Carla: The Show Store

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1  -  An Idea

Brad had ad just graduated from college with a degree in business and was in need of a job." He couldn't locate anything that interested him so he turned his thoughts to starting his own business. The problem was, he had very little experience.

Brad had fond memories of working in a ladies shoe store during his college days. He loved selling shoes to young ladies. He could still see in his minds eye, the gorgeous shape and the silky smooth feeling of those long, beautiful legs dressed in the sheerest of nylon stockings." He particularly enjoyed the touch, as he used a shoe spoon to slide the heel of a shoe up over the heel of a lady's finely formed ankle. He usually got a smile and sometimes a giggle, as he slid the tips of his fingers up the back of her lovely leg while removing the shoe spoon.

Brad never overlooked the opportunity to notice the top of a lady's stockings attached to a garter belt, as he raised her leg a little while slipping on her shoe. It was wonderful to brush the side of his face along her silky smooth leg as he struggled to get her shoe on, while smelling the perfume she had placed at the back of her lovely knee.

He decided to open a store that specialized in shoes, and nylon stockings. He named the store For-My-Lady's-Leg's, even though he also sold all the under garments necessary for dressing a lady's shapely body, as well as her beautiful legs. 

Brad found a great location for the store in the corner of the mall. The store was next to the office of some orthopedic surgeons." Although that didn't hold any meaning at the time, it quickly made a major change in his life and the business.

Brad opened the store with the help of Leanne, a twenty-one year old college student." She wore her shoulder length brunette hair in curls around her radiant face with a smile that almost closed and her beautiful, sparkling, big brown eyes when she laughed. She stood about five feet seven inches tall and was equipped with a pair of long beautiful legs that she was proud of.

Since the store was in the business of selling lingerie, nylon stockings, and shoes for beautiful ladies, he established a dress code for Leanne." He asked her to wear short skirts, or shorts everyday, along with nylon stockings or pantyhose, and high heeled shoes. She was eager to comply and said, "That's fine because I enjoy wearing stockings and dressing to show off my legs."

When business was slow, she often asked Brad if he would help her by fitting shoes on her shapely feet. She thought it was a lot of fun when he used the shoe spoon and drew his finger tips up the back of her nylon stocking covered leg.

Business continued to improve." He kept promising himself he was going to hire another lady to help Leanne, but the right lady never appeared." One day Carla, a beautiful, sweet, twenty-one year old lady, with shoulder long brunette hair and gorgeous blue eyes came into the store." She was about five feet six inches tall, and wearing a pair of light blue shorts that hugged her hips and extended about three inches down her legs. She was wearing a snug fitting, white blouse that buttoned up the front. She left the top buttons undone, with the collar turned back exposing her soft white chest and the top of her breasts.

She was on crutches with her right leg in a cast covering her foot, from the tip of her evenly spaced toes to the top of her smooth thigh." The cast was molded with her knee slightly flexed, causing her foot to remain above the floor as she stood on her crutches. Brad could see that her cast was very white, and new looking." She even had some casting material stuck on the calf of her left leg as she walked toward him." She was wearing an open sandal and no stocking on her long, shapely left leg." As she approached Brad she said, "I need a shoe with a low heel because I will be wearing this cast for a long time."

Brad helped her to one of the chairs and asked her to sit down." While he started looking for a nylon foot so he could help her try on some shoes, she opened her purse and pulled out a nylon stocking." She asked, "Will you please get me a damp cloth?"

"Sure," he said, before going after a cloth.

When he returned with the cloth and started to hand it to her, she looked up at him with her big blue eyes and asked, "Will you please use it to wash the casting stuff off of my left leg?"

As he gently cleaned her leg, she said, "I am a sophomore at the college. One rainy afternoon six weeks ago, I was late to class so I was running on the wet sidewalk when I slipped and fell with my leg under me. I broke both bones in my lower leg."

Brad continued to clean her leg while she said, "I just came from the doctor's office. He replaced my first cast with this one, and said he was going to continue to change my cast every six weeks, but I will have to wear one for at least six more months. Since I was already close to this store, I decided to come in and get some shoes that were easier for me to walk in with my crutches."

After Brad finished washing off her leg, she gathered her stocking between her fingers and slipped the toe of her sandalfoot stocking over her short, evenly spaced toes." She slowly pulled her beige stocking up her calf, and over her knee. She continued to draw her stocking over her smooth thigh, before pushing the left leg of her shorts up her thigh exposing two garter hooks." She drew her stocking up very high on her thigh, folding down the top of the reinforced part of her stocking before fastening it into the hooks on her garter." Then she slid the leg of her shorts back down covering the top of her stocking. When she was finished, she looked at Brad and said with a slightly embarrassed blush on her face, "I always wear nylon stockings because I like their silky smooth feel against my bare skin, and I think stockings are so sexy looking." I removed this one so the stuff from my new cast wouldn't get all over it."

While she was putting on her stocking and explaining her feelings, Brad was admiring her beautiful leg. He started thinking about her future while measuring her lovely foot, before bringing out several pairs of shoes to try on her. He told her he would sell her any of the shoes for fifty percent off since she could only wear one of them. She smiled and thanked him while he gently tried each shoe on her stocking covered foot.

Brad relished the feeling of touching her silken leg as he fitted each shoe and slowly drew his fingertips gently up the calf of her beautiful leg." He could tell Carla was also enjoying his attention to her leg." She smiled and said, "Just think, there is another one just like that one in this big heavy cast."

Brad continued to enjoy her reaction, as he tried more shoes on her slender foot. She continued to talk about herself. She said she was a waitress before she broke her leg, but she couldn't carry trays and use crutches, so she had to quit her job. He swallowed, and thought more about her future. He was sure she could manage to hold a box of shoes between her crutches and her arm. Also, he was becoming more fascinated with her beautiful legs and pleasing personality. He knew he could keep her working for him until at least Christmas, because she would be in the cast that long." While he continued to try shoes on her foot, he told her he had a great idea. He said he was looking for a lady with pretty legs to help him in the store and he felt she was qualified. She said, "But I have this cast, how can I be a model for great legs with one of my legs wrapped up like this?"

Brad told her he didn't care if she was wearing a cast, he wanted her to work for him if she would just continue to wear a nylon stocking on her left leg with either a pair of shorts or a short skirt to show it off." She looked into his face and said, "Will you please hire me! I am sure I can do the work, and I will always wear a stocking and shorts if that is what you want."

He placed his hand on the knee of her cast and said, "You are hired, I will see you in the morning."

When Carla arrived at work the next morning, she was a delight to behold." She was wearing a beautiful low cut, red dress with sleeves to her elbows, and a wide, black belt accenting her slim waist. The dress was short, revealing the reinforced top of her silky, black, sandalfoot, nylon stocking fasten at the top to a garterbelt. As her skirt swung with each step she took on her crutches, the top of her snowy white right leg could be seen above the top of her cast." She had dressed her left foot in a red, low-heeled pump that matched her dress." As she entered the store and walked toward him on her crutches, Brad said, "Please stop where you are standing."

She stopped, balancing on her left foot and crutches as she asked, "Did I do something wrong, dress wrong, or something?"

"No, absolutely not. You are so strikingly beautiful that I just want you to stand still for a minute while I absorb and enjoy your total beauty. I had no idea how attractive a lady in a full leg cast can be."

She smiled and asked him to do her a favor. She walked on her crutches with her casted leg swinging with each step she took toward the chairs. Brad was so struck by her beauty, he would have done anything for her." She seated herself and looked up at him with her big blue eyes and a smile on her rosy lips. She asked Brad to lift her cast and place it on one of the chairs. He took her cast in both hands and slowly lifted and moved it to one of the chairs as she turned in her chair. She opened her purse and brought out the sandalfoot toe of a stocking that matched the one on her left leg." She handed the stocking toe to Brad and said, "I guess from the way you explained your dress code, you probably want me to wear a stocking on my toes in the cast."

"Yes, I guess that would be nice," he said, as he swallowed hard and took her stocking toe. He slowly and gingerly worked it over her toes and down around the inside of her cast while admiring the elegantly molded cast that covered the underside of her foot and toes." The cast was missing from her short, evenly spaced toes, making a perfect pocket to cradle her stocking over.

Brad noticed after she started working for him that he had an increase in the number of men who brought their wives into the shop." He suspected they were enjoying the show as much as he was. It was wonderful to watch her handle all situations with grace. She would sit in front of a woman who needed shoes, and extend her casted right leg out to the side." It was simply gorgeous the way she managed to keep even the shortest skirt down between her legs.

She even mastered climbing the first rung of a ladder to reach shoes on the higher shelves. She would walk up to the front of the ladder and balance with her underarms on her crutches, then she would lift her left leg up and place it on the lower rung of the ladder and stand up." When she was on the ladder, she was just enough taller than Brad that he could see the reinforced top of her stocking. When she was wearing a very short dress, he could even see the top of her white leg above her cast. He caught her once on the second rung of the ladder. He stopped her from climbing that high again by telling her, "I am afraid you might fall and break your other leg, then you won't have one for me to watch."

"Thanks, but I think you would still be happy watching me with both my legs in casts," she said, with a wink of her beautiful blue right eye.

2  -  Melody Gets Casted

    After Carla worked for Brad for six weeks, she got a new cast." While at the doctor's office, she told Melody, the receptionist, about working in the store." She explained that Brad had given her a fifty percent discount on shoes since she could only wear one with her leg in a cast.

About a week later Melody came into the store looking for some new shoes." She was a twenty-five year old single lady who Brad had dated a couple of times. She had been a lot of fun, but the dates had been very casual.

Melody had big brown eyes that were very inviting to watch." She liked to comb her brunette shoulder length hair back over her left ear. She was about five feet eight inches tall with a full bosom and small waist with nicely curved hips. She had long and shapely legs that she always dressed in sheer nylon sandalfoot stockings. She dressed in elegant clothing with knee length skirts. And, she loved to wear high heels in beautiful colors that matched her dresses and hosiery.

After looking through the store, Melody picked out a nice pair of three inch heeled sandals." She asked, "Will you give me the same discount you gave Carla?"

"No," Brad said. "The discount is just for ladies in leg casts."

She giggled and asked, "How about, if I was in a cast, could I get a discount?"

"Yes, but you aren't in a cast," He stated the obvious while looking down at her legs and imagining one of them in a nice fiberglass cast from her toes to her hip.

Melody continued, "I can get the materials and I know how to put a cast on, if you will help me."

"It's a deal," Brad said as he felt his pulse begin to race. "How about tomorrow evening after work?"

With a wink she said, "Wait until Friday evening after work, and I can wear it all weekend. If you want, after you put me in the cast, we can go to dinner, and maybe something else together afterward."

"And, just what is that something else?" Brad asked.

She responded with a smile, "Just wait and I might show you."

When Melody came to the store Friday evening, she was still wearing her office clothes." She was dressed in a short tan skirt cut just above her rounded knees, and a sheer white blouse. She was wearing beige nylon stockings and beige three-inch heeled, open toe sandals with straps around her ankles." She brought with her a pair of crutches and a bag of fiberglass bandages and padding materials for Brad to apply a cast to her long shapely leg.

He helped her to the backroom and placed the crutches and the bag of bandages on a table next to some water." While they were waiting for Carla and Leanne to close the store, Melody changed into a pair of white shorts with legs about three inches long." The reinforced tops of her beige nylon stockings showed below the legs of her shorts. They walked through the store looking at the shoes. She sat in a chair while Brad removed one of her high-heeled sandals and tried on several pairs of shoes." She responded with delight as he gently rubbed his fingertips up the sheer, smooth stocking covered calf of her shapely leg after gently slipping a shoe on her small, sensually shaped foot.

After Carla and Leanne left, Melody and Brad walked to the back room to put her leg in a cast." He put his hands around her small waist and helped her jump up on the table." She said, "Please unfasten and remove both my shoes," as she lifted the top of the right leg of her shorts and unhooked her extra long, beige nylon stocking from the right leg of her garter belt.

"Here, take my stocking off for me," she said, while he caught his breath." When he finished removing her stocking, she moved to the edge of the table so her right leg was hanging over the edge." She asked for a towel to put over her left leg to keep the fiberglass off her nylon stocking." She told Brad to cut a length of stockinet and place it on her right leg.

She said, "Pull the stockinet as high up on my leg as you can because I want the cast to be as long as possible." The stockinet will form the finished edge on the top of the cast."

The other end of the stockinet extend over her heel and to the end of her small, evenly spaced toes." He wrapped some cotton padding around her ankle and knee before covering her leg with the soft cotton padding.

"The cast will hurt my leg if it isn't padded around my ankle and knee," she said as he put on rubber gloves and placed some of the fiberglass bandages in water.

She held her knee in a slightly flexed position of about fifteen degrees while he rolled the fiberglass bandages around her shapely leg." After he had applied several layers of fiberglass, she said the cast was thick enough." Then he molded the stockinet into the fiberglass around her small toes and to the top of her leg." After finishing the cast, Brad gave her the crutches and asked, "How do you plan to get the cast cut off?"

She giggled and said, "No problem, you can cut it off on Sunday evening with the cast cutter I have in the bag."

With that remark, Brad wasn't sure what was next, but he knew it wasn't going to be over with a fifty percent reduction in the price of some shoes." She was obviously as interested in other activities as he was.

Brad suggested, "Lets go to dinner while the cast dries, then we can go to my place for some drinks."

"Fine, but I think I need to change into something other than shorts if we are going out for the evening," she responded with a wink.

"OK with me, he said, while thoughts of the future raced through his head.

Melody looked at him with a wink and asked in a sweet Southern accent, "Since you put me in this big heavy cast, would you please go to my car and get the extra clothes I brought along just in case things started to develop?"

When Brad returned she was standing on her crutches with her blouse shorts, and shoe removed." She was wearing a beige demi bra, and matching bikini panties and garter belt with her remaining, extra long stocking fastened to it. The top of the stocking barely kissed the nylon of her panties stretched tightly between her legs." Her beautiful cast bound right leg was hanging stiffly beside her nylon stocking covered left leg, with the bottom of her cast covered foot about three inches above the floor.

Brad looked at the cast and said, "That cast is a real master piece, considering that it's my first try at putting a cast on a pretty leg of a beautiful lady, but I hope it won't be the last."

She looked at the cast, then at him and said, "I think you will have more chances to improve on your technique."

He stumbled all over himself as he handed her the clothes." She remained in front of him, as she dressed in a stunning gold sleeveless, low cut dress that hung just below her rounded knees." The bottom of her dress was slit up the side to almost the top of her beige nylon stocking covering her left leg.

She balanced on her left foot while holding the crutches in the air under each arm." She smiled and said, "How do you like it?"

"Wow," he answered, as he looked at her beautiful hourglass figure standing before him.

She continued as she put the tops of the crutches back on the floor, "Will you please show me some gold low heeled shoes since I forgot about the crutches and cast this morning when I laid out my dress and heels?"

As Brad helped Melody to the sales floor, he noticed she was very proficient on the crutches so he asked her, "Have you been practicing with those crutches a lot in the office?"

"No," she said, "I was being treating for a broken leg when I met the Doctors and started to work for them." My practice on crutches is from wearing a full leg cast for four months about two years ago."

"Oh, this isn't your first time to be in a cast." Did you enjoy it before?" he asked.

"During my time in the cast I became aware of the attraction some men have to ladies in leg casts," she said." "I've had fantasies about wearing a cast again while going out in public to dine and enjoy the evening so I was very excited when you agreed to put my leg back in a cast for me."

Brad tried several pairs of gold shoes on her small foot before she selected an open toed sandal with a two-inch heel that she said was just right for her dress." With each fitting, he drew his fingertips gently up her shapely calf covered in her very sheer and smooth beige nylon stocking." Finally she giggled and said, "You know, if you rub my leg one more time like that, I might just have to show you that something else I promised before dinner, rather than later."

Brad lifted her cast by her heel and gently placed a very light kiss on the tip of her big toe." She giggled and said, "Well, I see I'm not going to have to teach you everything that turns on a girl with her leg in a cast."

When they arrived at the Branded Steer restaurant, the doorman jumped right out and opened her door." She looked at him and smiled." She said in her very soft, sweet Southern accent, "Thank you, but my date will help me." You see I have a broken leg."

Brad got out of the car and walked around to her side while enjoying her act." He reached in and placed his hands under her left leg and her cast covered right leg." He swung her legs around so they were in the open door." The slit in her dress parted and some of the soft white skin above the top of her beige nylon stocking on her left leg and the cast on her right leg peeked through." She looked up at the doorman and giggled." She asked, "Well, have you ever seen anything as beautiful as that before?"

The doorman just stood frozen in place as he stared at her sensual show." Brad helped her slide to the edge of the seat so her left foot touched the pavement." He handed her the crutches and helped her stand while she placed them under her arms." As they entered the restaurant, the doorman finally came back to life and fell all over himself trying to help by holding the door open.

The host looked at Melody's crutches, then he dropped his eyes toward the floor and focused his eyes on her toes in the cast." He very quickly asked, "Smoking, or nonsmoking?"

After they were seated, Melody whispered, "There are certain advantages to being with a lady in a full leg cast." I bet you have never been seated so quickly."

After dinner, they headed back to Brad's place." He parked the car and helped her lift her legs out and stand on her crutches." She walked on her crutches to the stairs." She stopped, smiled and said, "This is as far as I go without your help." Let me remind you that you put me in this big heavy cast, so you're going to have to carry me up the stairs."

Brad swallowed before saying, "Sure." So this is your plan."

She giggled and said, "You got it, or should I say, you got me."

He bent down and picked her up." She placed her arm around his neck and pulled his face into her large breasts as he began to climb the stairs." When he got to the top, and started to put her down she held on tightly and said, "No, you've got to carry me all the way into your apartment."

When they got inside the apartment, he stood her down so she could get back on her crutches." She said, "Go get my bag from your car while I make us some drinks."

After a couple of drinks, Melody suggested, "Please show me to the bedroom." While you take a shower, I'll get ready for bed."

"You gotta deal," he said, as he headed for the shower with visions of the future on his mind.

When he finished his shower and went to the bedroom, she was standing on her crutches by the side of the bed."? Her braless voluptuous breasts were pointing toward him from behind a sheer black see through gown that just reached the top of her waist." She was wearing crochless panties and a black, sheer nylon stocking attached to a matching black garterbelt." She was wearing a beautiful black three-inch heeled sandal on her left foot.

Brad could hardly stand the excitement as he helped her sit on the edge of the bed." He helped her lift her legs as she scooted to the center of the bed and laid on her back." He immediately began to caress her beautiful body."??? He rubbed her gorgeous breasts with a tender tough of the tip of his tongue." He gently touched the top of her stocking covered leg, which was especially sensitive to his gentle touch." Her cast was a delight for both of them as he placed his fingers down the top of her cast and gently massaged the top of her soft, velvet smooth thigh." Quickly they were engaged in passionate love making that lasted the rest of the night.

3  -  Charma, Poor Helpless Charma

     Brad was busy in the store one afternoon when he looked up and saw Charma struggling to get through the front door." He had known her casually since he opened the store." She worked as a travel agent in an office next door. She was always friendly and spoke when they passed in the mall.

Charma was a twenty-seven year old lady who wore her brunette hair down past her shoulders." She was five feet eight inches tall with an hourglass figure. Her eyes shined as she flashed a pretty smile showing her radiantly white teeth." She always dressed to accent her large beautiful breast line and long shapely legs. Her dresses were usually cut to knee length displaying her gorgeous legs in sheer stockings and three-inch high-heeled sandals that matched her dress.

Charma was in tears as she tried to make her way through the door." She was on crutches with a cast on her right leg. It was obvious she had never been on crutches before from the way she was floundering around, and about to fall down. Brad ran over, helped her through the door, and over to one of the chairs used to try on shoes." After she sat down he lifted her cast-covered leg by the calf and pulled a chair under her foot.

He went after a damp cloth so she could clean her tear stained face." After he helped her get more comfortable and calmed down he asked her what had happened." She said, "I went to the doctor because my knee was hurting. I expected him to wrap an elastic bandage around it for a few days, and everything would be all right." He x-rayed my knee and told me I had a pulled tendon." She wiped a tear from her right eye before saying, "See, he put my leg in this big pink cast," as she raised her knee length skirt, showing him that her cast extended from the tip of her toes to the very top of her right leg." The Doctor had molded the cast with her knee at a slight bend, then he told her not to stand on her cast or it might slow the healing process.

She sniffed before saying, "I asked him how long I had to be in the cast." He told me I would have to wear it for at least three months."

Brad asked, "Do you have a high heeled shoe that you can wear so your cast won't touch the floor when you stand?"

She wiped away another tear before saying, "No, but Melody recommended you to help solve my problem." When I went to the Doctor's office I was wearing pantyhose, but I had to take them off when he put the cast on my leg."

"OK," he said, as he looked for a nylon stocking and garter belt for her to put on so she could try on a shoe." She smiled as she took the garter belt. She stood on her left foot with her crutches under her arms while she lifted her dress and fastened the garter belt around her waist over her white bikini panties. After she had lifted her dress, she realized that Brad was standing in front of her." She blushed and said, "Oops, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be putting on a show for you."

He chuckled and said, "That's OK." I enjoyed it." Then he began to blush also." She began to laugh. With that slight embarrassment to both of them, Charma began to loosen up." Soon she had almost forgotten her problem.

She sat back down and took the beige extra long nylon stocking." She gathered it on her thumbs and slipped it over her small evenly spaced toes on her left foot. She gently pulled the stocking over her foot and up her beautiful calf. She lowered her heel to the floor and worked the stocking over her rounded knee and to the top of her long, wonderfully shaped thigh." She started to try to fasten the top of her stocking to her garter belt while working under the cover of her dress. She looked up and smiled as she lifted her dress to her lap." She said, "What the heck. You've already seen all I have so why try to hide it now."

Brad swallowed before she giggled." He joined her in a nervous giggle before they both began to laugh hysterically." He brought out several shoes for her to try on." He took his time to gently slip each shoe on her small foot while handling and touching her nylon stocking covered leg more than necessary." She seemed to greatly enjoy the attention he was paying her." After several fittings, she selected a two inch heeled pump." When he finished fitting her and helping her stand on her crutches, Brad told Leanne he would be back in a few minutes while he escorted Charma to her car.

Saturday morning Brad dropped by Charma's house at about 10o'clock." She met him at the door with a smile on her pretty face." She was on her crutches and dressed in a nice light blue summer blouse and matching skirt. She said, "You don't know how much better I feel because of your help."

After drinking a cup of coffee with Brad, she said, "Well, now what are we going to do for the rest of the day?"

Brad looked at her and said, "I bet you have something in mind."

She said with a wink, "Yep, I do." First, Melody told me about your fifty percent discount for ladies in leg casts, and since I qualify in a big way, I want to go to your store and shop some more."

Brad took her to the store and treated her like it was Christmas." He helped her try on a dozen shoes while feeling the smoothness of her nylon stocking as he gently ran his fingers up her shapely calf." She acted like she enjoyed his attention to her leg." Finally she said, "If you insist on rubbing my leg like that, you will have to touch some of my other parts also before we are finished."

He continued to run his fingers up the calf of her leg as he said, "Prove it."

She smiled and gave him a big wink.

After they finished the shoe selection, Brad selected several garter belts and pairs of sheer nylon stockings including some in black with seams." She acted very appreciative as she said, "If I had known what a cast could do for me, I'd have had you fix me up like you did Melody."

He blushed a little and said, "All you had to do was ask me."

When they finished shopping he took her back to her apartment and arranged for his return that evening." He told her, "Dress in your best and we will have a fine dinner and do some dancing later."

She winked and said, "Oh yes, just like you did with Melody."

When Brad returned to pick her up, she wasn't ready." She answered the door in her black demi bra and bikini panties with her crutches under her arms. Her cast covered right leg hung almost to the floor. She was wearing her two inch heeled black pump on her nude left foot." She said, "I'm having trouble deciding what to wear so I thought I would model a couple of outfits and let you decide."

After inviting him in she disappeared into her bedroom." She came out a few minutes later dressed in a beautiful black low cut dress that struck her beautiful legs just above her knees. She was wearing a black sheer nylon stocking and a red, two-inch heeled sandal on her left leg and small foot." She raised her skirt and showed him her nylon stocking was fastened to a black garter belt he had given her." As she turned to go back into her bedroom, he could see her nylon stocking had a straight seam up the back.

When she returned a few minutes later she had changed into a red low cut dress that was cut similar to the black one. She was still wearing her black nylon stocking, but she had changed into a black two-inch heeled sandal." After turning around slowly on her crutches so he could see the back of her dress she asked, "Well, which one do you like best?"

He looked at her and thought about it for a minute, then I said, "Keep the red dress on but let me change your shoe to the red one for you."

She left for a minute before returning carrying the red shoe." She sat down on the couch with her cast covered right leg in front of her with the heel of her cast resting on the floor. She said, "Please do me another favor since you're trying to make my toes look just right."

"Sure," he said, "what do you want me to do?"

She said, "Well, there's no way I can reach my toes in my cast, so would you mind putting polish on then for me?"

Brad was very happy to polish her nails and said, "I will do your other foot also if you will remove your stocking."

She raised her skirt and unfastened her stocking from her garter belt. She said, "Here, you take my stocking off for me."

After he removed her stocking, he put polish on all her nails." She replaced her nylon stocking on her left leg before saying, "Oh yes, Melody said there's one more thing you can do for my toes in my cast."? She pulled the toe of a black nylon stocking from her purse and said, "Here, please put this on my poor little toes for me."

After they finished dressing her, he helped her on to her crutches and into his car." She was obviously very grateful for all the attention he was showing her because she said, "I didn't know a leg cast would get me so much attention."

Brad smiled and continued to lay plans for the evening.

They went to the Branded Steer for dinner, just as Brad had done with Melody." The same doorman and host both repeated their performances when they saw him with another beautiful lady wearing a leg cast." After dinner, Charma decided she might not be up to dancing since she was new at wearing a cast." She said, "I have to keep my high heeled shoe on so my cast won't touch the floor, and I don't want to fall and break my other leg so I think we should go back to my place rather than go dancing."

When they got to Charma's apartment she said, "I know you didn't put me in this cast like you did Melody, but I want you to carry me into my apartment."

Brad picked her up and carried her to the door with his face buried in her voluptuous breasts." He held her while she opened the door, then he carried her into the house with her cast sticking straight out and bumping into things." He sat her down on the sofa with her long legs stretched out on the cushion." He sat down beside her and placed her legs in his lap." He removed her shoe and started to massage her left foot." She melted with enjoyment. She said, "Please don't forget about my poor little toes in the big pink cast." They need some attention also."

After a few minutes she asked, "Will you rub my leg too. It's a little tired from all the walking."

After a few more minutes, Brad was massaging her leg at the top of her stocking while she enjoyed every minute of it." Finally, he moved her legs from his lap and turned her around so he could pick her up." When they got to her bedroom he stood her on her crutches and unzipped the back of her red dress.

After removing her dress, he laid her down on the bed and discovered, much to his delight, that she had changed into a pair of crouchless panties while she was changing to her red dress before dinner." She looked at him and giggled." She said, "Surely you know what to do next."

They made passionate love before falling to sleep in each other's arms.

4  -  Angelina Gets Casted

One Wednesday afternoon Charma came swinging on her crutches into the store with a big smile on her face." She was followed by Angelina, a sharp looking blond lady with big brown eyes." She worked in the travel agency with Charma." Angelina was twenty-four years old, five feet seven inches tall and equipped with a pair of gorgeous long legs.

Charma was wearing a skirt, blouse and shoe with a two-inch heel but no nylon stocking on her shapely left leg." She smiled and said, "Look," as she lifted the bottom of her skirt. "I just got my cast replaced, and now look at my poor little left leg. The Doctor got stuff all over it and I need your help cleaning it off."

Brad asked her to sit down while he got a damp cloth to clean her leg." He removed her shoe and started to gently rub the stuff off her velvet smooth leg." When he finished he got another pair of nylon stockings and gave them to her." She put one on and fastened it to her garter belt, then she looked at Angelina and said, "See what I was telling you, nothing but the best service for a lady in a leg cast."

Angelina smiled and said, "I hear you give certain ladies fifty percent discounts on shoes."

Brad looked at her legs in sheer beige nylon stockings and said, "Yes, but you aren't qualified yet."

"Yes, I know," she said, "but I thought you might help me become qualified tomorrow evening." She winked and reached down to rub her legs before she continued. "My husband is out of town until Saturday, and I want to surprise him with a cast on my leg when he returns. We were at an office party with Charma, and he couldn't take his eyes off her cast."

"OK. When you arrive at the store I will meet you at the door and give you the full treatment."

Thursday evening he met Angelina with a pair of crutches as she arrived at the door." When he handed them to her he said, "You know, a lady who needs to be in a leg cast needs to be using these."

She took the crutches and put them under her arms. She used them to follow Brad to the back room." He asked her how she had gotten so good on crutches." She said, "I have been practicing with Charma's crutches." Charma and I have been planning this event for a couple of weeks."

Brad helped her climb up on the cast table and remove her shoes." He said, "Which leg do you want me to put in the cast?"

She said without hesitation, "My right leg."

He said, "I could put you in a long leg cast with your knee bent or straight."

She smiled before saying, "No." I want my knee to be almost straight like Charma's." My husband talked all the time about how neat Charma's cast was with her foot hanging stiffly down and almost, but not quite touching the floor, so I want a cast just like hers."

Brad asked Angelina to unfasten her nylon stocking so he could remove it." She said, "I'm sorry, I forgot and wore pantyhose today."

She got off the table and removed her pantyhose, then he helped her back on the cast table." He got the materials and began to put a black fiberglass cast on her right leg." When he finished the cast she looked at it before saying, "You know, you're not finished yet." There's still the matter of a nylon stocking and my discount on shoes."

He looked at her and smiled." "You're right."

He got a garter belt and a sheer nylon stocking and helped her put it on." She looked down at her toes in the cast and said, I want the full office treatment."

Brad took her to the sales room on her crutches and selected several pairs of shoes with two-inch heels for her to try on." It was particularly enjoyable for him because she responded so excitedly to each light touch he made to her nylon stocking covered leg." When they were finished selecting her shoes, she said, "I would like to have a little privacy in the back room while you put away the extra shoes."

In a few minutes, Brad returned to the back room." Angelina was standing on her crutches with her skirt removed." She had changed to a see-through blouse and no bra. Her cast covered right leg was hanging stiffly beside her left leg in the nylon stocking attached to her garter belt." She said, "We have just enough time for me to thank you before Charma comes by to take me home."

Brad began their encounter by gently massaging her large breasts and leg." Soon they were engaged in passionate love." Half an hour later, they heard Charma trying to get in the locked front door of the store." He hurried to get dressed and let Charma in while Angelina was dressing." Charma smiled as he tried to explain that they were just finishing up with Angelina's cast.

Angelina said, "Look Charma, I have a cast just like yours," as she raised her skirt to show Charma the top of her cast and her new nylon stocking.

Charma said with a big smile, "Yip, just like mine."

As they left the store for Charma to drive her home, Angelina smiled and thanked Brad for the cast." She said, "I'll come in Monday morning for you to cut the cast off before I go to work."

Monday morning Charma and Angelina came swinging on their crutches into the store." Both were wearing identical outfits with very short skirts that showed their casts and the reinforced top of their nylon stockings very nicely." They were very happy as Angelina said, "I have had so much fun over the weekend, I'm going to keep my cast on until next Monday." I can't remember when I have been paid so much attention. Charma told me of the extra attention ladies in leg casts receive but I had no idea how much fun it would be."

Several times throughout the week, Brad ran into Angelina and Charma in the mall." Charma and Angelina were always flirting with Brad.

Thursday afternoon, Angelina came swinging happily on her crutches into the store wearing a sleeveless summer dress with a full skirt that stopped just above her knees." She sat down in one of the chairs and picked up her cast behind her knee. She swiveled around in her chair and placed her cast on a chair beside her. She said with a pouty face, "I want you to show me some new shoes."

The store wasn't busy so Brad spent about two hours with her trying on shoes." He could tell she was enjoying his attention when he slowly moved his fingers up her stocking covered calf each time he put a new shoe on her foot." Finally she said, "I think you have been playing with my leg long enough. Please take me to your back room and check on the top of my cast for me. I think you need to rub the inside of my leg where it's hiding under the cast."

He followed her as she walked on her crutches to the back room." He helped her remove her dress, exposing her breasts in a see through bra." She was wearing her beige nylon stocking fastened to a garter belt with no panties.

Brad helped her to a couch he had recently moved into the back room." They rapidly progressed to passionate lovemaking.

The next Monday, Angelina came in early wearing a short skirt and nylon stocking." She was carrying her extra shoe. He helped her to the backroom and removed her cast." He suggested she use her crutches for a day or so until her leg was back to normal." She said, "The experience has been total enjoyment beyond belief, and I'm looking forward to another cast in the future."

Brad watched Angelina leave the store and decided, putting casts on the legs of beautiful ladies could become a very enjoyable hobby." He made plans to upgrade his work area to a fully equipped cast room like that in the doctor's office where Melody worked.

Carla came to Brad after Angelina left." She was pouting and long faced. She said, "You know, it isn't fair. Here I have been in a cast for months and you have never given me any special treatment like you did Melody, Charma, and Angelina." You know, I'm going to get my cast changed again on Friday, and it should be my turn."

Brad responded, "I'm sorry, I just didn't think you would want all that attention."

"Well, I am a lady in a big leg cast," she said, "so why shouldn't I?"

"Good point," he said, "just wait until Friday because you have a date for the weekend,"

Friday afternoon Carla came swinging into the store on her crutches." She was in a new full leg cast just like her last two casts. She sat down in a chair and said, "OK, now is your chance to treat me like you have all your other ladies in leg casts."

Brad gave her a nylon stocking." He started to help her put it on but she stopped him." She opened her purse and handed him some nail polish." Brad took it and sat down in front of her." After he finished her nails, she put her nylon stocking on and pulled it to the top of her left leg." Then she said, "How about my toes in the cast? Aren't you going to polish them too?"

When he finished with her cast-covered foot, she said, "I want to leave early from work so I can be ready when you arrive to take me to dinner."

When Brad arrived at her home, she was in a low cut green dress that hit her legs just above her knee." She was wearing a green nylon stocking to match her dress and green shoe." She invited him in and asked him to be seated while she showed him her dress." The skirt was slit in front so either her cast or stocking covered leg would show, depending upon how she sat. When they got to the car, she looked at him and said, "This is a date so you are suppose to help me into the car."

They went to the Branded Steer." The doorman, who had been watching with interest, hurried over with a wheelchair. Carla smiled at him and said, "Sure, why not, I should get some special treatment because of my cast."

Brad helped her into the wheelchair, and put the crutches back in the car." When she sat down, her dress opened exposing the top of her nylon stocking and green garter belt with a slight hint of the white skin of her other leg above the top of her very long cast.

They were immediately shown to a table." While they were waiting for their food, she said, "It is marvelous how much attention I get now that I'm in this cast." It's so much fun I am dreading to give it up, but I still have four more months to enjoy it."

He smiled at her and said, "As you know, that doesn't have to be the end for you." We can still put a cast on your leg anytime you like."

She reached over and patted his hand and said, "I sure hope there will be more to come."

After eating, Carla said, "You know my special treatment also includes a night, and I want to go to a motel."

They drove to a nice motel where they registered as Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Carla said, "You know you have to carry me into the room."

The next Monday when Carla arrived for work, Brad could detect a little bounce in her step." He said, "I guess you had a fine weekend."

She smiled and said, "Yes, especially Friday night."

5  -  Leanne Has an Accident

Shortly after Brad opened the store on Monday morning, Leanne called from the hospital." She had been in an auto accident the Friday evening before, and she needed Brad to give her a ride home." He asked if she was all right." She said, "You won't believe this but I broke my leg."

When he arrived at the hospital, Leanne was sitting in a wheelchair with a pink fiberglass cast on her right leg." She was wearing a long hospital gown and paper shoe on her left foot." She said, "I'm sorry about the way I am dressed but all my clothes and shoes were lost in the wreck."

Brad wheeled her out to the car and placed the wheelchair beside the rear door." He helped her stand on her left leg and turn around so she could sit down on the edge of the seat." He took her cast-covered leg by the calf and helped her slide all the way into the car.

When they arrived at her apartment, he helped her out of the car and slowly walk on her crutches to the door." Once inside, he helped her get comfortable in her bed." She told him her leg was hurting but she would be all right because Carla was going to look in on her each evening." Brad said, "Fine, I will check on you Saturday afternoon."

When he arrived Saturday afternoon, Leanne met him with a smile and invited him in." After he sat down, she stood in front of him, balanced on her left leg with her crutches held out like wings and asked, "How do I look?"

She was wearing a white blouse tucked into yellow shorts. As Brad looked down at her legs, he could see her cast was molded to a snug fit emphasizing the fine curve of her leg inside it." The cast was as long as any he had ever seen, with her knee nearly straight." She was wearing a tan sheer nylon stocking on her left leg that went to a garter belt hidden under her shorts." She looked up and asked, "Does this meet your dress code?"

She disappeared for a minute and returned with a white tennis shoe." She gave it to him and sat down on the couch next to him." While lifting her cast and leg into his lap, she said, "Now, that I have joined your group of ladies in leg casts, will you please put my shoe on like you do with all your ladies in leg casts?"

After he finished putting her shoe on, she asked if they could go for a drive." She said, "I haven't been out of the house all week and need some fresh air."

Brad helped her to her crutches and out to the car. He opened the door and she sat on the seat, then she looked up and said, "I know you are going to help me in, aren't you?"

They drove around and talked for a while." She asked to stop for a hamburger at a drive through restaurant because she didn't feel like walking a lot. After they finished eating, Brad took her home." She thanked him and said, "Since my leg is still sore, I would like to call it a day."

Leanne returned to work on Wednesday." She beamed with excitement on her first day back because her cast drew the attention of several men in the mall. She looked at Carla and giggled as Carla said, "I told you so."

Friday Leanne asked, "Are you ready to give me the treatment?"

"What do you mean?" Brad asked.

She smiled and said, "You know. I want the same treatment you give all your ladies with leg casts."

"Oh, that," He said.

"Yes, that, and you can start by taking me to the dinner theater Saturday evening," she responded.

When Brad arrived on Saturday evening, Leanne met him at the door." After inviting him in, she modeled her evening dress." She was wearing a beautiful blue gown that fell almost to the floor. She raised her cast-covered leg causing the cast to come through a slit that went almost to the top of her leg." Then she lifted her skirt and showed him her silken tan nylon stocking attached to a blue garter belt." She had accented her gown and stocking with a blue low heeled shoe. She asked, "How about this, think it's OK?"

Brad helped her into the car and drove to the theater." They enjoyed a fine dinner with only the slightest attention to her beautiful cast, since she tried to keep her skirt over it most of the time." After the theater, they drove back to her place." When he opened the car door to help her out, she said, "Now it's time for the treatment to begin." I want you to carry me into the house."

He picked her up with her breasts in his face and carried her to the door." She opened it while he was still holding her." He carried her in and placed her on the couch." She said, "Please make us a drink while I get comfortable," before getting to her crutches and heading for her bedroom.

In a few minutes, she asked Brad to bring the drinks and come in." She was standing on her crutches by her dresser. She was in a sheer gown that reached to her knees. He could see she had removed her bra and that she had also changed to crouchless panties that matched her blue garter belt and nylon stocking."She held out her arms and invited him to hold her.

They caressed for a few minutes, then he helped her to her bed." He rubbed her nylon stocking covered leg and watched, as the nipples of her large breasts became erect." They made love several times that evening.

The next morning she announced that her treatment wasn't over yet because she hadn't been able to show off her cast for any men." She suggested Brad take her for a walk at the zoo where there would be several men who she would enjoy showing off for.

After breakfast, she dressed in a halter-top and shorts." She put on a garter belt and a very long nylon stocking." When they arrived at the zoo, he helped her out of the car." They walked around the zoo for a couple of hours." She was very quick to point it out when she noticed a man looking at her in her cast.

After a while, Brad got her an ice cream cone to eat while he sat her down and removed her shoe." He wasn't sure whether it was her or her ice cream that was melting the fastest while he rubbed her foot.

As they left the zoo she said, "I was just about to ask you for a cast when this happened." I had heard Carla and Melody talking about how much attention a lady in a full leg cast drew, but I had no idea."

He said, "You know it doesn't have to end when the doctor removes your cast in three months."

When Leanne arrived for work on Monday, she came up to Brad, gave him a big hug and said, "If I had only known how much fun a lady can have with a leg cast, I would have had you put one on me weeks ago."

Brad had been promising that in a couple of weeks, he would take the ladies on a little vacation at Jubilee Mountain, a resort a few hours away." Brad had rented a van for the trip, thinking that it would be more comfortable for the ladies in their casts, than his car." That morning, he put on a pair of jeans, a checkered shirt and a pair of cowboy boots, before stopping by Melody's." She was waiting for him in a knee length skirt made of blue denim and a checkered shirt like his." She was wearing a tan nylon stocking and her tan sandal on her left leg."? She was wearing a cast on her right leg, that Brad had put her in a couple of days earlier.

Melody came out on her crutches and climbed into the front seat." They stopped by for Charma next." She was wearing a skirt and checkered shirt like Melody's." She was also in a nylon stocking and open toed sandal with a wedge heel." Brad helped her climb into the van." When Charma sat down she said, "Look here at the garter I have on my cast." as she raised her skirt to reveal a black and red garter with white lace that she had placed at the very top of her cast.

She smiled and said, "I think it looks real neat here," as she giggled and let Brad see what she was really trying to show him." She had sewn the words "Just For You" and a small red heart on the front of her pink panties." He blushed and looked to see if Melody had seen what Charma was showing him." Melody was busy looking at the map and was unaware of what Charma had just done.

They stopped by Carla's house to pick up both her and Leanne who had spent the night together." They also, were dressed exactly like Melody with denim skirts and checkered shirts to match." Both also, were wearing nylon stockings and tan sandals like Melody's." Brad helped them arrange their casts so they were comfortable in their seats before they drove to a restaurant for breakfast." He parked the van and opened the big sliding door for them to get out." Carla scooted over to the side of the van and reached out placing her hands on Brad's shoulders." He put his hands around her small waist and helped her as she hopped to the edge of the van and down onto the pavement." He gave her the crutches and she moved back so he could do the same for Leanne.

Charma had her own idea about how she was getting out of the van." She insisted that Brad climb into the van and pick up her cast while she scooted to the edge of the seat, then she put her hands on his shoulders while he held her by the waist." She hopped down to the pavement and smiled, then she said, "See, all I wanted was a little help with my cast."

Melody had already opened her door and swung her cast out into the open." Brad placed his hands around her slender waist, and helped her to the ground." She smiled and said, "Thanks for being a gentleman."

As they entered the restaurant, the hostess greeted them." She looked at Brad and grinned as she looked at each lady in her cast, and appeared to be making a mental note about what she was seeing." Brad had a feeling she may have a knowing interest in what she was seeing as she helped them to their table.

The hostess sat Melody next to Brad with the rest of the ladies on the other side of the table." It wasn't long before Charma, who sat across from Brad said, "I need to place my cast on your chair between your legs because it is hurting the back of my leg."

He reached between his legs, lifted her cast by the heel, and placed it on the chair." She started to rock her cast-covered foot back and forth between his legs as she giggled with a twinkle in her eye and said, "Thanks, that feels much better."

After they ate, Brad excused himself for a few minutes." When he returned, he saw the hostess and Melody talking." Melody raised her skirt and showed her cast to the hostess who lifted her foot off the floor and placed her hands around the top of her leg." When Brad made his way back to his chair Melody said, "Monica, here, was just telling me about the time she went skiing and broke her leg." She was in a cast like mine for six months, and, she said, she also got a lot of attention from the men folks."

Brad said, "Oh really, how interesting."? As he got up and went over to pay the bill, he gave Monica his card and said, "Call me next week if you like." I might be able to help you get some more attention if you really want it."

She said, "Thanks, I just might do that." as she smiled and took his card.

6  -  The Three Legged Trio

They left the restaurant and drove for about two hours through the mountains to the resort area." When they arrived at Jubilee Mountain, Brad stopped at the motel and registered them into the rooms." Brad got one room for Melody and Charma, and another room for Carla and Leanne." He decided it might be the best if he had his own room since he didn't want to openly play favorites in front of Carla and Leanne.

After they unpacked, Melody told them Carla, Leanne, and she had some shopping plans and would be busy for a couple of hours." Charma looked at Brad and said, "Why don't you come by after me in about fifteen minutes and we can go shopping together?"

He said, "Sure, that's a great idea."

After he had freshened up and unpacked he went to Charma's room and knocked on her door." She called out, "It's open, come on in."

As he walked into the room, Charma was setting on the side of the bed with he cast covered leg projecting out into unsupported space." She had removed her skirt, blouse, panties, and shoe. She was still wearing her nylon stocking with a red lace garter around the top and a very thin bra. She said, "You know I am due to get my cast off in about three weeks and I want to thank you one last time for helping me when I was so depressed. You remember that time don't you when I first got my cast?"

"Yip, I sure do," he said, "and I also remember what we did about it."

She said, "Good, because I think I am about to become depressed when the doctor removes my cast, and I have to become normal again."

Brad said, "You can have a cast anytime you want." All you have to do is ask me."

"Good," she said, "I feel I will be asking you frequently, because it has been a very pleasant experience. I love the way the guys are always helping me and making cute remarks about my cast."

Brad removed his clothes as Charma slid back on the bed and said, "I think my leg would feel better if you massaged it."

He started to gently rub first her toes, then her foot." He worked his way up her leg passed her ankle to her calf, then the back of her knee where she had placed some beautiful smelling perfume." He gently rubbed the inside of her thigh, as she became very aroused." Finally, he moved to the top of her cast and gently placed his fingers on her thigh inside her cast." She was lying flat on the bed and invited him to lay beside her and hold her as her leg trembled inside her cast.

After they finished making passionate love, he dressed, then helped her back into her clothes." When she was finished dressing and freshening up he lifted her nylon stocking covered leg and gently placed her slender foot in her shoe before he buckled it." They left the motel room and walked through the area where people were demonstrating their various craft skills.

In a short time, they came upon the ladies watching a stage show for local talent and park visitors who wanted to try their hand at singing, dancing, or playing a musical instrument." When the performances were over, they walked to one of the open-air restaurants that specialized in barbecue.

They took seats at a picnic table and were shortly served by a young lady with long blond hair and big eyes." She was wearing a cowgirl costume with shorts over pantyhose and open toed sandals. She was in a large plaid shirt with the tails tied together in front and a big straw hat. While serving them, she said her name was Sierra." She looked at the ladies in casts, then at Brad and asked, "How did you find so many ladies with a broken leg?? You must be the captain of a large ski team or something."

He said, "I guess I am just lucky, because every time I talk to a lady, she falls and breaks her leg so you had better be careful."

Sierra smiled as she said, "Well, there are a lot of ski accidents around here each winter and it was my turn last winter." I was in a cast for five months and just got it removed in June," as she lifted her shapely right leg and pointed down at it.

She said, "If you watch me closely when I walk, you can still see me limp just a little, but otherwise I am alright."? She continued after taking a breath, "You know, sometimes I would still like to have a long cast on my leg because it is one sure fired way to get attention from men."

Charma looked up at Sierra and said, "Yes we know, and isn't great."

Sierra said, "Yip, it sure is."

After eating, they walked around for a while watching the crafts people at work." One guy at a potter's wheel took special interest in all Brad's ladies and asked him what had happened." He said he had never seen so many ladies with broken legs in his life. Brad responded, "It was a great big motorcycle accident, and there are at least five more ladies with broken legs that aren't with me."

He said, "Oh," and went back to his pottery.

They walked back to the rooms and the ladies said they were a little tired so the wanted to rest for a while." They agreed to meet at a quarter of seven so they could all go to the talent show again.

When it came time, Brad met the ladies in front of their rooms." Melody, Carla, and Leanne were all dressed alike in country dresses with lace bottoms that hit just at knee level." They were wearing can-can slips underneath that caused their skirts to stick out in a big circle. Each lady was wearing a tan nylon stocking with a black shoe. Each was also wearing a bow in her hair that matched her dress. When he asked about their shoes, he was told to not worry about it because he would see later.

Charma was wearing a stunning red dress with a low cut top and short sleeves." The hem was just above her knees." She had put a black nylon stocking on her shapely leg with a black two-inch heel." She said, "I want to look nice for the talent scouts since I don't sing, and I can't dance with my leg in a cast."

They walked to the show area and sat down on backless benches with Melody on Brad's left and Charma on his right." Carla and Leanne sat beside Melody." It wasn't long before Charma had swung around on her seat and placed both her cast and stocking covered leg in Brad's lap." She said, "You know this cast is cutting into the back of my leg, so you don't mind if I put my legs in your lap, do you?"

After several acts the announcer said, "Now we have an act with a rather strange title." Would you please give a big round of applause for the One Legged Trio."

As everyone started to clap, the ladies looked at each other and got to their feet. They placed their crutches under their arms and made it to the stage where the announcer stood with his mouth open." He asked Melody, "My card says you are dancers but how are you going to dance with casts on your legs?"

She said, "Just watch us."

He said,?? "But first, what happened that all three of you are in casts?? Surely you didn't get casts just for this show."

Carla spoke up and said, "Well you see, there was this motorcycle, but we didn't come here to talk, so strike up the music."

The ladies formed a U-shaped pattern with Melody in the middle and Carla on her right." Leanne stood on Melody's left as they balanced on their crutches and held onto each other's waists." As the music started, they clogged with their shoes as they fluffed their can-can slips and leaned on their crutches. Soon, they were swinging with enough rhythm to show a red and black garter with white lace at the top of each nylon stocking and cast. The crowd enjoyed the number enough for an encore performance. At the end of the show, the One Legged Trio was voted the winner of the fifty-dollar prize.

After the show, they walked back to their rooms and said good night to Charma, Carla and Leanne.

Melody asked Brad to go for a stroll in the moonlight." They walked into the woods and sat down." Shortly they were hugging and holding hands." He started to rub her leg in her nylon stocking." She responded by turning around and placing her leg and cast in his lap where he could also rub her thigh inside her cast." Soon he removed her panties and they made hot passionate love.

When they were finished, he helped her to her crutches." He walked her back to her room and said good night." Brad returned to his room and thought how lucky can one man be to have four gorgeous ladies in full leg casts to follow around and be with."

7  -  Elise The Talent Scout
    Sunday morning, the ladies and Brad met in front of their rooms so they could go to breakfast together. Melody, Carla and Leanne were all wearing white tank tops and very short blue shorts." Charma was dressed in a nylon stocking with a real short blue skirt and red blouse. She was carrying a white wedge sandal as she walked on her crutches over to a small bench and sat down. She asked Brad to sit beside her, then she turned around and put her legs in his lap and handed him the shoe. She looked at him with her big eyes and pouty face and said, "Here big fellow, would you please help a lady in distress by putting this on my beautiful foot."

As they walked to the restaurant where Sierra had served them the day before, the ladies talked excitedly about winning the contest. They sat at the table served by Sierra who was all smiles. She said to the ladies, "I heard about the One Legged Trio and think that is such a cute idea, I wish I could try it someday, but I am not sure I want to break my leg again just so I can have a cast to dance in."

Brad made a mental note to talk to Sierra later.

After eating, he went to pay Sierra for the meal. He said, "I heard about your desire to have a cast to dance in. You know Melody doesn't really have a broken leg, she just had me put her leg in a cast for this trip so she could be like the other ladies."

Sierra said with a question in her voice, "You mean, you can put a cast on a lady's leg just because she thinks it is neat?"

Brad said, "Yes, I have a cast room that is as well equipped as any an orthopedic surgeon would have. You see Melody works for one and she helped me contact the wholesale suppliers."? Then he handed her his card and said, "Here, if you are ever in town and are interested, look me up, I think you will be well pleased if you do."

She smiled and said, "Thanks, I might just do that. And, here is my phone number just in case one of the ladies can't make it some time and you need a dancer."

He took her phone number and told her he would keep her in mind.

Shortly a stunningly beautiful lady walked up to Brad. She appeared to be in her mid twenties and approximately five feet nine inches tall. She had long blond hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a beautiful knee length white dress with a red belt and matching red heels accented with black nylon stockings. She introduced her self as Elise, the manager and lead singer for The Honeys, an all female band at the Pistol Palace.

Elise said she had caught the One Legged Trio act the night before and wanted to know if Brad was their agent. He stumbled around for a minute, and finally said, "Yes I am."

She said, "The Pistol Palace nightclub is always on the look out for a unique act."

She explained that she was particularly interested because the club had an on going advertising gimmick to draw ladies in leg casts during the winter ski season. Brad told her he was familiar with the ladies in leg casts get in free, idea and thought it was neat.

She said, "We, at the club are trying to put together a fashion show along the same theme."

Brad told her, "Great because I operate the For-My-Lady's-Legs shoe store in the mall. I have been talking with Annette who manages the Fashions For Us dress shop, which is also in the mall." We are interested in the lady in the leg cast idea for a fashion show. She has even volunteered to have me place her leg in a cast for the show."

Elise and Brad agreed he would bring Annette and they would meet the next Wednesday and work out the details for a show that included the Pistol Palace.

?On their way home Brad told Carla, Leanne, Charma and Melody about the possibility for a fashion show at the Pistol Palace and maybe even a talent show."? Charma thought about it for a few minutes and announced, "I want to be in the fashion show but I will have my cast off if it isn't held soon."

Brad assured her he would take care of everything and she could be in the fashion show with a cast on her leg.

When they got to town, Carla and Leanne were dropped off first. Then they took Charma to her house. When they got to Melody's house, she said, "I think it is about time you showed me some special attention again. You know it is your fault that I am in this big old cast that has crippled me and covered up my gorgeous leg. Don't you feel a little responsible?"

Brad said "Yes, and you couldn't be happier, but I think I will just carry you to the house because I am happy you like being in a cast."

She said, "Good, I think you understand, besides you have to cut me out of this thing before work tomorrow."

He parked the van and went around to her side and opened the door. He carried her to the door and held her while she unlocked and opened it. He carried her in and placed her on the couch. She said, "That is good for a start, but I think I want you to take me to The Pistol Palace for dinner and a little dancing."

Brad said, "Fine with me, just let me go get some clean clothes from the van while you get cleaned up a little."

When he returned Melody was in her bedroom so he used the spare bathroom to shave and change into some better clothes. When Melody came out of her bedroom, she was wearing her gold colored dress with a slit up the side to the top of her cast. She was still in her stocking but she had put one of her red and black garters around her leg just above her cast. She was wearing her black sandal and had placed a black bow in her hair. She modeled her dress and asked, "What do you think?"

"Stunning, simply stunning. You know you get more beautiful with each new cast."

She beamed with appreciation as they left her apartment for the Pistol Palace.

Brad drove her up to the door of the Pistol Palace and parked so he could help her from the car." He opened her door and reached in gently lifting her leg and her cast so she could turn in the seat and place her legs outside the door. Then he helped her stand up and take the crutches. She smiled and said, "That was nice, just like a gentleman is suppose to."

He gave the attendant the keys to the car and escorted Melody into the club. The same doorman met them again and fingered her cast as he said, "By now you know about her getting in for free."

"Yes," Brad answered.

After they had been served, Elise came over to the table and sat down. She was wearing a white dress with red shoes and she tan nylon stockings. Brad introduced her to Melody and talked for a few minutes. She said she was also the business manager for the club. She excused her self and said she had to get back to business but she would see them on Wednesday.

In a few minutes the band started to play so Melody said, "It's time to dance so you remove your shoes and take mine off for me."

After removing his shoes, he felt her foot between his legs so he reached down and removed her shoe, but only after rubbing her nylon stocking covered calf several strokes.

After several slow dances, Melody said it was time to take her back to her apartment. Brad put his shoes on and helped her put her shoe back on. They walked past the doorman who said, "Man, I don't know where you found her, but she must be the most accident prone lady in the world. It seems like she has been in a cast forever."

Brad looked at him and said, "I guess she just gets all the breaks."

When they got to Melody's apartment, he carried her in again and placed her on the bed. She said, "I think my legs need to be massaged again."

He undressed while she removed her dress and bra. When she removed her skirt Brad could see that there wasn't any crouch in her panties. She laid back on her bed while he removed her shoe and started to rub her toes." He worked his way up her leg past her knee to her thigh. By the time he was ready to move to the top of her cast, she was already experiencing trembles in her leg confined in the cast. They made love, then they laid in each other's arms for about an hour.

Finally Melody got up and told him to please use the other bathroom to get dressed while she got herself ready to have her cast cut off. After dressing he went to the kitchen and got the cast cutter and a towel to cover her left leg. In a few minutes she appeared on her crutches. She had put on a white blouse and blue shorts. She was still without a shoe, but she had put on a silky nylon stocking fastened to a garter belt.

She walked on her crutches, over to the chair and sat down. Brad covered her leg with the towel and began to cut her cast. She said, "Be sure to cut it so we can use it for some mini-cast parties later."

He said, "How can I forget."

After he finished cutting the cast, he removed her leg and gently rubbed lotion over it. She had an expression of total enjoyment with each gentle touch of her soft, creamy white leg.

When he finished she handed him a nylon stocking and said, "Here, I think my beautiful leg feels undressed without this."

He put the nylon stocking on her leg while making sure he touched it as much as possible. After he fastened the nylon stocking to her garter belt, she stood on her crutches and asked, "Do you think my poor little leg is ready to be walked on without crutches yet?"

Brad responded, "No, not until I have gone home."

She smiled and walked on her crutches to the door where she gave him a big hug and long wet, warm kiss on the lips. She said, "This was a wonderful weekend. I want to do it again."

He smiled and said, "Yes, so do I."

Wednesday evening Melody, Annette and Brad met with Elise, the business manager for the Pistol Palace.

Melody was dressed in a white blouse and a skirt that hit her legs just above her knees. She was wearing tan nylons, red heels, and a gold ankle bracelet on her left ankle. If you didn't know her, you probably wouldn't have recognized her as the lady Brad was with over the weekend, who was in the full leg cast.

Annette was a stunning twenty three year old lady who was at least five feet six inches tall in her stocking feet, but she always wore heels at least three inches high. When Melody and Brad picked her up at her Fashions For Us dress store, she was wearing a black form fitting dress cut about three inches above her knees. She was in black nylon stockings and a pair of light blue heels that matched her belt and big eyes. Her auburn hair hung down her back to the bra line and she talked with a slight Southern accent that she could emphasize at will.

Elise was in a full skirt and blouse both of light pink with tan nylons and light red shoes. Her long blond hair was in curls around her face.

When they met, Elise didn't recognize Melody since she was expecting to see her in the cast. Elise seemed very interested in the fact that Melody wasn't in a cast, so the first thing Brad did was explain that he had a complete cast room set up in the back of the store, and he was the one who had put the cast on Melody's leg. Elise thought about it for a minute and said, "Can I try that? I think we can come up with some neat ideas for the rest of the season." Maybe we can have a talent show where all the ladies have to be in casts."

Brad said, "I like your ideas. Annette and I have also been talking about using the cast theme for a fashion show."

They agreed to develop a fashion and talent show to be held at the Pistol Palace. Brad volunteered to locate a few ladies who would like to try out for the talent or fashion show and go from there. If he located a particularly talented lady, he would helper with a cast if she wasn't already wearing one.

In the meantime, Brad set up appointments for Elise and Annette to come to his cast room on Thursday evening. He planned to fit then with fiberglass casts they could use to practice walking in since neither of them had ever been in a cast before.

On Thursday evening, both Elise and Annette arrived at the store at seven o'clock. Brad met them at the door and let them in since Carla and Leanne had already closed the store for the day. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw how beautiful those four legs were. Both ladies were wearing shorts and three-inch heels.

Brad escorted Elise and Annette to the cast room and explained what he had in mind. He told them he recommended full-length leg casts molded with nearly straight knees." Annette needed to be free from crutches to serve as master of ceremonies at the talent and fashion show, and with her back stage activities in helping coordinate the show so Brad recommended a walking cast for her." He recommended a long leg cast with crutches for Elsie." Both ladies agreed, so they got started.

Elise said she wanted to be first so Brad helped her on the table and sat her down. He removed her left shoe while he admired her long shapely legs, before placing a towel over her right leg to keep mess off her gorgeous leg. He placed stockinet on her left leg, and padded her ankle and knee while explaining why the padding was required." He began to wrap and mold the wet fiberglass bandage around her shapely leg. When he was finished, he helped her down to a chair while he worked on a cast for Annette. He helped her to the table and asked her sit back. Her beautiful legs looked five feet long as he gently moved his fingers up and down her right leg before removing her shoe. He repeated the casting process with her beautiful leg." When he got to the walking pad on the bottom of her casted foot he mentioned how small her foot was. She said, "Yes I am blessed with great long legs and beautiful small feet." After finishing her cast, he helped Annette from the table and to a chair.

They talked about plans for the talent and fashion show while they waited for the fiberglass casts to harden." After a while Elise stood on her right foot while balancing on her crutches." She walked awkwardly around the cast room for a few minutes." Annette also used crutches to help balance while she tested her ability to walk in a long leg walking cast.

CHAPTER 8  -  The Girls Get Cast

Shortly Brad asked them to accompany him to the sales floor where he offered them the standard fifty percent discount that he gave all ladies in leg casts. Both of them asked for rain checks, saying they had been through enough for the evening.

A couple of days later he saw Annette in the mall and asked her how her cast training was coming. She said, "I am beginning to like it, I even slept well in it last night."

Charma came bouncing into the store one morning. She was wearing a full skirt to her knees and her wedge heeled sandal. She lifted her skirt to show Brad the top of her cast and her nylon stocking fastened to her garter belt. She said, "I just wanted you to see my cast for the very last time because I am supposed to get it cut off in a few minutes. When I get back I want you to take me to your cast room and wash and clean my poor little leg, then I want you to shave it and place it in this new nylon stocking I have been saving for it."

Brad said, ?Great, I will see you after while."

She said, "And don't forget your promise to help me in the fashion show."

"Got you.," he said, as she walked to the door on her crutches.

A couple of hours later Charma came back into the store, but her leg was still in a cast. She appeared a little confused about what was happening so Brad invited her to the cast room to talk. He helped her up on the table and saw that she had a new cast.

She said, "The doctor x-rayed my leg and said I needed the cast for another six weeks, so I am back in a cast."

Brad said, "I am sorry about you having to be in the cast longer."

She smiled and said, "It's OK, now I can be in the fashion show."

"Since you are still in a cast, aren't you unhappy." he asked her.

She said, "No, I just wanted to get your attention. I think you should take me to dinner at the Pistol Palace tomorrow night. Maybe we can dance a little. But for now, I need a new pair of shoes."

Brad helped her down from the cast table to go to the sales floor and 1ook for some shoes. He showed her several shoes. With each fitting, he drew his fingers up the calf of her leg to her delight. She settled on a bight blue pair with an open strap heel that was about two and a half inches tall. She said, "I have just the dress for this tomorrow night."

The next evening, Charma was all smiles as she met Brad at the door.

She was standing on her crutches wearing her light blue bra, panties and garter belt. She had a nylon stocking on her left leg and a pretty blue lace garter on her right leg above her cast. She was also wearing her new shoe. Her hair was fluffed so it fell to her shoulders around her face. She had small gold earrings and a matching gold necklace around her neck. She said she would be ready in a minute as she wheeled on her crutches and went to the bedroom. She said, "I will slip into my dress and be back out in a minute."

When she returned she was in a dark blue form fitting dress that stopped about three inches above her knee. She asked Brad to be seated as she almost ran to sit on the sofa beside him with her legs in his lap. She gave him a gold ankle bracelet and asked him to put it on her gorgeous ankle.

When they got to the car, he opened the door and helped her in by lifting the heel of her cast as she scooted back into the seat and turned her cast forward. When they got to the Pistol Palace, he parked the car and helped her out. The doorman 1ooked at them and bent down to feel the calf of her cast as he reminded them that ladies in leg casts got in free.

They were seated and served dinner. In a few minutes Elise came over to talk. She was in her cast with a tan nylon stocking. She was wearing a short white skirt and white blouse. She told Brad she was really enjoying the cast.

After eating, the band played several slow songs they danced to. Charma thought it was really neat the way she could dance in her cast.

When they returned to her house, Charma asked Brad to help from the car. When they entered her house, she escorted him directly to the bedroom. She asked Brad to remove his clothes while she removed her dress. Then she sat on the side of the bed with her cast in the air. She said, "Please help me to bed because this big old cast is just too long to handle by my self."

Brad smiled as he took hold of the heel of her cast in one hand and her nylon stocking covered ankle in the other and scooted her back on the bed." He removed her shoe and rubbed her toes. She immediately asked him to remove her panties before he continued. He rubbed her foot and worked his way to her perfumed inter thigh. By the time he was at the top of her nylon stocking covered leg she was starting to move her leg back and forth. It only took a few gentle touches to her thigh inside her cast before her cast-covered leg began to twitch as she held her arms out for him.

After they made love they slept through the night in each other?s arms." The next morning they dressed and went to work in their own cars.

CHAPTER 9  -  The Pistol Palace Talent And Fashion Show

After a couple of weeks of planning with Brad, Elsie and Annette, the evening came for the talent and fashion show." On Friday evening, Melody and Brad got dressed to go to the show." Melody wore a red, dress, a gold necklace and ear rings, and a black nylon stocking and two inch red heel on her left 1eg." She looked very elegant on her crutches with her cast hanging almost to the floor.

When they arrived at the Pistol Palace, he helped her from the car and to the door." The same door manager met them again and said as he felt the calf of her cast, "Looks like she has been at it again, have a nice time."

At show time, the Honeys an all girl band of four girls lead by Elise, appeared in striking gold outfits, and the men in the audience went wild." Elise walked on stage in her full leg cast with crutches." The girls were dressed in skirts half way to thigh level that showed just the bottom of the reinforcement for their tan nylon stockings." The blouse tops were long sleeved and low cut in front." All the Honeys were wearing gold shoes with two-inch heels." When the audience calmed down, Annette came out in her full leg cast, black nylon stocking and three-inch heel." She was in her black form fitting dress that stopped about three inches above her knee." She looked seven feet tall and all leg.

After the applause and cat whistles stopped, she introduced herself. She said, "I think someone must like the ear rings I am wearing," then she looked at the audience and lifted her dress a little higher as she said, "Or, maybe it is my legs." You guys do like them, don't you?"

The audience went wild again.

After the audience was under control, she introduced the first act. She said, "Guys, I know you are going to enjoy this." It's the One Legged Trio, which is a dance act with three of the prettiest ladies you will see anywhere."

The men in the audience made cat whistles again as Carla, Leanne and Melody came out on their crutches with their cast covered legs hanging beside their nylon stocking covered left legs." They had the same matching country girl costumes on that they had worn at Jubilee Mountain.

The men in the audience continued to cat whistle as the Trio took their positions and waited for the music to start." The ladies balanced on their crutches and kicked their legs high in the air, which brought the house down as their skirts went higher and higher." Every man in the audience got a glimpse of the tops of their casts and beautiful nylon stocking covered legs with their black and red garters in place.

After the Trio left the stage, Annette introduced the next act." She said, "Here comes Kali, who recently came to us after hearing about us on the radio." And, guys, she doesn't really have a broken leg, she just had Brad from For-My-Lady's-Leg's put the cast on her beautiful because we required one for the show." Maybe you guys should take your girlfriends down to see Brad, and maybe they will leave with a leg cast also."

As Kali entered the stage on crutches with her right leg in a long, green fiberglass cast the men in the audience stood and whistled." She was wearing a short green and white print dress with several can-?can slips underneath." She was also in a beautiful tan nylon stocking and 1ight green shoe with a two-inch heel that accented her cast." Kali sang a country song that was very wel1 accepted by the audience." Unfortunately, as she was leaving the stage she fell with her cast and nylon stocking covered legs going high in the air." She got back to her feet, thanked the audience and left the stage with a little embarrassed smile on her face, as the audience applauded vigorously.

The audience applauded and made cat whistles as Annette returned to the stage in her long leg green cast with the walking heel." She had changed to a body suit of light blue nylon." Her long blue nylon stocking was fastened to a blue garter belt." Her three-inch heel was black to match a black belt around her waist." She held up her hands and said, "All right guys, you have seen the talent, now it is time for the fashion part of the show."

The Honeys came on stage led by Elise on her crutches."? All of the Honeys were wearing black panties, garter belts and nylon stockings to the top of their legs." They were braless, but were wearing black, see through nylon body suits to cover their breasts." As they took the stage, the audience went wild.

After the Honeys started to play, Annette said, "All our models are in real casts; however, some of the casts are by For-My-Lady's-Legs, ladies apparel store in the mall."

After the crowd quieted, Annette started the introduction." Carla slowly climbed the steps to the stage using her crutches with her full cast covered right leg hanging beside her beautiful left leg.

Annette said, "Our first model is Carla who has been in a cast since May, and is looking forward to spending a couple more months in her cast." She is also a sales lady with the For-My-Lady's-Legs store." Her lingerie is a nice two piece white outfit with a see through top." Note she is again wearing a nylon stocking with a garter belt, as are all our ladies." We feel there is nothing sexier for a lady in a leg cast than to properly and attractively dress her uncasted leg in the finest nylon stocking." Let's hear it for Carla."

After Carla left the stage, Leanne climbed to the stage on her crutches with a pink ful1 leg cast on her right leg Annette said, "Our second model is Leanne who has been in her cast since June." She is also a sales representative at For-My-Lady's-Leg's store." She said she wouldn't be out of her cast before Santa gets to stuff her stocking." Her lingerie is a nice blue body stocking with a peephole around her navel." Her long tan stocking is held up by a matching blue garter belt." Leanne, you look simply beautiful in that out fit." Thanks."

The next lady was Angelina." She came to the stage in her full length, black cast." Annette said, "Angelina has a special order cast from For-My-Lady's-Leg's." She enjoys full leg casts so much that this is her second cast." Isn't she simply gorgeous in her baby-doll pajamas and tan nylon stocking to her hip?? And, look at her open healed sandal with the two-inch heel so her beautiful leg is as long as the one in her cast." Gorgeous outfit Angelina."

Monica used her crutches as she walked in her full leg cast to the stage." Annette introduced her by saying, "Monica is in a custom cast from For-My-Lady's-Leg's." She spent last summer in a cast because she went skiing." She said the cast was so much fun for her boy friends that she wanted to try one again." And, she isn't going to have it removed until the right guy finds her." Guys, with her see through red bra and panties along with her black garter belt and nylon stocking, I don't think she will have to wear that cast very long."

Sierra walked on her crutches, and in a full leg cast, to the center of the stage as Annette introduced her." "Our next lady is one of the sales ladies at For-My-Lady's-Leg's." She was a recent find from Jubilee Mountain." Her name is Sierra and she was also in a cast once from skiing, but her current cast is a custom cast from For-My-Lady's-Leg's." She is wearing a see through black bra and black panties covered with a flowing mid-thigh length see through nylon gown." She is also wearing an extra long tan nylon stocking fastened to a short garter belt." Neat effect, right guys." Thanks for the show Sierra."

As Charma came to the stage Annette said, "Charma was one of our first cast wearers." She hurt her knee and was placed in a cast in June." Since then, she has gone through several cast changes." She has a few more weeks to wear her cast and says she is not sure if she will like being without it." She said it has become a real conversation starter and the men love it." Her lingerie is a body stocking but with built in garters." Notice how she has put them inside her cast on one leg, but used the other one to attach a very long and silky tan nylon stocking." Nothing but pure beauty from Charma."

Annette started her next introduction, "Kali, sweet, Kali," as she climbed the steps one at a time with her right leg in a green full leg cast with her knee bent, holding her foot off the floor." "She is also in a cast by For-My-Lady's-Leg's." Her lingerie is a beautiful take off on the old west can-can dance costume with a tight mid section that uplifts her beautiful breasts." Garters are sewn to her panties and she is wearing a black nylon stocking to complete the effect." Great, I can almost hear the sounds from the gambling hal1 now." Thanks Kali for a beautiful costume."

Annette made her next introduction, "I promised you guys a surprise and here she is." Our last new model is Bella who may have all you guys attention before she is finished." You can tell she has the figure and she has been an exotic dancer." She is in a custom, red fiberglass full leg cast on her left leg and crutches from For-My-Lady's-Leg's." And, to add a little bit of excitement to her act, she is also wearing a black mask covering her beautiful face." She says she doesn't plan to have her cast removed anytime soon because she is going to use it in her act." WOW!? Look guys at how she can walk on her crutches and show her large breasts under her black over red see-through ankle length gown." Her leg is simply gorgeous in her long black nylon stocking she has pulled to the very top of her leg before attaching it to her black garter belt." Bella, the guys are already wanting to know where you will be appearing." Thank you Bella for a most thrilling show."

"Before I close the show I want to explain that the purpose of these shows is to have some fun while showing ladies in casts that they can have fun also." So ladies, why not settle back and enjoy it while you are in a cast." And, speaking from experience, casts can be a lot of fun, can't they!? Thank you and good night."

Little did Brad know when he opened a shoe store in the mall next to an Orthopedic Surgeon's office, how much fun it would bring to his world." Not only did it bring Carla into his life, but he discovered just how much enjoyment there would be for him and the ladies in his life when he discovered recreational casting.

- The End-

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