Karisma: Plaster and Paris

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CHAPTER 1 - Probation for Karisma

Karisma Bowden was just beginning her first afternoon in solitary confinement after being released from a week in the Prison Infirmary." She was reflecting back on the incident where one of the inmates had started a fight with her over some dirty laundry in the laundry room of the Stare Prison for Women." The woman had shoved Karisma against a wall." Karisma shoved a laundry cart against her before throwing a box of soap at her." In return, the woman had thrown a table against Karisma's right leg shattering both bones halfway between her ankle and her knee.

"Hey Bowden, get up, the Warden wants to see you now!"

With the sound of the guard unlocking the cell door, Karisma felt her heart beginning to beat rapidly." She had been in prison long enough that she wasn't easily intimidated, but she knew it wasn't a good sign when the Warden was taking her from her cell in solitary confinement." She knew it was going to have something more to do with her fight, but she thought she had already been assigned enough punishment with sixty days to due in solitary confinement." She had to leave all of her meager possessions behind and spend her days in solitary with no one to talk to and nothing to do other than read the Bible.

She sat up, placed her hands around the knee of the cast securing her right leg from her toes to her hip in plaster." She swung her leg around so the rubber walking pad on the bottom of her foot touched the floor." She started to stand with her weight on her leg, but a pain shooting up her leg like a shot from a rifle quickly caused her to sit back down and reach for her crutches.

The guard pushed a wheelchair up to the door of her cell and said, "Leave your crutches here." Just hop over and sit in this chair."

Once Karisma was seated, the guard placed a handcuff around her right wrist and to the arm of the wheelchair while saying, "You know, if you could walk on that cast I would be placing you in the belly chain with your wrists fastened to it."

Karisma looked at the guard and said, "Yes, I have learned in my years in here what the rules are."

When the guard and Karisma arrived at the Warden's office, another guard took charge of Karisma and told the first guard she could leave." After Karisma sat silently for about fifteen minutes in the outer office, the phone rang." The guard answered, then she opened the door to the Warden's office and pushed her inside." The Warden told the guard that she could leave and shut the door behind her.

Karisma took a quick survey of the room." The Warden was standing in front of her desk while a man that Karisma recognized was just rising from a chair near by." Karisma reacted in an agitated voice before the Warden or the man could speak."

"Jake Johnson, you no good son of a bitch, what in hell" hey Warden, let me out of here," she attempted to stand but a combination of her casted leg and her right wrist being handcuffed to the wheelchair prevented her from moving.

The Warden started to respond but Jake lifted his hand while saying, "Well Karisma, it is nice to see you also."

"What do you want J J, you son of a bitch?" You put me in here and now you come to see me after three long years." What do you" I have nothing to say to you." Then she turned to the Warden, "Please ma-am, can I go back to my cell?"

"Miss Bowden, I think you should hear what Mister Johnson has to say."

"Why?" He can't do anything for me in here." He is responsible for me being here." I have another two years to do and I just want to be left alone to do my time in peace."

"Karisma, Do you realize that it will be the summer of 1967 before you get out of here, uh, that is unless you want to listen to me."

"Yeah, Jake," she responded with a voice sharp enough to cut stone, "Yeah J J, I know how long I have to do and it is all your fault."

"No, Karisma, I think you have it all wrong." I mean, castrating a guy"

"Yeah, and I would do it again." I mean, the bastard assaulted me and"

"But Karisma, you were a police officer." You knew better and"

"Bull shit Jake!" He assaulted me, didn't you get that!" The Bastard assaulted me, and you with your holier than thou attitude prosecuted me for just taking him to justice."

"But Karisma, you knew what the law was"

She interrupted, "Law my ass, you knew that there wasn't any witness but me and that he had used a condom." You knew that the chances of him being convicted were almost non existent."

"But Karisma, the law"

"Bull shit Jake, you knew me." You knew that I wasn't going to let a assaulter walk the streets." Look at it like this, how many other women do you think I saved from being assaulted by him?" Huh Jake, how many?"

'sorry Karisma, but you know that I was just doing my duty."

"Yeah J J, and you can say that I was just doing my duty" to take a assaulter off the streets."

The Warden cleared her throat." She raised her hands while saying, "All right folks, we aren't getting anywhere here." Both of you think you are right, and frankly, I can understand both points, but laying blame isn't why we are here." Then she turned to Karisma, "Listen Bowden, Mister Johnson has a reason for being here and you need to listen to him."

Karisma looked at Jake." She said with a soft voice while looking at him with daggers dancing in her eyes, "OK J J, just why have you come to see me?"

"Well, Karisma, we, uh, I, uh, well I need your help." You remember the case you were working on when you were arrested?"

"J J, I was working on several cases." What one are you talking about?"

"Edward Hawk." Remember him?"

"Yep, I remember." He was into gambling. "I was about to nail him when you had me arrested."

"Well, we still haven't got him, but apparently he remembers you also." The word on the street is that he wants to meet you." I guess that since you are now a felon he thinks he can get you to join him in his latest activities."

"How could he think that I would be a help to him?" Karisma responded with a questioning frown on her beautiful face.

"From the street, I think he believes that he could find out who had been talking with you about him." I think he must feel like your loyalty would be to him just to spite me."

"Well, J J, just what makes you think that he wouldn't be right?" I mean, why should I be loyal to you after what you did to me?"

"I think the answer is very simple." I have something you want," Jake answered with a smirk that made Karisma want to stand up and slap his face.

"Oh, and just what do you have that I want?" she said with fire in her breath.

"Your freedom Karisma, your freedom!"

Karisma sat in silence for nearly a minute before she continued while pointing her finger and shaking it at Jake."No, no Jake, you aren't going to offer me my freedom after putting me in here."

Jake looked toward the Warden, then back toward Karisma." A smile crossed his face."Actually Karisma, it has already been taken care of, isn't that correct Warden?"

The Warden stepped forward." She looked down at Karisma seated in her wheelchair." Then she looked at Jake before looking back to Karisma."Bowden, although it has been against my advice, you met the Parole Board last week."

Karisma raised her left hand while saying, "Hey, wait a minute." I was in the infirmary last week." Then she lowered her left arm and placed her hand on the knee of her plaster cast."Don't you remember, I had this fight and that woman broke my leg?" See, I have this cast on it from my toes to my hip."

The Warden continued."Bowden, like I was saying, you met the Parole Board last week and you were placed on parole."

"Oh really!" I don't believe you, Warden"," Karisma responded."

Jake stepped into the conversation."Listen Bowden, it is time for you to shut up and get over your line of bull shit." The Warden and I are trying to help you, but you just don't get it."

The Warden stepped back into the conversation."Bowden, like I was saying, giving you a parole was totally against my wish, but" and she turned to Jake, "Mister Johnson came to the Parole Board with a compelling story of how he needed your help in dealing with this Mister Hawk." Apparently Hawk has branched out from gambling to prostitution and Mister Johnson convinced the Parole Board that your knowledge about Hawk's previous activities would help in gathering the evidence necessary to prosecute Hawk."

"Wow, that is quite a story, but just why, Jake, did you go to the Parole Board for me?" Is your conscience getting to you, or"?"

"No Bowden, I am not living in the past like you." Eddie Hawk is a bad guy and I think you can help to bring him down."

'so Jake, what do I have to do?" Surely you aren't going to just let me walk out of here and hope that I do what you want me to do?" Karisma asked while wondering what Jake's real motivation was.

"You are right Karisma, I"m not going to just let you walk away from here and hope that you are going to do what I want." Remember, the Warden told you about the Parole Board meeting while you were in the infirmary." Well, the Board met in secret." Only the Board, the Warden and I know that you have been paroled." If you don't work with me, well" Jake looked at the Warden and back toward Karisma."Well, Bowden, I"m afraid that our memories are very short."

'so, if I understand what you are telling me J J, if I don't cooperate, well, I may find that I have been branded as an escapee?" Is that right, J J?"

"You got it Bowden." Now do I have your cooperation?"

Karisma looked down at her toes sticking out of her cast." Then she looked back up at Jake."You no good blackmailing son of a bitch!"

"Maybe Karisma, but do we have a deal, or do you want to spend the rest of your prison sentence in solitary confinement?" I mean, the Warden has told me that she can no longer trust you to not be violent around other prisoners."

Karisma looked back to her toes, then to the Warden and back to Jake." She said, "Yes, you bastard, but not because I want to help you."

"Great Karisma, because your personnel possessions have already been placed in my car, and I am ready to wheel you out of here right now."

Karisma lifted her right arm to the end of her handcuff. "How about this?" Can you take this off now?"

Jake responded with a smile, "No Karisma, not until I get you to my car."

CHAPTER 2 - A New Home

Karisma remained silent for several minutes after Jake drove her out the gate of the State Prison for Women." Finally she said, "All Right J J, just what is going on?" I mean, you are taking me away while telling me that it is a big secret, but that Eddie Hawk wants to meet me." Just how is that going to happen?"

"Karisma, I guess I have to admit that we lied to you back there." It is true that the word on the street has Hawk talking about you, but there is no way that we can pass you off as just showing up without an explanation of how you got out of prison."

'so Jake, what are you going to do, just drive up to his place and open the car door and Push out?"

"No, we are going to set you up in an apartment"

"Oh great, an apartment?" Just how do you intend to explain how I will be paying for it?" What are you going to do, put the word on the street that I am an informant for you?"

"No Karisma, the plan is to let the street hear that you had a little money left from before you went to prison." It would be enough to get you by for a few weeks, but you will be needing a job shortly."

"Great, J J!" Have you forgotten this?" Karisma said with a louder voice than was necessary while knocking on the knee of her casted right leg with her knuckles.

"Well, I have to admit that the cast has put a slightly different spin on the plan."

"A different spin?" Just what had you planned for me to get into?"

"Well, if you remember, Eddie owns the Bachelor's Club." He has turned it into a sleazy hangout for men and prostitutes." He has put in a stage show, you know, girl dancers, and, uh, well, we were planning for you to get a job in the show."

"Oh, so I was just going to walk in, introduce myself to Eddie again, and say, I hear you are looking for a girl dancer?" Is that what your plan was?"

Jake wiped nervous sweat from his brow."Uh, yes Karisma, that was kind of what the plan was."

"Wow man, you were really thinking with that plan." By the way J J, you keep using the word we." Who in hell is we?"

"Uh, like I explained, your release isn't a secret." We, uh, the prosecutors office, well, we have been working on a plan for a while." We have a guy, Jason, uh, he is a bartender at the Bachelor's Club." He is willing to help you meet Eddie." After that, it will be pretty much up to you to work yourself into Hawk's ring of trust."

"Jason, huh!" What do you have on that poor bastard that causes him to want to help me?"

"Well, he was arrested a few months ago for trying to shake down an old man." It was a con game where he tried to convince the old fellow to withdraw his life savings from the bank and give it to him to buy gold bars." His only problem was, the old man smelled a rat and got the police involved."

'so, he is a liar and a con man. "Why should I trust my life to him?"

"Well, basically, because a part of the agreement Jason made with us included the fact that we would put the word out that he was an informant if he screwed up."

"Oh, so if he screws up, you tell Eddie and Eddie wipes Jason out." Is that the plan?"

"Well, yes"

Karisma interrupted."Just why do you think he wouldn't do the same thing to me if he found out that I was working for you?"

"Karisma, I am sure that Hawk would wipe you out in a heartbeat, if he found out, so, obviously, you have to be careful."

"No shit J J!" Now that you have explained that I could be killed in the blink of an eye, just what are you wanting me to get or do, that is so important that it is worth my life, and that only I can do?"

"We think he has connections with some who is willing to assinate someone in the Prosecutor's Office."

'so you think Eddie Hawk wants to kill someone, you I guess, and little old me, a girl with a broken leg, can find out something that no one else can?"

"Uh, yes, that's right." From what the street is telling us, Hawk has always respected your policing skills and, well, he has been heard to say that when you got out of prison he would like for you to work for him."

"Why would he think that I was trustworthy?"

"I hear that it is because you hate me and the system for putting you in prison." Hawk believes that your hate is so deep that you are willing to turn your back on the law and serve him."

"Oh J J, that sounds like so much bull shit."

"Well, actually, I think he thinks you are so hot that he is willing to trust you just so he can, uh, shall I say, get to know you better."

'so, he wants to screw me in bed, and you are willing to help him!" Is that it Jake?"

"Gosh Karisma, I didn't say it like that." In fact, knowing what you have done, I can't think that Hawk would want to press the issue with you, I mean"

"Yes J J, I get your point." You think I would de-ball him also if he tried that, well you have that right."

After a few minutes of silence Karisma asked, "Aren't we about to this wonderful apartment you have for me?"

"We"re about there," Jake answered while hoping that her question indicated a change in subject.

A couple of minutes later, he turned into a driveway leading to a group of buildings containing apartments. Each two story building was faced with tan brick." The area around the buildings was clean and neatly landscaped. Karisma said with a caustic voice, "J J, I am really surprised that you found a place that looks more or less respectable."

"Well, they are only a couple of years old." Just wait until you see it inside," he responded with a feeling of apprehension.

Jake parked next to a small, red car." Karisma pointed toward it and asked, "What kind of car is that?"

"A 1965 Ford Mustang." They started making them after you went to prison." Do you like it?"

"Yes, it is pretty," she responded with an enthusiastic voice.

"Good, because it is yours to drive," Jake informed her.

"Gosh Jake, I think I am beginning to like", oh god, I can't say that," she said with a giggle.

"Beginning to like what, Karisma?"

"I was going to say that I was starting to like you, but I don't think I can say that." After all, the fact that you have set me up with Eddie is a perfect reason why I should hate you."

"Heaven forbid, if you started to like me." Why not just say that you are starting to like the apartment I have set up for you."

"Good enough."

Jake walked around to the right side of the car." He opened Karisma's door." She reached down, placed her hands around her casted right leg just above her knee." As she lifted her cast, Jake bent down, placed his hands around the plaster encasing her ankle. He helped her lift her stiff leg and swing it out of the car." While he was guiding her casted foot to the pavement, Karisma moved her left leg around and through the door." Once her left foot was on the pavement, she extended her hands to Jake's." He helped her stand on her left foot before he handed her the crutches.

While placing her crutches under her arms she said, "I guess it has been a long time since you have seen a woman with that much hair on her leg." They weren't real generous with razorblades up there."

Jake pointed toward the door to Karisma's apartment." He watched her walking toward the door while he followed behind carrying her small box of prison possessions." He was fascinated by how wonderfully sensual her slender body was caressed in the prison dress that extended from her neck to just below her knees." Even though her left leg was covered with hair, he could still recognize its gorgeous shape." It wasn't long before he was telling himself that her right leg had to be just as shapely inside the plaster prison.

When Jake opened the door and allowed Karisma to step inside she was overwhelmed. Her eyes swept from one side of the room to the other and back while trying to absorb the beautiful room with a carpet and furniture that complemented the refreshing light green walls."It's beautiful Jake," she said with glee in her voice."God, to think that just a couple of hours ago I was facing sixty days in a little dark cell all by myself with nothing to do, and now look at this."

She took a few steps on her crutches to where she could see the kitchen area with wood cabinets." Walking across the room, Karisma entered the bedroom with light blue walls, white furniture and an adjoining bathroom." Her eyes quickly spotted a large white bathtub."God, J J, I can't hardly wait to take a bubble bath."

Jake placed her box of things on a small chest of drawers before stepping to a closet." He opened the door and said, "Karisma, look in here." I hope you like what we have gotten for you."

Karisma stepped to the wall of skirts and blouses and dresses." She reached out and felt of a couple of items before saying, "J J, how did you do this?"

He smiled."Well, I had some help." A woman who works for me did the shopping." She will be by later to see if she can help you."

As soon as J J was gone, Karisma looked through the kitchen supplies and found a piece of plastic and some tape she could use to seal her cast in a water tight package before she took her long anticipated bubble bath."

She walked to the bathroom and removed her prison dress while wishing that she could burn it." After covering her cast, she eased herself into a tub of warm water filled with fragrant soap." Before she left the water she shaved her left leg from her ankle to her hip."

Karisma climbed from the tub of water and dried herself while asking herself if she had made the right deal with Jake or not." Although she was sure that she would dread the decision later, right now she couldn't be happier as she slipped her warm body into a pair of silk panties and a silk robe."

Before long, Karisma was sound asleep in her bed of silk sheets and fluffy pillows.

CHAPTER 3 - Krisma Meets Eddie Hawk

Karisma spent the next day lounging around in her new apartment while enjoying the first breath of freedom she had experienced in over three years." The morning of her second day of freedom she received a phone call. A muffled voice asked, "Is this Karisma?"

She answered, "Who is this?"

"Uh, Jason, I need to talk to Karisma."

Karisma could feel her heart jump into her throat." She was now going to have to fulfill her commitment to Jake."I"m her, what do you want?"

"Come to the Bachelor's Club at eight tonight." I will be tending bar." Come and see me, but don't bring any attention to yourself."

When she hung up the phone she could feel her knee becoming weak. She was glad she still had her crutches while she walked her trembling body back to the chair she had been sitting in." After a few minutes, she had regained control of her emotions." She asked herself, how, after spending so much time in prison, was she so shaken by the phone call? Finally she promised herself that she would never allow her emotions to get the best of her again.

That afternoon she took another bath before dressing." She went through her closet, trying on several outfits while remembering that she wasn't supposed to bring attention to herself." Finally, she found a cream color dress with elbow length sleeves." Although the body of the dress was formfitting, she hoped that it wouldn't place too much emphasis on her large breasts and narrow waist." The bottom of the full skirt conservatively struck her left leg just below her knee." She dressed her freshly shaven left leg in a beige nylon stocking attached to a garter belt." She selected a light tan sandal with a two-inch heel to complete her wardrobe." She topped it off with a small pearl necklace with matching earrings.

Karisma combed her long blond locks down around her pretty face, which she lightly made up with eyeliner and lipstick." When she was finished she stood on her crutches in front of a mirror and asked herself if she had managed to dress in a way not to call too much attention to herself." She gave herself a silent answer, that she hoped so, but it was going to be hard to not be noticed when she walked into the Bachelor's Club on crutches with her entire right leg in the white plaster cast.

Karisma walked to her new Mustang, opened the driver's door and immediately found that there was a problem." The cast on her right leg would make it impossible for her to operate the car with her right foot, and the car had a consol in the center between the two front seats." After several seconds of reviewing her options, she decided to go to the right side of the car." She sat on the seat and slipped across to the driver's seat while leaving her casted leg awkwardly resting over the consol and passenger seat." Although it wasn't a perfect solution, she was able to operate the car with her left foot.

Karisma pulled into the valet parking area in front of the Bachelor's Club." When the valet stepped to the driver's side of her car, she rolled the window down, turned and looked at him with a sheepish grin."Uh, I guess I need some help getting out of here." I have a cast on my leg and can't just turn around and step out of the car."

The valet opened the door."Ma-am, what can I do?"

Karisma said, "Well, just make sure that I don't fall out of the car as I slip off the seat and drag my cast over the consol."

Somehow she managed to extract herself from the car without falling down." The valet gave her the crutches before he took her car away." She felt her heart begin to beat rapidly as she took a few steps to the door of the club." A man opened it and stepped back for her to enter.

As soon as she stepped inside she was met by sounds of loud music and a subdued light that made it almost a hazard for her to make her way along the hallway on crutches." She got to the entrance to a large room filled with small, round tables mostly occupied with only two people." To her surprise, it didn't appear that anyone noticed her cast and crutches as she made her way to the bar."

At the far side of the room was a small stage with multi colored floodlights shining down on three women in skimpy bras and panties." All three women were wearing nylon stockings attached to garter belts and very tall high heels." They were kicking and dancing to the music.

As she approached the bar she saw a big man with longer hair than most men wore in 1965." He was busy mixing drinks at the other end of the bar when she walked to the bar and selected a chair." She managed to lift herself up to sit on the tall barstool and work her cast around so her leg wasn't in the way." She leaned her crutches against the bar before she realized that she was the only woman at the bar." She could feel her face becoming red while thinking that she may have managed to do just what Jason had warned her against, drawing attention to herself; however, everyone was so engaged in watching the dancers on stage, no one noticed her.

While she was trying to figure out how to gracefully remove herself from the bar, Jason walked over."May I get you a drink?"

"Uh, a gin and tonic," she answered while smiling.

When Jason returned with her drink he said with a soft voice, "Karisma Bowden?"

"Uh, yes." Jason?" She returned his question in an equally soft voice.

"Yes." Just sit here and finish your drink." I will be back in a minute."

Karisma watched Jason as he left the bar and disappeared in the dark shadows behind the bar." It must have been ten minutes before he returned." He leaned over and whispered, "Eddie will see you now." Just follow me."

Jason watched her slid down off of the stool and place her crutches under her arms before he realized that she was wearing a cast on her leg."I didn't know you were on crutches," he said while stating the obvious." As she walked around the end of the bar he continued, "Wow, a cast!" I bet Eddie will be surprised!" Jason's comment didn't mean anything to her at the time, but that was about to change."

Karisma made her way through a dark hallway, almost tripping several times while bumping her crutches into unseen objects." When they got to a wall in the back of the building, She was surprised." The wall and door she couldn't see were both painted black." Jason knocked on the door and said, "Boss, I have Miss Bowden with me."

'send her in," came a voice from the other side of the door." Jason opened the door and stepped back out of the way."

Karisma's eyes automatically squinted from the light shining through the door." She cautiously stepped through the door and stood still in silence while her eyes adjusted to the brighter light." She looked to the right, seeing a large overstuffed sofa and two matching chairs." As her eyes panned toward the other side of the room they passed a wall with several pictures of women's faces before traveling to her left." Standing in front of a large desk with a lamp in the center and a big chair behind it was a large man she recognized."Hello Eddie," she responded.

Hawk began to walk toward her while extending his right hand."Well hello Karisma, it is nice to see you again." I am happy to see that you accepted my invitation."

She balanced on her crutches while shaking his hand." Then he pointed toward the opposite end of the room."Please have a seat," he said while indicating that she should be seated in one of the chairs."

He watched her walk over on her crutches and back up to the chair." She removed her crutches and held them by her right hand while she placed her left hand on the arm of the chair." She lifted her casted leg as she was seated before resting the foot of her cast on the rubber walking pad." After she was seated, she laid the crutches on the floor before placing both hands around her cast at her knee." She moved her casted leg around to be more comfortable before Hawk seated himself in the other chair." He cleared his throat saying, "Gosh Karisma, what happened to your leg?"

"A fight while in prison."

"Oh, I guess I had heard something about that, but" Hawk swallowed the rest of his statement, so Karisma wasn't sure what he had said, but it was enough for her to wonder exactly how he had heard about it.

"You have heard about this?" she asked while knocking on the knee of her cast with her knuckles.

"Uh, yes, I had heard something about you having a fight up there, so I guess"

"Well then Eddie, what else have you heard about me and the prison?" she asked while wondering if he knew too much for her own good."

"I know that you have gone before the Parole Board a couple of times before you finally got out, and I also know that you have continually been expressing your anger, uh, hate, for Jake Johnson, the guy who put you in prison."

She took the opportunity to reinforce Eddie's statement."Yeah, that son of a bitch, I spent every waking minute of those three years thinking of how I would like to de-ball him just like I did that bastard who assaulted me."

Since Hawk didn't respond to her comment, she wasn't sure if she had overstated her thoughts." Finally Hawk replied, "Well, Karisma, that is why I have been anxiously awaiting your release." I hate that damn Johnson just as much as you do, and since you used to have connections in the police department, I was hoping that, well, uh, you might want to come to work for me."

"Gosh Eddie," she began with a false level of sincerity, "just what did you have in mind?" I mean, what do you think that I can do for you?"

"Uh, what, uh, I uh, well, Karisma, I was hoping that you could team up with me and we can get that bastard." Surely, he has some dirt that you know about that we can, well, uh,"

"Eddie, I agree with you", she extended her right hand while saying, "you have a deal." When do we start?"

CHAPTER 4 - What are Hawk's Motives

Karisma returned to her apartment after agreeing to work with Hawk." As soon as she got home, she removed her dress and went to bed." Although her body was ready for sleep, her mind wasn't." She began to remember back to the time when her life crashed down around her.

She and Greg Parker, her Police Officer partner, had been conducting a stakeout in a luxury hotel bar." In order to fit into the surroundings, she was wearing an expensive long sleeved blouse and knee length full skirt." The front of her blouse was buttoned low, allowing the cleavage of her large breasts to be visible." The length of her skirt allowed her long legs to be seen in nylon stockings." She finished off her ensemble with a pair of three inch high heeled pumps."

Their uneventful stakeout ended at about one o"clock in the morning." Greg drove her home." She didn't notice anything wrong when she entered her apartment." After kicking off her shoes she stepped into the bedroom." The guy they had been looking for during their stakeout immediately confronted her." He had been hiding behind the bedroom door.

Before she had turned on the bedroom light she felt a strong arm wrap around her small waist." At the same time she felt the point of a knife against her throat, while a foul smelling breath said in a low voice, "Don't scream or you are dead."

Karisma froze while trying to assess her situation." In the meantime, the guy pushed her so hard she fell face first on the bed with her knees on the floor." The guy immediately stepped forward, bent down over her and pressed the knife against the back of her neck."OK bitch, crawl up on the bed."

"Go to hell, you bastard," she responded with more hate than fear in her voice.

"Move, damn it," he said with a raised voice."

Karisma felt a sharp pain as the guy drew the sharp edge of the knife over the back of her neck." She quickly assessed her situation and decided, that, at least for the moment, she needed to comply."OK," she responded with a soft voice, while trying to be nonconfrontational."

When she was in the center of the bed, he flipped the back of her skirt up, exposing her nylon stocking covered legs." He bent down, took his sharp knife and cut the garters holding up the stocking on her right leg." He pulled the stocking down her leg and off of her foot." He jumped up on the bed, sat astraddle of her hips and told her to put her hands behind her back." He used her stocking to tie her hands together behind her back." Then he rolled her over on her back." He pulled a dirty handkerchief from his pocket and shoved it into her mouth." Then he removed her panties and assaulted her.

When he was finished, he laid his knife on the dresser, went to the living room and began ransacking her apartment, looking for money and jewelry." While he his attention was diverted, Karisma freed her hands and slid off her bed." She picked up the knife and cautiously slipped up behind him." She pushed him down on his belly in the middle of the living room floor." She quickly jumped astraddle of him, setting on his back." She reached down with her left hand and grabbed his testicles." One quick stroke with the knife resulted in her holding his bloody testicles in her left hand while he lay on the floor, screaming in agony.

As quickly as she had finished her bloody deed against her attacker, she called Greg."Hey partner," she said with a calm voice."You need to send an ambulance to my apartment."

"Why Karisma, did you hurt yourself?" he asked with an apprehensive voice.

"No partner, I have just been assaulted."

"Oh god," he responded, "I"m on the way."

"Good," she continued, "because my assaulter is lying in the middle of my living room floor and he is about to bleed to death."

"Why?" What happened?" Did you shoot him or"

Karisma interrupted with a calm voice, "No, I just cut his balls"

Karisma awakened herself with a scream." Her body was drenched in sweat. She had fallen asleep and was reliving the same dream she had experienced at least a hundred times before.

After a restless night, Karisma dressed herself in another skirt and blouse before leaving for work at the Bachelor's Club as she had agreed with Hawk." It was almost nine o"clock when she pulled her little red Mustang into the parking lot next to the Club." After extracting herself, she got on her crutches and made her way to the back entrance."

The lighting was subdued when she opened the door and stepped inside." She had taken a few steps around a corner when she saw a man who looked like he needed a bath." His shoulder length hair appeared dirty and uncombed." His face was covered with a weeklong beard." He was dressed in overalls that were dirty with holes in the knees and a well worn red checkered shirt." The man limped as he walked up to her." While standing face to face with her, all she could see was his shinning, bright blue, clear eyes looking into hers with a haunting penetration." He spoke with great difficulty."Hello, pretty girl." Your leg hurt?" he said with a questioning inflection." Then he reached down and touched his right leg."Leg hurt, Korea!"

Karisma wasn't sure how to respond." She stepped back from the man and said, "Oh, I"m sorry you hurt your leg," then she turned and walked away on her crutches while being unsure of who or what she had just encountered.

When she entered the room where she had previously met with Hawk, he greeted her with,"Hello Karisma, How are you this morning?"

She smiled, "Eddie, I"m doing just great, other than this," she responded while leaning on her crutches while lifting her casted foot." She took a deep breath while continuing, "It is so great to be free again." It will only get better when I get the cast off."

"And, when will that be?" he asked.

Karisma shook her head." She watched Hawk's face become flushed as she said,"Only god knows, Eddie." The prison doctor told me that it would be at least twelve weeks, maybe more, and I haven't seen a local doctor yet."

"Wow, I have to say that you are wearing the cast with grace," he responded.

"Well thank you Eddie," she said."I appreciate your comment, but I have to say that I don't feel very graceful with it."

He reacted, "Oh, on the contrary, I think it makes a very beautiful woman look even more beautiful."

Karisma could feel her face blushing."Perhaps Eddie, we should change the subject, after all, I though I was hired to help you get that Johnson bastard, and not to talk about my leg." Then she cleared her throat, "By the way Eddie, who, or what was that guy outside." You know, the old guy with the dirty clothes and needing a bath."

"Oh, you mean, Ted." He had a head wound in the War causing him to have the mental capability of a seven year old." I felt sorry for him so a few months ago I gave him a job." He is harmless." I let him sweep up and empty the trash." I even let him stay in an old storage room behind the office."

"Oh," she said with relief on her pretty face."I was afraid that he might be dangerous."

Hawk directed her to one of the overstuffed chairs before getting her a cup of coffee." After seating himself in the other chair he began."Karisma, I was hoping, since you had been in the police department, you might have heard something about Johnson." You know, is he stepping out on his wife, or has he bent the rules to help a client?" You know, has he got any skeletons in his closet that I can use to embarrass him in public."

"Eddie, embarrass him?" she reacted with sincere surprise."Eddie, here I thought you wanted me on board to help wipe him out." After all, I always thought that you hated him as much as I do, and frankly, what I did to my assaulter isn't good enough for Johnson."

"Good god Karisma, I knew you didn't like him, but are you sincere in your statement?"

Karisma knew she had just taken the first step down a road that could either trap Hawk, or herself." She could be on the verge of getting herself killed with her response."Well, Eddie, don't you feel the same way?"

'sure Karisma." I hate the bastard and would like to see him dead." I guess I was just a little surprised at your response."

"Well Eddie, that is how I feel, but I have to keep my distance from him." I am sure that I would be their first suspect if something happened to Johnson."

"Yeah Karisma, I understand, but I hope that you can stay in the shadows and help me get him."

Karisma took a deep breath." She decided to test him some more. "You know Eddie, I don't quite understand why you think I can be such a help to you." After remaining silent for a few seconds she went on, "By the way Eddie, how do you plan to shield yourself from suspicion?"

"Well, I was hoping that you might be help me with that." You know, you can be my alibi and me, yours."

"Eddie, I am now a convicted felon." Do you really think that my word would have any impact on protecting you?" Just think of how it would be if I was your alibi, you know, since it is on the record that I hate Johnson." Hell Eddie, I would become the prime suspect regardless of who did it." With that thought she began to silently question herself if maybe she had just figured out what Hawk was really up to.

Hawk's face became flushed." He sat quietly for several seconds, then he looked at her with a distant stare." Finally he said, "Gosh Karisma, you are so beautiful."

Karisma was taken by total surprise." She had missed all the clues; after all, Jake had told her that the street said that Eddie had the "hots" for her." Finally she said, "Eddie, what has that got to do with what we were talking about? I mean, either you want my help in getting Johnson or you don't."

Hawk responded as if someone had just thrown cold water in his face."Oh Karisma, I am so sorry for that." I really do want, uh, need your help in getting that bastard." I want him dead, and I think you are just the one to help me make it happen."

"Well, OK Eddie, but just don't forget," she said with a wide smile while patting her purse, "I still have my sharp knife."

CHAPTER 5 - What's The Plan

For the next week Karisma and Hawk worked together on plans to terminate Johnson." Their relationship remained professional and focused upon their plans for Johnson, even though she was beginning to think that Hawk really didn't have an idea what he wanted to do." Although he never mentioned her beauty or broken leg again, she maintained a vigilance to ensure that none of his plans would place her in a situation that she couldn't recover from."

Three times she found Ted hanging around the door to the office when she stepped outside. He always fumbled with some trashcans or a mop while looking like he belonged where he was." Once, he was so obvious with his fumbling act that she walked over to him and asked, "Hey Ted, I have been noticing that you are always around when I step out of the office." Are you following me?"

Karisma didn't let it register at the time but his face became flushed as if he knew more than his wounds would have allowed." He responded, "Following?" No, hurt leg, Korea," then he turned and limped off.

After returning home from a day of what Karisma considered as a waist of time at the office with Hawk, she received a call from Jake."Karisma, what is happening?" I haven't heard from you, and, well, I was expecting you to keep me informed about Hawk's plans."

"Not a damn thing J J," she responded with frustration, even though they had been talking in general terms about how to take Johnson out, Hawk had not become specific. "That's what is happening, not a thing." Eddie hasn't done or said anything that would indicate a specific plan for you."

"Well, what did he tell you the first day?"

"Oh, he carried on about how much he knew that I hated you, and he also started telling me how pretty I was." He also asked some questions about my broken leg."

"Karisma, I think it is time that you begin to lean on him a little." Surely he didn't put the word on the street about wanting to see you just because he thinks you are pretty."

The next morning Karisma decided to start pushing Eddie." She felt her heart begin to race as she took a deep breath before saying, "Eddie, what's your plan?" I mean, I have been here for over a week and, well, the way you were talking the first day I came over, it sounded like you had already pretty much developed a plan for taking Johnson out." All you were waiting for was my release from prison so I could enjoy his demise along with you."

Eddie looked at her with a smile that she was beginning to hate. He leaned back in his chair and put his feet on his desk while Karisma leaned on her crutches." He stared into her big grey eyes before saying, "Damn Karisma, you are so beautiful with your cast."

She felt her face turn crimson."Damn it Eddie, I asked for your plans and you want to tell me how pretty I am." I want to know what your plan is for killing Johnson."

"You know, I think I am going to just have you walk up to him on the street and shoot him between the eyes." Then you can run like hell to the other side of the street."

"Eddie, that's the biggest piece of bull shit I have ever heard." Now what are you planning to do?"

"Oh Karisma, calm down," Eddie said while lifting his feet off the desk." He walked over to the wall of pictures of women's faces." He pointed to them while saying, "Aren't there some real beauties here?" I think I am going to get your picture taken and put it up here too." After a few seconds he walked over to one of the chairs and sat down while motioning for Karisma to take the other chair."Karisma, actually, I have asked a guy from out of town to drop by tomorrow afternoon." He will fill you in on what his plans are." In the meantime, I am hosting a cocktail party for the Mayor and his wife on Friday evening." I am going to have Megan, drop by in a few minutes." She will take you to M and L Fashions to select a nice evening dress for the party."

A few minutes later a tall woman about thirty five years old, with a statuette figure, long brunette hair and long legs entered the room." She was wearing a black, knee length dress, black nylon stockings and black three inch heels." She smiled while extending her hand to Karisma."Hello, I"m Megan, you must be Karisma."

Karisma extended her hand while agreeing."Yes, Eddie just told me that you were taking me shopping for a new dress for the Mayor's party on Friday evening."

After a few minutes with Eddie, Megan said to Karisma, "Well, I guess we shall be on our way." Then she turned back to Eddie, "Is there any particular style of dress you would like?"

"Just a long, formal dress." One that will highlight Karisma's pretty face and golden hair."

While they were driving to the store Karisma asked, "Well Megan, how long have you been working for Eddie?"

"Actually, just about a year." I started as one of his dancers, but a couple of months ago he decided that he needed a Girl Friday, and I was it." Then she turned to Karisma."What brings you here?" I mean, obviously, uh, you can't be one of his dancers, so"

"Oh, my connection to Eddie goes back several years," Karisma answered."

'strange that I haven't seen you before."

"Well, I have been away for the last three years." Kind of, out of circulation, you might say." I was in prison"

Megan's face became crimson, "Oh, I, uh, I didn't know."

Karisma wasn't sure if Megan's reaction had been from embarrassment over the question or if she suddenly became afraid." She completed her statement."I was in prison for castrating a guy who assaulted me."

Megan smiled as if she didn't know what else to do." She asked,'so, what brings you back here?"

"Eddie and I have a common acquaintance that neither of us like very well." I guess you could say that we would both like to see him have an accident."

"Gosh, lets change the subject," Megan suggested."Have you given it any thought about a dress?"

"I haven't. I"m not sure what kind of dress I can wear with this cast and crutches."

"Oh, I think we can figure something out." I had a cast while in high school." In fact I wore it to my Junior Prom." That was the night that I lost my" oh, well, you know," she turned to Karisma and smiled.

Karisma returned her smile without saying anything; however, she began to remember with a sparkle in her eye how she had also lost hers." She was the high school Homecoming Queen and he was the Captain of the football team." After the big parade with her sitting on the back of the rear seat of the convertible in her formal evening gown and him in his football uniform, he changed into his tux for the dance." He was so handsome and she was so sensual in her strapless gown, their teenaged hormones took over." They rented a motel room where they both explored the wonders of their firm, teenaged bodies."

Karisma could feel her inner fires begin to burn while recalling how she had slowly undressed him while her fingers had slowly moved over his strong shoulders and down his chest to his, well"his wonderful stimulator." She could still visualize how he had unzipped her strapless gown, letting it fall to the floor around her feet, revealing her long legs in nylon stockings attached to a garter belt." He had gently cupped her wonderfully large and firm breasts in his big soft hands before lifting her out of her dress and gently laying her on the bed." She could still feel the tingling, and shocking stimulation as he completed their union."

"Karisma, we"re here."

"Huh, what did you say?" Karisma reacted, causing her mind to quickly return from her sensual memories.

"Gosh Karisma, where have you been?"

Karisma giggled,"Oh, lets just say I was having a pleasant memory."

After parking the car, Megan got out and walked to Karisma's side of the car." Karisma got her casted leg out of the car, and Megan gave her the crutches." They were met by Betty when they entered the store.

"Hello, this is Karisma and I"m Megan. "Eddie Hawk sent us."

"Yes," Betty responded.'sissy will help you with selecting your dress."

Karisma was very surprised when Sissy stepped around the end of a rack of dresses." She was wearing a knee length skirt and blouse." Her right leg was in a nylon stocking and two inch heeled pump." Her left leg was in a plaster cast from her knee to her toes." A rubber walking pad had been molded into the cast under her foot." Karisma smiled." She made an involuntary statement, "Wow, look at you!"

Sissy looked down at her casted left leg and back to Karisma."Yes, I broke my ankle, but we had heard that you were wearing a leg cast so" she looked at Betty and back to Karisma, 'so, Betty though it would be fun to have me show you our collection of dresses."

"Why not?" Karisma responded."

Sissy led the way, with Karisma and Megan following to a rack of beautiful full length dresses."

While Sissy was showing Karisma several evening gowns she asked, 'so Sissy, how did you end up breaking your ankle?"

Sissy giggled, she said in a soft voice, "Well, I would like to say that I was skiing, but in reality, I stepped off a curb and broke my ankle." I have already been in a cast for six weeks, and I just got this new cast yesterday."

Karisma smiled, "I won't tell anyone if you don't."

After trying on several gowns, Karisma selected a dark blue, full length gown with a flowing skirt." The top was fitted with elbow length sleeves." The front of the gown was low cut, revealing her large breasts.

When they left the store, Karisma wished Sissy luck with her broken ankle.

On the way back to Hawk's, Karisma asked, "Well Megan, are you coming to the party for the Mayor?"

'sure." Jason is bringing me." You remember him, the bartender?"

"Oh yes, I think I recall him," Karisma responded while wanting to act like she was only slightly familiar with his name.

CHAPTER 6 - All She Wanted Was a New Shoe

The next afternoon Karisma patiently awaited the arrival of the man Hawk had told her was coming by to explain the plan for eliminating Johnson." She had almost given up and was ready to leave."

She was sitting in one of the overstuffed chairs looking at a magazine when a small, ruff looking character walked into Hawk's office without knocking." His demeanor was much more intimidating than his size." Hawk immediately walked over and shook his hand while saying, "Glad you could make it Arnold."

The man's eyes swept the room until they focused upon Karisma sitting quietly in the opposite end of the room." He walked over and said in a boastfully loud voice, "Well Hawk, who do we have here?"

Hawk took several quick steps, placing himself between Arnold and Karisma."Uh, Arnold, uh, this is Karisma, uh, the little lady I was telling you about."

"Oh yeah, she is the one that I"m supposed to"

Hawk stepped close to Arnold and interrupted his statement." Hawk said with a wink,"Yes, Arnold, this is the little lady that, you remember, she is the one who hates Johnson as much as I do."

"Uh, oh, uh, oh yes, now I remember." She is the one who wants me to wipe out this Johnson fella."

"Yes, wipe out Johnson."

"Well, Hawk, you didn't tell me how pretty this little lady is, or that she had a broken leg." By the way," he said while looking at Karisma, "how did you do that?"

She smiled, "A fight while in prison."

Arnold turned to Hawk, "Wow, this must be a real she-devil."

Karisma looked back at Arnold, "Only when I am mad." You can ask Hawk here why I was in prison, and I am not above doing it again."

"That's mighty tough talk coming from such a pretty little thing," Arnold said without focusing his comment toward either Hawk or Karisma.

After a few more minutes of Arnold talking tough, Hawk said, "Arnold, I think it is about time that you outlined your plan for eliminating Johnson."

"Well, what I am intending to do is make him think that I have some information that he can use." He looked at Hawk, then toward Karisma and back to Hawk." He continued, "I am going to become an informant."

'so far so good, Arnold, but how is that going to work." I mean, we need to get him somewhere by himself, and"

Arnold turned to Hawk." He responded in a loud, gruff voice, "Listen Hawk, damn it!" Are you going to try to tell me my business?" You have hired me to do a job and that is what I intend to do." Now, just shut up and let me do it." Once he was finished with his statement, he walked to the door, jerked it open and stepped through it." He slammed it so hard some of the pictures on the opposite wall fell off."

Karisma was red in the face when she looked at Hawk and said, "Wow, what in hell was that?"

Hawk responded, "I"m sorry." I didn't think he would react that way."

Karisma stood and put her crutches under her arms." She said, "Hell Hawk, I still don't know what the plan is." I"m going home." When you figure it out, let me know."

As she stepped out of Hawk's office she saw Ted fumbling with a trashcan next to the office door." As she looked at him, his penetrating blue eyes met her gray eyes."Bad guy, pretty lady," his eyes remained focused on hers for an extended period of time before he continued, "be careful," then he turned and limped off.

Karisma was so disgusted with what had gone on in Hawk's office, she took the next day off to do some shopping in the downtown stores." She put on a blouse and skirt with a garter belt and nylon stocking on her left leg. She put a two inch heeled sandal on her small foot before getting to her crutches and heading for her Mustang.

She drove downtown and parked in front of two department stores that she remembered shopping in before her trip to prison." She went shopping for a new dress, not because her closet was bare, but because she hadn't had the opportunity to shop for herself for over three years, which had been filled with nothing but gray prison uniforms."

After selecting a couple of dresses she decided to go next door to what had been her favorite shoe store." Even though she only had one foot that she could try new shoes on, she had always enjoyed shoe shopping, and who knew, maybe Mark, her favorite shoe salesman would still be working there." He was her favorite because he always showed her all the shoes she wanted, and he always showed her some sensual personal attention while he helped her try them on." She was even beginning to feel a little excited while just thinking about it.

When she entered the store on her crutches, she looked around for Mark but didn't see him." After a couple of minutes she walked up to another young man and asked, "Hello, uh, I was wondering, does Mark still work here?"

The man smiled as his eyes passed from Karisma's long, golden hair past her gray eyes, to her large breasts and narrow waist and on to her legs below the hip hugging, knee length skirt." As his eyes focused upon her legs in nylon and plaster he cleared his throat,"Well, actually Mark is off today, but maybe I can help you."

Karisma could feel disappointment register on her pretty face." She started to tell him that she would come back later but the he continued." He said with a very charming sound to his voice, "Uh, my name is Bob, and I would love to help you."

Karisma gave in.'sure, I think I would like to try on several pairs, uh, I mean," while lifting her cast covered right leg, "uh, I mean several shoes."

Bob reacted, "Right this way," while focusing upon her casted leg."Yes, I guess you"re right about the pair business."

Bob watched her walk on her crutches over and sit in one of the chairs toward the back of the store." Once she was seated, he took her crutches and laid them in a nearby chair." He pulled up one of the small footstools and placed it in front her casted leg." Then he bent down and placed his hands around her casted ankle." He lifted her leg and placed the foot of her cast on the stool so she could sit back in the chair without the cast cutting into the back of her leg.

Bob placed another footstool in front of her left foot, then he got a measuring device." He sat down and reached down for her left ankle in her nylon stocking." She lifted her leg, allowing him to gently remove her shoe." He massaged her small foot for several seconds while Karisma began to recall that Mark had done the same thing." Then he placed her foot on the device and measured, "A six narrow," he called out before gently lifting her foot off of the device." When he placed her foot back on the footstool he slowly drew his fingertips up and down her calf before asking, "What kind of shoes are you looking for?"

Karisma smiled, "Your choice Bob." What ever you think would look nice on my foot."

Bob returned with six shoeboxes." He sat down on the footstool in front of her left foot." He opened the first box and held up a red pump with a three inch heel." After showing her the shoe, he placed his right hand around her ankle and lifted her foot off the stool. While holding her foot up, he rubbed his left hand over the bottom of her foot while she felt the beginning of her inner fires taking hold." He slipped the shoe on her small foot before lifting her leg while saying, "Well, what do you think?"

She smiled."Lovely." You have made a wonderful choice." Bob repeated his seductive little process with the next four shoes while Karisma was beginning to remember what she had missed for the last three years locked in a prison cell where there were no men."

The last shoe was a boot with a zipper up the inside of her leg." After he slipped the boot on her small foot, he ran the zipper up her calf nearly to her knee." Then he lifted her foot while asking, "Do you like this boot?"

Karisma lifted her knee, bringing her foot closer while also lifting her skirt allowing Bob to see the top of her leg wrapped in the reinforced top of her stocking." Bob took advantage of the situation by placing his left hand on the inside of her knee and slowly moving it up her inner thigh." She looked into Bob's eyes and smiled." She whispered, "Bob, how would you like to take me to dinner?"

Bob removed the boot and lifted her foot while bending down." He placed a kiss on the tip of her big toe before saying with a twinkle in his eye, "I would be delighted to."

Two hours later Bob and Karisma were enjoying a candlelight dinner in the fanciest restaurant in town." Karisma asked Bob to let the heel of her cast rest on his chair between his legs while they ate." While sipping coffee after finishing their meal, Karisma asked, "Bob, my toes are itching." Would you please rub them?" As he rubbed her toes, she felt her body begin to convulse from his stimulation." She looked into Bob's eyes and said, "Bob, please take me home with you."

The next morning, while having breakfast with Bob, her mind drifted back to her night with him." She couldn't believe how much her cast had added to the moment, or was it just that she hadn't had love made to her in over three years." She wasn't sure, but she was ready to try it again and again while trying to decide how important her cast had been.

CHAPTER 7 - Memories

Karisma spent the day at home while getting ready for the Mayor's Party." Hawk had told her he would send a car by for her at seven o"clock.

" While taking a hot bath her mind drifted back to the night before that she had spent with Bob." Although it was now just a pleasant memory, she could still feel her body becoming aroused as her mind began to recall every detail of their encounter.

While eating dinner Karisma had debated with herself on what would be her next move." She had already allowed him to touch her stocking bathed leg and massage her casted toes." She kicked off her shoe and slowly began to work her stocking covered toes up the leg of his pants while staring into his eyes." She kept a slight smile on her pretty face while she could tell that Bob was enjoying her little excursion." She thought about telling him that she had been locked up for three years and wanted his company in bed, but she decided that she might scare him off, particularly, if she had to explain why she had been in prison." Finally she cleared her throat while her heart was beginning to race." She said, "Bob, it has been a long time since", uh, well Bob, just let me say, you have already had my leg, and, uh, you can have all of me if you wish."

Bob reached down and touched her casted toes."Karisma, I will be looking forward to having the rest of you." When would you like that?"

She responded with a silent sigh of relief." She reached out and took his hand in hers and said,"Oh, how about now?" I"m ready as soon as you are."

After their dinner, Bob insisted upon helping her into her little Mustang." When she walked to the right side of the car and sat on the edge of the seat, he placed his hands around her nylon and plaster covered ankles and lifted them as she slipped over the console between the front seats." He stood by and watched with a wide smile while she lifted her left leg, allowing him to see to the top of her stocking while she maneuvered her leg over and around so she could work the peddles with her left foot." She returned his smile with a wink while saying, "I hope you are enjoying what you saw."

"Just enough to peek my desires for you when we get to my apartment."

Karisma's heart was racing with anticipation as she followed Bob to his house." After parking his car, he went to her Mustang and helped her out of the car and onto her crutches." She followed him into his apartment. After offering her to be seated on the couch, he drew a drink for both of them."

Once Bob sat on the couch beside her, Karisma lifted her left leg and laid it in Bob's lap." Then, she placed her hands around the upper thigh of her plaster cast, lifted it and turned with it lying on his knees." Bob reached down and removed her shoe from her nylon covered left foot." He massaged her foot while saying, "Your left leg is so beautiful, I can only imagine what your right leg looks like in that big plaster cast."

"Well, thank you Bob." Yes, some people have told me in the past that my legs are pretty."

"What, no one has told you recently?" I can't imagine that," Bob responded while his hands were beginning to work their way up the inside of her left leg toward the top of her stocking.

Karisma hadn't intended to say what she had just said." She cleared her throat while trying to think." Finally, after several seconds of thought she decided to tell him."Uh, Bob, uh, this is kind of hard to say, and, well, I don't want to scare you but, uh, I, uh, I have been in prison for the last three years." She started to place her hands around the thigh of her cast to lift her leg off of his lap while she continued."Uh, Bob, if that makes you uncomfortable, well, why don't I just leave?"

Bob reached out and placed his hand on her casted toes."No, wait Karisma, I don't want you to go, but would you mind explaining why", I mean"

"OK Bob, but I am sure that you won't want me to stay after I tell you." Uh, you see Bob, I castrated a guy." How does that make you feel?"

Karisma could see a slight reaction in Bob's face followed by several seconds of silence." Again she placed her hands around the top of her cast and began to lift it.

"No, wait Karisma." Surely you had a reason for doing that."

"Yes Bob I did." The son of a bitch assaulted me!" she responded with more force than she had intended.

"Assault, gosh Karisma, I"m sorry."

Now Karisma wasn't sure what to do." She wanted Bob to take her to bed, but she was afraid that he might get cold feet." She placed her arm around his shoulder, turned his face toward hers and said while looking into his eyes, "Don't worry Bob, if you do wish to take me to bed, I can assure you that the desires will be mutual and it won't be assault."

Bob leaned forward and placed a kiss on her rosy lips."Thank you."

"Thank you for what?" she asked.

"For confirming that you want me just as much as I want you."

"Bob, you can't imagine how much I want you after three years of"

Bob interrupted her comment with another, and much longer kiss to her wanting lips.

Bob lifted her legs off of his lap and turned them around to the floor." He stood, bent down, placed his arm under her legs and lifted her into his arms." She reached her arms around his shoulders and pulled her face to his." As he stood holding her, she began a passionate kiss that made her want him to rip her clothes off her in the middle of the living room.

Bob carried her to the bedroom." He stood her down on her left leg while holding on to her until she could balance herself with the aid of the rubber pad molded under the foot of her cast.

While she was standing in front of Bob, he stepped forward, wrapped his arms around her and pulled her lips to his." He felt her begin to work her lips against his. As his tongue began to press against her lips, he felt them begin to part allowing his tongue to penetrate her hot, oral cavity." He ran his hands through her hair while holding her lips tightly against his.

He stepped back and placed his hands on her large love mounds while she placed her hands around the back of his head and pulled his lips back to hers." She kissed him with a passion brought on by three years without ever feeling a man's lips against hers, or a man's hands on her breasts.

Bob unbuttoned the front of her blouse, spreading it open, revealing her wonderfully large, rounded breasts barely contained in a thin nylon bra." He could easily see her erect nipples pressing against the sheer fabric." He reached behind her back and unfastened her bra, allowing the pressure of its contents to drop it to the floor." When he bent down and placed one of her nipples in his mouth, Karisma placed her hands around the back of his head, firmly holding his mouth in place while she felt bolts of lightning flashing through her body.

Bob turned his attention to the top of her skirt." He reached behind her and unzipped it, allowing it to fall to the floor." As her skirt fell, his eyes followed it down to the garter belt wrapped securely around her small waist." The garters passed over her nylon panties to the top of her nylon stocking pulled high on her left leg." The top of her right leg was wrapped in the snow white plaster that extended all the way down her thigh, over her knee and down her calf to her seven narrow foot." The bottom of the cast was build up with the rubber walking pad." Her sensual left leg, bathed in nylon was yelling out for Bob to take it in his soft hands and massage it from her thigh to her toes.

Bob placed his hands around her small waist and lifted her out of the skirt lying around her feet." He laid her on her back on the bed before he began to explore every inch of her wonderful legs." He began at the top of her left leg with his tongue." As he bathed the top of her stocking with his hot tongue, Karisma could feel her body responding." Bob continued his titillating adventure to her foot." He placed his mouth over her toes and began to explore them with the tip of his tongue through the thin film of nylon."Karisma couldn't believe how sensual his adventure was, but there was still more to come when he moved to her toes confined in her cast." As he placed his lips over her toes, she felt the wonders of a repeated orgasm while he continued to suck on them." Then Bob moved back up her leg to the top of her cast where he inserted his fingers down the top of her plaster prison and began to massage her inner thigh.

Karisma could stand it no longer, she lifted her self up, reached down and placed her hands around his face." His hot, sweaty body glided on her wet smooth skin as she pulled his face to hers and demanded that he complete his love making adventure inside her convulsing, throbbing body.

They renewed the union twice more that night." After breakfast the next morning, they renewed it once more before Karisma got dressed." Bob escorted her to her small car." They embraced before parting with a passionate kiss and a promise to meet again.

As her fond memories came to a close Karisma suddenly realized that she had spent over an hour in her bath while remembering what she had been missing for the last three years.

CHAPTER 8 - Come With Me

After her long bath and wonderful memories, Karisma relaxed for the rest of the day until it was time for her to get ready for the Mayor's party."

She put on black panties and a black strapless bra before sitting on the edge of the bed while slipping her long left leg into a black nylon stocking and attaching it to a garter belt wrapped snuggly around her slim waist." She slipped a three inch heeled black pump on her seven narrow foot before standing to slip into her dark blue, full length gown with a flowing skirt and elbow length sleeves." She thought that she may have made a mistake when she put it on and realized that the front of the gown was low cut, revealing her large breasts." After a few seconds, she smiled and told herself not to worry, it made her feel sexy and she would have fun with it."

Karisma combed out her long blond hair and put a light coat of make-up on her beautiful face." While waiting on her ride to the party she began to wonder how the plans were coming on taking out Johnson." She didn't any longer have the hatred for him that she once had, and she was beginning to wish there was a way of getting him to intervene and stop it.

When the car arrived, the driver assisted her with her dress, crutches and cast, as she got into the car." On the way she asked the driver if it was going to be a big party." He smiled and asked, "Big?" What do you mean by big?"

Karisma just smiled back and said, "Oh, I was just guessing that it would be big since the Mayor is coming."

The driver cleared his throat."Well, maybe the bigger party will be after most of the folks have gone home."

"Oh, and what do you mean by that?" she asked.

"Uh, nothin, I didn't mean nothin," he responded.

Karisma wasn't sure what the driver had meant, but she decided not to worry about it." Since she was going to be with Hawk, she felt sure that she would be included.

When they arrived at the party, the driver helped her from the car and into the building where Hawk met her." A wide smile appeared upon his face as he saw her standing before him on her crutches and in her beautiful dress.'stunning Karisma." Just gorgeous," he said while stepping close to her." He leaned out and placed a kiss on her left cheek, before he continued, "Looks like you and Megan have done a marvelous job of selecting your dress."

Karisma smiled while looking around."Well, thank you but have you seen Megan?" I wanted to complement her also on my dress."

Just as Hawk was about to speak, Megan walked up." She was wearing a long sleeved red dress with a skirt reaching almost to the floor." She smiled and said, "Karisma, you look great this evening."

"Thank you Megan." And, you are very beautiful in your pretty dress."

After a few minutes of small talk, Hawk said, "Oh, I need to go meet some more of my guests." Megan, would you please introduce Karisma to the Mayor and his wife when they arrive?"

For the next few minutes Megan introduced Karisma to guests of the party before Karisma decided to take a break and go to the bathroom." When she walked out of the bathroom she saw Ted standing near by." He walked up to her and looked her in the eye causing shivers to race down her back." Just as she was ready to tell him to stop bothering her he whispered, "Be careful pretty lady." You are in danger."

She responded, "Ted, what are you talking about? You need to leave me alone."

Ted continued to look into her eyes, "Korea, hurt leg." Then he turned and limped away while Karisma stood in silence.

She was still in disbelief of what she had just been told when Megan walked up."What's wrong?" she asked.

"I don't know!" she said while her left knee felt weak enough that she was thankful that she had her crutches to lean on."You know Ted, that weird guy who is always cleaning up around here, well, he is always following me and, well, he just"

Megan interrupted her,"Oh, don't worry about him." He is harmless."

"But," Karisma countered, "he told me that I was in danger." Do you know what he meant?"

"No, I can't imagine what he was talking about." We all know that he is weird." I have heard that he was hurt in the war." Anyhow, I wouldn't worry about it." Then, Megan turned and pointed back toward the ballroom."Come with me, I want to introduce you to the Mayor and his charming wife, Evelyn."

As they approached the Mayor and his wife, Evelyn had a pronounced limp." As she took a step forward Karisma could see that the toes of her right foot appeared to be surrounded by a bandage."

Megan first introduced Karisma to the Mayor before turning to Evelyn."Evelyn, I would like for you to meet Karisma." As you can see, you both have something in common."

Evelyn responded with a wide smile."Yes, I have been wanting to meet you ever since I noticed you from across the room while ago."

Karisma looked down to her cast encased toes visible from under the bottom of her dress." Lifted the bottom of her dress just enough to display her cast from her ankle to her toes, "Well, maybe we do have something in common."

Evelyn reached down and lifted the bottom of her full skirt that extended to her toes."Yes, I think we do." As she lifted the bottom of her skirt higher, Karisma could see that her right leg was in a plaster cast from her toes to her knee." And, her cast contained something else Karisma hadn't seen before."

She pointed toward Evelyn's cast."What is that metal thing sticking out of the bottom of your cast?"

"Oh that, the Doctor called it a walking iron." I hadn't ever seen one either before he put it in my cast."

Karisma lifted her casted foot off the floor and turned her leg sideways while saying, "My Doctor put this rubber thing on the bottom of my cast so I could walk on it." The only thing is, my leg is still so sore that I"m not walking on it without my crutches." I guess I will be able to walk on it in a few days."

"I understand what you mean," Evelyn said while lifting her foot off the floor so Karisma could get a better look." I stepped in a hole and broke my ankle a couple of months ago." After six weeks on crutches the Doctor gave me this new cast with the walking iron."

'so, how do you like it?" Karisma asked.

Evelyn said, "Well, that depends on how you look at it." I don't have to use crutches anymore, so that is good, but it is so big that I can't put on pants over it without ripping up the side of the pant leg." So, how did you hurt your leg?"

Karisma quickly went over the possible responses in her mind." She could tell Evelyn the truth, but then she would have to go into why she had been in prison." She could try to sidestep the question by telling her that it was a long story, and hope that would satisfy her question." Finally she decided to make up a story by explaining, "Well, I was in an auto accident." A car ran a red light and hit mine, breaking my leg."

"I hope it will be all right," Evelyn told her before turning to follow the Mayor as he walked away to shake hands with some more people.

"Karisma spent the next hour wandering around while people came up to her and asked her about her leg." Since her response to Evelyn about the auto accident had worked, she decided to continue with that story."

Reluctantly, Karisma went to the restroom." While she was alone, she heard the door open and the sound of a male voice ask, "Karisma, are you in here?"

Her first reaction was to remain silent, and not respond but the voice said again, "Karisma, this is Eddie, are you in here?"

Reluctantly she answered, "Damn Eddie, can't a girl even relieve herself without being followed?"

Hawk didn't answer her directly." He said, "It won't be long now, in a few minutes, we are ready to initiate the plan." Arnold will be looking for you." When he meets you, just do what he asks."

"What is he going to do that he needs me to go with him?"

"Well, uh," Hawk began to try to answer her question."Uh, since, uh, well Karisma, you know Johnson so, well, uh you will be our decoy." You know, a way to get his attention while, well, Arnold will take care of it."

"Eddie, please, I won't to be a part of that." In fact, I don't even want to have Johnson killed." I still don't like him but"

"I"m sorry Karisma, but it is too late, Arnold has already been paid and he has started the plan, it is too late."

"No it isn't Eddie." I know you can stop Arnold."

"Karisma, just do what you are told and everything will be all right." Now just finish in here and get back out there and wait on Arnold."

A few minutes later, Karisma was back among the guests when she saw Hawk standing in the doorway leading to the back of the building." As he caught her eye, she saw him motion for her to come to him." At first, she thought she would resist, but then she realized that she wouldn't be able to fulfill her obligation to Johnson, and maybe even protect him form Arnold if she didn't go.

Reluctantly she walked to the doorway." As she stepped through the door Albert stepped from the shadows and said, "Karisma, come with me," while motioning for her to walk to a black Cadillac parked in the alley behind the building."

There was a set of eyes watching from a darkened alley doorway as Albert walked Karisma to the side of the car door and stood by while she got in." As the car drove away, there was a call being made to the police.

CHAPTER 9 - It's Over

As soon as Karisma got into the car, she became uneasy about what was going on." She asked Arnold, 'so what is the plan?" Where are we going?"

'shut up." Don't ask any questions and you won't get hurt!" Arnold told her with a voice harsh enough that her heart nearly jumped from her chest."

"What do you mean, I won't get hurt?" she reacted with a raised voice.

Arnold reached over and placed his hand on her left knee." He squeezed on it with the strength of a vice while saying again, 'shut up!"

Karisma instantly recognized that she was in big trouble, and the plan was not to take out Johnson, but to eliminate her." Her mind began to rush back to the time of her police training." She had to remain calm and think."

She began to go through the facts as she saw them." Clearly, she was going to be fighting for her life, she wasn't armed, and she hadn't even had an opportunity to let anyone know where she was." She was in a car driven by a mad man." She didn't know where they were going." She was on crutches with a cast on her leg'she couldn't run'she would have to fight for her life.

She began by trying to talk to Arnold." She chose the calmest voice she could, considering her situation."Arnold, uh, why are you doing this?" I mean, you always were so nice to me, and, uh, well Arnold, we don't really need to do this, do we?" She used the word we, thinking that maybe he would connect better with her."You know Arnold, you are really a nice guy and"

"Ah shut up," he yelled."I know what you are trying to do." Just shut up!"

She remained silent for a few seconds before trying again."You"re right Arnold, it was stupid of me to try to bond with you." How about, if you at least tell me why you are doing this." I mean, you know, wouldn't you want to know if the tables were turned?"

"I am surprised that you haven't figured it out lady." Just think back to what you were doing before you went to jail." Better yet, why do you think you were assaulted?"

That question really set Karisma back." She had never wondered about the assault." Never, would she have connected that with her police job."OK Arnold, I give up." Why was I assaulted? And, what does that have to do with what you are doing to me now?"

"Who were you investigating when you were assaulted?"

All of a sudden Karisma felt sick at her stomach."Oh god, I was investigating Edward Hawk"god, are you telling me that he had me "?"

"Yep, lady." Eddie thought that if he could have you assaulted, you would fall apart and stop investigating him." I guess he hadn't figured that you would do what you did." But," he began to chuckle, "but it turned out even better." You went to jail!"

'so, this really isn't about Eddie being pissed off with Johnson, it's about getting even with me!"

"You got it lady."

'so Arnold, how did Eddie manage to get me released from prison like he did, or did he have anything to do with it?"

Arnold chuckled again, "Eddie put the word on the street that he wanted to take Johnson out, but that he wanted your help." I guess Johnson was so determined to get to Eddie that he took the bait and, well you know the rest."

Karisma thought for a minute before responding,"Yeah, I guess I do, and If I ever see that damn Johnson again, well", but I guess that won't happen because you are going to kill me, aren't you?"

Karasma continued to talk to Arnold while he drove them several miles before turning off the highway." They continued for half a mile along a dirt road through some woods before he stopped in a small clearing." After turning off the engine, he took a revolver from his pocked and pointed it at her."Get out of the car, we"re going for a walk!"

"Bull-shit Arnold!"

Arnold reached out and put the gun to her temple and pulled the hammer back."Now get out of the damn car!"

Karisma made a quick analysis of her situation." If she didn't get out of the car, he would kill her right then." Maybe, if she did do what he told her, she might find an opportunity to take control of the situation."OK Arnold, you win, but I have to have my crutches because my leg hurts too much to walk on it."

Arnold left the headlights on and removed the keys from the car before getting out." He walked to her side and opened her door." She placed her hands under the top of her cast and lifted her leg while she turned in the seat and put her legs outside the car." She reached behind the seat for her crutches while Arnold stood back a few feet and watched." As she stood and placed her crutches under her arms he said, "You know lady, I think I will finish that other guy's job on you before I kill you."

"What do you mean, you son of a butch?" Are you telling me that you are going to assault me?"

"That's right lady." I have been thinking about that ever since the first time I saw you!"

Karisma began to review her options again." She could try to run, but she would probably get shot in the back." She could simply submit, be assaulted and then be shot, or she could appear to go along with him and maybe have the opportunity to save herself." She said, "Well, OK Arnold, if you are going to do it, at least let me select the spot," while taking a few steps on her crutches toward a small grass covered area illuminated by the headlights.

As she walked to the area she had identified she decided that she had to lead Arnold on while hoping for an opportunity to take the advantage." She stopped in the center of the grassy area and turned to face him." While leaning on her crutches she held her arms out and said, "Please Arnold, kiss me."

With her action, Arnold stopped." He stood before her and smiled like a little puppy dog."Really?" he said.

"Yes, Arnold, I have a secret to tell you." You said that you have been attracted to me ever since the first time you saw me, well Arnold, I have to confess, I have been attracted to you the same way, now come over here you big hunk and kiss me!"

When he stepped forward, Karisma placed her arms around him and pulled his body tightly against hers." She began to kiss him with all the fake passion she could display." Before long she had removed her crutches from under her arms and let them fall to the ground." She began to squat down while pulling Arnold down on top of her."

His focus quickly shifted from holding her hostage and raping her to passionate lovemaking." As his focus shifted he laid the gun in the grass beside her." She continued to control his attention with passionate kisses while she felt for and located the gun." Just as quickly as his attention had been drawn from killing her, she refocused it when he felt the muzzle of the gun pressed tightly against his chest."You little bitch," he yelled just before the crack of the .38 rang in his ears for the last time.

Karisma had managed to get his dead body off of her and get back to her crutches before the police car stopped, shinning its headlights on her." The policeman jumped out with his gun drawn."Put your hands up," he yelled.

Two hours later she was at the police station, being accused of murder even though she attempted to explain that she was being assaulted." After six hours of interrogation, and without explanation, she was released.

Three weeks later, Jake Johnson summoned her to the police station." She was expecting to be arrested when she walked in, but instead she was directed to the main squad room." When she entered the room she was surprised to see several of the officers she had worked with in the past all standing around with smiles.

Jake Johnson walked over and met her." He said, "Karisma, please go up front and be seated."

"What's up J J?" she asked with confusion running through her mind." Obviously, she wasn't going to be arrested, but she couldn't understand what was happening."

Johnson smiled."Just go over there and be seated." You will see in a few minutes."

Soon the door opened and the Chief of Police entered." As Karisma followed him to the front of the room with her eyes she was becoming quite concerned." Maybe she was going to be arrested, and the Chief of Police was going to turn it into a big news event.

He stepped in front of her and said, "Karisma Bowen, please stand up."

She felt panic flash through her body." She had seen enough arrests to know that they would tell the prisoner to stand up, but he was smiling this time.

"As you know, you have been involved in some very serious crimes." First, you castrated a man and was sent to prison for that." And as soon as just three weeks ago, you shot another man." I must say," he smiled,"men should start feeling uneasy when they are around you."

"Oh god, here it comes, she said to herself.

"Well, Officer Bowden,"

"Wait a minute, he just called me Officer," she was telling herself while she heard him complete his comment."

"After a complete and thorough investigation of both of your crimes, it has been determined that neither of them were crimes." Edward Hawk has been arrested for conspiracy to commit assault and conspiracy to commit murder.

As you know we now have a woman Governor, and well, she has reviewed your assault conviction." She has determined that you were falsely convicted." She set aside the conviction." Although we can never repay you for the wrong it is now time to correct it as much as we can, so raise your right hand and repeat after me, I, Karisma Bowden do solemnly swear to uphold and support the Constitution."

Two minutes later, the Chief of Police pinned her badge back over her left breast before shaking her hand."Congratulations Officer Bowden and welcome back."

With tears in her eyes she said, Gosh, I don't know what to say, but how did you get it all sorted out?"

"Well, why don't I let your new partner, Thomas Morgan explain it to you."

A clean shaven man of about thirty stepped in front of her." As she looked into his penetrating eyes, they stared back at her."I think I know you, but I can't remember where," she said while shaking his hand.

The man smiled, "Hurt leg, Korea," he said with a wink, then he handed her a bouquet of red roses and said,'see you in the squad room on Monday morning, partner."

- The End-

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