Kali: The Dominatrix

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Dominatrix Kali, I sentence you to six weeks in a long leg cast for all the bad things you have done to your husband," said Judge Joseph, while looking directly into the dark, dancing eyes of the beautiful young woman standing before him . "But Judge, you have it all wrong. I, The Dominatrix Kali, am suppose to be the one who sentences men to punishment."

"Punishment?" Judge Joseph responded with a questioning voice. "Dominatrix Kali, do you think I am punishing you by ordering you to have your leg placed in a fiberglass cast for six weeks? I thought you were the one who enjoyed inflecting control over others; thereby, gaining enjoyment for yourself. All I am doing is reversing your role and placing you under my control to heightened your level of excitement and restrict your movement through casting your leg and demanding that you use crutches to get around. To ensure that you don't cheat by walking on the cast, I am also going to have to spank you anytime you admit to walking on the cast without crutches."

"Thank you Judge Joseph, for considering my desires, but do you really believe that I want to experience your domination of me for six weeks?? After all, I am The Dominatrix."

"Sorry Dominatrix Kali, but this time I have the last say. Now go into the kitchen and sit down so I can put the cast on your leg."

"Oh Joseph Honey, you make me so happy when you talk domineering to me like that," Kali said, while standing with her whip in her right hand. She followed Joseph into the kitchen. She sat on a tall stool with her right leg hanging down. Joseph squatted in front of her and removed her shoe while saying,? "Dominatrix Kali, I want you to think of all the bad things you have inflicted upon me while I put this cast on your leg. I want you to suffer domination for all you have done to me. I want you to feel sorry."
"Oh I do My Master. I want you to cast me as punishment for all the bad things I have done to you. I want you to make me suffer by wearing this cast for six weeks. I promise that I will remember each day that I am in this fiberglass prison that I deserve it for being bad to you."

"Good, because suffer you must," Joseph said as he finished rolling the last of the green fiberglass bandages around the top of Kali's upper thigh. Then he removed his rubber gloves and stepped forward placing his hands on both of Kali's cheeks. He lifted her face to his and kissed her rosy lips. "I love you my Dear wife."

"I love you too Joseph and I am so glad you have decided to cast my leg. I will wear it with pride and enjoyment for the next six weeks while we include the cast in our little adventures every evening. Now, please give me the crutches and walk me to our Pleasure Den."

"OK Dominatrix Kali, but for the next six weeks I am the Master and you are my slave, understood?"

"Yes My Master, you may do anything you wish to me."

Kali and Joseph spent the next two hours in their Pleasure Den accompanied by handcuffs, chains, leg irons and whips. When they retired to their bedroom Kali dressed herself in a black teddy with a black thigh-top nylon stocking and invited Joseph to slowly and skillfully explore her soft and sensual body with his hot, probing tongue before their final union.

Joseph and Kali had been living in two worlds, the world of S&M and the world of normal citizens going about their daily activities. He sold washing machines at the nearby furniture and appliance store and she was a secretary for a small business, but they had just stepped into another world filled with excitement and adventure, that of wearing casts for recreational pleasure. They had experimented with casting as bondage while in their Pleasure Den, but the casts were always removed within an hour, or as soon as they were finished with their world of S&M for the evening.

They had been planning this new casting adventure for weeks. Although it wasn't their first adventure with Kali in a cast, it was going to be their longest. She was going to explain the cast at work by telling them she had stepped in a hole in the back yard and broken her leg, and they were going to take full advantage of the cast during their adventures in the Pleasure Den. They were also going to enjoy her cast in their bedroom the way they imagined that any other couple would enjoy her casted leg as a part of their trip through ecstasy.

Kali had been casted for almost a month when they decided to try something different. Their trips to the Pleasure Den had become shorter with her cast becoming more important in their bedroom sex life. One afternoon Kali arrived home before Joseph. Rather than removing her office clothes and putting on the black leather dress that she wore in the Pleasure Den, Kali sat on the sofa with her legs on the seat next to her. She slipped the bottom of her slim skirt up her legs to where the soft white skin above her cast was exposed while the reinforced top of her beige nylon stocking was visible on her left leg. She slipped the shoe from her left foot.The bright red nail polish on her small toes was visible through the thin nylon stocking covering them. She strategically placed a bottle of Champaign on ice and two glasses close by while the stereo played soft mood music in the background.

The lights were dim while a candle burning on the nearby table painted Kali in ghostly orange and red shadows. She was leaning back on the sofa with the front of her blouse open exposing her large breasts barely restrained in a lacey black bra when Joseph stepped through the door. He looked around momentarily before exclaiming, "Wow, don't you look sexy tonight."

Kali giggled while lifting her arms and saying, "Come here My Master, I have a question for you.? What would you say if I suggested that we forgo our trip to the Pleasure Den tonight?? I would rather you, uh we, uh us, just relax and enjoy me in my cast this evening, what do you say?"

Joseph bent down and smelled of her toes sticking out of her cast. "Great idea you have my beautiful wife, great idea."

"OK Dear," Kali continued. "Now go take off your dirty clothes and take a quick shower while I wait right here for your rapid return."

"Yes my Dear Dominatrix, I will do what you order."

"Good My Master, because I will be waiting for you with all the desire a woman in a leg cast applied by her husband could have."

While Joseph was taking his shower Kali removed her skirt and blouse.?When he walked around the corner from their bedroom he stopped in disbelief at the sight of the wonderfully sensual creature before him.?Kali was sitting on the sofa wearing her black lace panties pulled up over her black garterbelt, which was still fastened to the top of her beige nylon stocking. She had removed her black bra, allowing her firm and rounded breasts to be softly painted in flickering candlelight. She had gently teased her already hard nipples causing them to become even more swollen.

Joseph walked over to Kali and bent down. He lifted her smiling face to his and began to passionately kiss her rosy lips. She opened her mouth and allowed his darting and probing appendage to pass through her hot lips and white, evenly spaced teeth and into her throbbing mouth. She placed her hands on the back of his head and pushed his tongue deeper into her wanting mouth. After several seconds they parted. She pulled his face back to hers and breathlessly kissed him again. After parting once more she said, "My Master, would you like to set at the end of the sofa with my legs in your lap while we enjoy some Champaign together?"

Joseph poured two glasses of Champaign and handed them to Kali before he sat on the sofa and lifted her legs into his lap. She handed him one of the glasses. She lifted her glass and said, "A toast to us and my cast. I really enjoy it a lot and would rather we forgo our trip to the Pleasure Den and spend our time together here this evening with my cast."

Joseph met her glass with his own while saying, "A toast it is."? They drank their Champaign slowly while continuing to talk.

"You know Joseph," Kali began. "I have been wearing this wonderful cast for a month and I have enjoyed it more than any of the activities we have ever done in the Pleasure Den. I would like for the cast to become our real form of sexual pleasure for a while and?"

"And, I agree," Joseph interrupted her. "I have been thinking the same thing but I was afraid to bring it up because I though you might think that you had to wear the cast just for me and?"

"No Joseph, I want to wear the cast for me also. I love the feel of the cast and the way it places a restraint on my leg ?that I can wear in public. I could never wear any of our toys in the Pleasure Den outside of the house, but with the cast, well I?"

"Yes Kali, I agree. I think the cast is a wonderful way for us to enjoy our pleasures in public without anyone knowing why."

"Great, then it is settled. We will focus our energy on the cast. Now, would you please begin to show me how much you really do enjoy having me in this cast."

Joseph set his empty Champaign glass down and lifted her casted toes. He bent down and sniffed the aroma of her foot being encased in the fiberglass prison for a month. "Oh how I love the aroma of your toes in this cast," he said.

Kali wiggled her toes and giggled. "Oh really. I wish I could bend over far enough to smell them also."

Joseph opened his mouth and plunged his hot lips down over her five toes. She wiggled them in his mouth while he began to suck on them. Kali laid back on the sofa as she began to feel her lower body pulsating to the rhythm of his tongue quickly moving from one of her toes to the next.?She moved her hand down between her legs and slowly massaged herself. Joseph laid her casted foot back in his lap and lifted her nylon covered toes to his mouth where he continued his oral massage of her wonderful small, evenly spaced toes.

Kali could no longer control her desires. She called out for Joseph to take her. He lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bed. He pulled her panties dripping in her love juices from her lower body and down over her long, gorgeous legs, one in black nylon and the other in green fiberglass. Her pleasures were met by a barrage of sensations as Joseph fulfilled her command to take her.

For the next week Joseph was met by a new and exciting display of sensual delight each evening when he came home after work. One evening a few days before Kali's six week sentence was up she got serious with Joseph.She said at the beginning of one of her receptions for Joseph, "Honey, I have been thinking, uh, well, what would you say if I asked for you to let me keep my cast for a few more weeks?? I mean, I have enjoyed it so much that I hate for it to be over and I really don't want to go back to our Pleasure Den because it just isn't as enjoyable as my cast."

Joseph reached out and pulled her into his arms. He held her tightly while kissing her with a renewed passion. "Oh Honey, would you really like to keep your cast, because if you would, well I have been trying to get up the courage to ask you if you would like to keep it for a while more?"

"Oh yes, My Master, I would like to keep my cast forever."

Readers, what do you think?? Can a cast be more enjoyable than a whip and handcuffs?? For me, I would take a pretty girl in a leg cast over one in handcuffs and leg irons any day.

- The End-

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