Jelly: Plaster and Wine

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CHAPTER 1 - The Ski Accident

Jelly and her husband Robert were sitting on the couch after returning from their visit with April and John, where they had also met Wendy and Marty.' Wendy's right leg was in a blue full leg cast, but she hadn't been real clear on why she was wearing it.

Jelly, a name she had answered to since grade school was a nickname she acquired because she loved jellyrolls.' Her real name was Sandra, but she only used it in formal settings and while in the classroom where she had been teaching eighth grade English for over ten years.

April and Jelly had been crossing the street together when they were hit by a car.' April was sporting a full length pink fiberglass cast on her right leg, while Jelly's right leg was in a bright red fiberglass cast from her toes to her hip.

As Jelly and Robert were sitting on the couch sipping a glass of wine, he was massaging her toes that stuck out of her red cast.' He turned to her and said while referring to a conversation that he had heard between Wendy, April and Jelly where she had said that she had been in a full leg plaster cast for several months.'Honey, I didn't know that you had broken your leg before.'

She took another sip of wine before answering.'Uh, yes, but I have never talked much about it.'

'Oh, why not?'

'Well, it brings back some very unpleasant memories.'

'I'm sorry Dear.' If you would rather not talk about it, well'

'No, uh, since we are married, I guess you deserve to hear the story.' It was while I was in my first year as a school teacher after college, and it wasn't very nice what happened to me, but here goes!'

She took another sip of wine before she laid back, closed her eyes and began to remember.' She said, 'I had been waiting with great anticipation for the first snowfall of the season.' Every night I tuned into the local weather report hoping for a significant storm to blanket the ski slopes with enough fresh powder to allow them to open.' Finally, it happened and I couldn't wait.' I had purchased new ski boots and had the releases properly adjusted to my skis.' I had a new ski outfit fitted to make me look great for all the guys I guessed that I would meet in the ski lodge after a hard day of skiing.'

'She took another sip of wine while Robert continued to rub her toes in her red cast.' She said in a voice louder than she had intended, 'I WAS READY!' Or, at least I thought I was.'

Jelly wasn't a total novice on skis.' She had been exercising all fall to build up her body and leg strength and improve her flexibility.'' She knew the rules; stretch, warm-up, and make a practice run or two before challenging the main run.' Yes, she was ready.

Jelly teamed up with a couple of other young women who taught school with her and headed for the ski resort.' Chrissie volunteered to drive her new 1965 Impala two door hardtop while Sharon and Jelly served as the navigator and lookout she didn't need, to guide her up the mountain.'

Jelly looked at Robert with a smile.'Somehow Chrissie managed to get us safely to the parking lot without loosing our friendship.'

Being good girls with safety in mind, they did some stretching and loosening up at the car before quickly changing into their ski boots. They all put on their colored sunglasses while scoping out the parking lot for any handsome young men.' She said, 'We tossed our skis over our shoulders and headed for the ski lifts while trying to look cool for any young man who might be watching us.'

They chose the lift to the intermediate slope since they hadn't skied since last spring.' The three girls skied down that slope several times before taking a break and warming up with some hot chocolate.' They sat next to a cast iron wood stove in the center of the lodge's big restaurant and reception area while keeping an eye open for any young men they could flirt with.'

'After warming up, Chrissie and Sharon decided to continue on the intermediate slope, but I was more confident in my capability so I headed for the main slope, being sure that I was as good as any professional skier.' And, I probably was, at least until after lunch!'

After having lunch and smiling at a few of the guys as they walked by, the girls headed for the slopes again.' This time all three of them took on the challenge of the main slope.' They were good!' Chrissie and Sharon both fell a couple of times but Jelly hadn't fallen, she was really doing well.'

The sun was getting low on the horizon, with some of the snow in shadow, causing it to become slightly icy.' Jelly would have to admit that she was becoming a little tired, but she wanted to make one last run before she packed up her skis and headed to the reception area for some socializing with Chrissie, Sharon and, if they were lucky, some handsome young guys.

Jelly continued, 'As I rode the lift all the way to the top of the slope I was surveying the area to find the best route down.' I chose a slightly different area of the slope that I had never skied down because it looked like it had a few moguls that could be fun.' She paused for a few seconds in her story before continuing with a chuckle, ''Well, it was fun, that is until I was about half way down, and then all heck broke loose.'

Jelly caught the edge of her right ski on some ice.' Her right leg flew sideways before her body spun to the left.' She continued, 'I 'heard a horrible snapping sound just like someone had stepped on a twig and a devastating pain shot through my right leg like a hot poker had been shoved up my pant leg from my foot to my hip.' My leg collapsed, and I fell on my right shoulder before rolling to a stop several feet down the slope.'

' Later, she recalled letting out a terrible scream and grabbing her leg with both hands.' She didn't recall much else that happened, but a young man stood over her until the Ski Patrol put her in their wire basket and took her the rest of the way down the mountain side.'

While waiting on the Ski Patrol, he sat beside her with her head resting in his lap.' He held her hand while slowly caressing her long flowing blond hair with his other hand.' He whispered soft, reassuring thoughts, trying to assure her that everything would be all right.' Once the Ski Patrol had taken her down the mountain, he followed her to the hospital.' He stayed with her while the Doctor encased her right leg in a snow white plaster cast from her toes to her hip.' He continued to look after her until she was settled in her hospital room before he disappeared without leaving his name.

Jelly took another sip of wine before continuing to tell Robert her story.'I was awakened to the sound of things banging together, and the strong smell of alcohol.' For a minute I was very confused.' As I opened her eyes I saw a light shining from the hallway through the crack in a door into my room and across the foot of my bed.' I guess my mind was still foggy from the medication but I remembered enough to know that I had fallen and my leg was hurting, throbbing with each pulse of my heartbeat like someone was branding it.' I tried to move my leg but it was heavy, too heavy to move.' My knee wouldn't bend and I couldn't turn her ankle.'

About then a young woman with a cheerful voice came through the door.'I wanted to smack her when she turned on the light and said, 'Well, how are we feeling this morning?'

Jelly frowned before she continued with her story, 'I remember rising up just enough to see my right leg stretched out before me.' It was covered by the biggest white plaster cast I had ever seen.' I could barely see my toes sticking out of the end of it.' I felt down to the top of my leg under the hospital gown.' I slowly pulled it up until I could see the cast extended all the way to my hip. Oh no!' I yelled.'This can't be happening to me.' This isn't in my plans.' I have things I have to do, and being in a leg cast isn't one of them.'

The young woman placed her hand on Jelly's arm.' She patted it and said, 'Yes, I know, but I'm afraid you don't have any choice in the matter.' You broke your leg, and when you do that, you get this,' she continued while stepping to the foot of the bed and taking a hold of Jelly's toes.'Great,' she said.'Your toes are nice and warm and red which means that the cast isn't restricting any of the blood supply to your leg.'

'What?' You mean the cast could hurt my leg? I asked with doubt in my voice.'

'Obviously,' the woman said,'this is your first cast, isn't it?'

'Uh-huh, I responded with tears forming in my eyes.' Shortly I was back asleep from the pain medication she had been given.'

'In the middle of the afternoon Sharon came by to see me.' She said, 'They tell me you can go home in the morning.' If you wish, I will come by and take you home.'

'I looked into Sharon's eyes, 'What am I going to do?' With this cast, how can I go back to work?'

'Sharon answered, I have already talked to the Principal and he said it would be all right for you to return to class on crutches.'

'We talked a little while longer before Sharon asked, 'Do you remember anything about your accident?'

'I think I remember being in the emergency room because I heard a voice that sounded deep, as if it were in a well, saying that I have a fracture and someone should call the 'bone doctor.' After that, I was given a shot and everything is a blank until this morning.'

'Sharon continued, 'Do you remember the young man who helped you on the slope?'

'I responded with a vacant look, 'A young man?' No I don't remember.' I hope he was handsome.'

She smiled at Robert before continuing, 'After that, I guess I rolled over and fell asleep again without remembering having seen him, or at least I thought that I didn't.'

CHAPTER 2 - Back to Work

Jelly was a beautiful sight to the young boys in her class.' Although she was keenly aware of the fact that eight grade boys were just beginning to feel the twinges of attraction to the wonders of a well shaped female body mounted on a pair of long, shapely legs, she didn't do anything out of the ordinary to tease them.

In 1965, the women who worked in the eye of the public wore dresses or skirts and blouses, and they always dressed their legs in stockings, or the newest fashion, pantyhose.' Jelly was no exception, she wore stockings and high heels to school.

She noticed from the beginning of school that there was one young boy who appeared to be more interested in her than the others.' She would catch him watching her as she walked around the room during class, and it always appeared that his focus was upon her legs.' Once the weather started to turn cold and wet, he would always be in a position where he could watch her remove her rubber boots and slip her stocking clad feet into her heels, each morning before class.' Finally, one day she confronted him.' She sat down on a chair and looked up at him. 'Billy, I hurt my back last evening and I can't bend down.' Would you like to help me remove my boots?'

His face turned red from embarrassment.' He held back for a few seconds before responding, 'Uh, Yes Miss Gray.'

She lifted her right foot while inviting him to remove her boot.' Then she pointed toward a pair of two inch heeled pumps.'Billy, you may help me by slipping my shoe on for me.'

Billy picked up her shoe.' He bent down to one knee and gently slipped the shoe on her small foot while his nervously damp hand wrapped around her ankle in the smooth film of nylon.' Then she offered to let him repeat the process with her other foot.' When he was finished, she smiled and said, 'Billy that was very wonderful of you to help me like that.'

His face lighted up.'Miss Gray, I will be happy to help you put your boots back on after school if you would like.'

'Thank you Billy, I really would like that.'

Jelly continued to allow Billy to help her with her shoes for the next month until the day she went skiing.

After the accident, Jelly spent a week at home while becoming skilled with her crutches and waiting on the more severe pain in her leg to subside before deciding to return to her classroom.' When she walked into the school on her crutches with her right leg wrapped in the white plaster cast, all of the young boys, and especially Billy, noticed her.' He walked up to her and looked down at her toes peeking from the end of her cast while observing that she was wearing her boot on her left foot.'Miss Gray, would you like for me to help you with your boot?'

'Oh yes Billy,' she responded, but this time because she really did want the help since she was still adjusting to life on crutches with a heavy plaster cast to hold her finely shaped right leg in an extended and awkward position.

Billy stood back and watched as she backed up to the chair, removed her crutches and extended her cast bound leg while bending down to sit on the chair.' He bent down on one knee while reaching for her left foot.' He slowly removed her boot.' She handed him a flat heeled pump.' When he was finished slipping it on her stocking bathed foot, he reached over and touched her toes extending from her cast.' She wiggled them as Billy quickly pulled his fingers back as if he had touched something hot.' She looked at him and said while reaching into her pocked,'Billy, here is the toe of an old white sock, would you please put it over my toes because they are cold sticking out of my cast like that.'

He reached up and took the sock in his damp hands and placed it over her toes.'There, how is that Miss Gray?'

'Perfect Billy.' You have been a great help, but don't you think you should run along to your first class before you are late?'

As he stood, Jelly could see that the front of his pants appeared to be a little fuller that normal.'I will see you in class later.'

At lunch time, Gerald Washington, one of the young teachers who hadn't paid her a lot of attention before, walked up to Jelly.'Well, well, Miss Gray, it looks like you have a story to tell.'

Jelly had noticed him before, but she hadn't been any more interested in him than it had appeared that he was in her.'Hello Gerald, and what makes you think that I have a story to tell?'

He smiled as his eyes passed down her body, past the bottom of her skirt and focused upon her casted leg. 'That,' he said as his hand also pointed in the direction of his eyes.

Since her first day back at school was also her first day where she could be seen by men, she was slow to catch on that he was drawn to her by her cast.'That?' she repeated his comment with a question in her voice.

'Well, yeah, that.' Your leg!' What happened to it?'

'Skiing.' I went skiing and broke it,' she reacted with a slightly embarrassed voice since she hadn't been asked before, and didn't expect that anyone would care enough to ask.'Would you like to walkover and sit down?' she asked for the lack of anything else to say.

Gerald pointed to a bench along the side of the wall.'Sure,' he said while turning to follow her to the bench.' He stood by while she backed up to the bench, removed her crutches and extended her casted leg before sitting down.' He reached for her crutches, but she laid them on the bench beside her while he sat next to her on the other side.' He looked at her with a blushed face while clearing his throat.'Well, uh, does, uh, I mean, did it hurt when you broke your leg?'

'Oh god yes, Gerald.' Just like some one had shoved a hot poker up my pants leg.' I have never had anything hurt so much in my life.'

'How about your cast?'

'What about my cast?' Jelly asked without knowing exactly what she had been asked.

'Your cast.' Does it hurt?'

She smiled while bending down enough that she knocked on her casted knee with her knuckles.'No Gerald, it doesn't hurt, uh, that is, unless I sit so the top of it is biting into the back of my leg like it is now.'

'Oh, I'm sorry,' Gerald reacted while standing.'I didn't mean to cause you a problem.'

'Oh, that is OK.' Maybe we can do this again,' she said with a smile as she got to her crutches to walk back to her classroom.

Billy was back at Jelly's desk as soon as school was out.'What's wrong Miss Gray?' he asked while looking at her sitting behind her desk with a frown on her pretty face.'

'Oh, I don't know Billy.' Sitting like this is very uncomfortable.' Either I have to sit on the front edge of my chair, or the cast cuts into the back of my leg.' I guess I'm going to have to give this up until after I get this cast off.'

Billy's face drained of all color.'Oh Miss Gray, please don't do that.' Isn't there something that can be done to help you?'

Jelly repositioned her leg in the cast.'Well Billy, I guess, if there was a box or something that I could rest the heel of the cast on so it wasn't cutting my leg, well'

Billy jumped up while saying, 'Miss Gray, I think I know where a box is.' Please just wait for a minute.'

Five minutes later, Billy came back into the room carrying a small wooden box.'Look Miss Gray, look what I found in the boiler room.'

'Billy, I think you might have something there,' she reacted with almost as much excitement as was on his face.

Before she could say anything more, Billy was down on his hands and knees under her desk with the box in front of him.'Miss Gray,' he said while placing his hand under the ankle of her cast.'If you will help me, I will try to slip this box under your cast.'

As she lifted her casted right leg, she heard Billy move the box, then she felt him lower her cast down on the box.' She heard Billy say, 'Gosh Miss Gray, that cast sure does go a long way up your leg.'

She quickly tried to squeeze her knees together but instead, she captured his head.'Oh Billy, I'm sorry,' she said while relaxing her hold on his head.

He pulled his head back so quickly that he bumped the back of it on the underside of the desk, causing him to react again, bumping his forehead on the knee of her cast.'Billy, are you all right?' she asked while pushing herself back from the desk.

Billy crawled out from under her desk with a crimson face.'

To change the subject quickly, she said, 'Billy, would you like to help me remove my shoe and put on my boot?'

It was obvious to Jelly that he didn't know what to say or do either.'Billy, please help me,' she said while lifting her left foot.'I would like for you to help me with my boot, please.'

Billy walked to the closet and got her boot.' He kneeled down and wrapped his damp cold hand around her nylon covered ankle and removed her shoe.' Then he slipped her boot on while being careful not to be looking up her skirt.

Feeling sorry for Billy, Jelly asked, 'Would you like to walk me out and help me get my leg in the car?'

His face lighted up, 'Yes ma'am, that would be fine.'

Jelly stood on her crutches while Billy got her coat.' He held one of her crutches while she put her coat on.' When they got to her car, she opened the door and turned with her back to the seat.' She handed Billy her crutches before sitting on the edge of the seat.'OK Billy, if you would just get a hold of my casted ankle and help me turn around into the car I would appreciate it.'

He handed her the crutches when she was safely behind the wheel.' She noticed a slight bulge in the front of Billy's jeans as she looked down while reaching for the door handle.'Thank you Billy for helping me.' I will see you in the morning,' she said before starting her car and driving off while looking at Billy's radiantly smiling face in her rearview mirror.

CHAPTER 3 - Jelly is Missing

Jake Johnson stepped from his office and called, 'Officer Bowden, please come to my office.'

Karisma Bowden pushed her chair back from her desk, reached for a pair of crutches leaning against the side of her desk and stood.' She placed the crutches under her arms and began the task of carrying a plaster cast from her toes to her hip as she made her way to Jake's office.'Yeah JJ, what do you want?' she asked with a caustic voice.

'Listen Karisma, don't you think that it is about time that you began to show me a little more respect?' After all, if it hadn't been for me, you would still be rotting in prison, or have you forgotten that?'

Karisma reached down and placed her hand on the plaster rock surrounding her shapely right leg, 'Yeah, you got me out of jail, but, if you remember, you are the one who took my badge away and put me in jail for killing the bastard who assaulted me.'

'Yes, you are right, but I rehired you as soon as the Governor gave you that pardon.'

Investigator Thomas Morgan stepped into JJ's office.' He looked toward JJ and then at Karisma, 'Uh, am I interrupting something here?'

'No, not really,' JJ smiled.'Karisma was just telling me how much she enjoyed working for me.'

Tom looked toward Karisma with a grin, 'Oh really!'

JJ cleared his throat.'Tom, be seated next to Karisma.' I got a call from a school.' Apparently one of the teachers has been missing for a couple of days.' I want the two of you to drive out there and find out what is going on.'

It was cold that morning so Karisma stopped at her desk to put on a coat while Tom held one of her crutches.' They walked to the covered garage where a new 1965 Ford Galaxy squad car was waiting.' Karisma walked to the passenger side and got in while Tom got behind the wheel.

After they were out of the parking garage and on the way to the school, Tom turned to Karisma.'You just can't let it go, can you?'

'I'm trying, Tom, I am trying.' It is just that I lost three years of my life in prison for defending myself and JJ is responsible putting me there.'

'Well, actually Karisma, it isn't JJ, it was the law.' You probably had justification in your own mind, but, as a police officer, you knew what the law was.'

'Yeah, I know, but it really hurts to know that a woman can go to prison for defending herself from being assaulted.' It is almost like being a victim twice.'

'Yes Karisma, I see your point, but JJ was only doing his job.' Thank goodness that we have a new Governor and different Legislators now.'

'Yes, you are right Tom, I guess I should go easier on JJ, but I don't think I am going to let him know, at least, not for now.'

Tom parked in front of the school.' He walked to Karisma's side of the car and opened her door.' He gave her the crutches.' She smiled and said, 'Thanks, you would think that after four months, I would be free of this cast, but the doctor told me that my leg wasn't healing as fast as he would like and I may be in a cast for another six months.'

'Oh, I didn't know,' Tom reacted with surprise since they had only been working as partners for a couple of weeks.' Before that, he had worked undercover, pretending to be a man injured from the Korean War while watching over her, without her knowledge, as she was trying to trap a murder suspect.' That whole scheme had been hatched up by Jake Johnson, after getting her out of prison on parole.' When he had approached her in prison, he was unaware that she had been in a fight and gotten her leg broken a week before he came after her.' If he had known, she would probably still be in prison.

They entered the school and walked to the office.' A young woman stood. 'May I help you?' she asked with a pleasant voice.'Yes ma'am,' Tom responded while removing his badge from his coat pocket.'I'm Investigator Thomas Morgan and this is Officer Karisma Bowden.' We are here to check into a report of a missing teacher.'

'Yes Officers, you must be here concerning Jelly,' her face turned red.'Uh I mean, Miss Sandra Gray, that is her name but we all call here Jelly, I guess it has something to do with her liking jellyrolls or something.'

'Well Miss, uh' what can you tell us about Miss Gray?'

'Uh, my name is Mary, uh, Mary Morton.' Jelly, uh Miss Gray, well, she hasn't been to school for a couple of days.' I have been calling her house but no one answers.'

'So, does this Miss Gray, uh, does she have a habit of disappearing without telling anyone where she has gone?'

'No, she is very dependable.' She has never missed any work, uh that is until a couple of weeks ago.'

'Oh, and what happened then?' Tom continued to ask questions while Karisma stood by on her crutches.

Mary looked at Karisma on her crutches.' Her eyes followed them to the floor and back up.' She had a slight smile on her face.'Uh, about three weeks ago she decided to go skiing.' She fell down and broke her leg.' She pointed toward Karisma's cast.'She has a big plaster cast on her right leg, almost like yours, but she doesn't have that big rubber thing under her foot like you do."

Karisma looked toward Tom and back to Marry.'Lucky her,' she said, almost under her breath.'

Tom picked up the questioning again.'So, she broke her leg?' Is that the only time that she has been away from school?'

'Oh yes, Jelly, uh, Sandra has been very dedicated to her students.' There is no way that she would miss being here.' That is why I think there is something wrong.'

'Well, Miss Morton, is there anyone here in the school that she has been friends with?'

'Uh, sure, I think so.' There is Sharon Bell, she is also one of our first year teachers.' She was with her when she broke her leg.'

A few minutes later Tom was introducing himself and Karisma to Sharon Bell.'

'Miss Bell, I understand that you know Miss Gray?'

'Yes sir, we have been friends since college days. You know,' she said while looking down to Karisma's right leg in the plaster cast, 'Jelly is wearing a plaster cast on her right leg also.'

'Yes, we have heard,' Karisma responded.

'When was the last time you saw Miss Gray?'

'Well, uh, it was Friday I think.' Uh, yes, that is right.' It was Friday when school was out.' I remember seeing Billy, one of her students, walking her to her car.' She has a cute little blue Ford Thunderbird that she picked up during her last year of college.'

'Friday, and this is Wednesday morning, so it is possible that no one from the school has seen her for at least four days?'

'Yeah, I guess you are right,' Sharon Bell answered.

'Now who is this Billy?'

'Oh, he is one of her eighth grade boys.' He has apparently become interested in Jelly.' She tells me that he has been helping her take her boot off and put her shoe on of a morning, and then helping her with her boot again when school is out.' With her cast she has found it hard to bend over to change shoes.'

Karisma smiled.'Yes, I think I understand completely.'

'Anyone else besides Billy?' Tom continued.

'Well, since she came back to school wearing her cast, well, uh, another of our young teachers, Gerald Washington began to talk with her.' You know it is kind of funny.'

'Oh, funny, and how is that?' Tom asked with interest.

'Well, neither of them had ever said more than a few words between them, that is until she showed up in that cast, and then, as soon as Gerald saw her, well, he went right over and began to talk with her.'

'Do you know what they talked about?'

'At first it was about her cast.' Just her cast.' Apparently he was fascinated with her cast.'

'Imagine that,' Karisma said with more volume than she had intended.

Tom and Karisma walked down the hallway to a small room where they found Gerald puffing on a cigarette.'Are you Gerald Washington?' Tom asked.

'Uh, that's right, but who are you.' As they showed him their Police Officer badges Karisma asked, 'We understand that you know Miss Gray?'

'Miss Gray, uh, oh yeah, you mean Jelly.' Well, sure I do.' After all we are both teachers here, so don't you think we should know each other?'

'When was the last time you saw her?' Tom asked while looking at the smoke bellowing up from the cigarette.

Gerald took another draw on the cigarette before answering.'Last week, let me think.' I think it must have been on Thursday, yeah that is it, Thursday.' Hey, wait a minute, I haven't seen her this week either.' Is that why you are here asking about her?'

Tom continued, 'So Gerald, what happened to Friday?' I hear you and she have become good friends since she broke her leg.'

Gerald's eyes focused upon Karisma's plaster covered leg.'Yeah, so what.'

She responded, 'So, you have become interested in her since she showed up at school wearing a plaster cast on her leg!'

'Well, yeah, I guess so.' Hey just wait a minute.' What are you trying to imply?' The poor girl was injured and I volunteered to help her.'

'Oh, I see,' Karisma responded while knowing from personal experience that there was more to it than that.

Tom took back the interview.'What happened to Friday?' You said the last day that you saw her was on Thursday.' What about Friday.'

Gerald began to smile.'Oh, I can see where you are going with this.' Well, just cool it Officer.' I wasn't at school on Friday.' I had a dental appointment.' You can check with my Doctor if you want.'

'Oh we will, you can bet on it,' Karisma said before turning to Tom.'What do you think, shall we let Mister Washington go back to his smelly cigarette?'

'Yeah, why not.' Then he turned to Gerald, 'Here is my card.' If you hear anything, please call me.'

Gerald took a deep drag on his cigarette.' As he blew smoke toward them he responded, 'Sure Officers.'

As Tom and Karisma left the building she said to him, 'Do you think Gerald knows more than he told us?'

CHAPTER 4 - Jelly is Abducted

Friday evening after Billy had helped her into her light blue Thunderbird, Jelly drove to the grocery store.' As she walked through the store on her crutches while trying to push a grocery cart, she noticed several people, both men and women stopping to watch her.' There was even one woman with a girl about eight years old who stopped to talk with her after the girl had said loudly enough for Jelly to hear, 'Look Mommy, that lady has a cast like the one you had last summer.'

A young man walked up to her and began to talk.'What happened to your leg?' he asked.'Have you been skiing?'

Jelly never thought about how he had provided the answer to his own question.'Yes, and I broke my leg,' she responded.

'I bet that hurt.' How did you get down from the ski slope?'

'Some guy stayed with me until the Ski Patrol came to take me down,' she answered.

'I bet you were grateful to that guy,' he continued.

'Well, yes, I guess I am, but I don't have any idea who he was.' If I did, I sure would thank him.'

The guy smiled, turned and walked away.

The store bagger helped her get her groceries to her car.' She was listening to Elvis on the car radio while driving home.' It was already dark as she rounded a corner and noticed the car behind her did the same thing.' A couple of blocks later, again the car behind her made the same turn as she.'

Before long, she observed a flashing red light coming from the car that had been following her.' She pulled over and turned off the engine while wondering exactly what traffic law she had violated.

A man in what appeared to be police officers uniform walked up to her car.' He was wearing a round billed cap, typical of that worn by police officers in the 1960's. Jelly rolled down her window and looked toward his face. The headlights from his car caused a shadowed image making it impossible for her to see his face, which was hidden behind large, dark glasses.'Officer, what's the problem?' she asked.

'Ma'am,' he said, 'would you please step out of the car?'

'But Officer'

The man placed his hand on the door handle and opened the door.'Please ma'am, just do as I said.'

Jelly began to protest.'But Officer, I can't.' I have a broken leg.'

Yes ma'am, I know.' Now get out of the car.'

'You know?' Jelly reacted with a raised and panic filled voice.

'Yes, now get out of the car before I drag you out?' the shadowed man demanded.

Jelly was shaking all over while thoughts, bad thoughts, were bouncing through her brain like bullets against a steel plate.'Who in hell are you?' she demanded.

'Sandra, shut up and get out of the car.'

'How do you know my name?' she demanded.'Most folks call me Jelly, so how do you know my name was Sandra?'

The man in shadow bent down, reached behind her seat and extracted her crutches.'Sandra, here are your crutches, now shut up and get out of the car before I drag you out.'

Jelly thought about honking her horn to call attention but she couldn't see any homes with lights on, in fact, she thought she was in an isolated area where no one would hear her call for help.' She thought about trying to start her car and drive off, but she realized that she couldn't be quick enough to pull it off.'OK, mister, uh, I didn't get your name.'

'Sandra, this is the last time I am going to tell you, now get out of the car,' he said while grabbing onto the sleeve of her coat.

'OK,' Jelly responded.'But, it isn't easy with this cast.' I have to back myself out of the car.'

The man reached down, placed his hand under her left armpit and began to lift and pull her from the car.' When she was far enough out that her left foot touched the ground, he helped her stand before giving her the crutches.'Now,' he said with a forceful voice, 'walk to the passenger side of my car.'

Jelly was beginning to cry as she tried to walk on her crutches like the man had told her.' She was so upset she was unable to coordinate her crutches, her good leg and her casted leg.' The cast and her right crutch became entangled and she fell to the ground.' As she hit the ground she cried out with a moan, 'Please mister, don't do this.'

The man stepped up behind her, bent down and placed his hands under her armpits and lifted her to a standing position.' He reached his right arm around her waist and lifted her high enough off the ground that her feet weren't touching the ground.' He carried her to the passenger side of the car and stood her down.' He opened the door and told her, 'Get in the damn car and stop your balling.'

He helped her get her casted leg into the car before he said, 'Now, just sit there and be quiet while I get your crutches and move your car.'

Jelly could see through his car's headlights that he started her car and drove it off the side of the road and down into a slight ditch before returning to his car with her crutches and her purse.'Why are you doing this?' Jelly asked with a soft and sobbing voice.

'Be quiet Sandra,' he said with a loud voice while starting the car.'

'Sandra?' Mister, how do you know that my name is Sandra?'

'Look Sandra, I have known your name for a while, and I have been watching you.'

So,' Jelly sniffed back her tears, 'just when did you start watching me, and why?'

'You remind me of someone I knew, someone I was in love with.'

'But I'm not that someone, uh' what did you say your name is?'

'I didn't say, but you can call me Lucky.'

'Lucky?' What kind of name is that?'

'Oh, I'm just lucky to find you again.'

'What do you mean, 'to find me again' like you think you know me?'

'Oh, I do know you.' But, just be quiet and stop asking so many questions.'

While Lucky continued to drive them, Jelly tried to get a better look at his face as cars passed by with their headlights on.' After driving for half an hour, he turned into a driveway.' He stopped at a garage just long enough to turn off the engine, and jump out and open the garage door.' He restarted the engine, pulled the car inside and shut off the engine before hurrying back to close the garage door.' Then he walked to Jelly's side of the car and opened her door.

'Welcome to your new home,' he said with a smile that wasn't that easily seen in the darkened garage.

'My new home?' Jelly repeated while tears streamed down her face.

'Yes Sandra, this is your new home.' You are going to be living with me.'

'No, no, I will not get out of this car.' I don't know you, and I have never seen you before!'

'Ah Sandra, that isn't being nice.' When you aren't being nice I will have to punish you.'

'Punish me!' Jelly screamed out.'Just what in hell do you think you are?' I don't know you and you don't know me and now, you have taken me to this place that I have never seen and you tell me that you are going to punish me for not wanting to get out of the car?' Just who do you think you are?'

'Oh Sandra, please don't be that way.' I promise that I won't hurt you if you will just get out of the car.' With that, he reached into the car and placed his hands around her casted ankle.' He lifted it and began to turn her leg so it was extending out of the car.'

'Ouch, you are hurting me,' Jelly responded as the top of her cast bit into the back of her leg.

'Well, Sandra, you are going to get out of the car, even if I have to pull you out.'

Reality quickly set in.'OK, Lucky, uh, you did say your name is Lucky, didn't you?'

'Yes, that's me.' I am so lucky to have found you.' Now are you going to get out of the car?'

Jelly scooted closer to the edge of the seat.' She lifted herself up so she could turn her cast stiffened leg out of the car.' He reached in and took her hands in his and helped her from the car and onto her left leg.' Then he gave her the crutches while saying, 'Sandra, just walk in front of me to that door.'

As she approached the door she could see that it was without a window, and there was a large lock above the door handle. It became obvious to Jelly that it was a heavy metal door as he used a key to open it.' He opened the door and stepped back for Jelly to enter on her crutches.

As she stepped into the room she could see that it appeared to be the living room of a normal house, except that the windows had a very heavy wire screen over the inside of them.' She felt his hand on her back while he said, 'Go on in Sandra.' This is your, uh, our new home.'

'But Lucky, why are you doing this to me?'

'Ah Sandra, the first time I met you I told myself that I had to have you to hold and love, and now here we are.'

'When did we meet?' Lucky, I don't know you.' In fact, I have never seen you before as far as I know, and you haven't removed your big black glasses and that hat so I can even see what you look like.'

'In due time my Dear, in due time, but for right now, I want to show you where you are going to be fixing our dinner and where we are going to be sleeping.'

'No Lucky, we are not going to be sleeping together!' Jelly responded with a very loud voice while her face turned crimson and tears began to fill her eyes.

'But Sandra, you have to.' That has been my dream ever since I first met you.'

'Lucky, you keep telling me that we have met before, just where and when was that?'

He walked in front of her and said, 'Well, OK, let me show you.' He reached up and removed the police officer style billed cap revealing a full head of long dark brown hair.' Then he removed his dark glasses.' He smiled and said, 'Now Sandra, don't you remember me?'

CHAPTER 5 - Tom Eye's Karisma's Cast

Karisma and Tom returned to the office from interviewing the people at the school where Jelly worked.' While they were finishing up the paperwork from the interviews JJ stepped to their work area and summoned them to his office.' Karisma pushed her chair back and stood while reaching for her crutches.'Damn Tom, I sure will be happy when I get this cast off my leg.'

He looked down to her white plaster cast with her toes sticking out.'I bet your toes are a little cold since the weather has turned bad.'

'Yep, they are cold, and this whole thing is becoming such a drag that I am beginning to hate just having to move around in it.'

'Well, partner, look at the bright side.'

'Oh, and what would that be?' she asked.

'I was just thinking, I bet that would be a real novelty for a guy who was interested in taking you to bed.'

'Gee Tom, just who do you have in mind?'

'Are you guys coming or not?' JJ asked with a voice that indicated a desire for them to stop talking and get to his office.

Karisma walked in first.' She backed up to a chair, removed her crutches and extended her right leg while bending down to be seated.' Tom sat in the chair beside her.'What's up JJ?' Tom asked.

'A patrol found a light blue Thunderbird in a ditch at the side of a road over in the county.'

Tom looked at Karisma.'Blue Thunderbird?' Isn't that the kind of car that Sandra Gray drives?'

'Yes, I think so,' she replied.'Want us to check it out JJ?'

'What do you think I called you in here for?' Now get out there and find out what is going on!'

Karisma stood and placed her crutches under her arms.' When she got back to her desk, Tom helped her with her coat.' As soon as they were in the Galaxy squad car Karisma turned to Tom.'You were saying something about my cast and bed, just what did you have in mind?'

Tom smiled.'Well, I don't think I should tell you.'

'Why not, Tom?'

'Oh, I just don't think that I should.'

'Well, I will tell you then,' Karisma said.'I think that you are turned on by my cast and you were trying to tell me that you would like to take me to bed.' I guess that it is more because of my cast than it is me, so'

Tom could feel the red in his face quickly rising from his collar to the top of his head.' Now what was he going to say?' She had nailed him squarely between his eyes when she said he wanted to take her to bed because of her casted leg, but he couldn't admit to that.' He had to quickly come up with another answer.' He cleared his throat.'Uh, Karisma, you are a beautiful young woman, and, well, I was just trying to, uh, to say that I thought you would be a wonderful lover, uh, not that I, uh, I mean'

'You mean what Tom?' I think you are still trying to tell me that you want to take me to bed.'

'Oh, what the hell Karisma, yes, yes, I admit it, that is just what I want to do.'

Now it was Karisma's turn to do some fast talking.'Uh, Tom, uh, you know that I was in prison for three years, don't you?'

'Uh, yes'' he wasn't sure why she had said that, but she must have had a reason.'But, why are you reminding me of that?'

'Uh, and you know that it has been several months since I got out of prison, don't you?'

'Well, yes, I think I have seen you most every day since JJ brought you over to that stake out with Eddie Hawk.'

'OK Tom, and who have you seen me with during that time, uh, I mean, ' uh, guys?'

Tom thought that he was beginning to catch on to where Karisma was headed, but he wasn't sure, and he was enjoying the little cat and mouse game so he decided to play along by acting dumb.

'Well, let me see, I think you spent a lot of time with Eddie?'

'Oh Tom, you know that he was just a part of the deal that got me out of jail.' Surely you know that I wasn't going to let him take me to',' she swallowed her last word, 'bed.'

'Oh, and I thought you were falling for him!'

'Tom, just think, it has been over three years since I was sent to a cage filled with women, no men there. Then several months with Eddie, and I can't really say that he was a turn on for me, and oh, by the way, here is this big cast on my leg, no turn on there either.' Tom, just when do you think was the last time a man touched me?'

Tom swallowed.' Had he just been offered a chance to take Karisma to bed?'Gosh Karisma, I don't know, but would you like for me to break your chain of bad luck?'

'How about seven o'clock tonight at my place?' Karisma responded with a smile.

A few minutes later they arrived at the location of the blue Thunderbird.' Tom got out of the squad car, walked around and opened Karisma's door.' He held her crutches while she turned her casted leg out the door and stood on her left foot.

As they walked up to the Thunderbird, they were met by the Patrol Officer.'What do we have here?' Tom asked.

'I have already ran the plates.' The car belongs to a Sandra Gray.'

'That's her, that's the missing school teacher,' Karisma responded.

'What's it look like inside the car?' Tom asked while he and Karisma walked toward the car.

'Nothing unusual.' No blood, nothing ripped up or thrown around. 'I just thought that it was a maintenance problem or something where the driver just left it, until dispatch told me that the woman was reported missing.'

'Has the crime scene investigators been called yet?' Karisma asked the Patrol Officer.

'Yes, they should be here in a few minutes.'

She turned to Tom, 'What do you say, why don't we go see if any of the neighbors might have seen something?'

Tom looked around.'Karisma, this looks kind of isolated out here, but maybe someone may have seen something.' Then he pointed back up the road to a house at least a block away.'Lets drive up there and see if anyone in that house saw something.'

Tom helped Karisma back to the car.' When they got to the house, Tom helped her back out of the car and onto her crutches before they walked to the house.'

Tom knocked on the door.'Just a minute,' came a voice while the curtain was pulled back and an elderly man's face appeared.

Karisma held up her police officer's badge.'Sir, we are from the police, can we come in?'

The man opened the door and stepped back while his eyes traveled from her head to her feet and back again.'Hey Martha, we got company,' he hollered over his shoulder.

He watched Karisma maneuver herself on her crutches through the door and into the house.' He offered her a place to be seated while yelling back to his wife.'Martha come here,' there is a cute young lady here with a cast on her leg.'

Karisma could feel her face becoming red.' She hadn't expected anyone to draw attention to her leg like this old man was doing.'Sir, that's all right.' Please, you don't have to be making a fuss over my leg like that.'

The man walked over to a picture sitting on the mantel over the fireplace.' As he was carrying the picture back to her, he said, 'Here, this is our daughter in law, Kail.'

As Karisma took the picture she was surprised.' It was a beautiful young Hispanic woman with long black hair and a white plaster cast encasing her right leg from her toes to her hip.'She is beautiful, but what happened to her leg?' Karisma asked.

'She was hit by a car last summer.' She was in that cast for almost three months.' Then he turned his attention to Karisma's cast.'How about you?' What happened to your leg?'

Karisma wasn't sure what to say.' There was no way that she would tell him that she had her leg broken while in prison.' Quickly she said, 'In a fight, I was in a fight.'

Martha had joined the group by then.' She said, 'Oh, I bet it was while you were trying to arrest some guy.'

Karisma smiled, 'Yes, that is it, I was trying to arrest a big mean guy.'

Tom cleared his throat.'Folks, we need to ask you a question or two.' That blue Thunderbird down the street.' Did you see when it got there?'

The old man turned to Martha and then back to Tom.'Well, it was Sunday, no , no, it was Saturday night.'

Martha stepped in.'No, Jason, now don't you remember, it was Friday night.' Remember we just finished watching Perry Mason.' We were just about ready to watch the news when we saw that light go by?'

'Yes, I think you are right Martha, it was just before the news.' There was two cars going by.' The back car had some kind of red flashing light on it.' We looked out and saw the cars stop and a guy, he looked like he had a hat on, you know, one of those round ones with a little bill on the front, like a police officer wears.'

Tom and Karisma looked at each other.'Police Officer?'

'Yep, that is what it looked like.' He walked up to the car.' He opened the door.' It looked like the woman didn't want to get out to begin with, but we decided that it was just because she was having trouble getting out of the car.'

'Trouble?' Karisma repeated.

'Yeah, it looked like she had a cast on her leg and she was on crutches.' After Kail broke her leg, well, we kind of notice that stuff now.'

Karisma reacted without thinking, 'Yes, I have noticed.'

After a few more comments from Jason and Martha, Tom and Karisma left their home.' As the drove to the next house, Tom turned to Karisma, 'We never did finish our conversation about your cast.'

'Yes, I know,' she responded with a twinkle in her eye.

CHAPTER 6 - Why Are You Holding me?

While Karisma and Tom were interviewing people at the scene of her car, Jelly was trying to adapt to her new situation. 'A soon as they got into the light of the room she got her first clear look at his face.'You bastard, you are the same guy who talked to me in the grocery store.' What do you want with me?'

'Shut up or I will punish you,' he said with a n irritating smile that was more disgusting than what he told her.

Lucky made her remove her dress down to her bra, panties and garter belt with her nylon stocking while he sat back, drink a can of beer and smiled.' He told her, 'Alright now Sandra, just slowly walk across the room on your crutches and turn around so I can enjoy your wonderful body.'

She had resisted removing her dress at first but he had threatened to punish her if she didn't.' Finally she asked, 'Lucky, just what is this punishment thing that you keep threatening me with?'

He reached over and picked up a metal device a couple of inches in diameter and a foot and a half long.' He held it out so she could see two small prongs on the end.' While she was watching, he did something that caused a blue arc spark to jump across the two points while emitting a sizzling sound.' She reacted, 'What in hell is that thing?'

Lucky grinned,'It is a cattle prod.' He pulled the trigger again while making a jabbing move toward her, 'See, it makes this spark that will hurt you very badly if you don't do what I tell you to do.'

Jelly could feel her heart begin to sink with his demonstration because she could imagine how painful that would be against her bare skin.' After parading around in her underwear for an hour he finally said, 'OK Sandra, let me show you where we are going to sleep.'

'We?' Listen Lucky, we aren't going to sleep anywhere together.'

'Sandra, I have dreamed of sleeping with you from the first time I saw you,' he responded.'So, we are going to do it tonight.'

Sandra began to think quickly, 'Uh Lucky, uh, we can't.'

'Why not Sandra?'

'Uh, it's my time of the month, uh, I'm in my period.' No guy want's to have sex with a woman like that.' I mean, you will get blood all over you and me, it will be just a big mess, so I think we should put it off for a few days.'

'How many days?' he asked.

'Uh, five, five days Lucky.' After that, I will be well again.' You can wait that long, can't you?'

'Well, I guess so.' I have been waiting for two weeks already.'

With that comment, Jelly began to think back to what she had been doing two weeks before.' That was about the time that she had gone skiing.'Lucky, uh, were you skiing the day I broke my leg?' she asked while trying to figure out where he had seen her.

A wide smile crossed his face.'Uh-huh.'

'Were you in the bar while the other girls and I were eating lunch?'


'Did we see you there?'

'Maybe, but I don't think so.'

'Lucky, were you skiing down the slope with me?'


'Lucky, did you see me fall down?'


'Are you the guy who stayed with me until the Ski Patrol arrived?'


'Lucky, before you did this to me, I wanted to thank you for looking after me, but now, well, I just want you to let me go.'

'I'm sorry Sandra, but you see, you remind me of my old girlfriend.' I couldn't let her go, and I can't you either.'

'Why can't you Lucky?' Why can't you let me go like you did her?'

'I didn't let her go Sandra.' She left me.'

'Where is she Lucky?' Can I talk to her?'

'I don't want to talk about her right now.'

'What's her name, Lucky,' she asked while becoming concerned that she had reminded him of some other girl.

'Just don't ask any questions about her, do you hear me,' he said while picking up the cattle prod.

With that outbreak of temper from Lucky, she began to cry and walked to the bedroom on her crutches.'

Lucky sat back down in his chair and began to drink another beer.

The next morning Lucky told her that she could go to the kitchen and the bedroom, but she couldn't go upstairs or to the basement, then he said he was going to work.

Jelly had already spent one night in his house and she was anxious to find a way out.' She walked around the kitchen and bedroom, checking the windows.' Each window was covered with the same heavy wire screen that was on the windows in the living room. With each window, she tried to pull the screen away, but found them held onto the windows with large steel bolts that she couldn't turn with her bare hands.'

She tried to go to the basement but found the door locked.' She walked to the stairs leading up to the second floor.' She removed her crutches and turned so she was seated on the steps.' She slowly lifted herself up one step at a time until she got to the top of the stairs where there were three doors.' Each door had a large lock on it similar to the basement door lock.

After slowly working her way back down the steps she stood on her crutches and walked to the kitchen where she hoped to find a knife or something that she could use to defend herself from Lucky when he returned from work.' To her disappointment, she couldn't find anything sharper than a spoon.

With nothing else to do, she fixed herself something to eat and was watching TV when Lucky came back.' As he entered the door, she wasn't sure what to expect.' Would he be violent?' Would he demand that she walk around in her under ware for him again?' She didn't know, but what ever he told her to do, she was sure that she wouldn't like it.

'Hello Sandra, did you have a nice day while I was gone,' his voice and mannerism were much kinder than she had anticipated.

She didn't know if she should demand that he turn her loose, or if she should respond back with a kind word.' She decided quickly to respond, 'Lucky, I didn't have a good day because you are holding me prisoner.'

'Oh now Sandra, don't be that way.' I think you will be feeling better after we have something to eat.' Look, I stopped by one of those new hamburger places, you know, the kind where you just walk up and order and they give it to you to take home.' I thing they call it McDon'something.'

They ate the hamburgers and Lucky drank a couple of beers.' After they were finished, Jelly got up the courage to ask, 'Lucky, why are you holding me here?'

'Sandra, it is because you remind me so much of my old girlfriend.' I really loved her and you just remind me of her.' I can't have her anymore, but I have you now.'

'Lucky, why can't you have her anymore?' she asked while not being sure if she wanted to hear the answer.

'She is gone?'

'Gone, what do you mean?' She is gone?'

'She ran away.' She told me that she didn't want to be my girlfriend anymore and she left.'

'Lucky, what was her name?'

'Sandra, you asked me that last night and I told you I didn't want to tell you.'

Jelly was just about to ask another question when Lucky got up and went up stairs.' He returned in a couple of minutes carrying some clothes and another beer.'Here, put these on,' he said while tossing them at Jelly.

She stood and placed her crutches under her arms.' She began to walk toward the bedroom on her crutches when Lucky called to her.'Where do you think you are going?'

'I, uh, I was going in there to change.'

'No, do it right here.' I want to watch.'

Jelly wasn't sure what to do.' Should she cry, smile or try to hit him with one of her crutches.'No, I won't,' she responded with a loud voice.

Lucky picked up the cattle prod.' He pushed the button causing the hot blue spark to jump across two points.'Do it,' he demanded.

Jelly leaned on her crutches while she held up the clothes he had tossed at her.' There was a purple colored knit, short sleeved shirt and a pair of jean shorts.' She walked over and sat on the edge of a chair while she removed the top of her dress and slipped on the purple shirt.' She lifted the bottom of her dress and removed the nylon stocking from her left leg.' Then she slipped the shorts over her cast covered right foot and her left foot before slipping the shorts up her legs.' She stood and fastened them around her waist before dropping her dress to the floor.

When she was finished Lucky said, 'Now, Sandra, come over here and sit on the couch next to me.'

Jelly reluctantly walked over on her crutches and sat down beside him.' He reached down and lifted her legs into his lap.' He reached out with his left hand and began to rub her casted toes while trying to work his right hand down the top of her cast.

'Why are you doing this?' she demanded.

'Just remembering some wonderful times that I have had,' he responded while his eyes were closed and a smile crossed his face.

'Well, you aren't going to use me for your fantasy,' she yelled.' She placed both of her hands around her casted knee, lifted her casted leg and turned around with her legs off of his lap.' She stood, grabbed her crutches, and moved as fast as she could to the bedroom.' She slammed the door and locked it while hoping that he wouldn't come after her.' Lucky had drunk enough beer that he didn't try to get off of the couch and follow her.

The next morning after Lucky left for work, Jelly started to look through all the back corners of the closet, hoping to find some tools that she could use to remove one of the window screens.' She reached under a pile of old newspapers and felt an envelope.' When she pulled it out, she found that it contained some pictures.' As she began to look through them she gasped and said aloud, 'Oh my god, this girl is wearing the same shirt that Lucky had me put on last night.' As she continued to look at the other pictures she said, 'and, now I understand why he wanted me.'

CHAPTER 7 - Don't Forget, Seven O'Clock?

Karisma and Tom had finisher their work on the case for the day.' Before they parted, she reminded Tom, 'Don't forget, you promised to come by and pick me up at seven o'clock.'

He turned to her with a wide smile, 'How could I ever forget a promise like that?'

Karisma hurried home while already feeling in he body, anticipation of what she was planning to experience later in the evening, but she was going to make Tom take her to dinner first.' She had taken a shower and now she was combing her long blond hair.' Every time her thoughts drifted she could feel her body begin to tingle all over.' She wasn't sure if she would be able to control herself when Tom arrived.'

As she fastened a garter belt around her waist and began to slip a silky smooth beige nylon stocking over her left foot and to the top of her leg she began to wonder why she had never had this feeling about Tom until today?

Maybe it was because her first encounters with him had been when he was in disguise as the Korean War Veteran who pretended to have a limp and brain damage.' He was disgusting to look at then with a shaggy beard but he was always kind to her and he did have those eyes that could see into her soul.' When she was first introduced to him as her new partner, she was fascinated by his penetrating eyes, but she still hadn't seen the spark.' Maybe it was nothing more than his telling her that he was interested in her because of her casted leg.' Surely, that wasn't it, but it really didn't make any difference because she was planning on getting laid for the first time in almost four years and her body was so into what was about to happen that she was having trouble controlling it.

She had just slipped into her white blouse, knee length gray skirt and matching jacket when the doorbell rang.' She stood on her crutches and walked to the door. As she opened it, she saw the vision of a tall, handsome man standing before her in a black suit with a red tie.' She stepped back from the door on her crutches and said, 'Well, aren't you handsome this evening?'

He stepped inside, brought a bouquet of red roses from behind his back and said, 'And, aren't you stunningly beautiful this evening?'

Karisma smiled, 'Oh those are so beautiful.' Please follow me into the kitchen so you can put them in some water for me.'

As she led the way, Tom glanced down to her casted right leg and left foot and leg in her beige stocking.'Your shoe, Karisma, where is your shoe?'

'Yes, you rang the bell just before I had a chance to put it on.' If you don't mind, my shoe is lying on the bed.' You can get it and help me put it on.'

Karisma walked on her crutches over to a footstool.' She removed her crutches and lifted her casted right leg out in front of her while she sat on the edge of the footstool.' Tom walked back into the room carrying a two inch heeled gray pump.' He kneeled down in front of her.' He placed his right hand around her silky smooth left ankle and lifted he foot while he guided the shoe on her small foot.' When he was finished she extended her foot while saying, 'Thank you Tom.' I appreciate it very much.'

Karisma stood while Tom retrieved a lightweight jacket from the closet and helped her put it on.' Once they got to his car, he opened the door and helped her lift her legs into the car.

While they were driving to the restaurant Tom asked, 'Well, what do you think happened to Sandra Gray?'

'Tom, I really don't know yet, and I really don't want to talk about her tonight.' We will have all day tomorrow for that.' Tonight I just want to talk about tonight.'

'Fair enough,' Tom responded while reaching out with his right hand and taking hold of her hand.

Tom parked the car as close as he could to the restaurant.' He hurried to her side of the car and helped her lift her legs out of the car.' He gave her the crutches and walked with her to the entrance.' When they entered the restaurant, there was a line of people waiting.' The young man who was in charge of seating stepped forward and spoke to Tom.' They were quickly moved to the head of the line and shown to a small table in a dark corner where a candle was burning in the center of the table.' Tom helped Karisma be seated before sitting across from her.' Quickly, she asked, 'Tom, can I please place the heel of my cast on the edge of the chair between your legs?'

He guided her cast to its resting place and began to massage her toes while she smiled.'Tom, if you keep doing that, we may not get out of here before I assault you.'

'Karisma, is that a threat or a promise?'

She continued to smile. 'Tom, don't you remember how long it has been since I had s'.?'

Tom placed his hands above the table while responding with a wink, 'OK Karisma, you have made your point.'

After they finished eating, Tom helped Karisma back to the car.' As they drove home Karisma was already outlining in her mind what she was going to do as soon as they got inside her apartment. When Tom parked the car she said, 'Tom, remember what you were doing to my toes in the restaurant?' Well, it is about time that you picked up where you left off.'

'Right here in the car?' Tom responded with a chuckle.

'No silly, but I just wanted to remind you of what I want as soon as you carry me into the house.'

'Carry you?' You want me to carry you into the house?'

'Yes Tom, now get out of the car and get around here to my side,' she said while opening her car door.

As soon as Tom was to her side of the car, he reached inside and helped her lift her legs out of the car.' She stood just long enough for Tom to place his left arm around her back and his right arm under her knees.' As he lifted her into his arms, she placed one arm over his shoulder while wrapping her other arm around his neck and pulling his face to hers.' She placed a quick kiss on his lips before he began to carry her to her apartment door.'

When he got her inside she said, 'Take me to the bedroom.'

Tom carried her to the bedroom and placed her on the bed.' He bent down and removed the gray pump from her left foot, exposing her perfectly manicured and brightly red painted toenails through the thin nylon film of her sandal foot stocking.' He bent down and placed a kiss on the tip of her big toe.' She wiggled her toes and said, 'You are starting off right.' Then she wiggled her toes in her cast, 'Don't forget these, they are lonely also.' Even though I am no longer in prison, they still are being held prisoner in this big cast.'

Tom bent down and placed a gentle kiss on the tip of her big toe before opening his mouth and slipping his lips over it.' He began to gently suck on her toe while Karisma laid back on the bed.' She could feel her inner fires building to a climax as Tom began to tickle the tip of her toe with his tongue.

After a short few seconds of toe activity, Tom lifted his hot lips from her toe and reached down for her hands.' He pulled on her arms, slowly lifting her upper body off of the bed.' He reached down and placed his arms over her shoulders, cradling her head in his arms. 'He began to kiss her hot lips.' She pulled his lips tighter against hers.

Tom stepped back and unbuttoned the front of her jacket and her blouse.' As he pealed them off of her shoulders and down her arms he was greeted with a wonderfully rounded and firm set of love mounds just asking to be looked after.' He laid Karisma back on the bed and began to cup her lovely right breast in his hands while he slowly teased her erect nipple with the tip of his tongue.

Karisma reached down, placed her hands on both sides of his face and pulled his face to hers again while her lower body was convulsing with orgasms, one after another.' She spread her lips and invited his oral appendage in.' While his tongue explored the inside of her warm oral cavity, her hands were to the back of his head holding his face tighter against hers.

A few minutes passed before Tom was able to refocus his attention back to her legs.' He rolled her over on her back so he could unzip the back of her skirt.' After placing her on her back again, he began to slowly work her skirt down off her hips and toward her feet.' As the top of the skirt slowly moved down and off of her waist, his eyes were first greeted by the white garter belt that encircled her waist like it was a part of her skin.' As the skirt continued downward, he was exposed to a wonderfully exciting site of her pantyless lower body.' He paused momentarily to enjoy the view before pulling her skirt all the way down her sensual legs, one in silky smooth nylon' and the other in the hard plaster prison confining her leg from her hip to her toes.

Tom turned his attention to her left leg in nylon.' He began at her foot and slowly drew his moistened tongue from her ankle up the front of her leg, over her rounded knee and to the top of her stocking.' As his tongue got closer to the top of her leg, Karisma could feel her body begin to react once more.

When he had made his way to the top of her stocking, he moved over to the top of her cast and began to bathe the top of her right leg as far down inside her cast as he could reach with the tip of his tongue.' Soon, she was experiencing her first real man in almost four years. They spent the rest of the night together, arm in arm.

CHAPTER 8 - I Knew Who He Is

Shortly after Karisma and Tom arrived at work the next morning, JJ stepped from his office, 'Hey Tom and Karisma, come into my office, now!'

They looked at each other.'Wow, he sure sounds like he has a bur under his saddle this morning, doesn't he?' Karisma said to Tom while she was pushing her chair back and getting onto her crutches.

'Oh I don't think so, maybe he hasn't had his coffee yet,' Tom responded.'Now, just be calm with him Karisma, remember what I told you.' You shouldn't be trying to antagonize him like you have been doing.'

She looked back to Tom, 'Sure, but it is so much fun, I have trouble resisting the challenge.'

'Sit down,' JJ directed as they entered his office.'

'What's up?' Tom asked after he and Karisma had been seated.

JJ looked at both of them while holding a folded newspaper.'Maybe I should be asking you two, what's up,' he said.

Karisma could feel her face becoming red.' She quickly began to cough, hoping that it would camouflage her guilty face while hoping that JJ hadn't somehow found out that they had spent the night together.'What do you mean?' Tom asked.

'You two, what have you been doing on the Sandra Gray case?' JJ asked.

Karisma could feel the red quickly drain from her face.'Well, JJ, uh, we have been interviewing people.'

'Yes I know, and apparently someone has been talking to the press,' he continued.

'Who, JJ?' What press?' Tom asked.

JJ held up the front page of the newspaper.'This,' he said.'Look, this story says that you have identified a guy in a police car stopping Sandra Gray's car.'

'Uh, JJ, that isn't exactly what we found,' Tom began to attempt to explain.

'What do you mean?' Is it true that a guy in a police car stopped her, or not?'

'Actually, JJ, what we found was that a guy who was dressed like a police officer with a flashing red light may have been involved.' In fact, JJ, if you look closer at the story you will see that it doesn't actually say a police officer was involved,' Tom responded while hoping that his comments would take the edge off of JJ's reaction.

'Yes, Tom, I know.' I have read the entire story twice.' Now where did the paper get the story?'

Karisma and Tom looked at each other.'Gosh JJ,' Karisma responded, 'we didn't tell anyone.' Then they both said at the same time, 'It had to be Martha and Jason.'

'Who in hell are Martha and Jason?' JJ bellowed out.

'They are the people who told us about the red light on the car and the man wearing what looked like a police officer's hat,' Tom answered.

'OK, get back to your desks and give me a full report in writing.'

As they walked out of JJ's office Karisma turned to Tom, 'I sure thought that somehow he had found out about what we did last night.'

'I didn't see how he could have, but I was beginning to wonder myself,' Tom said.

An hour later JJ appeared at his office door again.'Tom, Karisma, get in here now.'

While they were getting up from their desks Karisma turned to Tom, 'Oh god, now what has he decided that we have done?'

'Beats me, but I am sure that we will soon find out.'

As soon as they were seated JJ held up the newspaper again.'See this,' he said while slapping at the paper.'Looks like some woman read the story and wants to talk about it.' Here is her address, now go find out what she wants, and it hadn't better be some nut cake who want's to tell us how bad the cops have treated her boyfriend.'

Tom took the lady's name and address. 'We'll get right on it.'

While they were driving to the lady's home Karisma said, 'What are we going to do if it is some old woman who just wants to complain about police officers?'

'I don't know.' I guess we will find out when we get there.'

A few minutes later, Tom and Karisma on her crutches were knocking on the lady's front door.

A young woman opened the door.' Tom held up his badge.'Police officers ma-am, did you call us?'

She stepped back from the door. Tom could see that she was wearing a knee length skirt.' Her long legs were dressed in nylon stockings and her feet were without shoes.' She answered, 'Yes, please come in.'

As soon as Karisma took two steps on her crutches the young woman noticed that her leg was in a cast.'Please ma-am, come on in and have a seat.' As soon as Karisma was seated, the young woman took her crutches and leaned them against a door.' She sat down across from them and crossed her legs at her ankles. 'My name is Amber, Amber Wright,' she said before being asked.

'I'm Officer Karisma Bowden and this is Investigator Thomas Morgan,' Karisma said while looking toward Tom with a wide smile.

'Tom, ma-am, just call me Tom,' he said while Amber was shaking hands.'Now, why did you call us out here?'

'I read the story about Sandra Gray missing and that there may be someone posing as a police officer involved some way.'

Amber was looking at Karisma's casted leg with intensity while Karisma asked, 'Yes, but what do you know that might help us?'

'Huh, I'm sorry ma-am.' Would you please say that again?' Amber said.'

'I was asking you about the reason that you though you might know something about Sandra Gray.'

'Well, it is a long story, but I think I might know who you are looking for.'

'How's that, Amber?' Tom asked while wondering why Amber appeared to be focused upon Karisma's casted leg.

'I think he might be an ex-boyfriend.' She paused for a few seconds before turning to Karisma.'I'm sorry to be so bold ma-am, but what happened to your leg?'

Karisma placed her hands around the knee of her plaster cast and shifted the position of her cast slightly while she could feel her face becoming warmer.'Uh, I broke it in a fight a couple of months ago, but why do you ask?'

Amber smiled.' She stood and walked over to a shelf and picked up a handful of pictures in a small album.' She walked back and sat down beside Karisma.'Here, look at these,' she said.

Karisma opened the cover of the album to the first picture.' It was Amber playing with a football but her left leg was in a white plaster cast from her toes to the middle of her thigh.' The cast had a rubber walking pad molded into the bottom of the cast.' She was wearing a purple shirt and jeans with the left leg missing.

Amber pointed at the picture and said, 'That's me.'

'Yes, I can see that,' Karisma responded.'Who are you playing football with?'

'He isn't in any of the pictures, but he is the guy that I think may be who you are looking for.'

'Why do you think it might be your boyfriend?'

'Uh, ex-boyfriend,' she corrected Karisma.

'His name is Willard Anderson but he likes to be called Lucky.'

'OK Amber, but why is he the guy we want?' Tom stepped back into the conversation.

'He owns an old 1957 Ford car that used to be a police car,' Amber answered.'

'Well, how does that connect him to Sandra Gray?'

Amber took a deep breath, 'The newspaper said a witness saw a red light on the car.'

'OK Amber, but when police cars are decommissioned, the red lights, radios and the sirens are all removed.'

'Willard was really proud of his car.' He used to talk about how fast it would go.' It had a spotlight mounted through the windshield support on the driver's side.' He showed me one time how he could put a red plastic shower cap over the light and then make it flask like a police red light.'

Tom looked at Karisma.'Hum, sounds like the guy might be who we are looking for.'

'There's more,' Amber continued.'He had some handcuffs and he showed me a hat he had found at a yard sale.' It was an old Army hat with a bill, but he had put an old badge he had found somewhere on the front of it.' He put it on and asked if I thought that it looked like a police officer's hat.'

'Where can we find Willard?' Karisma asked.

'I don't know.' I haven't had any contact with him since last summer right after these pictures were taken.'

'Where did he live when you last saw him?'

'He has moved.' I know that because I checked up on him a month after we broke up and he was gone.' I don't know where he moved to.' In fact, I thought he might have left town, uh, that is, until I read the story in the paper this morning.'

'So, Karisma continued, 'you think Willard is the same guy who apparently abducted Miss Gray?'

'I'd bet on it,' Amber responded without hesitation.

'What makes you so sure of that?' Tom asked.

'Well, we have several things in common.' First, we are both recent college graduates in our first year of teaching. We both liked to ski, and we both took a tumble on the ski slopes.'

Tom looked to Karisma, 'Those things do sound like they might be pointing toward the same guy.' What do you think?'

'Maybe, Tom, but there are a lot of first year teachers out there.'

'But what are the odds of them having a broken leg?'

'I don't know Tom, we have Amber siting here who fitted the profile and so does Sandy Gray.'

Amber watched the debate for a few seconds before she interrupted, 'Please let me tell you the rest of the story.' Maybe, then you will have a better understanding of why I think Willard is the man you are looking for.'

CHAPTER 9 - Amber's Story

Amber sat down again beside of Karisma.' She began to turn through her album of photos of her in her leg cast.'I met Willard while skiing last spring.' It was almost the last day the slopes were going to be open so skiing wasn't going to be the best.' After making a few runs down the slopes, I retreated to the lounge for a sandwich and some hot coffee.' While eating a handsome young guy came up and began to talk with me.' He said his name was Willard Anderson.'

'So, that is the first time that you remember having seen him?' Karisma asked.

'Yes, after I finished eating, Willard suggested that we take another run on the slopes.' Well, he was a better skier than me.' I got about half way down when I caught the tip of one ski and fell.' I felt the bones in my left leg snap at the top of the boot as I hit the ground and began to tumble.'

'Oh, I bet that hurt,' Tom remarked.'

Amber turned to him and smiled.'Unless you have broken your leg, you have no idea how much it hurts, right Officer Bowden?'

Karisma reached down and placed her hands on her casted leg.'Yes, Amber, that is the truth.'

'Anyhow, Willard stayed with me on the slopes until the Ski Patrol came to rescue me.' Then he followed me to the hospital.'

Karisma looked at Tom, 'Isn't that what we were told about Miss Gray.' Remember, some guy stayed with her and even followed her to the hospital?'

'Yeah Karisma, I remember.' Maybe someone at the hospital can tell us more.'

'Willard stayed with me while I was in the hospital. I was in a big cast from my toes to the top of my leg and on crutches so I couldn't drive, so he drove me home when I was released three days later.'

'Just curious,' Karisma said, 'but you had a different cast from the one in the picture?'

'Yes, very long and very heavy.' You can't believe how happy I was just to get the cast that I am wearing in these pictures.'

Karisma shook her head, 'Oh, I think I can.'

'OK now Amber, what or how did you and Willard stay together after that?' I mean, did he ask for a date or what?' Tom asked as an attempt to get her back on the story.

'He said that he knew that I would be needing some help so be began to drop buy every evening.' He would bring me groceries and just check up on me.'

'Did he ever act like he was overly interested in your cast?' I mean, did he say anything that made you think that he was only helping you because of the cast?' Tom attempted to find out why Amber thought that Willard was helping her, but his question didn't make a lot of sense to her.

'Well, I don't think so, I mean, I broke my leg and he was there to help me.' Then he continued to help me afterward.' In fact, I was really happy that he did, uh'' her voice trailed off.' She sat silently for a few seconds before continuing, 'I liked him, uh, I thought he was sexy looking.'

Tom asked again, 'So, you think his attraction to you was strictly as a Good Samaritan, and maybe just a cute young woman that he might like to get to know better?'

'Y' yes.' I always felt that he was interested in looking after me.' At least, in the beginning, but then'.' A wide smile formed over her pretty face, ' we started to liking each other, you know,' she said while looking down to the floor as her smile widened, like boyfriend and girlfriend.'

'Did the two of you share an apartment?' Karisma asked.

'Well, that depends on what you mean,' Amber's face became crimson.'If you are asking if we lived together, well no.' But, if you are asking if we shared a bed together'

'We get the picture,' Karisma responded.

'Anyhow, we were very close together for several months.' Willard helped me through learning how to get around on crutches,' she looked toward Tom while saying to Karisma, 'like I expect that he helped you.'

Karisma's face turned red.'Uh, well it wasn't Tom, but' please continue with your story about Willard.'

'Like I was saying, he helped me with my driving and shopping.' He even went to the doctor with me each time.' He watched as the doctor removed my first cast and put another cast just like it on.'

'Oh, so you had two long leg casts with crutches,' Karisma responded almost involuntarily.

'Actually three casts before the one in the picture,' Amber answered.

'We were pretty much inseparable for almost six months.' We were even talking about a future'

Karisma reached out and placed her hand on Amber's nylon stocking covered knee.'So it was that serious?'

Amber sniffed back a tear before responding, 'Uh-huh.' I really thought that I was in love with him.'

'What happened,' Karisma asked with a soft voice.

'Well, he, uh, he' Amber began to cry.

Karisma reached over and took her hands in hers.'That's all right honey.' Just take your time.' Everything will be OK.'

'One evening while we were just fooling around he said that he had a secret that he wanted to show me.' I said OK.' Then he told me that it was such a secret that he wanted to put a blindfold on me so I wouldn't know what his secret was until he could show it to me.'

'You didn't have a problem with that?' Tom asked.

'No.' I didn't think anything about it because we had joked around like that before.' One time I made him put on a blindfold before I took him to a very expensive restaurant so I didn't think anything about it.'

'So it wasn't any big deal, I mean the blindfold,' Karisma asked.

'No, not a big deal until we got to his surprise.' We drove around for about a half an hour before he turned into a driveway.' He parked the car and got out while telling me to keep the blindfold on.' I heard him raise a garage door, then he drove inside the garage and put the door down before telling me to remove the blindfold.'

'Wow Amber, that is beginning to sound a little spooky,' Karisma commented.

'Well, you haven't heard nothin' yet.' He helped me from the car and to a big metal door with a lock on it.' He opened the door and told me to step inside.' When I got inside, I wasn't sure what to do.' I think that if I hadn't been in the cast, I would have tried to run.'

'What did you see?' Karisma was becoming concerned.

'As I looked around I saw that Willard had bolted heavy wire over the windows.' I asked what he had done that for.' He giggled a sound like none that I had heard from him before.' He said that it was an old house that he had bought and he was fixing it up.'

'Why the screens?' Tom asked.

'All that Willard would tell me was that the screens were already on the windows when he bought it.'

'Did you believe him,' Tom asked.

'No, not exactly.' They looked like they were new, but I didn't challenge him on it.' I just looked around a little while telling him that it was nice.' It was feeling so creepy that I asked that he take me away.'

'Can you tell us where this place is?' Tom asked while looking toward Karisma.

'No, by the time we left it was dark outside. 'I think we were out in the country somewhere.' I didn't see any lights around until we drove for a while.' I think we came back into town on the east side, but I'm not sure.'

'What did you do next?' Karisma asked.

'I think that I was so scared that I didn't know exactly what to do.' I told Willard that I wanted him to take me back to my apartment.' I said that I had some paperwork to do and that it was at home.'

'Did he say anything else about the place he showed you?' Karisma continued her questions.

'No, he didn't say anything more and I didn't want to bring the subject up. It was kind of like trying to ignore an elephant sitting in the corner.'

Karisma asked while looking toward Tom.'What do you think Tom, do you think Willard may have kidnapped Miss Gray and is holding her there?'

Tom turned back to Amber.'Amber, you knew Willard, did you get the impression that he was planning his secret place as a location to hold women that he kidnapped?'

'I don't know, but he scared me.' I decided to tell him that I was finished with him.'

'How did he take it?' Karisma asked while looking to Tom for reassurance.

'Well, at first he blew up.' It was very obvious that he was angry with me?'

'At first?' Did he settle down after a few minutes?' Karisma continued her questioning.

'Yes, he yelled around for about five minutes, then he changed his approach.' He began to cry and ask me why I was breaking off with him.'

'What answer did you give him?'

'I didn't think that I wanted to tell him that his secret house frightened me so I just told him that I was wanting to let our relationship rest for a few weeks.' I told him that I thought that I was in love with him, but I need some time to think about it first.'

'What was his reaction to that?' Again Karisma asked the question.

'I don't think that he liked it, but when I told him that I loved him, that appeared to have calmed him down.' He asked when he could see me again and I told him that I would call him later.'

'Did that work?'

'He began to call me after a few days but I continued to put him off.' Finally, he called me one day and told me that he had found a new girlfriend and he was through with me.'

'Do you know who she was?' Tom hoped for a positive answer.

'No, I am afraid I don't, but I sure hope that she was smart enough to figure him out.'

Tom turned to Karisma.'Well, I think our interview with Amber is finished.'

As they drove back to the station Karisma turned to Tom, ' That Willard character sure sounds like the guy we are after, I just wish that Amber knew more.'

CHAPTER 10 - Jelly's Freed

When Karisma and Tom returned to the office JJ called them into his office.'What did you learn from your interview with the woman who saw the story in the newspaper?'

'Well,' Tom began, 'we are pretty certain that her ex-boyfriend, Willard Anderson is the guy we are looking for, unfortunately, she can't tell us where he is now.'

JJ handed Tom a piece of paper.'Here, follow up on this one.' It is another woman who called in about the story in the newspaper.'

As Tom and Karisma were walking out to their police car she said, 'I wonder if this woman will have anything new to tell us?' Do you think she can tell us where to find Anderson?'

'I guess that is why we are going to see her, to find out if she knows anything.'

While driving to the location of the woman who called, Tom cleared his throat with a nervous cough.'About last night, uh, would you, uh, would you by chance, uh, do it again tonight?'

Karisma reached out and placed her hand on his leg.'What do you think?'

'Well, uh, I think I would like to, uh, that is if you do.'

'How about you coming over at seven o'clock.' I will have dinner made and then we can, uh, we can celebrate.'

'Celebrate what?' Tom asked with a wink.

'Celebrate that it will be our second date, what else?' Karisma responded with a giggle.

A few minutes later Tom and Karisma were standing on the porch, knocking on the door of the woman who's address JJ had given them.' When the door opened Karisma immediately noticed that the woman's eyes passed from her face to her casted leg and back. 'May I help you?' she asked.

Karisma responded while holding up her police badge, 'Yes ma-am, I believe you called telling the dispatcher that you had some information you wanted to pass on.'

'Yes, won't you please come in?' the woman answered.

When Tom and Karisma were in the house the woman introduced herself.'I'm Katherine Davis.' Won't you please be seated.'

Karisma backed up to a chair removed her crutches and gave them to Tom before she extended her casted right leg and sat down, with Tom taking a chair a few feet away.'

Katherine sat on a chair across from Karisma.' She crossed her legs while asking, 'Pardon me for asking Officer Bowden, but it's your cast.' I find it fascinating that, according to the newspaper story, the woman you are looking for was also wearing a cast.'

'Yes, that's correct, but I assure you that there is no connection,' Karisma said with a smile.' Then she asked, 'Have you ever had a cast Miss Davis?'

'Oh yes, while I was in high school, I fractured my ankle.' I was in a long leg cast for three months so I can understand what you are going through.'

Karisma smiled, 'Thank you, it isn't easy. Now, what was it that you called us about?'

'I called about this guy that I used to work with.' While I was reading the story I remembered that he was dating a girl who was in a leg cast.' I guess that was one of the things that caught my attention about the school teacher.'

'Do you remember the girl's name?' Karisma asked.

'Uh, I think it was something about a color.' Uh, a-something.'

'Amber?' Tom asked.

'Yes, Amber, that was it, Amber.'

Tom looked at Karisma who took a deep breath.' She was getting ready to ask the big question.'What was your co-worker's name?' Was it Willard?'

'Yes, it is Willard'

'Anderson?' Karisma finished the sentence for Katherine.

'Yes, Willard Anderson, but how did you know?'

'We have been talking to his girlfriend.' Now, do you know where he lives?' Amber told us that he had moved since she broke up with him.' He hasn't updated his car registration or his drivers license so we are at a dead-end unless you can help us.'

'Well, I looked up his address while I was waiting for you.' I think it is current since he wants to be sure that his paychecks arrive on time.'

Tom took the paper with the address on it.' He looked at it.'Karisma, no wonder that Amber didn't know where he had taken her, this is way out in the country.'

The next morning, Tom, Karisma and two uniformed police officers armed with a search warrant appeared at the address Katherine Davis had given them.

Jelly took another sip of wine while Robert continued to rub her toes sticking out of her red fiberglass cast.' She was about to finish telling him all about the horrible experience she had with Willard Anderson, the man who called himself Lucky.'

Jelly wiped some tears from her eyes, 'I remember, it was a Saturday morning because Lucky was home. 'He had been going to work each day which allowed me to relax a little from my fears of what he would do to me.' I had been able to hold him off from raping me because I had told him that I was in my period, but the time was about to run out.'

'I am so sorry,' Robert said.'Are you sure you want to tell me the rest of the story?'

She took another sip of wine.'Uh-huh,' she said.'I have been holding it for so long, I have to tell someone.' Anyhow, Lucky had made me remove all of my clothes and put on a garter belt and nylon stocking.' Then he made me put on that purple shirt again.' The one that I saw the woman in the pictures was wearing.' I had just slipped on a high heeled shoe that appeared to be his favorite.' I was standing on my crutches and beginning to parade back in forth in front of him when I heard a horrible noise at the front door.'

Jelly stopped her story for a minute while trying to regain her composure.' Robert reached up and wiped her tears away before she continued.'The noise sounded like someone was hammering on the door.' I looked toward Lucky.' He had a wild eyed expression on his face.' I heard someone yelling through the door something about police and open the door.'

She stopped her story again to take another deep breath.'I tried to run on my crutches but I caught one of them on a throw rug.' I fell in the middle of the floor.' Lucky had jumped up and was running toward the door to the garage when the front door came crashing open.' I saw two big police officers with their guns drawn when I looked toward the open door.' They were yelling something about not moving and to show them my hands.'

'God, you must have been scared,' Robert said while continuing to slowly massage her toes.

'You know Robert, I think I am more scared about it now than I was when it was happening.' I have never told anybody before and it is frightening to remember.'

'Ah Honey, you don't need to worry now.'

'Yes I know, but it is so frightening to be recalling it after so long in the past.'

'Maybe this will help you put it to rest for good.'

'Well, when the two policemen stepped inside I pointed toward the garage door and yelled that he had gone that way.' As soon as they had stepped past me I looked back toward the door they had just broken down.' I was shocked by what I saw.' There was man and a woman also coming through the door.' The man said they were also police officers.'

'So, what was so shocking about that?' I know there weren't a lot of women police officers back then, but what'?'

Jelly giggled.'Robert, you won't believe it but she was on crutches with a big plaster cast on her right leg.'

'You have to be kidding, the cop who rescued you was also wearing a cast on her leg?'

'Yep, but that didn't keep her from helping me.' She came right in on her crutches and walked over to me.' She told me her name was Karisma and how they had found out where I was being held.' In a weird sort of way, her cast was a comfort to me.' As soon as she asked if I was OK we began to talk about our casts.' After they had Lucky handcuffed and hauled out to the police car, Karisma helped me get dressed and then she took me home.' The next day her partner Tom and she came to my home to fill out the report.'

'So,' Robert asked, 'what happened after Officer Bowden and her partner rescued you?'

'Well, there was a big trial.' I had to testify and all of that.' It also turned out that Willard Anderson had held another young woman in that house before me.'

'Did they put him in prison?'

'Yes, he was sentenced to ten years, but he got out after six years.'

'Aren't you afraid that he might want to come back and get you?'

'No, actually Karisma informed me that he moved out of state when he got out of prison.' He is back in jail again, this time for killing a man in a robbery.' He won't ever get out of jail again.'

'Speaking of Karisma, how is she doing?' Robert asked while filling Jelly's wineglass again.

'We have remained in contact ever since the incident.' But now her name is Karisma Morgan.' She married her partner Tom about a year after they rescued me.' And there has been one other change in her name, she is now Police Lieutenant Karisma Morgan.'

'How about your cast?' How much longer did you have to wear the cast after you were rescued?'

'I wore the cast for another two months, then I was on crutches for about a month after the cast was removed.'

Robert took Jelly's wineglass from her, reached out and pulled her face to his.' He gave her a long, passionate kiss.'Honey, thank you for telling me that story.' He lifter her into his arms and carried her to the bedroom where he planned to examine every inch of the red cast tightly hugging her right leg from her toes to her hip.

- The End-

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