Christian: Lady on the Airplane

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CHAPTER 1 - I Guess My Seat is that One?

I had already boarded an aircraft headed for a week in Atlanta on business. The aircraft doors were about to be closed when a young lady on crutches came hobbling on board. The very attractive young lady was wearing a blue dress with a full skirt that struck her legs just above her knees. The top of her dress hugged her body while displaying her large round breasts. She had a large blue handbag slung over her right shoulder further complicating her walk as she tried to maneuver on her crutches.

She wore her long blond hair in long curls. Her left leg was in a beige nylon stocking with a white two-inch heel on her small foot.? Her right leg was in a blue fiberglass cast from the tip of her toes to above the bottom of her dress.? Her cast-encased foot hung several inches above the floor with her knee flexed about fifteen degrees.

My heart began to pound as the pretty young lady hobbled up and stopped at my row of seats. She pointed at the two open seats beside me and smiled. She looked down and said, "I'm sorry, but I guess my seat is that one by the window."

I raised the arms between the seats, and stood to get out of her way. She removed her bag from her shoulder and sat it on my seat before she turned with her back to the seat. She used her crutches to slowly work herself over to the seat next to the window. She removed her crutches and handed them to me as she asked, "Would you mind, please, taking these and putting them up. Also, would you please put my bag in the overhead for me?"

I put her things away before sitting back down. She placed her hands under her knee and lifted her cast to move it around so she could fit it under the seat in front of her. She sat down and fastened her seat belt before looking around. She smiled with a grin that almost closed her blue eyes as she reached over and lightly touched my arm.? She said in a very soft voice, "Thank you, I sure appreciate your help."

I returned her smile and said, "Glad I could help. Haven't I seen you somewhere before?"

"Well," she said, as she tried to adjust her cast again, "You look familiar to me also. I guess we will figure it out in a little while."

"I'm sure we will remember," I told her as I leaned over closer to her and asked, "Have you been traveling long?"

"No, I'm going to Atlanta on business, but I just about missed my plane."

"Yes, I noticed," I said.

She continued to try to readjust the position of her cast as she said, "I probably should have stayed home after I got the cast, but I decided I needed to go to a convention for photographers in Atlanta."

My heart began to race again as I said, "Oh, I bet I am going to the same convention. I own the Picture-U store in the mall."

She smiled and said, "Good, at least I will know someone there. And, I think I remember where we have seen each other before. I was in your store last week showing you a new computer program for managing your photo inventory."

"Oh yes," I said with a wink, "now I remember. I guess I was thrown off by seeing you in the cast since you weren't wearing one when you came in to the shop. It's great to see you again. I guess we will be seeing each other more during the convention."

"Yes," she said, "I guess so."

I pointed toward her cast and asked, "Have you been in your cast for long?"

She smiled again as she lifted the bottom of her skirt, revealing that her cast extended well above her mid thigh. She said with a sweet Southern accent, "No, actually I wasn't in a cast until Friday. I stepped off the curb and fractured my ankle Friday afternoon. I didn't get out of the hospital until Sunday afternoon. My leg's still sore and hurts a little sometimes."

"Since it was just your ankle, you probably won't have to wear a cast for too long," I commented as she continued to try to adjust her cast.

She shook her head and said, "I don't know. I have to see my doctor again, when I get back from Atlanta. She said I will probably have to wear a cast for several months."

We continued to talk. I learned her name was Christian, she was single, and she lived about a mile from my apartment.? She said she was self employed and designed software for computers. She was interested in photography and liked to have her picture taken.? I told her I would enjoy taking her photo anytime.

We sat back and relaxed as the plane took off. I read for a few minutes while Christian closed her eyes and tried to sleep.? After about half an hour she reached over and placed her hand on my arm. She said, "I'm sorry, but my leg is hurting. Would you mind if I placed my leg on the seat between us?"

My heart fluttered. I said, "Sure, can I help?"

She reached under the back of her knee and tried to lift her cast from between the seats. The cast held her leg so she couldn't move it. She stood to maneuver the foot of her cast from under the seat in front of her. As she began to sit back down, I bent over to lift her cast by the heel. As she seated herself, and I helped swing her cast to the seat cushions, it became obvious her cast was too long to fit without also resting on part of my seat.

Christian sat down with the heel of her cast bound right foot in my lap and her legs spread wide apart.? Her left leg was still resting under the rear of the seat in front of her as she looked at me and said, "Well, I guess this isn't going to work.? I am forcing you to hold my cast in your lap, while I'm setting here doing the splits."

"I don't mind holding your cast in my lap," I told her, as I pointed at her left leg and said, "If you would be more comfortable, you can put your other leg in my lap also."

"Thank you, but are you sure you don't mind?" she said, as she placed her hands on the knee of her cast covered right leg.

"No, it is fine with me," I told her and placed my hand on the ankle of her cast.?

Christian said, "Well, OK, but I want you to take my shoe off so I won't get your pants dirty."

"OK," I said.? I placed my hand under the heel of her shoe and guided her left leg toward my lap.? I placed my left hand around her shapely ankle and slowly removed her shoe before placing her heel in my lap next to her cast. I admired her pretty, short, evenly spaced toes wearing pink polish, peeking through the toe of her silky smooth, sandalfoot, beige nylon stocking.

I looked at her and said, "This is fine with me, if it's OK with you."

"Now, I have one more request for you if you don't mind," she said, with a pretty smile.

"Sure, if I can," I said, while I began to rub her nylon stocking covered calf.

"Well, I feel kind of foolish setting here with my legs in your lap for everyone to see. Would you mind placing a blanket over my legs and feet?"

I glanced in Christian's direction as I bent down to get a blanket.? Although she didn't realize it, she needed the blanket because everyone across the aisle could see under her dress to the top of her legs.

I discovered with delight, she was wearing on her left leg, an extra long nylon stocking fastened to a black garter belt.? The top of her cast extended to the top of her right leg, where it nearly kissed her black panties.

I spread the blanket over Christian's legs covering the bottom of her dress.? I covered her feet with the other end of the blanket. I reached under the blanket and began to gently rub her toes confined in her cast. She looked at me and said with a smile that almost closed her pretty blue eyes, "Oh, thank you.? That feels so good."

Christian laid back in her seat and closed her eyes while I continued to massage her toes.? I gently rubbed her left foot and ankle as she dozed off to sleep.? Shortly, I was dreaming of more adventures with Christian as I fell asleep also.

We both awoke to the sounds of instructions for landing. I located Christian's shoe and slipped it on her silky smooth, nylon stocking covered left foot.? I removed the blanket and helped her turn to place her foot back on the floor. She stood as I lifted her cast from my lap and lowered it to the floor. When she sat back down she was in the center seat beside me. We remained seated until the rest of the passengers had left the plane.

I stood and retrieved Christian's crutches.? I stepped back as she stood and placed her crutches under her arms. She slowly worked her way from between the seats.? I removed Christian's blue handbag and my own briefcase from the overhead and followed her as she slowly worked her way down the aisle of the airplane.

We walked up the ramp and into the terminal together. Christian stopped and turned to me before saying, "I'll take my bag now, so you can go on.? I don't want to hold you up. It's going to take me a long time to get to the baggage terminal, get my bags and flag down a taxi."

I said, "Please, let me help you. I don't have anything else to do, and I don't mind helping you. In fact, I want to help. I'm renting a car and we are both going to the same hotel, so why not let me help you?"

"Well, OK, if you are sure you don't mind."

"Good," I said.? I located a wheelchair for her.? I wheeled her down to the baggage terminal and located our baggage.? I rented the car and we headed for the shuttle bus. I helped her out of the wheelchair and up the step into the bus before I placed all the baggage onboard.

The bus stopped at the car and I helped her off. She stood beside the car while I placed the baggage in the trunk.? I opened the door and she turned to be seated on the edge of the seat. As she slid into the car, I bent over and lifted her cast by the heel. As I turned her cast into the car my face made contact with her voluptuous breasts. I acted as if nothing had happened, but I could see a quick smile on her pretty face as I stood and headed for my side of the car.

Neither of us said much as we started to drive to the hotel; however, I certainly was enjoying my new found friend setting beside me.? She was so very pretty, and her legs were gorgeous in her sheer beige nylon stocking and blue fiberglass cast.

We drove to the front of the hotel and allowed a valet to park the car while a bellhop took charge of the baggage. Christian refused a wheelchair.? I reached into the car with my face in her bosom to lift her cast bound leg out of the car.?

CHAPTER 2 - Please Rub My Leg

We checked into the hotel and were assigned rooms beside each other on the sixth floor.? I helped her with her crutches and rode the elevator to our floor.? I opened her door and helped her in before I entered my room.

We decided to meet at our doors in thirty minutes to go to the hotel restaurant for dinner. She answered her door wearing different clothes. She had changed into a dark blue skirt that hit her legs at mid thigh, and a white blouse that provided a generous display of her large bosom. She was wearing a short strand of white beads around her throat along with small white earrings. Her left leg was still wrapped in her beige nylon stocking and white, two-inch heeled pump.? Her blond hair was in a French role on the back of her pretty head.

I looked at her and said, "Wow, you sure are pretty in that outfit."

She blushed slightly.? She said, "Well, thank you, a lady always enjoys being told she is pretty."

After closing her door, we walked to the elevator and rode to the restaurant on the tenth floor. The waiter seated us across from each other, next to a window where we could look out and enjoy the sun setting over the city.

Christian ordered prime rib while I ordered a sirloin steak.? We continued to talk while eating our salad before the main course. I asked Christian why she came to the show since it was just for people with photographic interests.? She explained she was planing to meet with several people about her computer programs for photo management.

I said, "I remember you coming into my store. I was greatly impressed with your program and had planned to call you back for more demonstrations."

"Oh really," she responded with a smile, "I didn't think you were that impressed with the program.?

"Actually, I was so taken aback by you and the way you were dressed that I really couldn't concentrate on what you were saying," I told her as I patted my mouth with the napkin.

"Thank you, but what do you mean by being taken aback? Was there something wrong with the way I was dressed?" she asked, with a frown on her face.

"Well, it was the beautiful, low cut red dress with the tight skirt with a slit up the side, and those gorgeous..."

She interrupted by saying, "Oh, you didn't like the dress? What was wrong?? Was it too flashy, or out of style?"

I reached over and placed my right hand on her left hand before continuing, "As I was saying, the dress was gorgeous. And, well, I have to admit, I loved your beautiful legs in those sheer, black nylon stockings.? The seams up the back of your gorgeous, long shapely legs were exceptionally sexy. And your small, feet in those black three-inch heeled sandals were so attractive.? Well, I just couldn't think much about the computer while looking at you.?

Christian acted slightly embarrassed as she said, "Gee, I don't know how to respond to that complement.? I think I should remember a couple of things though. First, if I plan to make a sale, I need to wear different clothes so the attention is on the computer rather than on me. Secondly, I want to remember how you felt about the dress and my legs."

Now I was beginning to feel embarrassed.? I said, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so frank about my feelings.? Here, we have just met and I'm already starting to make a pass at you.?

She removed her hand from under mine and placed it on top of mine before saying, "A lady always enjoys having a pass made at her. Besides, I appreciate the insight on how you liked my dress."

We continued to eat in silence while looking out the window at the skyline. The sun had already set and the lights of the city were becoming more prominent as the waiter brought the bill. I paid for both of us over Christian's protest.

Christian asked me for her crutches as I felt her leg bumping into mine.? She looked at me with a slight smile on her beautifully made up face and said, "Will you please help me? I kicked off my shoe and now I can't find it."

I looked under the table for her shoe which had been kicked under my chair.? I saw the reinforced top of her beige nylon stocking peeking from the left side of her skirt which had been pushed up by all her kicking with her leg.? I reached down and retrieved the shoe and started to offer it to her. She lifted her left foot and placed it between my legs before saying with a twinkle in her eyes, "Please, you may put it on me if you like."

I reached down and placed my left hand around her small shapely ankle before slipping her shoe over her short, evenly spaced toes peeking from the sandalfoot toe of her sheer nylon stocking. She paused for a minute while continuing to rest her gorgeous ankle in my hand before slowly lowering her foot back to the floor.

I stood and pulled her chair out before handing her the crutches. She stood and placed them under her arms. I stepped back a couple of steps so I could admire her beauty as she slowly stepped out with her blue fiberglass cast bound right leg hanging stiffly beside her sumptuous left leg encased in a beautiful nylon stocking.

We rode the elevator down to the small gift shop on the second floor mezzanine. Christian said she needed to pick up some new nylon stockings, and I thought it would be nice to get a local paper.? When we had both finished shopping we returned on the elevator to the sixth floor and our rooms.

I waited at the door while Christian let herself in and closed her door before I entered my room.? I removed my jacket and tie before fixing myself a drink. I had just set down and kicked my shoes off when I heard a knock on the door that separated my room from Christian's.

When I opened the door, Christian was standing on her crutches smiling at me.? She was still wearing her blue skirt and white blouse along with her beige nylon stocking. Her left foot was shoeless as she took a step into my room and said, "I thought you might offer a girl a drink."

I stepped back and swallowed hard to cover my surprise.? I said, "Well, sure, come on in.? I was just fixing one now."

She said, "Good," as she walked over on her crutches and sat on the sofa next to where I had been sitting.

I returned to the sofa with her drink and sat beside her. Within a minute she said, "I have a favor to ask you. You made my leg feel so good this afternoon while we were on the plane, would you mind rubbing it again for me."

I could feel a flash of red come over my face as my heart kicked into overdrive. "I said, well sure, I would love to."

Christian started to lift her cast by the knee as I bent down to help her.? She swung around with the back of her cast encased knee resting over my legs. Her cast was next to my lap with her gorgeous, nylon stocking covered left leg resting on my knees.? I reached down, took her left foot in both hands, and began to kneed the bottom of her foot.? I noticed the heel of her foot was exceptionally soft. I said, "Your foot is so soft, you must take a lot of time caring for your feet."

"Thank you. Yes I do spend a lot of time caring for my feet. I always rub them with lotion each night before bed. Sometimes after I finish with the lotion, I put on a pair of fresh nylon stockings and wear them to bed. Also, I never wear shoes without stockings. I think, keeping my feet covered while wearing shoes helps to keep them soft," she said, while she wiggled her short toes above my hand.

"I'll be glad to put some lotion on your foot now if you have some," I told her.? I started rubbing the calf of her soft, beautiful nylon stocking covered leg.

"Oh, would you?" she said, as she began to try to lift her legs and turn them from my lap.

I lifted her legs slightly and began to slide sideways from under them.? I said, "Please, let me get it for you.? Just tell me where to look."

"OK the lotion is in the top drawer of the dresser," she said, as she settled back on the sofa.

I went to her room to look in the dresser, I found there were two drawers.? The first one was filled with her sexy lingerie including several nylon stockings and garter belts. I found the lotion along with a torsolette and a teddy in the second drawer.

When I returned with the lotion Christian said with a big smile, "I hope you didn't have too many problems getting the bottle of lotion separated from all my lingerie."

I felt my face flush.? I said, "No, no problem at all, but I have to admit, you have some very attractive lingerie."

She blushed slightly before saying, "Maybe I will model some of it for you before the week is over.?

I felt my heart begin to beat rapidly again as I thought of Christian wearing the torsolette I had just seen.? I lifted her legs and scooted back under them before holding up the lotion and saying, "Do you want to remove your stocking so I can rub lotion on your leg?"

She lifted her leg and reached under her thigh to unfasten the lower garter from the top of her extra long nylon stocking. She slowly pushed the skirt up her thigh and unfastened the top garter.? She took both my hands and placed one on each side of her leg before saying, "Here, you can remove my stocking for me.?

I slowly, and sinuously pulled the top of her stocking down her elegant thigh, over the smooth skin of her attractive knee, and over her charming, shapely calf. She lifted her leg slightly so I could move her stocking over her splendid ankle and velvet soft heel. I pulled her stocking from her short, evenly spaced, delicious toes and flung the stocking around her lovely neck.

She looked at me with a big smile covering her entire face before saying, "Somehow, I don't think that was the first time you ever helped a lady remove her stocking."

"Oh, and what makes you think that?" I asked, as I began to rub lotion into her soft smooth heel.

"Just a guess," she said, as she began to wiggle her lovely foot.

I looked at her cast and said, "Too bad your other heel won't get the chance to also feel some of this fine rubdown. But, I'll rub your toes with some lotion in a minute, if you want."

"Oh would you please?" she said, as she tried to wiggle her toes in her cast.

I said, "Let me guess, I bet your doctor is a lady named Doctor Burke."

Christian smiled and said, "How did you know that?"

"Christian, it's a long story, but I recognized the way the cast is formed under your toes.? I use to date a lady who wore a cast like that for several months."

"How interesting," she said, with a wink. "You must be an expert on ladies with casts on their legs."

"I've known several. Although I haven't tried to hunt them up, they just seem to find me. Take you for instance, I didn't go out looking for you, but here we are," I said, as I continued to rub lotion on her knee.

"Yes, here we are," she quietly said, as she laid back on the sofa.? "Don't stop now, but I think my leg is going to be so relaxed when you finish, you will have to carry me to my room.?

When I finished with her leg rub she appeared to have fallen asleep. I lifted her legs and scooted out from under them. I gently scooped her up in my arms and carried her to her bed. She stirred slightly as I laid her down and unfolded a blanked over her.

CHAPTER 3 - Leg Casts Are Sexy

I went back to my room and got ready for bed. I was so keyed up from being with Christian that I had a hard time relaxing. I dozed off, and slept well for the rest of the night.? The next thing I knew, I heard a knock on the door. I started to open the hallway door when I realized the sound was coming from the door between Christian's room and mine.

I opened the door and saw Christian standing before me.? She was holding onto the door casing while balancing on her left foot with her cast bound right foot suspended several inches above the floor.? She had stripped to her black demi bra and black bikini panties.? She said, "Have you seen my crutches? I was about ready to take a shower, but I can't find my crutches."

I looked around and reached for her crutches before saying, "Well, I guess I forgot to take them to your room last night after I carried you to your bed."

She took the crutches and placed them under her arms before saying she would be ready in half an hour. I told her I would take a shower and be ready by then also. I started to close the door between our rooms but she spoke up and said, "You can leave the door open if you wish."

"Sure," I said. "It's OK with me if it is you."

I finished my shower and dressed in a dark blue suit with a white shirt. I was putting my shoes on when I heard Christian call me.

I walked into her room and found her setting on the side of her bed. She was wearing a white robe that covered her upper body and arms down to her elbows. The bottom of the long robe was draped open over her left leg, which she had crossed over her cast covered right leg at her calf.? The contrast between the blue of her cast and her deeply tanned bare leg was strikingly attractive.

She was deeply involved in messing with her light blue torsolette. She looked up and offered it to me. She said, "I can't get these hooks to work. Would you see if you can?"

I took the torsolette and worked with a bent hook. After straightening the hook, I gave the garment back to her and started to turn to leave the room. She took the torsolette and started to stand up with her crutches under her arms as she said, "No, please don't leave. You can stay and talk with me while I'm getting dressed."

I swallowed hard and said, "Well, OK, if you say so."? She turned with her back to me and wrapped the torsolette around her upper body under her robe.? She snapped it together down the front before dropping her robe to the floor exposing a beautiful, hourglass shaped body that was tightly hugged by the torsolette.

She turned around facing me before setting back on the edge of the bed. The torsolette gently caressed her figure from just above the nipples of her voluptuous breasts to slightly above her small, round navel.? She was wearing light blue bikini panties that matched her torsolette.???????

She looked up at me and said, "Will you please look through the top drawer of the dresser and get my blue nylon stocking for me?"

I felt my face blush slightly as I went through her drawer of nylon stockings and garter belts looking for her blue nylon stocking. I handed it to her, and said, "My pleasure."

She took the stocking while saying with a smile, "I bet it was."

I continued to blush while she started to work her stocking over the thumbs of both hands. She lifted her left leg and slipped the toe of the stocking over her short, evenly spaced toes wearing pink polish.? She extended her leg as she pulled the stocking over her shapely ankle, up her beautiful calf, and over her soft rounded knee. She placed her foot on the floor and gently worked her stocking up her thigh. The top of her nylon stocking gently kissed the nylon crouch of her panties.? She folded the top of her extra long nylon stocking over before fastening it to the garters attached to the left side of her torsolette.

She asked me to reach for a dark blue, two-inch heeled, open toed sandal.? I started to hand it to her but she smiled and lifted her left foot before saying, "Please help me by putting it on for me.?

I walked over and bent down on my knees in front of her. I took her ankle in my left hand enjoying the silky smoothness of her nylon stocking while slipping the shoe on her lovely foot.

She thanked me before asking me to hand her a white blouse. She put it on and buttoned it high around her neck. I gave her a dark blue skirt. She stepped into the skirt before standing. She pulled it up and fastened it around her slim waist. The bottom of the skirt very tastefully hit her left leg at the middle of her kneecap.? I gave her a matching, long sleeved jacket. She put it on and buttoned two buttons that caused the jacket collar to flow from her beautiful neck over her gorgeous breasts and down to within two inches of her belt line.

I handed her a scarf that contained a pallet of blue colors of various shades along with flakes of white. She draped it over her left shoulder with the two ends below a belt of material matching her jacket and skirt. After making a few last minute passes through her lovely, long blond curls with her comb, she smiled and said, "I'm ready, shell we go to breakfast?"

We ate breakfast together in the hotel coffee shop. We parted for the day, after agreeing to have dinner together that evening.

After a busy day at the conference, I returned to my room and heard Christian call me.? She had been back for some time. When I entered her room, I saw her setting on her sofa with a drink in her hand. She had removed her scarf, jacket and blouse.

She patted the sofa and said, "Please come here and rub my poor leg. It's so tired from all the walking."

"OK," I said, "but first let me take off my jacket."

After removing my jacket, I walked to her room and lifted her legs so I could sit under them. I gently removed her shoe and began to rub the arch of her pretty, nylon stocking covered foot. I asked her how her day had gone. She said she had sold a couple of her programs, and had a couple of more guys who said they might be back later.

She began to giggle as she continued to talk. I asked her what was so funny and she said, "Well, you should have seen this one guy. He wasn't interested in my programs but he sure was interested in me.?

I looked at her with a serious expression on my face and said, "Gee, I don't understand why.? I can't imagine anyone being interested in you.? I mean, just because you were wearing a gorgeous outfit, with beautiful, curls in your long blond hair, and very attractive makeup on your beautiful face. Why would anyone ever want to talk to you?"

She took an empty swipe at my left shoulder as she said, "But, look at me.? Here I am on crutches with this big old cast on my leg.? How could that be attractive to any man?"

I looked at her and said, "You gotta be kidding. Don't you know some men think a lady with a cast on her leg is very sexy?"

"Oh yeah, you don't really mean that do you?"

"Haven't you been paying attention to the men around you? All of them stop to watch you as you walk past them on your crutches."

"I guess I have noticed them but I didn't give it any thought. I just guessed they were curious about what had happened to my leg, or something."

I smiled and looked down at her cast bound leg before I said, "That 'or something' is the fact that most all men are attracted to a pretty lady on crutches with her leg in a cast."

"Really! And I guess that also includes you," she said as she tried to wiggle her cast bound toes.

"Well," I said, as I placed my hand on her toes in her cast. "Wait until a guy comes up and asks to suck your toes. Then what are you going to do?"

"Gee, I guess I hadn't thought about that. But I did have several guys ask for my picture, and most of them wanted full length shots that included my leg and cast."

I changed the subject by asking, "What would you like to do for dinner this evening?"

"I think it would be fun to take a ride in one of those horse drawn carriages," she said, while she started to lift her legs from my lap.

"That's a great idea. One of the guys was telling me he and his wife rode one a few blocks downtown to a neat restaurant by the underground part of Atlanta."

She said, "Great."? She stood on her crutches and put her white blouse back on. She sat back down for me to slip her dark blue sandal back on her left foot, which was still in her light blue nylon stocking.? She stood again, placed her crutches under her arms and said, "Shall we go to dinner?"?

CHAPTER 4 - What Are Friends For?

We rode the elevator to the street and flagged down one of the carriages with the aid of the bellboy.? She walked up to the side of the carriage on her crutches and started to try to balance herself while lifting her left foot high to place it on the small step fastened to the side of the carriage.? It became obvious she was in trouble so I took her crutches and placed them in the carriage while she stood on her left foot and held onto the side of the carriage.

I lifted her into my arms and placed her in the carriage. She stood on her left foot and turned so she could sit on the rear seat.? I climbed into the carriage and sat beside her. I told the driver where we wanted to go.

Christian reached over and placed her left hand in my right hand before saying, "Thank you for helping me.? I was afraid the horse might move the carriage when I started to place my foot on the step."

I squeezed her hand and said, "What are friends for?" She didn't offer to remove her hand from mine as the carriage continued on down the street. Shortly she began to squirm around with a frown on her lovely face. I asked, "What's the problem, is your leg hurting?"

She said, "My leg is starting to go to sleep."

I bent over and lifted her legs and turned them around into my lap. I began to rub her cast confined toes.? She put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Thanks, that fixed it."

I guessed from the way several men stopped along the street and watched us ride by, they were able to see under her skirt to the top of her leg above her cast. I helped her pull her skirt down to cover her upper leg, which stopped the wild stares from the sidewalk.

When we arrived at the restaurant I lifted Christian's legs off my lap and gently placed them back on the floor of the carriage.? I paid the driver before standing down and helping Christian by lifting her from the carriage.? She took her crutches and we began to walk to the restaurant.

We were seated across from each other at a table in a dark corner of the restaurant. The waiter lighted two candles and offered us a menu. Shortly after ordering, Christian said, "I hate to bother you, but would you mind if I rested my cast on your chair?"

I smiled widely and reached down to guide the foot of her cast between my legs. I began to gently rub her cast bound toes as she said, "Oh, that feels so good, I'll give you the rest of the evening to stop it."

I looked into her pretty blue eyes and said, "OK, just tell me when the evening is up."? I thought to myself, "After seeing you dressing this morning, I sure would like to rub something else."

We continued to talk about our day at the show while we ate. Over dessert I said, "You know, you sure were attractive when you were getting dressed this morning."

She said, with the most innocent of voices, "Oh really, here, I thought you were looking like a starved puppy just because you didn't have anything else better to do."

I blushed and said, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that."

She giggled and reached for my hand as she said, "No, I'm the one who should apologize. You were trying to give me a compliment and I made fun of it."

"Well, you are a beautiful lady, and I just wanted to tell you that."

"Thank you," she said, while she patted my hand.

After eating, I helped Christian to her crutches and out of the restaurant.? We flagged down another horse drawn carriage and rode back to the hotel.

We rode the elevator straight to the sixth floor. I opened my door and let Christian go through my room to hers.? She said she would be over in a minute for a drink while we talked.

While she was in her room, I removed my shoes and made us some drinks. I was setting on the sofa when she entered my room on her crutches. She was still wearing her white blouse, but she had changed back into the blue skirt she had worn the evening before.

She walked over and sat beside me before lifting her legs and swinging them onto my lap. I placed my hands on her shoeless, but nylon stocking covered left foot and began to rub her high arch.? She began to smile and make "0ooo" sounds as I continued to massage her pretty foot.

After a few minutes she said, "Here," and handed me the lotion.

She pulled the left side of her skirt up, exposing the top of her extra long, blue nylon stocking.? As she reached for the garters holding the top of her stocking, she looked down at her leg and said, "Darn, look, I have a run in my stocking."

After unfastening the stocking, she asked me if I wanted to help her remove it. I took both hands and slowly worked the stocking off her pretty leg. I asked her if she had a use for the stocking. She said, "No, but why? Do you collect women's stockings or something?"

"No," I said, while reaching over for a pair of scissors lying on the table.? She watched with an intense smile as I cut the toe from the foot of the stocking. I worked the stocking toe over her cast bound toes and between her foot and the cast. I patted the tips of her toes and said, "Now, what do you think? Doesn't that look neat?"

She giggled and said, "Where did you learn that trick?"

While I took some lotion in my hands and began to rub her gorgeous left leg I said.? "It's a long story. I was engaged to marry a lady one time who wore a cast for several months."

"Oh, what happened? That is, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to become so personnel," Christian said as she tried to wiggle her toes confined in her cast.

"Well," I said, "her name was Kasie.?? She was killed in a car wreck about a year ago."

Christian placed her hand on my shoulder and said, "Please, don't talk about it just because of me."

"No, it's fine. She was a beautiful blond lady with blue eyes.? I remember the first time I saw her, she was wearing a sundress with nylon stockings and no shoes.? I couldn't take my eyes off her. I was so embarrassed because she caught me watching her take her lingerie out of the dryer."

Christian smiled and said, "Well, you have seen my lingerie, were you embarrassed?"

"No, but I must admit you sure did get my attention with the pretty blue torsolette you were wearing this morning."

She said, "Well, actually, I'm still wearing it." Then she sat up and unbuttoned her blouse before saying, "Ya want?a see? Why, does it make you uncomfortable?"

"Actually Christian, you are a very beautiful lady, and my desires are becoming almost stronger than I can control."

She said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to cause you a difficult time. But would you like to see more??

"Christian, I would like to see it all, but I don't want to do anything we will regret later."

"OK, no regrets," she said, as she lifted her legs from my lap and stood on her crutches. She turned and walked to her room while looking back over her shoulder. She said, I'll be back in a minute.? Why don't you get more comfortable?"

"More comfortable? How do you mean that?"

"Oh, how about removing your pants and socks."

I got up from the sofa and undressed while she was gone. Shortly Christian returned wearing her blue torsolette with her leg in a new blue nylon stocking.? She was wearing her bikini panties over the garter straps fastened to the top of her extra long nylon stocking on her left leg.? Her left foot was in a three inch, wedge heeled dark blue sandal.? She had placed her hair in a French role on the back of her head, causing her to look very sophisticated.

She walked up to me setting on the couch and said, "What do you think? Would you like some of me as much as I would like some of you?"

I swallowed hard before patting the sofa and suggesting she sit back down and place her legs back in my lap. I placed my left arm around her slender, hourglass waist while gently rubbing the upper thigh of her left leg through the reinforced top of her lovely blue nylon stocking.

I gently placed my hot lips against her quivering, rosy lips. I felt the fire within me begin to rise as she responded by opening her mouth and pushing her tongue against my lips. I instantly responded by opening my mouth and allowing her delicious oral appendage to enter my mouth and roam freely.

Very quickly I had transferred my attention to unfastening the back of her torsolette. We separated out lips while I completed my mission of loosening the bounds of her beautiful body. I reached down and unfastened the garters attached to the top of her stocking before slowly pulling the garters from between her silky smooth blue bikini panties and the velvet softness of her lower abdomen. I laid the torsolette aside and began to gently cup her voluptuous right breast in the palms of my hands. I placed the tip of my tongue against her already erect nipple and began to slowly move my hot tongue in a small orbit. She began to lay back and utter a low moan.

I switched my attention to her gorgeous left breast and began to slowly massage her nipple with my hot tongue. After a full minute she reached to both sides of my face and quickly pulled my hot lips to hers. She opened her mouth and invited my penetration of her elegantly exciting oral cavity with my hot, and rapidly roaming tongue.

From my past experiences, I remembered some of the most enticing, and erotic stimulation I could provide was to very gently reach down the inner thigh of her cast and massage the soft, velvet smooth skin of her upper thigh.? There was something about her leg being securely bound within the inflexible cast that multiplied her excitement from the stimulation.

Rapidly Christian was pulling at my back while quickly responding with hot, very passionate kisses to my fiery lips.? I scooped her into my arms and carried her to my bed. I had to pry her arms from the tight wrap she had placed around my back, so I could remove her shoe and panties.? Very quickly, we were tightly engaged in the ultimate pleasures of hot, passionate love.

CHAPTER 5 - Christian's Pleasures

Christian was still asleep when I began to awaken with a twilight dream.? The dream became reality as I gradually drifted back into the world of consciousness, and realized my experiences were real.

She was lying on her right side.? I had slid down in the bed and was lying on my left side.? My face was pressed firmly against her voluptuous left breast.? I vaguely recalled sucking on the nipple of her large, firm, round breast as I became awake. She was stirring with her left arm wrapped securely over my back, holding my face tightly against her gorgeous melon.? Her left leg, still encased in her silky smooth blue nylon stocking was draped tightly over my right side just above my pelvis.? I could feel her lower body responding to the rhythm of my oral stimulation to her beautiful breast.

I laid quietly for a couple of minutes while I continued to apply the oral stimulus to her wonderful endowment. Suddenly, Christian rolled onto her back.? Her arm and leg were so securely locked around my body that I rolled on top of her. She opened her eyes and looked down at me before saying, "You sure know how to get a girl's attention as she is waking up.?

I moved my face to her left breast and began to apply rapid oral stimulant to her already firm nipple, while gently cupping her beautiful breast in the palms of both hands.? She began to moan as I redirected my attention to her beautiful lower body and the tops of her legs. I gently pulled my finger tips up the inside of her left thigh, while enjoying the silky smooth feel of the top of her nylon stocking on her lightly tanned upper leg.

She began to rock her cast covered right leg back and forth as I switched my attention from stimulating the inner thigh of her left leg with my fingertips, and orally stimulating her beautiful breasts while gently massaging and cupping them in my hands.? I slipped my bare chest against her gorgeous, naked upper body, which was becoming damp with perspiration as I glided my face toward her beautiful face. I opened my mouth and placed my oral appendage between her rosy red lips and past her pretty, straight teeth.? She opened her oral cavity and willingly accepted my oral penetration as I continued to gently massage her upper body by rubbing my chest against her large firm breasts.

I withdrew my attention from her beautiful face by slowly pulling my body back over hers. As my mouth arrived at her voluptuous melons, I stopped long enough to provide each nipple with the gentle stimulation of my tongue, by flicking it back and forth over her firm, erect nipples.

I reached inside the top of her cast with the fingers of my right hand while gently massaging the soft, velvet smooth skin of her pretty leg bound tightly within the top of her blue fiberglass cast. Her leg began to tremble with the mounting excitement as I removed my fingers from the cast and continued to glide my upper body back over her hot, wet, smooth body. I stopped at her breasts long enough to gently stimulate each ravishing melon with my hot, wet tongue, before returning to her delicious mouth.? Then, I entered her trembling and throbbing perspiration drenched body.

We laid in each others arms for about an hour before I told Christian I needed to get up and get dressed.? I still needed to meet with a distributor or two. She said that was fine because she wanted to meet a couple more clients also. She sat up in bed with her beautiful round breasts jiggling while I retrieved her crutches. She stood and walked to her room to get cleaned up while I used mine to shower.

Before I left to go down to the convention center, we agreed to meet back at the rooms later. We decided to eat dinner together and then find some entertainment we could enjoy together.

Christian had already finished her work and was back in her room when I returned.? She heard me enter my room so she walked over on her crutches and sat on my sofa. She was wearing a black demi bra and bikini panties. Her left leg was encased in a beige nylon stocking with an elastic top that supported it without the need for a garter belt.

I looked at her tempting form and said, "Wow, you sure look beautiful in that outfit. I'm not sure I want to go out. We might have more fun right here."

She looked up with a smile and said, "Well, if you want, but I kinda had in mind going out for supper, and saving our personnel pleasures for later."

"Well, OK," I said, as I watched her stand and put her crutches under her arms. She disappeared into her room while saying she would be ready in a minute.

I took a quick shower and dressed in a pair of black slacks and white shirt. While I was putting my shoes on, Christian came walking into my room wearing the red dress she had worn a few days earlier at my studio.? Her left leg was still naked as she walked over, raised the bottom of her dress up revealing her black bikini panties, and sat beside me.? She worked a sheer black nylon stocking over her fingers. She lifter her left knee, bringing her foot close to her.? She worked her stocking over her toes and pulled it past her slender ankle. She extended her leg while pulling her stocking over her gorgeous calf and her soft, round knee. She slid the lace covered top of her stocking effortlessly to the very top of her ravishing upper thigh.

Christian looked at me and said, "Well, what do you think?? Do you still like my red dress as much as you did last week?"

I reached for her three inch heeled black sandal. I got on my knees in front of her beautiful, black nylon stocking covered left leg.? I gently reached my left hand around her slender ankle and slipped her shoe on her small foot while admiring her short evenly spaced toes peeking through the toe of her sandalfoot stocking. I fastened the straps around her ankle.? I reached down and lifted her foot up while gently placing a kiss on her knee before saying, "I think it is wonderful."

She smiled and stood on her crutches. As she turned around with her back to me she asked, "Is my seam straight?"

I looked at the beautiful back of her calf with the small seam of her black stocking running as straight as a string from her heel to the top of her long, exquisitely shaped left leg.? I said as I placed both hands around her mid thigh, "Just beautiful. So sexy, you might not make it through the evening."

She giggled as she said, "I think I know what turns your motor on.?

I ignored her comment as I got back on my feet and examined her beautiful figure while she was getting her dress properly straightened around her hips and legs.

We left the room and rode the elevator to the ground floor. I helped her again as we got into a horse drawn carriage to ride to a restaurant. During the ride I sat across from her with her cast bound foot in my lap. I was sure some of the guys on the sidewalk could see the top of her legs, but she didn't seem to be concerned, so I decided to just set back and enjoy the ride while I massaged her toes.

While on the way to the restaurant, Christian opened her purse and removed the toe of a black nylon stocking.? I took it and worked it over her toes in her cast. When I finished, I gently patted her toes as she smiled and said, ?Thank you. I think that really looks nice, don't you?"

"Yes," I said, "delicious enough to eat."

She giggled and tried to wiggle her cast bound toes.

We stopped at a restaurant next door to a discotheque. I helped Christian from the carriage and on to her crutches.? We walked into the restaurant and were seated by the waiter. While we were waiting on our meal, Christian reached her left hand to my right hand and said, "I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful time I had last night, and again this morning."

I smiled and said, "Well, you know, it takes two to have that level of pleasure, and believe me, I enjoyed it as much as you did."

She said as she placed her hands behind the knee of her cast and lifted it to the chair between my legs, "Where did you learn about placing your fingers inside the top of my cast? That was some of the most exciting feelings I have ever had."

"If you remember," I said, as I reached down and began to gently rub her cast bound toes covered by the toe of her nylon stocking, "I had a lady friend who wore a cast for several months. We experimented with several pleasures. I found her most sinuous pleasure was to rub the top of her cast bound leg. There was just something about her needing to move her leg around while its movement was confined in her tight fitting cast that was a real turn on for her."

"How about you? What turned you on the most?" she asked with a wink.

"I think there were a couple of things that really got my attention,? I said with a slightly embarrassed chuckle. "I enjoy my lady friends to wear tan sandal foot stockings with a garter belt, unless there is a special occasion where she has selected some other hosiery.? I even like for her to wear stockings with shorts."

"OK, I can understand that because guys are usually turned on by frilly clothes, but what was the other thing that always turned you on?" she asked with a cute dimpled smile on her face.

"Another thing I found that is an exceptional turn on is a long leg cast.? Keep it in new condition, never dirty.? Protect it from rain and other things that would get it dirty."

Christian readjusted her cast between my legs as she said, "Yes, I have noticed from my short time in my cast, that men seem to be fascinated by it.? Several guys asked for my picture during the conference. One guy even asked me if he could kiss my cast bound toes."

"You know Christian, I have told you some of the things that turned me on with my fianc饬 but the biggest turn on was simply the fact that we fell in love together."

Christian got a very serious expression on her beautiful face before saying, "I certainly can understand that.? I was almost married not long ago, but my guy decided he wasn't ready to get married and become tied down."

"Oh, I said, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause you to become personal. I was just trying to tell you how I felt.?

"That's OK. I have decided to play the field for a while. I, uh, I mean, I?m just not ready to become serious again right yet," she said with a slight smile.

"I understand what you mean. Ever since my fianc饠was killed in an auto accident, I have been trying to adjust.? I have looked up all the people who knew both her and me. Right now, I don't have any specific plans so I guess you could say I'm also playing the field. I don't plan to develop any special relationships with anyone.?

Christian reached over and patted my hand before she said, "Good, we understand each other.? I really enjoyed your company, but I don't want to be tied down either. I would like to see you some more when we get back home, but I also want to keep it casual. I plan to see other guys also."

The waiter was bringing our food as she finished her comment, and I said, "Great, we understand each other perfectly. I will see you again, but I don't intend to see only you.?

CHAPTER 6 - My Motor's Running

As our dinners were set before us, Christian said, "Wow that smells good, us eat."

We ate quietly. I don't know what Christian was thinking, but I was thinking about her in the bedroom later.? I could already see her in my mind's eye, dressed in her beautiful sheer, black stocking while I removed her demi bra, to unleash her gorgeous sex objects.

After we finished eating, I helper her place her cast back on the floor and stand. I handed her the crutches and we walked across the street to the discotheque.? We were seated at a small round table for two next to the dance floor. Soon, a beautiful young lady in a pair of very short red shorts and matching red blouse came to take our order for drinks. As she turned to leave I noticed she was wearing beige pantyhose with seams. The seams ran from the open heel of her three inch heeled red sandals up the back of her beautiful, long legs, disappearing under the bottom of her shorts. The seams on both legs were so straight it appeared she had used a straight edge while putting them on her gorgeous limbs.

When she returned with the drinks she saw Christian's cast.? She said, "Oh, you poor girl. I wore a cast like yours for three months once. The only fun I had was teasing the boys with it."

Christian smiled and said, "Well, I have had my cast for less than a week, but I know what you mean when you said you teased the boys.? They really do want to talk about it."

"Yes, and some of them want to touch it, the waitress said as she made change for the drinks."

"Yes," Christian said, "but it sure is fun."

The waitress looked down at Christian and asked, "Do you intend to dance since you are here?"

Christian started to say no as I spoke up and said ?yes."? Then I reach for her left foot and removed her shoe while she looked at me with a question on her face.? I removed my shoes as I explained that she could dance better without her shoe on, "After all," I said, "You wouldn't want to fall off your shoe and break your other leg would you?"

She smiled and said, "No, then I wouldn't have any leg to model my stocking for you.?

As the music started with a slow tune, I helped her stand and hop on her left foot to the dance floor.? We turned facing each other. I placed my arms around her waist and pulled her toward me. She placed her arms around my neck. As we began to dance in unison I could feel my inner fires begin to build as she pressed her voluptuous breasts tightly against my chest. She lifted her rosy red lips to mine and placed a hot, wet, passionate kiss on my begging lips.

We continued to hold each other tightly. Her cast bound right leg hung stiffly a few inches above the floor as she slowly moved around on her nylon stocking covered left foot.? After several minutes of enjoying our selves on the dance floor, I helped Christian back to the table.? I offered Christian her crutches.? She stood and placed them under her arms.? As we walked out and headed for one of the horse drawn carriages, Christian said, "That was so much fun, but the part I enjoyed most was when you held me so tightly.? I could feel my sensations begin to rise."

I helped her into the carriage before I said, "Don't feel like you were the only one who enjoyed being held closely."

We arrived back at the hotel. I helped her from the carriage and into the elevator. On the way to the sixth floor, Christian placed herself in front of me and leaned tightly against me, pushing the front of her lower body against mine.? She smiled and said, "My motor's running."

The elevator stopped at the sixth floor and the door opened as she stepped back from in front of me. She led the way to my room. I opened the door and she entered first. After I closed the door she said she would like for me to fix us a drink. As I walked over to the sink and ice, she followed me. She leaned the front of her body against my back while I fixed two drinks. She backed up as I carried them to the small table next to the sofa.

I kicked off my shoes before turning around to face her. She turned with her back to me and asked me to unzip her red dress. When I finished helping her, I sat on the sofa. She walked on her crutches out to the center of the room. She removed her crutches. She balanced herself on her left foot by holding her crutches in front of her with their tips on the floor and her right hand on the arm pads.

She began to rotate and shake her left shoulder causing her dress to fall off her left shoulder. Then she switched her crutches to her left hand and repeated the process with her right shoulder. Her dress fell to the floor around her left foot still wrapped in the sheer, black, sandalfoot nylon stocking and her three-inch heeled black sandal.? Her casted toes, suspended several inches above the floor, were still wrapped in the toe of the black nylon stocking.

She giggled as she stepped out of her dress and began to shake her shoulders, causing her large, round breasts to attempt to escape from the confinement of her black demi bra.

She walked over on her crutches and sat beside me. She lifted her legs and swung them into my lap. She invited me to remove her shoe from her left foot as she said, "What do you think of my lingerie?? Is it sexy enough, or would you like to see me with nothing on?"

I reached up and unfastened the back of her demi bra, letting it fall to her lap as I said, ?I like it a lot but I also like what is under it."

She said, "I thought so," as she unbuttoned my shirt and helped me remove it. She lifted her legs and swung them from my lap and she insisted I remove my slacks. I finished undressing before she said, ?Now I want some help with my panties.? She stood on her left foot while I placed a hand on both hips and began to slowly removed her panties by pulling them past the top of her blue cast and the lace topped black stocking.? I eased her panties past her thighs, over her knees, and down her calves. She sat back on the sofa so I could slip her panties off her pretty foot and cast.

We sat back on the sofa and she lifted her legs back into my lap. She her placed her arms around my neck. She placed her fever hot, red lips against mine. I opened my mouth, and she penetrated it with her hot, roaming tongue.

I cupped her left breast in my right hand and began to gently rub her already very firm nipple. She responded by penetrating my mouth even farther with her delicious tongue. The upper thigh of her nylon stocking encased left leg began to move slowly back and forth on my bare thigh.

We separated our oral pleasures and I redirected my oral attention to her voluptuous chest as she gently laid back on the arm of the sofa.? I placed my mouth over the nipple of her right breast and began to slowly trace my tongue around her erect nipple. She began to make a moaning sound and kick her stocking covered left leg up and down on my bare thighs.

I redirected my left hand to the top of her extra long cast. I could feel the gentle pulsation of her body against my hand as I slowly massaged her inner thigh deep within the confines of her cast. She pulled my face against hers and re-entered my hot oral cavity with her delicious oral appendage.

I stood while lifting her in front of me. She placed her legs so her left leg in her silky black nylon stocking was on my right hip.? Her right leg, in her blue fiberglass cast was held tightly against my left hip.? We continued to hold each other tightly in our arms as I sat back down on a footstool. The heel of her cast rested on the floor behind my left side.? She bent the knee of her stocking covered left leg so her calf was held tightly against my back.? We continued to hold each other in a hot, romantic embrace while we committed passionate love.

When we finished, I stood with her still clinging tightly and carried her to the bed. I gently laid her on her back and laid beside her.? Very quickly we were engaged in another round of hot, passionate pursuit.

Our flight back home the next day was scheduled for late in the morning, so we stayed in bed late the next morning, enjoying each others company.? Christian showered and dressed in her room while I used my bathroom to clean up.? After we finished packing we rode the elevator to the restaurant on the tenth floor for breakfast.

She sat in a chair across from me. She placed her cast bound foot on the chair between my legs as soon as we were seated. While we ate she teased me with her low cut white blouse she had left unbuttoned to show her beautiful breasts eagerly trying to escape from the confines of her beige colored demi bra. She also went to great lengths to rub her silky smooth, nylon stocking covered left foot against my leg by working her shoeless foot up my pant leg.

When we finished eating Christian smiled and said, "I dropped my shoe, would you please find it and help me get it on my foot."

I lifted her cast and placed it on the floor before I scooted my chair back and bent down to locate her shoe. When I looked under the table, I could see she had lifted the bottom of her light blue skirt all the way to her belt line. Her beige garter belt was fastened over her beige bikini panties pulled tightly between her legs. The top of her left leg was snugly fitted in the top of her extra long, beige nylon stocking which lightly kissed her panties.? The top of her long, blue fiberglass cast on her right leg also lightly kissed her inviting panties.

I lifted my slightly embarrassed face back above the table, while reaching for her left ankle.? I slipped her two inch heeled blue pump on her pretty foot while she giggled and said, "What's wrong, you look like you saw a ghost?"

I smiled and took care of the check without saying a word. I helped Christian from the restaurant and back to our rooms.? A bellboy helped us check out and load our bags into my rental car. She walked on her crutches to her side of the car and waited while I opened her door. She turned and sat on the edge of the seat while handing me her crutches. I placed them in back and bent down to help her lift her cast into the car. While I was bent over she leaned forward pressing her voluptuous chest into the side of my face. I figured that was anything but an accident so I quickly placed my left arm around her back at her bra line and held her beautiful chest against my face as I quickly rubbed my face back and forth. The extra friction and pressure caused her right breast to escape its confinement. I turned my head and placed my open mouth over the nipple of her sensuous mound of velvet soft pleasure and gave it a few quick flicks with my tongue before lifting my face from her chest. She quickly placed her right hand over her beautiful pleasure thing, while lifting her blouse and opening her bra with her left hand. She placed her wayward melon of sensuality back in its confinement and buttoned her blouse while I walked around and got into the car.

CHAPTER 7 - Will We See Each Other Again?

She sat quietly as we rode to the airport. We checked the car and rode the shuttle bus to the terminal. I secured a wheelchair for her to ride to the gate.? We entered the aircraft and were seated in a three-seat row with an empty seat between us.? As soon as the plane lifted off, Christian said she wanted to place her cast and leg in my lap again.? I moved to the seat beside her and helped her lift her legs and turn them around over my lap. I removed her shoe and spread a blanket over her legs. She laid back against the side of the aircraft with a pillow behind her head.? She drew one end of the blanket up around her chin and closed her eyes.

I kept my hands under the blanket. I began to rub her nylon stocking covered left calf and foot.? Soon I had worked my way to her inner thigh above her knee. She opened her eyes and smiled before settling back like she was going to sleep. I moved the fingers of my right hand to the top of her cast. I could feel with the back of my hand, the warm wet touch of her hot body straining against the confines of her panties.? I began to slowly massage the inside of her right upper thigh confined within the binds of her cast, which was tightly applied against her velvet smooth skin.? She opened her eyes again as she tried briefly to reposition her cast. Very quickly she settled back again to enjoy the plane ride home.? I continued to administer the pleasures of her fantasies until the Flight Attendant announced that it was time to fasten the seat belts for landing. I helper her get the bottom of her skirt back in order before I slipped her shoe back on her gorgeous foot, and lifted her legs from my lap and back on to the floor. She left the blanked over her legs. As the Flight Attendant passed by to check on seatbelts, she smiled at Christian and said to me, "I hope you enjoyed the flight as much as she did."

I smiled and said, "You bet I did."

The Flight Attendant smiled again and continued on down the aisle.

We sat quietly while the aircraft landed and taxied to the ramp. After every one else had exited the aircraft, I got out of my seat and retrieved Christian's crutches.? I helped her work her way down the aisle and off the aircraft. The Flight Attendant had a wheelchair waiting for her.

While we waited for our baggage, I asked Christian if she needed a ride home.? She said, "Yes, I used a taxi to come to the airport. I haven't driven yet with my leg in the cast so I would really appreciate it if you did take me home. Besides, I think you deserve to finish what you were working on during the entire flight, don't you?"

"OK, if it's alright with you,? I told her while I collected our baggage.

We caught the shuttle to the parking lot, where I helped her to my car. She stood patiently by the right hand door.? I put the bags in the trunk. I opened her door, and she backed up and sat on the edge of the seat before handing me her crutches. After placing them in the back seat, I reached down and lifted her cast while she swung her legs into the car.

When I opened the door to my side of the car, I saw she had lifted the bottom of her skirt to her belt line, exposing the top of her beautiful nylon stocking and cast encased legs ending with her tightly fitted panties between them.

As I drove us to her apartment she said, "If you would like after you help me get my bags into the house, you can go get us a pizza while I get cleaned up a little."

I said, "Sounds like a deal to me.?

We arrived at her apartment. After helping her from the car and onto her crutches, she led the way to her door while I carried her bags. She opened the door and stepped back while I entered her apartment with the bags. She asked me to carry them to her bedroom and place them on the foot of her bed.

When I returned with the pizza she met me at her door. She opened it and backed up while I entered the room and carried the food to the kitchen table.? She had changed her clothes from head to foot. She had removed her beige demi bra, panties, garter belt and nylon stocking. She was now wearing a black torsolette with the top of it turned down, so it was barely covering her nipples. The bottom of the torsolette stopped a couple of inches above her small, round navel. She had fastened the garters on her left leg to the top of an extra long, tan sandalfoot, nylon stocking.? The top of the stocking was pulled tightly against her black bikini panties, which she had placed over the garter straps.? Her beautiful left foot was in a three-inch heeled, black sandal, with her pink polished toenails peeking through the toe of her stocking and shoe.? She had also worked the cutoff toe of a tan stocking over the cast bound toes of her right foot.

She walked up and placed a quick kiss on my lips before saying "I'm so hungry, let's eat."

I looked at her and thought, "You are dressed like that and you want me to concentrate on food, you got to be kidding," but I said, "OK, lets eat."

She walked over to the kitchen table and pulled out a chair. We sat at the table and quietly ate our pizza. While we were eating, I was thinking about dessert with her.

I felt from the way she would make gentle sexual inflections with the movement of her beautiful body, she was thinking, "You teased me all the way home in the airplane, and I couldn't do anything but set quietly, so now it's my turn."

After an excruciating period of silence while she continued to make small gestures with her gorgeous breasts which were terribly close to escaping from their beautiful restrictions in the top of her silky smooth, black torsolette, Christian scooted her chair back and reached for her crutches.? She smiled and said, "I'm sure you have already planned out what you intend to do with me, so shall we get on with it? After all, I was making some plans of my own while you were having so much fun on the aircraft."

I could feel my face turning red as she looked at me and said, "Well, big boy what's your pleasure? Do you want to look some more, or are you ready to feel the flesh?"

While she stood silently on her crutches I quickly removed all my clothing. I stepped in front of her and placed my right arm around her left shoulder. My left arm went tightly around her small waist. She placed her right arm over my left shoulder, and her left arm around my upper back. We hugged very tightly while she remained balanced on her left foot and crutches with her cast encased right foot hanging stiffly above the floor.? I pressed my open mouth tightly against hers.? She inserted her hot tongue in my mouth and began to rapidly explore my oral cavity.

I responded by bending my knees slightly causing my body to rub tightly against her hot silky smooth body. The feel of her gorgeous, firm body encased in her beautiful lingerie, was so sensuous I could hardly control my self. I stepped back, with her arms still tightly around me, so I could remove her black, bikini panties from the roaring inferno of passion between her lovely legs. While she continued to hold tightly around my body, I placed my hands under her hips and lifted her off the floor while her crutches dropped beside us. She hooked her nylon stocking covered left leg around my back above my hip.? I moved my left hand to the thigh of her hard; smooth cast and lifted her cast-encased leg off the floor with her foot behind me.? She continued to stimulate my throbbing mouth with her delicious oral appendage.

I carried her to the bed and laid her on her back with me on top of her. I redirected my attention to her gorgeous mounds of hot passionate flesh. I gently stimulated her left breast with my hot, wet tongue. She continued to respond by holding my face tightly against her love mounds.? She rapidly moved her left leg back and forth under me.? Very quickly, we were engaged in the ultimate excitement of lovemaking.

We laid in each other's arms for about an hour before I told her I needed to get up.? She relaxed her hold on my neck and she said, "Oh, you don't have to go now do you?"

I told her as I was getting out of her bed that I had to get home because I had plans that required me to get up early the next morning.

She said, "Oh, I thought we could spend the weekend together."

I bent down and kissed her rosy red lips before saying, "I have had a lovely time with you the last few days, but I told you I wasn't planning to get serious."

Christian frowned and shook her head, as she said, "No, you miss-understood me.? I wasn't trying to say I was getting serious, it's just that we had so much fun together, I was hoping for it to last a little longer."

She sat up and swung her left foot to the floor.? I handed her the crutches and helped her stand up before I said, "I've had a great time, but I don't want it to become permanent."

She reached over and placed her arms around my neck before she said, "Yes, I understand.? I would like for us to see each other again though.? We had so much fun together I want to do it again."

I said, "Sure, maybe we can get together again in a week or two.?

Christian placed a quick kiss on my cheek and said, "Well, I was hoping to see you next week."

"OK," I told her, "I will call you next week.? Maybe we can ignite our fires again after that."

She followed me to the door and placed a warm, passionate kiss on my lips. She said, "I just wanted to give you something to remember me by after you have gone.?

I placed my arms over her shoulders, and returned her kiss. As I removed my hands, I let them drop to her gorgeous breasts. I cupped first her left breast, and then her right breast in the palms of my hands while I placed a warm wet kiss on each hard, erect nipple. I smiled and said, "And here's something to remember me by."

As I walked to my car I looked back and saw her waiving. I waived back and blew her a kiss. While driving home, I had mixed emotions swelling within me. Did I do her right? What were my feelings for her? I was all mixed up, but I hoped it clear it all up soon.?

You can be assured that we saw each other again, and again, and again.

- The End-

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