Celine: Six Weeks

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Celine has been enjoying her fantasies all day long. She is an executive secretary for a small manufacturing organization, but that wasn't where her fantasies lay. She had been squeezing her pantyhose clad legs together, feeling her love juices wetting her panties while she was dreaming of what her boyfriend was going to do to her, or more specifically, what he was going to do to her leg when she got home. Greg was going to place her right leg in a white fiberglass cast from her toes to her hip, then Saturday morning they were going to sneak away for an extended weekend. This was going to be their fourth cast adventure together and each one had been more exciting than the one before.

It had all started last Halloween. When they were trying to come up with an idea for a costume for Celine to wear to a girls night out Halloween party, Greg had suggest that he could put a cast on her leg and she could go as an accident victim. At first, she was surprised that he would make such a suggestion, but he explained that he had been a medic in the Army for a couple of years and that he knew how to apply a cast. Reluctantly, Celine agreed to let him put her lower right leg in a red fiberglass cast with a rubber heel, but he had to promise that he would remove it as soon as she returned from the party. When he was finished with the cast, she was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was.

Greg took her to the party and left while almost a dozen women in costumes attended the party. When she entered the room, several of the young women thought that she had broken her leg, so she played along for a while before she told them that the cast was real, but it was just for the party. With that revelation, a couple of them asked why she had agreed to be casted. She wasn't really prepared for the question so she answered, "Well, it just seemed like a good idea at the time, but Greg promised to remove it when I get home."

One of the women giggled. "Gosh Honey, I think you should keep it on for the night and see how much fun it can be during lovemaking."

Celine looked at her with a puzzled expression. "What do you mean?"

The woman reached out and placed her hand on Celine's cast. "Honey, just take my word for it. You will be pleasantly surprised. I know, because I wore a cast for several weeks once, and my boyfriend loved it."

"Oh, I don't know," Celine responded. "I mean, Greg said he would remove?"

"He suggested the cast didn't he?" Before Celine could answer, the woman continued, "Believe me Honey, if he hadn't had a fantasy about you in a cast, he wouldn't have suggested it. My suggestion is to tell him that it is late and you wouldn't mind wearing it until in the morning. I bet he may appear to be disappointed, but I guarantee, you won't have to ask him twice to leave it on."

After the party was over and Greg had taken her back to their apartment, she asked him to sit with her on the sofa and have a glass of wine together. She turned with her legs in his lap. Greg removed her shoe and began to rub her nylon stocking covered left foot. She could feel her heart beginning to speed up while she was trying to decide if she wanted to ask Greg to leave her cast on. They sipped the wine and she told him about some of the games they had played at the party. ?Finally she said while watching his face, "Uh, Greg, you know it is getting late, and well, uh, I was wondering if, well, maybe, what if we just leave the cast on until in the morning."?

She could see his complexion redden slightly before he looked into her big blue eyes. "Uh, Honey, uh, it will be OK with me, if it is you."

With that comment, she knew she had just confirmed what she had been told at the party. Greg really did know what he was doing when he suggested the cast. She began to think while they finished the wine. She had always known that Greg was a leg man, and he enjoyed her wearing nylon stockings on her long legs, so after they finished their wine she placed a big kiss on his lips and said, "Greg Dear, give me a few minutes and I will have a surprise waiting for you when you come to bed."

A few minutes later Greg heard Celine call, "Honey, I'm ready."

When he entered the bedroom he saw his beautiful girlfriend lying on the bed with her long brunette hair fluffed out covering the pillow while framing her lightly made-up face. She smiled, causing her big blue eyes to sparkle. She was dressed in a sheer white nylon gown with elbow length sleeves. The front of it was closed just enough to cover the nipples of her large mounds of love. The bottom of the gown extended to the top of her legs while revealing that she wasn't wearing panties. She had a sheer beige nylon stocking pulled high on her left leg and attached to a white garterbelt. Her brightly colored nails were visible through the sandalfoot of the stocking.

She was wiggling her toes in the cast as she giggled and asked, "Well Greg, do you like me in my cast?"

She could see Greg's face redden as he began to breathe heavily. "Uh-huh," he responded with a weak voice.

She reached up and held out her hands while saying with a wide smile, "Come here Honey, I need you to love me."

As he bent down to kiss her, she whispered, "Honey, wouldn't you like to rub my casted toes?"

He immediately moved to her feet. He began to rub her toes while lifting her casted foot to his lips. He gently kissed her big toe before devouring her toes in his mouth. Very quickly, Celine was sure she knew what the woman at the party had meant when she said that her cast would enhance their lovemaking.

The next morning while they were eating breakfast Celine said, "You know Greg, I sure did like the way you paid attention to my casted toes. I thought that was really nice of you since I had asked you to let me keep the cast on for the night."

He smiled and responded with a soft voice,? "I enjoyed it too."

Celine was sure he would be happy to let her keep the cast all weekend until she had to get it off for work on Monday morning, but she didn't want to make it look like it was just for Greg's pleasure. She nervously cleared her throat before saying, "Greg, Honey, uh, I was wanting us to go to the mall and do some shopping together and, uh, do you think it would be all right for me to keep the cast on while we shop?"

Greg walked over and hugged her, "Well, I think that would be OK, uh, that is, if you don't care about being seen wearing it in public."

"Gosh, I guess I hadn't thought about that, but we can tell anyone who may ask that it is for a Halloween party."

"So you wouldn't be embarrassed to wear the cast in public?"? Greg quizzed.

"No Honey," it will be fine.

After breakfast, Celine went to her bedroom and took a shower while Greg tidied up around the kitchen. When she returned Greg was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful figure standing before him. Celine was wearing a form fitting, short sleeved red dress that matched the color of her cast. The bottom of the dress stopped at her knees. Her left leg was in a beige nylon stocking with a two-inch heeled, red pump. She smiled while holding her arms out and turning around in front of him. ?"Well Honey, how do I look?? Think this outfit is OK to go to the mall in?"

Greg could hardly control his urge to grab her into his arms and carry her back to the bedroom. He answered in a near breathless voice, "Uh, I think you look great."

An hour later they were walking down the center of the mall, arm in arm. Celine led him into several dress stores where she modeled dresses while Greg watched with his heart pounding. Then, she led him to a shoe store. She sat in a chair while a young man showed her several shoes with high heels.

With the sight and sound of each new shoe being slipped on her small foot, Greg could feel his urges building within him. ?He loved the soft swishing sound as the shoe was slipped over her heel dressed in her sheer, sandalfoot stocking. He wished he were the one trying her shoes on her lovely foot. Finally, he whispered in her ear, "Honey, you are driving me crazy."

She looked into his eyes and asked with the most innocence in her voice that she could display, "Crazy?? I don't get it Honey, why am I driving you crazy?"

Greg looked down at her feet while his face was becoming crimson, "I just can't help it. You modeling all those dresses on your beautiful body and now with those shoes, you are driving me wild."

"Oh, do you want me to stop?" she asked with her continued line of innocence.

"Uh, no, but you are going to pay for it when I get you home."

"Pay for it?? Just how do you mean that?" she quizzed with a twinkle in her eye.

"I'm going to take you to bed and just?"

She interrupted,? "So you are going to make love to me all evening, is that what you are saying?"

"Yep, you got it!"? Greg smiled.

She said, "Well, actually Greg, I hope you got it and you are going to give it to me."

All the way home, Celine was telling herself that, if this is what a cast will do for Greg, maybe she should ask him to cast her again.


Celine had thought about asking Greg to cast her again, but she felt awkward in bringing the subject up. They had both mentioned what they had called "their casting adventure" a time or two but she just couldn't bring herself to asking him to cast her again. It was nearly Christmas Day and she still hadn't thought of a good present for Greg so, she made sure that she was still wearing her nylon stockings when she asked him to set with her on the couch and sip wine together. ?She sat with her legs across his lap. After he had removed her shoes and began to rub her nylon clad toes, she very cautiously asked, "You remember Greg, how happy I was when we made love while I was wearing the cast on my leg?"

"Sure, and I was happy also," he replied. "But why are you asking me that question?"

Celine could feel her heart almost jumping out of her chest. "Well, uh, I'm not sure if I should ask, but how would you feel about putting another cast on my leg?"

"I think that would be fun," Greg responded a little more eagerly than he would have liked.

Celine pulled his face to hers and kissed his lips with passion. "Great, Honey, what do you say if, after Christmas, you do that. I mean, you know, after Christmas Day is over, and everyone has gone home, well, we can sip some wine and you can use the rest of that red fiberglass from my Halloween cast, then we can have the rest of the time until after New Years Day to enjoy the cast together."

Greg thought for a minute. "What if I give you a short leg cast and you use crutches, do you think that would be fun?"? He was remembering their trip to the mall and how turned on he became while watching her try on dresses and shoes. "We can even go shopping again, if you like."

"OK, but where can we get some crutches?"? Celine asked.

"Most any drug store has them," Greg answered while already seeing in his mind's eye, his girlfriend walking on crutches with her lower right leg in a big red cast. Over the next two evenings, Celine sat with her stocking clad legs in Greg's lap while they talked about their upcoming casting adventure.

Greg and Celine were hosting his and her parents for Christmas dinner so they were very busy preparing salads and deserts the evening before Christmas. On Christmas morning, Greg put the turkey in the oven while Celine got dressed. She had been keeping secret what she was going to be wearing so Greg was very surprised when she stepped into the kitchen wearing a red knee length skirt with a white blouse. She was wearing black, sheer nylon stockings and red, two-inch heeled pumps. She had put her long dark brunette hair up in a French roll and applied a slight blush of make-up to her pretty face. As she stepped around the corner, Greg turned toward her. He dropped a spoon on the floor and said with an excited voice, "Wow, you are so beautiful, you look like a living doll."

Celine blushed. She slowly turned around so Greg could drink in all of her beauty while saying, "You sure know how to make a girl feel special."

Several times while preparing the dinner she caught herself dreaming with anticipation about what Greg was going to do to her leg after everyone had gone home. She could even feel her panties becoming damp from thinking about the pleasure she was going to receive.

Once everyone was gone, and the dishes were all washed and put away, Celine walked up to Greg. She placed her arms around his neck, pulled his face to hers and placed a long, hot kiss on his lips before asking, "Honey, are you ready to start us on our great casting adventure?"

He scooped her into his arms and carried her to a chair. He sat her down and said, "Just hold my place while I go get the casting materials."

When he returned, he said, "Honey, you need to take your nylon stocking off before I can do this."

She lifted her right leg out straight, turned her ankle around several times and said, "Greg, Dear, I think you should remove my shoe and stocking."

Without any additional encouragement, Greg bent down, placed his left hand around her wonderful ankle and slowly removed the heel of her shoe from her nylon-clad heel. Then he pushed it back on and removed it again several times while enjoying the swishing sound of the shoe rubbing against her nylon stocking. Then he stood and lifted her leg while she pulled the bottom of her skirt up her leg and unfastened the top of the stocking from the garters. Greg placed his hands on both sides of her upper right leg and slowly drew the top of her stocking down her freshly shaved upper leg, over her knee and down her calf. He pulled the stocking off of her small foot and looped it over Celine's neck before drawing his hands several times up and down her velvet smooth leg.

Greg slipped a length of stockinet over her toes and pulled it up her calf and over her knee. Then he applied a small amount of padding around her ankle before he unrolled the wet, red fiberglass material around her foot and up her leg to just below her knee. He finished the cast by turning the edges of the stockinet back over the fiberglass and covering it with more red fiberglass. When he was finished Celine lifted her foot out in front of her and giggled. She extended her arms with her big blue eyes dancing, "Looks like a perfect cast to me."

Greg stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her hot lips with a passion marking what was to come in a few minutes.

For the next two days, Celine and Greg made love several times each day while focusing upon the attraction of her cast. On the afternoon of the third day, Celine put on a knee length skirt with a blouse and went to the mall with Greg. While they were there, a man walked up to Celine and asked as if Greg wasn't there, "Hello beautiful, how did you break your leg?"

Celine was taken aback by the boldness of the man. She looked quickly toward Greg and back to the man before saying, "I stepped in a hole."? Then she turned and started to walk away with Greg following. As soon as they were away from the man Celine turned to Greg and asked, "What do you think that was all about?"

He responded with a smile, "Well, Honey, even though the man was very bold, I suspect that there are a lot of men watching you who would like to ask the same question."

"You have to be kidding!? You mean, there are men out there who would like to ask me about?" her voice trained off when she realized that she was also talking about Greg.

He smiled. "Yes Honey, there are men who enjoy seeing a woman with a cast on her leg, and I think you know I am one of them."

Celine said, "Yes, now that you mention it, yes, I have figured that out."

As they continued walking through mall, they saw a young woman with long blond hair sitting on a bench. She was wearing a short skirt that revealed that her left leg, from her toes to her hip was encased in a green fiberglass cast. Celine turned to Greg and said, "Well, here is your chance to go over and ask that woman how she broke her leg."

He answered, "Only if you will go with me."

As they walked up the young woman turned toward them and smiled. "I see you have the same problem as me," she offered.

"Well, it does look like it," Celine responded. "My name is Celine and this is my boyfriend Greg."

"Hi, I'm Sunny," she said while extending her right hand.

"Nice to meet you," Greg answered as his eyes were sweeping her cast from her toes to her hip. "What happed to your leg?"

Sunny placed her hand on her cast while shaking her head and sighing, "Skiing of course. I was sure that I could conquer the super slope but it conquered me. That was about two months ago."? Then she turned to Celine, "How about you?"

Celine smiled while looking down at her cast. "Oh, I just stepped in a hole the other day. It isn't much. Just a sprain and I will get the cast off in a couple of days."

"Lucky girl," Sunny smiled.

Celine acted like she looked at her watch. She poked Greg who was still admiring Sunny's cast. "Honey, we have to get going or I will miss my hair appointment."? As they walked away, she said with a giggle, "Did you get enough cast time with Sunny?"

The next morning, Greg and Celine had just finished breakfast. She had gone to the bedroom to get dressed for another trip to the mall and Greg had finished in the kitchen when the phone rang. "Hello, this is Greg."

"Hi son, I will be there in five minutes. I wanted to tell you about the New Years Party tomorrow."

Greg didn't know what to do. Surely his mother would want to see Celine but she was still in her cast and they didn't want to let anyone who knew them know of their little secret. "Uh, mom, can't you just tell me over the phone?"

"Nope, I am almost there already."

"OK, see you in a minute," he said while panic was welling up. "Celine, we have a problem," he yelled as he stepped into the bedroom. "That was my mother and she will be here in a couple of minutes."? Celine felt a flash of panic as she said, "What should we do about my cast?"

As they heard knocking on the door Celine said, "Quick, tell her it is my time of the month and I'm not feeling well. In the meantime, I will get into bed, cover up, and act like I am asleep. Maybe that will take care of the problem."

When Greg's mother came in, she looked around the living room. "Where's Celine?"

"Well, she isn't feeling well."? Then he lowered his voice like he was telling a big secret as he continued. "Uh, he whispered, "It's her time of the month, and she isn't feeling very good, so I let her sleep in."

"Oh," her mother responded. "I hope she will be alright for the party tomorrow."

Greg smiled, "I'm sure she will be."

As his mother left she said, "Tell Celine I said hello and that I hope she is feeling better soon."

Once she was gone, Greg went to the bedroom. "Wow, that was a close one. Maybe, if we are going to cast again, we should leave town first."?

Celine sat up in bed, hugged Greg and said, "I agree. But since we have all day to kill at home, how about us enjoying the cast together again?? Now take your clothes off and get under the covers with me."


It had been a couple of months since their last casting adventure and Greg and Celine were ready to try it again, but they had learned their lesson about casting where people who knew them might see her in a cast. They planned to place a cast on her leg Friday evening after work and leave early Saturday morning before anyone would see them.

Celine was already home Friday evening when Greg arrived. She had packed a small bag of clothes and make-up and changed into a pair of shorts because her cast was going to be a cylinder. They ate diner before she sat on a chair in the kitchen while Greg covered her right leg in stockinet and padding over her knee. Then he wrapped her leg in white fiberglass from her ankle to her hip while she held her knee straight. When the cast was finished, they let it dry while they watched TV and sipped wine.

At bedtime Greg watched with his fires burning as Celine walked stiff legged into the bedroom to get ready for bed. She called him to see her laying completely naked on the bed, except for the cast that echoed the sensual shape of her right leg within the fiberglass prison. He walked to the foot of the bed and bent down while lifting her foot projecting from the cast with an invitation to "suck my toes."

As he lifted her foot, he opened his mouth and placed his lips over her big toe. As he gently teased the tip of her toe with the tip of his tongue, Celine could already feel her desires building to a fever pitch within. She lifted her arms and demanded, "Come here you big stud."? After a wonderfully satisfying round of lovemaking, they fell asleep arm in arm.

The next morning they awaken early. Celine put on shorts with a short sleeved blouse. She asked Greg to helper put on a pair of white sox and white running shoes. After a few minutes to get dressed, they left before it was fully light. They were headed for a fancy hotel in a town about fifty miles away where they were sure they could relax for the weekend and not be seen. Approximately half way there Greg stopped at a truck stop, so they could have breakfast.

As they entered the diner, they noticed that the waitress looked at Celine and smiled. A few minutes later, as she was waiting on them, she asked, "What happened to your leg?"

This time Celine had a better response. "I sprained my knee doing exercises," she said.

The waitress reacted, "Oh, I fell off of my bicycle when I was a little girl and was in a cast for almost three months, and I'll never forget that experience. It was over the entire summer, and all I wanted to do was play but I couldn't because I was on crutches."

Celine began to make up some information. "Well, I guess that I have been lucky. I only used crutches for a few days right after it happened."

"So, how long have you been in your cast?" the waitress asked.

Again, Celine made up an answer. "Well, this is my second cast, as you can see, it is new. I will have it for another six weeks," she said with a sigh.

"Oh," the waitress said before delivering their breakfast. When they left she said, "Good luck with your leg."

Once they got to the car Celine turned to Greg, "Gee, I though only guys would be asking me questions like that."

Greg just smiled.

When Greg pulled up in front of the hotel, Celine said, "Wow, this is wonderful," while she looked at the fine stone and brass finish to the lobby area. The doorman opened the door for her and stepped back. When he saw that her leg was stiffly confined in the fiberglass prison he said, "Ma'am, can I get you a wheelchair?"

Celine smiled. "No thank you. I'll be just fine."

The doorman helped them with the small amount of luggage while they walked to the registration desk. After they had signed in, they were escorted to their room on the tenth floor. The bellhop opened the door to their room and stepped back. When they stepped inside Celine said, "Gosh Greg, I can't believe how nice this is."? Then she walked with her stiffly casted right leg over to the bed. She turned with her back to the bed and fell backwards, bouncing on the bed while giggling. As soon as the bellhop left she said, "Greg, I just know that we are going to have a wonderful time here."

Greg walked over, bent down and kissed her rosy lips before asking, "What do you want to do now?"

She giggled and said, "Well, certainly, you are going to love me before the day is over, but I think it would be fun now to put on my bathing suit and set next to the pool for a while."

Greg helped her stand up before he placed her bag on the bed so she could hang up her clothes. When she was finished, she held up a bikini and asked, "Greg, Honey, would you like to see me in this?" as if she thought he would tell her no.

His face turned red, and she turned and walked stiff legged into the bathroom and shut the door. In a few minutes she opened the door and stepped through it. Greg's eyes passed rapidly from her pretty face down her bare shoulders to a small, almost too small for the duty being ask of it, red piece of cloth that was straining to contain her large and rounded breasts. His eyes quickly passed down her silky smooth, flat abdomen where they stopped momentarily at her belly button, which contained a small ring in the lower edge. His eyes continued the short distance to the small, red cloth that just barely covered her most pleasurable spot, before passing down to her long legs. Her wonderfully shaped legs where still untanned, as it was still early spring. His eyes drank in the shape of her left leg from her thigh down to her rounded knee and firm calf to her ankle and small foot with her bright red nails.

His eyes passed over to her right foot and the bottom of the white fiberglass cast that rested at the top of her ankle. The finely molded cast reflected the wonderfully sensual shape of her leg to the top of her thigh. "Wow, Honey, you are stunning," he whistled while she giggled.

She said, "Now it is your turn to get into a bathing suit."

A few minutes later he helped her slip a pair of thong sandals on her small feet, and a light robe over her shoulders before they rode the elevator to the ground floor and the pool. Before long, they were sitting on lawn chairs. She handed Greg a bottle of lotion and asked, "Here Honey, would you please put some of this on my back and leg?"

He took the bottle and poured some lotion in his hands. As he rubbed the lotion on her back and shoulders, Celine closed her eyes and began to visualize what she wanted Greg to do to her when they returned to the room. She laid back on the chair while he rubbed lotion on her foot extending from the cast before rubbing her left foot. As he progressed upward on her left leg, Celine opened her eyes and looked at him. She whispered, "I can hardly wait for you to get me back to the room."

After an hour, she said, "I think I have had enough sun, it is time for you to take me inside and finish what you started when you were rubbing lotion on my leg."

After making love, they laid arm in arm and fell asleep until dinnertime. They both took a quick shower before dressing for dinner. He dressed in slacks with a white shirt and tie. She wore a knee length dress with short sleeves. She put on a beige nylon stocking and a pair of two-inch heels before heading to a restaurant in the hotel. While they were eating Celine said, I"I think I hear some music coming from the bar down the hall. I think I would like to dance when we are finished eating."

They went to a bar with a small stage and a live band that was playing the Bebop songs of the fifties. After a drink, Celine slipped off her shoes and said, "I haven't ever heard any of this kind of music before, but I want to dance."

Greg helped her stand. He placed his arms around her waist while she placed her arms around her neck. They held each other close and swayed back and forth in the darkened room as the music played. Before long, they were paying more attention to sneaking a passionate kiss than they were to dancing. Celine whiskered in Greg's ear, "I am so hot with passion that I want you to take me right here on the dance floor."

He pulled her tighter into his arms and whiskered, "I would, but I think the band might not appreciate it."? He helped he sit down long enough to slip her shoes back on before helping her back to her feet. They held hands tightly while they rode the elevator back to their room.

As soon as they got in the room, he removed his tie, shirt and pants while Celine stood by, watching. Then she turned with her back to him and said, please unzip me. As the zipper went down, she let the dress fall from her shoulders. She turned back around while giggling wildly. Greg's eyes followed her arms down as she placed a hand under each of her bra-less breasts and lifted them so her erect nipples were pointed directly toward his face. "Do you like these?" she winked.

"Oh yes," he responded before lifting her up and laying her on the bed. "And, I like this too," he continued while turning to her lower body that was covered by a garterbelt and nylon stocking on her left leg. He immediately turned his attention to her most sensitive spot just under the garterbelt. Before long, they were expressing their love again in the most pleasurable of ways.

On the way back home Sunday afternoon, Greg asked, "Would you like for me to rent the company cabin on the lake for the weekend with another casting adventure?"

Celine put her head on his shoulder and said with a very inviting voice, "Yes, Honey, I would love it. When can we do it?"

"I'll check on Monday. Maybe we can get it in about three weeks."

Just before bedtime, Greg got the cast cuter to remove the cast from her right leg. After cutting it down both sides, he lifted the top of the cast off of her leg. When he did, Celine looked down at the contrast between her untanned leg under the cast and her other leg and foot. "Looks like I'm going to have to wear dark nylons for a few days until my leg gets tanned like the other one."

Greg chuckled, "Yep, looks like it is either that or another cast."

Celine winked, "I think I'll pass on the cast until we can get the cabin on the lake."? Then she reached up and pulled Greg's face to hers. "I think it is time for us to celebrate the removal of my cast. Don't you?"

Greg reached up and turned off the light before saying, "Yep, I agree."


The clock had slowly advanced through the day while Celine remembered the other three great casting adventures. With each memory, she could feel her love juices flowing, but the thought of Greg putting her right leg in a white fiberglass cast from her toes to her hip, and requiring her to use crutches was almost more than she could stand. She wasn't sure she would be able to control her inner desires long enough when she got home for Greg to cast her before she was demanding that he take her into his arms, carry her to the bedroom and rip her clothes off.

Part of her anticipation had been the way he had told her of his plans while they sipped some wine together. Each evening she would set with her nylon covered legs across his lap. He would remove her shoes and gently draw his fingers up and down her leg and foot while telling her in detail how he was going to slip a long tube of stockinet over her toes and pull it to the top of her leg. Then he would wrap some cotton padding around the bones of her knee while being careful not to apply too much, because he wanted the cast to still have the shape of her sensual leg inside it. Then he would put on his rubber gloves and wrap her entire foot and leg in wet fiberglass, while being careful to mold a smooth stockinet covered edge at her toes and thigh. As he told her about each step he would be taking, he would bend down and place a kiss on her leg through her stocking, while she would feel her fires within building to a roar. To her delight, Greg had continued to repeat the plan each evening before lifting her into his strong arms and carrying her to bed.

It was Friday afternoon and Celine's heart was pounding with anticipation as she drove home. She couldn't believe how such an innocent activity as putting her leg in a cast for a Halloween party had turned into such an anticipated event. After all, when Greg had suggested the Halloween cast she thought at first he couldn't be serious, and then, that it would just be something she would have to put up with for the couple of hours at the party. Now, she looked forward to their next casting adventure like it was winning a lottery.

Greg wasn't home yet when she pulled into the driveway and ran to the house. She wanted to be ready for him when he got home. As soon as she got inside, she removed all of her clothes and took a hot shower, realizing that her casted leg would be unavailable for bathing for the next few days. She put on a pair of shorts and a blouse without under panties or a bra so she would have a surprise for Greg when he took her to bed and undressed her.

Celine was setting on the sofa with her legs stretched out on the cushions when she heard the door key being placed in the lock. "High Honey, I'm home and I brought pizza," Greg said.

Celine smiled and said, "Good, but first, I want you to do to me what you have been promising all week."

Greg carried the pizza to the kitchen and placed it in the oven to keep it warm, then he took off his jacket and said, "Come here my lovely little sexy creature and I will put your leg in the biggest cast you have ever seen."

Celine got up and walked into the kitchen. She pointed to a chair in the corner with a plastic sheet on the floor under it. She walked over and sat down while saying, "Honey, I have all the stuff out and ready for you to cast my leg."

Greg bent down in front of her and said, "Well, don't I get a kiss first?"

She stood and threw her arms around him and placed a long, hot kiss on his lips. "That is just a sample of what is in store for you after you get my leg casted," she said while her big blue eyes danced with excitement.

As Greg slipped the tube of cotton over her toes and up her leg, Celine could already begin to feel the fire in her lower body beginning to build. When he had rolled the last layer of white fiberglass on her right leg, and removed his rubber gloves, he gave Celine her crutches. She stood on them and threw her arms around his neck. She drew his face to hers and kissed his lips. She whispered, "Thank you for my cast. I have been dreaming about this moment ever since we came home with my cylinder cast."

Greg pulled the chair up to the table and helped Celine be seated before he served the pizza. While eating, Celine said, "I have packed some stuff for both of us so we can be ready to leave early in the morning."

After they had finished the pizza, they sipped wine on the sofa for a few minutes until the cast was no longer soft or sticky, then he lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He sat her with her legs on the bed. He started to unbutton her blouse when Celine smiled. "What's so funny?"? Greg quizzed.

"You'll see," was all she said while Greg continued to unbutton her blouse. As he unfastened the last button and spread it open he was met by two large rounded mountains of flesh sporting pointed and erect nipples. He immediately opened his mouth and placed it over her right nipple. "See, see what I told you, Celine began to giggle while she put her hands around the back of Greg's head and held his face tighter against her love mound. Soon she released her hold on him and said while lying back on the bed, "OK big boy, you have had enough of that. Now it is time to go somewhere else."

Greg bent down and unfastened the front of her shorts. He placed his hands on the top of her shorts and began to slowly work them down off her hips, and past the top of her cast. As he slipped them farther down her legs, he could see Celine had another surprise, she was naked under her shorts. He looked at her face, which was painted in a wide smile. "You little devil, you," he said with a wink.

She reached up with her hands and said, "Come here, you big boy. Now, I want you to make love to me like never before."

They slept, arm in arm until Saturday morning.

Greg and Celine stayed in bed until eight o'clock. They ate a quick breakfast at home, before he dressed in jeans and a short sleeved shirt. Celine put on a pair of shorts that showed all of her new cast and a blouse. Since Celine was now handicapped with her leg in a long cast and the requirement imposed by Greg that she use crutches, she was happy to stand by and watch him put the last of their things in the car. On the way out of town they stopped by the video store and rented several videos.

The place they were going was two hours away, far enough to be away from anyone who might recognize them, but not so far that it was difficult to drive to. Although Greg referred to it as a cabin, it was actually a relatively new small house only two years old, with a combination living and kitchen area, a big bedroom and a bathroom. It was located on a sandy beach next to a lake. There was a town with shopping and a mall only five miles away.

They arrived at the cabin just before lunchtime. After Greg unloaded the car while Celine stood by watching, they drove into town and got some burgers and fries. After eating, they returned to the cabin. Greg put on a swimsuit and while Celine dressed in a string bikini. As they started to walk down the beach, it wasn't long before it became apparent that Celine wasn't going to be able to walk on her crutches in the sand. She stood by while Greg walked ahead and laid out a blanket, then he returned, lifted her in his masculine arms and carried her to the blanket. They spent the afternoon on the beach enjoying the sun and reading.

Several times, she rubbed lotion on his shoulders, but her greatest pleasure was when he returned the favor. She would lay on her stomach while he gently rubbed lotion on her back and shoulders before turning to her left leg and the small amount of her right leg above her cast. As he rubbed her velvet soft skin she would close her eyes and fantasize about him taking her to bed.

Later in the afternoon, Greg suggested, "I think it would be nice if we get all dressed up and go into town for dinner at a nice restaurant."

Celine rolled over on her back, lifted her hands and motioned for Greg to bend down and kiss her. She said in a soft, sensual voice, "You have a deal, but only if you promise to make love to me for an hour when we get back."

He kissed her rosy lips, "Only, if you promise to love me back."?

After showering, Celine dressed in a black knee length skirt with a matching jacket over a white blouse. She dressed her left leg in a sheer, black nylon stocking with a three inch, open backed sandal. When she came from the bedroom on her crutches and stood before Greg, she asked, "Well, what do you think?"

"Wow, should we start that hour of loving right now?"

She smiled. "Go get into your black suit while I think about it for a few minutes."

While driving to the restaurant, Celine sat close to Greg. She leaned her head on his shoulder and said, "Thank you for looking after me on the beach this afternoon. I mean, when you put lotion on my leg, well, I was just about ready to roll over and grab you right then."

"My pleasure," Greg chuckled.


Greg parked the car in front of the restaurant. He walked to Celine's side of the car, opened her door and reached inside. He lifted her casted leg and helped her turn with her foot outside the car. He helped her stand on her left foot before giving her the crutches. When they entered the restaurant, the waiter quickly showed them to a table located in a dark corner. He pulled out a chair for Celine before lighting a candle on their table. While they waited for the waiter to return to take their order, Celine asked, "Greg, Honey, would you mind if I rested my cast on your chair between your legs?? The back of it is cutting into my leg."

He spread his legs and guided her cast to the chair. Then he began to massage her toes while she winked and said with a sugar sweet voice, "You can do that until we are ready to leave if you would like."? Then she wiggled her toes and giggled softly.

While eating, they heard music coming from another room. She leaned forward and said, "Greg, I think they are dancing in there. I want to go dancing when we are finished eating."

"Are you sure, I mean, you know, uh, have you forgotten about your cast?"

"Well, actually Honey, the cast is making me want to more. I mean, can't you just see me holding you tightly with my arms around your neck so I wont fall?? Just imagine how sexy it will be for you to hold me tightly while my casted leg just hangs stiffly above the floor."? She felt shivers of excitement ripple up and down her spine as she continued. "Here I will be, hanging on to you for my life while I am dancing on only one leg. Can't you just feel the urge to grab me and just kiss me and carry me off into the night?"

"Celine, if you don't be quiet, I may not make it to the dance floor before I do grab you up and carry you away."

She winked, "Good, I think you are getting the picture of how much I am enjoying being in this cast and on crutches."

After they had finished eating, Greg helped her place her cast back on the floor and stand on her crutches. They walked into a room that was nearly dark with a spinning light of small mirrors hanging from the ceiling. There was a band with a girl singer on stage. They made their way to a table in the front of the room where they could get to the small dance floor without a problem.

After sitting down next to each other, a waitress in a short red dress with black stockings came to their table. Shortly, she returned with their drinks. While sipping them, they talked while waiting for a slow song. ?As the first slow song was being played, Greg stepped around and helped Celine to stand. He wrapped his arms tightly around her waist while she put her arms over his shoulders. He lifted her slightly, carried her to the dance floor, and stood her back on her left foot in her three-inch heel. While they moved back and forth to the sound of the music, Celine would lift her foot as he turned, causing them to move around on the floor with ease.

It wasn't until the music had stopped, and they had sat back down, did they notice that the girl singer was moving with a strange walk on the stage. Celine leaned over and whispered, "Look at her, doesn't it look like she has an injured leg?"

"Yes, now that you mention it, it does look like her right leg is stiff. ?But I can't see anything since she is wearing a floor length dress."

At the next break, the singer slowly walked over to the edge of the stage. She asked one of the band members to hold her hand and steady her as she took the three steps, one at a time, to the floor below. As Greg and Celine watched, it was obvious that her leg was stiff and that her toes were in a cast of some kind. As she walked toward them, she smiled revealing a pretty smile to go along with her long, brunette hair and dancing eyes. When she got closer she extended her hand and said, "Hello, my name is Annette. Sorry to be so bold, but it looks like we may have a common affliction."

Celine looked to her toes and back to her face. "Yep, I think we may. Oh, and my name is Celine and this is my boyfriend, Greg."

"Lucky boy," Annette said while she turned sideways and spread the slit that ran up the side of her skirt all the way to her hip. "See, I have a cast all the way to the top of my leg."

Celine and Greg both looked at the green fiberglass cast encasing her leg from her toes to her hip. "But you are walking on your cast," Celine observed.

"Yes, this cast is my first one with a rubber walking heel."

"First cast with a walking heel?"? Greg repeated with a question.

"Oh yes, but not my first cast. I was hit by a car almost six months ago, and the bones in my leg were pulverized. My Doctor tells me that I may have to spend a year or more in a cast, but enough about my leg, how about yours?"

"Well, uh," Celine looked at Greg and back to Annette. "Uh, this is my first cast like this. Uh, I fell down and hurt my leg, but nothing like yours. I think I may have to wear the cast for a little while yet, but not too long."

"Oh, you're very lucky," Annette said before extending her hand again. "Well, nice to talk with you but it is time for me to get back to singing again."

A few minutes later, Greg and Celine returned to the cabin. She walked in on her crutches and stood staring into Greg's eyes with a devilish grin.

"What are you doing?" he asked while knowing that she had to be up to something.

"Nothin'," she said with as much innocence as she could display.

"Well, what are you smiling for?"

She reached out and grabbed him. She pulled him into her arms and kissed his lips with a passion she had been holding all evening. "Undress me," she whispered.

Greg slowly began to unbutton the front of her black jacket. Then he unbuttoned the white blouse underneath. As he progressed down the front of the blouse, he began to smile. "Well, you little devil, you aren't wearing a bra, are you?"

"Maybe, maybe not."? Then she grabbed the back of his head with both hands while still balancing on her crutches. She pulled his face into her naked breasts while saying, "What do you think, am I or am I not?"

Greg helped her remove her jacket and blouse before stepping back to drink in her beauty. "Gosh, you are pretty," he said, almost under his breath.

Celine reached out toward him. "You aren't finished undressing me yet. I am still wearing a skirt."

Greg stepped back into her arms so he could unfasten her skirt. His eyes followed as he watched it fall to the floor. Celine giggled, "See, another surprise just for you," she said as his eyes focused upon her panty-less? waist wrapped in a black garterbelt supporting the long black nylon stocking on her left leg.

Greg swallowed. "Uh yes, a surprise. Now I have one for you," he said as he scooped her into his strong arms and began to wildly kiss her shoulders and neck. He carried her to the bed and laid her on her back before removing all of his clothing. Then he bent down and began to passionately kiss her abdomen starting at her belly button. He progressed up her velvet smooth, flat stomach to her wonderfully large mounds of love. He momentarily stopped to tease each of her hard nipples before meeting her lips with his.

"Oh god Greg, please take me," Celine begged.

The next morning they made love again before getting dressed. The drove into town for breakfast before returning to the cabin where they made love one last time before leaving for home.

As they were driving home on Sunday afternoon Celine said, "You know Greg, I think I want my next cast to be like Annette's. You know, very long with a walking heel. And, I want to go somewhere very nice. You know, somewhere where I can wear a long dress that covers all of the cast except maybe just the end of my toes when I walk."

"I think we can do that," Greg responded with a wide grin.

She put her head on his shoulder and continued. " I can see me now. As I walk around in that long dress with only my toes showing and my leg stiff, the guys will be trying to figure out what is wrong. You know, just like with Annette. We would never have guessed for sure what her cast was like if she hadn't showed us. And then, when we got back to the room and you slowly undressed me while knowing how the guys had ogled at seeing me? oh Greg, I can hardly wait until we get home so you can make love to me again before you take this cast off."

Greg drove on with just as much excitement and fantasizing as Celine. When they got back to town Greg stopped in the parking lot of the strip mall where he had rented the videos. He said, "I need to run in and turn the videos back in."

Celine said, "Good, because I wanted to get some more beer, since we are out at home."

Greg gave her a light kiss on the cheek before saying, "Be careful, you don't want to get caught in that cast."

"Don't worry," she said. "I'll only be in there for a minute."

When Greg returned to the car, Celine was sitting in the front seat with tears streaming down her cheeks. "Honey, what's wrong?"? Greg asked.

"While I was in the store, I ran into Betty, the office gossip. When she saw my cast, she immediately asked what had happened. Well, I told her that I had stepped in a hole just like I have been telling everyone else. Then she ask how long I had to wear the cast, and, uh, well?"? she began to cry harder.

Greg wiped her tears away before saying, "And, what did you tell her?"

"Uh, I just blurted out without even thinking, six weeks, I have to wear the cast for six weeks."

"Oh, I guess she will be telling everyone in your office about seeing you in the cast?"? His statement was in a question.

Celine shook her heat up and down. "I wouldn't be surprised if she was already calling everyone. What am I going to do?? I mean, how can I show up at work tomorrow without the cast?? I mean, won't it be weird?"

Greg reached out with a handkerchief and wiped the tears from her pretty face. "Well, I thought you liked wearing the cast."

"I do, but, well, not forever," she began to sob loudly.

Greg put his arm around her and held her tightly. "Well, I guess you will just have to wear the cast for SIX WEEKS."

- The End-

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