kelly leaning heavily on Jeffrey. She kept her casted foot extended in front of her, knowing too well the effect it had on her date. Jeffrey couldn't take his eyes off Kelly's casted toes. He loved seeing her hop, her cast barely grazing the cool green grass.

At the restaurant, the maître de glanced at Kelly¹s cast and gave her a warm smile. He showed them to their table. Kelly attracted several stares both from men and women. Jeffrey helped her sit down and slipping a hand under her cast, he propped up her foot on an extra chair. His fingers lingered a bit on her toes. "Comfortable?".

"Yes, very".

They ate the best sea food in San Diego and drank champagne to celebrate their meeting. After dinner, couples started to dance and Kelly eyed them with envy.

"Would you like to dance ?" Jeffrey asked her.

"Yeah, but...".

"No buts... Your slave is here to serve". Jeffrey took Kelly in his arms and carried her to the dance floor. He moved to the slow rythm of I love you just the way you are by Billy Joel. Jeffrey was careful not to bump into another couple and hurt Kelly¹s exposed toes. People were looking at them with a big smile on their face and two women even told Kelly she was lucky to have such an attentive boyfriend.

Once the dance was over, Jeffrey took care of the bill and told Kelly it was time to go. "Don't be a party pooper! I want to go for a stroll" Kelly told him.

"Won't you get tired?" You left your crutches at home remember?"

"I remember, but you told me you'd support me, so now's your chance to show me how much you love helping me walk...".

Jeffrey couldn't say no to her. He took her by the waist and Kelly hopped her way out of the restaurant. They took a short walk near the ocean, often stopping to give Kelly a chance to rest. They were sitting on a wooden bench when she asked him about his cast interest.

"So, what's your story? How long have you been attracted to ladies wearing leg cast?".

"Since I was eight years old. I didn't care about girls much in those days, I prefered my GI Joe. Then one morning, our teacher told us that Kathleen Stevens, one of my schoolmates, had broken her ankle over the week-end. She explained that when she¹d be back in class, she'd be in a cast and walking on crutches. Like any boy my age, I was a bit intrigued by this news, but nothing out of the ordinary. Everything changed when Kathleen showed up two days later. My heart began to race when I saw her standing in the doorway, leaning on her wooden crutches, her right foot encased in a pure white plaster cast. Her small toes were peeking at the end of the cast and I felt suddenly very weak... She sat two rows in front of me and for six weeks, I could do nothing but stare at her toes. This is where it all began...".

"Cute story... But what about older women ? Ever been with another woman with a leg cast ?"

"Nope, you are the one and only my dear. Of course, I had some memorable sightings, but nothing more».

"Tell me about your most memorable sighting" Kelly said, wiggling her toes.

Jeffrey paused for a moment. "It was last year. I was eating in a café downtown when I spotted this tall brunette getting out of a car. She retreived a pair of crutches from the back seat and then stood on the sidewalk waiting for her boyfriend. Her casted foot was resting on her high heel and she kept wiggling her toes. She caught me starring at her and she took a step on her crutches, grazing the ground with the tip of her big toe. She had an incredible smile... Her boyfriend then joined her and she crutched away, wiggling her toes. I guess she knew I was still looking at her".

Kelly told him that she was tired and that she wished to go home. He guided her to his car and they drove off in the night. Inside her house, Kelly confessed to Jeffrey that she wasn't tired at all. She just wanted to lure him so they could make love. He carried her to the bedroom and satisfied her in more ways than one...


Jeffrey was sunbathing in his backyard when he heard the familiar clicking sound of Kelly's crutches. He opened his eyes to find his beautiful girlfriend standing next to his chair.

"Hi Kelly. So how¹s everything back home ?"

Ever since she broke her ankle, Kelly's mom had insisted she called her once in a while to make sure she was getting along fine.

"Everything's great. My mom says I'm lucky to have someone like you to care for me while I¹m casted. If she only knew..." she said with a wicked smile. Kelly took both her crutches in one hand, hopped a few steps and sat down in the extra chair. She propped up her casted foot on Jeffrey¹s thigh. The young man strocked her toes very gently.

"If she only knew I was a cast lover? That would freak her out for sure" Jeffrey replied.

"But that's what make you a great care taker baby..." Kelly said, wiggling her toes against Jeffrey's fingers.

"Robert called while you were on the phone and invited us to a BBQ at his house. Do you want to go?".

"Sure, that sounds like fun".

Jeffrey and Kelly headed for Robert¹s place around four. Since his house was only two blocks away, Kelly insisted on crutching. She was now a real pro on her crutches, like she had been born with them. Jeffrey still enjoyed very much seeing her hobble, her casted foot rocking back and forth.

"Hey guys, it's great to see you again !" Robert said as soon as they entered the backyard. He kissed Kelly on the cheek and guided her to a chair so she could prop up her foot.

"How¹s the ankle Kelly ?" Robert asked.

"Getting better, I assume. It¹s hard to say with that hard cast. I'm not feeling anymore pain though" Kelly answered. Jeffrey brought her a beer and they sat together for a while watching people taking in the sun or swimming in the big pool. A tall brunette spotted Jeffrey and walked toward him.

"Hey Jeff, it's been a while... Where were you hiding handsome?" she asked him, not even looking at Kelly.

"I¹ve been helping my friend Kelly here. She broke her ankle on her first day in San Diego. I just couldn't leave her alone" Jeffrey replied, visibly annoyed by Janet's presence.

The woman glanced in Kelly's direction and she stared at the cast for a few seconds.

"Nice toes... I bet Jeffrey had a taste of them already" Janet said.

"Now that¹s enoough Janet. Why don¹t you leave us alone" Jeffrey told her. She shrugged and turned around.

"What was that all about ?" Kelly wanted to know.

"Nothing, don¹t even waste your breathe asking about her. She's trouble...".

"Well, she certainly was right about you tasting my toes... Have you ever sucked on her toes ?".

Jeffrey blushed and nodded yes. "But it seems like a long time ago Kelly. A long time..." he said, looking at her.

Despite Janet¹s remarks, Kelly and Jeffrey had a ball at Robert's. They came home around midnight and sat on the porch before going inside for the night.

"I can't believe you're leaving in two days. Time sure flew by quickly" Jeffrey told the young woman.

"I didn't want to say before now, but... I canceled my flight this afternoon. I'm staying here with you at least until my ankle heals" announced Kelly.

"Baby, that's wonderful ! But I don't understand, I thought you had to go back to work".

"I talked to Stacey, my boss and she told me to take more time. She said she broke her ankle six years ago and knows what a hassle it can be going to work in a cast and on crutches. And once I get back, I plan on asking to be relocated in San Diego. Would you like that ?".

Jeffrey strocked her cheek and bent over to kiss her tenderly on the lips. "Nothing could make me more happy Kelly" he whispered.

Kelly spent another three weeks in southern California with her new boyfriend. Jeffrey took her to a Padres game, to the zoo and to a beauty parlor on Rodeo Drive for a new pedicure.

The night before her appointment at the hospital, to have her cast taken off, Kelly and Jeffrey made love passionately. After it was over, Jeffrey stroked his girl¹s cast and kissed her toes.

"Do you think you¹ll miss it?" Jeffrey asked.

"I¹ll miss the way it makes you feel..." Kelly replied.

"You know, I'm willing to bet you¹ll still be very sexy without it" he answered, still rubbing her cast with his hand. They kept talking until the wee hours of the morning before falling asleep in each other's arms. The next morning, they got up at eleven, ate a light breakfast and headed up to the hospital.

They waited for twenty minutes before seeing a doctor who then removed Kelly's cast. After a quick exam, he sent her to radiology for x-rays. Fifteen minutes later, she was back in the exam room.

"Well, it looks like your ankle has healed perfectly. Of course, that doesn't mean you can start running around. I advise you to keep the crutches for a day or two before bearing all your weight on that ankle. I¹ll show you some exercice you can do to regain the mobility and muscle tone in your lower leg and you should be good as new in a few weeks" the doctor said.

Kelly listened carefully as he explained the exercice to her. Once he was done, Kelly did something she hadn't done in six weeks: put a shoe on her left foot. She grabbed her crutches and hobbled out of the doctor's office, with Jeffrey in tow.

"I can't wait to go home. Look at my leg! It is so hairy and the skin is so dry, it needs some TLC" Kelly told Jeffrey. At her house, Jeffrey shaved her leg and washed it with warm water. He rubbed lotion all over her calf, ankle, foot and toes and then kissed the top of her foot. The day after, Kelly started to put some weight on her ankle, still leaning on her crutches. Her ankle was stiff and it pained her to walk on it. But with exercice and Jeffrey's daily massage, she only showed a slight limp when came the time to get back home. Jeffrey took her to the airport and Kelly cried when she heard her flight being called.

"We'll be together really soon, I promise" she said to Jeffrey, kissing him tenderly. She waved good-bye as she stepped into the plane and even though it was a gorgeous day in San Diego, it felt to Jeffrey as if the sun had suddenly set on his heart when Kelly disappeared from his view. For three months, they exchanged emails and phone calls. One day, Jeffrey finally got some good news: Kelly had been transfered to San Diego. The day of her arrival, he waited anxiously by the gate at the airport for his beautiful girlfriend. He finally spotted her... hobbling on crutches and wearing a hot pink long leg cast ! What was going on ?
Kelly never told him she had been injured. His heart went out to her but at the same time, he was aroused by the sight of her lovely toes sticking out of the cast. Not to mention the way the cast was shaping her perfect right leg.

Kelly saw him and quickly crutched towards him. "Oh God, Jeffrey, it's so good to see you again» Kelly said, hugging him. "Baby what happened? Why didn¹t you tell me you were hurt ?" Jeffrey asked her.

Kelly smiled at him. "Who said anything about hurt ? I wanted to surprise you so I went online and took a little arrangement with a caster. You must know him from the net, his name is Evan..." Kelly said

"EJcast ? You're kidding !".

"Nope. Turns out he was in town visiting some friends and he offered to put my leg in a cast just for you... He's a real nice guy Jeffrey and I think he does great work, don't you think ?" Kelly said, showing off her new cast.

"That's a fine cast all right... Let me take you home now and see if we can find a way to ease the pain from your poor broken leg" Jeffrey said as he guided Kelly to his car.
"Can't wait to see what you have in mind sweetheart...".

- The End-

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