Alicia: A Photographer's Pleasure

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1  -  Getting Acquainted

As I looked out my window, I could hardly believe my eyes." A wonderfully sensual blond beauty in a bikini was standing on crutches at the side of the pool." Her right leg was encased in a blue fiberglass prison from her toes to her hip." I hurriedly dressed in a pair of shorts and walked as casually as I could with my heart about to jump from my chest, out to meet her." I introduced myself." She said her name was Alicia." She was a beautiful blond with shoulder length hair framing her pretty face that glowed when she smiled, showing her sparkling white, evenly spaced teeth." She had an hourglass figure on gorgeously shaped long legs that extended her height to five feet eight inches. Her large breasts were a strong point, with her long legs a close second." After talking with her for a few minutes, I learned that she was a model, so I explained that I was the owner of the Picture-U photo shop in the mall."

A few minutes later, we had agreed to a date. I had planned for us to dine at the Branded Steer." After diner, I hoped she would invite me to her apartment for some drinks, and a night of companionship." I didn't have anything scheduled for Sunday either if she was interested in continuing our date.

When I arrived, Alicia met me at her door on her crutches." She invited me in." She was only partly dressed, with a black strapless torsolette and black bikini panties in place around her beautiful body." The top of her torsolette was straining to contain her voluptuous breasts. Her velvet smooth skin was exposed from above her small, round navel to the top of her low riding panties. Her long, exquisitely shaped right leg was encased in that wonderful blue cast.

Alicia was holding the stocking for her exquisitely shaped left leg in her right hand as she invited me to set on the sofa." She sat on a chair across from me and worked her stocking over the fingers of both hands before she lifted her small foot in the air with her knee flexed so her soft, perfectly formed heel was close to her thigh. She slipped the toe of the stocking over her small toes. She continued to advance her sexy black stocking over the high arch of her small foot, past her ankle and up her sensual calf as she extended her leg. She placed her heel on the floor and continued to work her stocking up her leg, past her rounded knee and over her long, shapely thigh. The top of her silky black nylon stocking wasn't satisfied until it was kissing the tightly stretched nylon panty between her beautiful legs." Her stocking was supported by an elastic band in the top of the stocking." The short, evenly spaced toes on her small foot peeked through the sandal foot toe of her nylon stocking." Her nails were all perfectly polished with rose red polish.

When Alicia finished her erotic adventure in front of me she stood on her crutches and said, "Let me go get into my dress and I'll be ready."

"Sure," I said, as I began to think about what might be planned for later in the evening.

In a couple of minutes she returned wearing a form fitting red dress. The bottom of the tight fitting skirt profiled her hips and perfect legs from two inches above her sexy knees. The front of the dress was cut very low, displaying with total ease, the cleavage between her ravishing breasts. The sleeves of the dress extended to just above her elbows with a gold button at the bottom of each sleeve.

She walked up to me as I stood. She turned on her crutches with her back to me and asked me to fasten the top of her dress and zip it up as she held the bottom of her beautiful, blond curls off her neck." When I finished with the zipper, she handed me a gold necklace to fasten around her long, delicious neck.

She turned around to show me the necklace hanging between her glorious cleavage." A small diamond was delicately nestled in the envious position between her voluptuous attractions." She fastened a black belt with a gold buckle around her slender waist before she sat back down in front of me. She looked at me and extended her right hand holding her black, two-inch heeled sandal before saying, "Would you enjoy helping me with this?"

I took her sandal and sat on the floor in front of her." I lifted her left foot by delicately placing my right hand around her slender ankle. I slowly, and very gently slipped her sandal on her small, pretty foot. The sandal had a long thin strap that I wrapped around her ankle and fastened. After finishing with her foot, I gently drew my fingers up the soft, smooth calf of her leg." When I finished with her shoe, Alicia giggled and said, "You sure do have a knack for helping a lady with her shoe."

"It just takes a lot of practice, and I would enjoy all of it I can get with your beautiful appendage," I said.

She continued to giggle before saying, "Well, maybe you can practice some more with me later this evening."

My heart began to pound rapidly." I said, "Gee, I hope so."

I walked Alicia to the car and opened her door for her." She sat on the seat and held her knees tightly together as I lifted her leg and cast while she swung her pretty legs into the car." I closed her door and walked to my side.

While driving to the Branded Steer, Alicia talked about her career as a model." She didn't have a full time career, so she also worked in a large store in the mall. She had started in the dress department, but she was in the lingerie department now.

I asked, "So, how did you break your leg?"

She giggled before answering." "Well, I wish I could say something clever like that I had been skiing or something, but actually, I tripped on a rug in my bathroom and fell against the bath tub."

"Ouch, I bet that hurt," I responded.

She smiled before continuing, "Well, I have to admit that it did, but that isn't the first time I was in a cast." While I was in college, I answered an add in the campus newspaper." It said they were looking for a couple of ladies to participate in a six-month experiment." The selected ladies would get a full scholarship and an extra fifty dollars per week for spending money."

"Didn't that cause the bells to go of in your head, wondering what kind of sleazy set up it was?"

"Yes," Alicia said." "But my roommate and I decided that if we both went to check it out we would be safe. We found out that an orthopedic research team was conducting a nation wide study of the effects of wearing a leg cast for an extended period of time." They were doing research to find out what would happen to the bones and muscles of an immobilized leg with no exercise, and how long after the cast was removed before the leg would be back to normal."

"You mean you wore a cast on your leg for six months, just so you could get a scholarship."

"Yep, I sure did. I was going to have to work my way through school, and that seemed to be the perfect way of getting a free education while having all the time I needed to study. When I first started wearing the cast, it wasn't a big deal. The guys all wanted to carry my books and help me get around. However, after a few months it became a grind."

"Why didn't you stop, and just call it off?" I ask her.

"Well, I signed an agreement that said I could back out for the first month, but after that, I owed them for all my scholarship money and spending money. I just didn't have the money, so I continued to wear the cast."

"I guess they changed the cast now and then," I said as I pulled up in front of the Branded Steer.

"Oh yes, every four weeks, but I will tell you more later since we are here and I am starved."

I parked the car and walked to her door." I opened it and watched as she placed her knees tightly together, placed her hands under her casted knee and swung her legs out of the car." She offered me her right hand. I helped her stand and give her the crutches.

I escorted her into the restaurant." We were seated across from each other and handed menus." While we waited for our meals, she started talking again about her casts while in college." She said she finally got use to the cast and started to almost enjoy it." I asked why she started enjoying wearing a cast." She said, "Well, for one thing, it makes a wonderful conversation starter." I met some nice guys through the cast, but I also met some jerks."

"I can imagine," I said, as I took a sip of coffee.

"For the first couple of weeks after I got my first cast, I tried to explain why I was wearing it." Most people thought I was crazy, so I started inventing stories about falling off a skateboard." Later, after it started snowing, I told stories about falling while on skies."

"I guess, that probably was a better idea than trying to explain the real reason."

"Yes, it did seem to play better," she said as our steaks arrived.

While eating, we continued to talk about her experiences in her cast." She said each time the research team changed her cast, they would put her leg through several tests to check the strength of her leg muscles." They also measured her leg at several places to check on the shrinking muscles."

"I bet that became a drag after a while," I observed.

"Oh yes, I got very tired of it because it took almost all day to get the old cast removed, the tests made and a new cast applied." Then, I had to be very careful not to damage the new cast while it was wet."

"I guess you had to be on crutches for the full six months then," I said, in between bites of steak.

"Yes, they put my leg in a cast from my toes to the very top of my leg." My knee was flexed at ninety degrees so my foot was always well above the floor when I stood up on the crutches."

I said, "Wow, I can understand why you got tired of the cast."

"Yes, I think the worst time for me was my first trip on an airplane when I went home for my first Christmas." I wasn't expecting all the problems of getting on and off an airplane while wearing the cast." Then there were so many people in the airport." They all were in a hurry and didn't care about me on the crutches."

I saw a slight rising of Alicia's left eyebrow when I made the off-handed comment, "I know what you are saying." I met a lady in a leg cast on the airplane when I went back to Atlanta last week." She had a very hard time until I helped her."

"Oh, who was that?" Do I know her?"

I began to quickly try to think of an answer before I finally said, "Well, uh, you might know her." She was in my store the other day trying to sell me a computer program."

"Her name wouldn't be Christian, would it?"" Alicia said with a smile.

"Uh, yes, uh, how did you know?"

"Well, she was in my lingerie department yesterday buying some lingerie." She said she had met a guy on the airplane to Atlanta, and was wanting to get some sexy new lingerie for him."

"Oh, oh," I said." "I guess that puts an end to this date."

"Why, I think I can show you as much fun as she did." But, I'm beginning to think you have an attraction for ladies with a cast on one of her legs after all the questions about my experience, and what Christian was telling me."

I could feel my face becoming beet red as I began to fumble around with a loss for words." Finally, I said, "I guess I might as well admit I'm turned on by a beautiful female leg confined in a nicely shaped cast from her toes to her hip."

CHAPTER 2 -  I Want You

After we finished our meal, I helped Alicia to the car." I opened her door while she turned around to set on the edge of the seat." I lifted her cast and helped her swing it into the car. While my face was pressed against her voluptuous breasts, she leaned forward, pressing them even harder against my face. She chuckled and said, "I hope you get the hint, I want to finish what you were thinking about while we were eating."

"Gosh," I said with innocence in my voice. "I guess I didn't realize you were reading my mind."

She giggled." "I guess you thought I got you all prettied up in this beautiful dress and matching lingerie because I couldn't find anything else to wear."

I said, "You win."

By the time I had walked to my side of the car and gotten in, Alicia had pulled her dress to her waist, displaying the top of her pretty left leg in her nylon stocking, and the extra long blue cast on her right leg." She asked, "What do you think, aren't those the most beautiful legs you have ever seen?"

"Yep," I said, as I tried to look at her beautiful legs and drive at the same time.

I drove directly to Alicia's apartment and parked close to her door." She gave me the jiggling breast treatment again when I opened her car door and reached in to lift her cast bound right leg from the car." She giggled again before saying, "Don't you just love them?"

She stood patiently on her crutches with her casted leg and foot hanging stiffly beside her pretty left leg in her sensual, nylon stocking." I opened her door and stood back while she stepped up and walked into her apartment. I followed her in and closed her door.

Alicia said, "Would you please unzip my dress, and then make us some drinks while I get out of this dress?"

I fixed the drinks and sat with them on the sofa. Shortly she came back into the living room wearing her light blue lingerie. She sat on the couch beside me and swung her cast and nylon stocking covered legs into my lap." I gently slipped her shoe from her pretty foot, and admired the pink polish on her small, evenly spaced toes, peeking through her sandal foot nylon stocking.

I handed her one of the drinks while I sipped on the other one. She said, "You know, all the time I wore those other casts, I never had an intimate relationship. It seemed like all the guys I met wanted to talk about the cast, or feel it, but none of them wanted to have a serious relationship with me in it."

"Well," I said, "Don't become confused. I want to enjoy your company but I don't want a serious relationship."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that I wanted a serious relationship either. I was just talking about old times. I'm more interested in a career than a relationship. I just want to enjoy you in the same way I think you want to enjoy me."

"Good," I said, "I want to have some fun with you and enjoy our time together, but no strings attached. Agreed?"

Alicia smiled and said, "Agreed," before she put her arm around my neck and began to passionately kiss my hot, throbbing lips.

I reached up and unfastened the light blue demi bra that confined Alicia's beautiful playthings." I reached down with both hands and cupped the bottom of her left breast." I placed my open mouth over her firm nipple and began to stimulate it with the tip of my tongue." She began to respond instantly by throwing her head back and letting out a low moan.

I moved my attention to her right breast as she began to slowly move her lower body to the rhythm of my oral stimulation." After several minutes of attention to her breasts, I redirected my attention to the top of her legs." I began to slowly massage the top of her left thigh through the top of her sheer stocking." Shortly, I turned my attention to the top of her right leg confined in her tightly fitted cast." I gently worked the fingers of my right hand down the inside of her cast so I could massage the inside of her upper thigh.

Instantly, the muscles of Alicia's upper right leg began to twitch against the wall of the cast that bound and immobilized her long, shapely leg." She began to rotate her leg within the confines of the fiberglass cast." She reached over with both of her arms and pulled my mouth tightly against her hot oral cavity.

She thrust her hot and darting tongue aggressively against my parting lips before passing my teeth and entering my mouth with probing insistence." She began a long, strongly stimulating adventure with her oral probe while I continued to stimulate her lower body with my adventures to her cast bound leg.

After several highly aggressive and stimulating minutes of adventure, we parted our oral activities." I gently removed my hand from the top of her long cast, and lifted her into my arms." I stood and carried her to her bed." I walked to the side of her bed and gently laid her down with her head on her pillow.

I removed all my clothes before turning my attention back to Alicia." I gently unfastened the garters from the top of her extra long, nylon stocking and worked the straps under her light blue bikini panties." I reattached the garters to the top of her stocking before helping her work her panties over her shapely hips, exposing her beautifully attractive lower body." Her panties slipped with ease, down over her cast confined upper right thigh." She lifted her nylon stocking covered left leg slightly so I could slowly and gently slip the panties over her beautifully attired upper leg.

I lifted her cast by placing my right hand around her ankle while slipping her light blue bikini panties over her slightly flexed, cast bound knee." She lifted her left knee, causing her shapely, nylon-covered calf to be pulled through the leg hole of her panties.

I laid on the bed beside Alicia and turned my attention back to her beautiful breasts." I laid my face between her voluptuous mounds before beginning to massage each with one of my hands." I turned my attention again to the nipple of her left breast while Alicia began to respond again with her lower body moving to the rhythm of my tongue on her erect nipple.

After several minutes of oral stimulation to both of her sensual mounds, I slipped my bare chest down her velvet soft abdomen and began to direct my attention again toward her beautiful cast confined leg." I re-entered the top of her cast with my fingers and began to gently massage the inside of her sensual leg." She began to roll her cast back and forth on the bed as I increased my stimulation of her soft, smooth leg.

Alicia began to respond more rapidly to the rhythm of my massage." Her moaning increased in speed and volume." Quickly she lifted her shoulders from the bed and reached for my shoulders with her soft, smooth hands." She held tightly to my upper arms as she lay back on the bed and began to pull me back over her gorgeous body." Shortly we were engaged in the ultimate satisfaction.

We relaxed in each other"s arms for an hour." Alicia suggested we get up and eat an early supper then we could continue where we left off." I put my underwear and pants back on, before handing her the panties and bra." After redressing in her light blue lingerie and a long white robe, Alicia stood and placed her crutches under her arms." She followed me to her kitchen where I went through her freezer and placed a couple of dinners in her microwave while she watched.

While eating, Alicia asked, "Where did you learn to stimulate my leg in the cast?" That was the most sensual feeling I have ever had."

"Well, I have told you that I knew several ladies wearing casts." I guess I just learned by experiment." But, I guess after six months in a cast, you would have known about that."

"Actually," Alicia said, as she finished the last bite of her supper, "I never had a sexual experience while I was in a cast."

"You gotta be kidding," I said, with question in my voice." First of all, you are a very beautiful lady, and to me you are very sexy." Your legs are ravishingly beautiful, and having one of them confined in a cast, just adds to that mystique."

"Thank you for your complement, but, no, I didn't have many dates while I was in the casts."

"I thought you said you met several boys during that time."

"You're right, I did meet several boys." A couple of them were even interested in knowing me better, but I just didn't want to have a guy have to look after me while I was in my cast." I guess I felt they were feeling sorry for me or something." Anyhow, I didn't want to be with them."

"Gee, I guess I will have to think about that some more," I told Alicia as I finished my meal.

Alicia said, "If you'll clean the dishes, I will go to the bedroom for a few minutes and look through my closet."

""OK," I said, as my heart began to thump and I began to fantasize about what she could have in her closet.

After several minutes, Alicia walked into the living room on her crutches." She was wearing a white torsolette with red lace around the front where it labored to confine her large playthings." The bottom of the torsolette stopped well above her small round navel, which she had adorned with a small red ruby." She had removed the garters from the right side of the torsolette while fastening the garters to the lacy top of an extra long, red, sheer, sandal foot nylon stocking on her long, sensual left leg." Her small foot was in a white, wedge-heeled sandal that allowed her small, brightly polished toes to peek through." She had placed the cut off toe of a matching red nylon stocking on her cast bound toes." Her lower body was adorned in a pair of white bikini panties with a small red heart sewn strategically to the front." Next to the heart were small red letters that read, "Just for you."

Her long blond hair was in a French roll on the back of her small head." Her face was lightly made up to accent her pretty smile and large brown eyes." She was wearing pearl earrings and a small gold necklace with a matching single pearl that hung down to the top of her cleavage.

My mouth was hanging wide open as she slowly made a complete turned on her crutches so I could see her sensual body surrounded in her gorgeous lingerie." She giggled and said, "Well, do you like it?"

"Uh, do I like it?" You gotta be kidding." You are so beautiful, I can't think of words to describe you."

"Great," she said, "I think your face has said it all, the way you sat there with your mouth open."

I felt my face redden as I continued to stare." Finally, I said, "Would you like a drink?"

She giggled and said, "Yeah, I think that would be a good start."

I made us drinks as Alicia stood closely by on her crutches with her beautiful, cast encased right leg hanging stiffly beside her gorgeous, long shapely left leg in her sheer, red nylon stocking.

She walked ahead of me and sat on the sofa with her crutches on the floor." I sat beside her and offered her a drink." She turned toward me and said, "I had forgotten how much attention I use to get while I was on crutches with my leg in the cast."

"Gee, I just don't understand why you had so much attention while you were in a cast."

"Well, I guess I also have another feeling I hadn't admitted to before." I feel sexy in my cast." I guess it has something to do with being different, and almost helpless." It's like I'm asking for help at every turn."

"Yep," I said, "that might be it." Wearing a cast does set you off as different, and you do need some help getting around." Sometimes the crutches are enough help, but other times it takes more."

"Yes, I have to have help carrying things."

"Yes, but some of the most fun help is with your fantasize."

"Fantasies?" What do you mean by fantasies?"

I took another sip of my drink and sat it down." I took her drink from her and sat it beside mine before I said, "Let me show you."

The next morning, we reunited our emotions before we got up to eat breakfast." While eating, I asked Alicia if she had a better understanding now of what I meant when I told her she could relive her fantasies." She blushed slightly before saying, "Yes, I knew all along what you meant, but how did you know my fantasy included having you focus your total attention on my cast bound leg and foot?"

I smiled and gave her a wink as I reached over and placed a kiss on the tip of her cast bound big toe." She giggled and said, "Oh, that felt so good."

I knew Alicia had to return to work and I needed to get back to business in the photo shop." Before I left, we agreed we would see each other later in the mall for lunch." If things worked out, we would also see each other several evenings during the next few weeks." But, I had some other things to do and people to meet, so I wanted to be careful about developing any ideas for a long-term commitment with Alicia.

CHAPTER 3 - Christian's New Cast

Monday afternoon I met Christian at her apartment." She invited me in while she finished combing her long blond hair. She had dressed herself in a pair of white hip hugger shorts that exposed almost all of her very long blue cast encasing her gorgeous right leg from the tip of her small toes to the top of her long shapely leg." She had placed a pair of beige pantyhose on her left leg." The right leg of the pantyhose was removed from over her cast." Her small left foot was in a white, two-inch heeled pump." Her slender waist and upper body were wrapped in a pink blouse that barely confined her voluptuous breasts. The sleeves of the low cut blouse extended to her elbows.

Her cast encased right foot hung several inches above the floor as I escorted her to my car and opened the right side door." She removed her crutches from under her arms and turned to sit on the seat. I bent over and lifted her leg and cast as she turned on the seat and placed her feet on the floor.

While driving to the Doctor's office, Christian told me she had talked to Alicia." She said since they both had an interest in me, they had decided to share me. She suggested that maybe they could both be with me at the same time. I could feel my face slightly redden as she continued to talk. My heart was racing while I thought about what she had said, and if I would be able to entertain both of them without making one jealous of the other.

I helped her from the car and on to her crutches after parking near the front door of Doctor Burke's office. She led the way to the office door. She stopped while I held the door open, then she walked in and up to the receptionist's desk.

Abbey was busy behind the desk. She looked up and smiled before jumping to her feet and quickly running around her desk. She threw her arms around me hugging me tightly before saying, "Wow, it's so nice to see you again. How have you been? I haven't seen you in a long time."

I enjoyed her warm embrace." I said, "I think you're correct. We haven't seen each other for a while, but I'm feeling fine now." How are you?"

She walked back to her desk, "Let me get Christian on her way, then we'll talk while she is being seen by Doctor Burke."

I watched Abbey as she showed Christian to the examination room." Abbey, was wearing a tight fitting black skirt cut three inches above knees. Her shapely legs covered in black sandal foot nylon stockings and three inch heeled black strapless sandals. Her long hair hung over the collar of her white blouse. The front of her blouse was open to the cleavage of her large breasts.

Abbey's eyes shined as she sat at her desk with her chair turned facing another chair about three feet away. She pointed to that chair and said, "Please sit down and tell me what you are doing. How are you getting along?"

I sat down, noticing as she crossed her legs above her knees that she was wearing her beautiful black, sheer stockings fastened to a black garter belt. I said, "I have been enjoying myself. I saw Katie last Saturday, and she seems to be fine." But, I guess she wasn't as happy to see me as I thought she would be."

"Oh, I thought you two would be together by now. I thought I could see a real attraction between you two."

"Well, I thought so also, but she seems distant. I don't know if we will ever get together. If it happens, fine, but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting."

"Yep, I have noticed you have found another lady with a cast on her leg."

I felt my face warm as I said, "Well, actually I've found two of them."

"Oh yes, I forgot about Alicia." I guess you just have a magnetic personality for ladies in casts," she said with a wink and a smile.

I took the opportunity of her reaction to change the subject. "Abbey," I said, "the last I remember, you brought your new husband to the studio to see me."

"Yes, that was about a year ago, but some things have changed. He is no longer with me. I caught him with another woman about two months ago. I told him to leave and never return. He packed his clothes and left saying he didn't love me anymore."

"Gosh, I'm sorry to hear about that."

Abbey reached over and placed her right hand on my knee and said, "That's fine, now we can have some fun together."

My mind began to race through some of my memories of Abbey." I knew she was a big flirt, and she had basically offered herself to be my lover. I had turned her down back then because I was in love with someone else, but now she was gone." However, I had already made friends with Christian and Alicia and I was still hoping that Katie would come to me because I was very attracted to her.

I cleared my throat before saying, "Sure, us go out together and see what kind of fun we can have. But, I want you to know up front that I'm seeing both Christian and Alicia."

"OK, I guess I'll just have to compete and we'll see who comes out on top."

"Good," I said, "but I also want you to know I'm seeing Katie again. She is coming to town in three weeks and I told her I would have lunch with her."

We continued to talk as I heard the cast cutting machine running in the cast room. Abbey stood and walked to the cast room." She returned saying the Doctor was about to x-ray Christian's leg and replace her cast." Then she said, "Christian wants you to come into the cast room in a few minutes and be with her while the Doctor puts her leg in a new cast."

Abbey returned and sat in her chair across from me. She said, "Would you like to date me on Wednesday evening?"

"Well, uh, sure, uh, what did you have in mind."

"Oh," she said, "How about if I pick you up at your apartment and have dinner together? We can go to a little club I have in mind and enjoy a meal then watch a stage show."

"OK what kind of show is it?"

"Let's just keep it a secret for now, but I guarantee you will like it."

"Good, when do you want me to be ready?"

Abbey said as she stood to lead me to the cast room, "How about seven o'clock."

I entered the cast room and saw Christian setting in the center of the cast table." A white paper blanket covered her stocking covered left leg." Her right leg was lying naked and out stretched on the table." The Doctor was busy cleaning her small evenly spaced toes. Doctor Burke looked up and recognized me. She said, "I see you have found another lady with her leg in a cast."

"Yep, ain't that something?"

When she finished, she looked at Christian and told her she was going to put her leg back in a cast just like the one she had.

"Christian smiled and asked, "Well, OK, I guess."

When finished, the Doctor and I helped Christian slide to the edge of the cast table." Christian stood on her crutches with her cast held above the floor." She placed the crutches under her arms and began the slow task of walking to the front office with her long, shapely leg bound in one of the finest crafted casts I had ever seen.

I held the door to the cast room open while she exited. As she was walking to the front door, Abbey called me over to her desk where she had already sat down. She motioned for me to bend over the desk while she spoke softly.

As I bent over I saw she had lifted her skirt before setting down. The top of her sheer, black nylon stocking covered legs were exposed all the way to the top of her legs. There was just a small band of her soft white skin exposed between the top of her stockings and the narrow nylon band stretched tightly between her legs. She giggled before saying, "See you Wednesday evening. And, expect a surprise."

"OK" I said as I drank in her beauty. Then I whispered as I motioned with my left hand, "Is that some of what you had in mind when you said we could have some fun together."

She just giggled and began to smile with a grin so big her eyes almost closed.

I caught up with Christian who was standing on her crutches in front of the door waiting on me." I opened the door and let her walk through." I opened the car door. Christian turned around and backed up with her back to the door." She removed her crutches and bent her left knee while lifting her casted right leg in the air." She sat on the seat while I lifted both her pantyhose covered left leg and her cast bound right leg by her ankles." She slipped back onto the seat with her legs supported on the cushion." I closed the door and walked to the driver's seat.

While driving, Christian said she would like to stop by a fast food store and get some hamburgers to take home." We took them to her apartment where I helped her from the car and inside. She sat on the sofa with her legs supported on the seat cushions while I sat on the floor beside her. As we ate, I slowly massaged her beautiful pantyhose covered left leg.

She said she would really enjoy exploring our inner feelings but she felt we should wait until her cast was dry. I agreed. We continued to set close to each other for another hour. I removed her shoe from her small, sexy foot and enjoyed the sensual feel of her beautiful leg in her pantyhose as we watched a movie about a young lady who had traded her leg brace for a cast.

CHAPTER 4 - Getting Ready For Bed

When the movie was over, Christian said she though trading a leg brace for a cast was a real sexy idea." I told her I agreed, but there wasn't anything as sexy as the real thing. She giggled and said, "And I suppose you call me the real thing."

"Yep," I said, "how did you guess?"

"Oh, I don't know. Probably because I have also talked to Alicia if you remember."

"Uh, oh, I guess you did tell me that before didn't you."

About midnight, Christian said she was feeling sleepy, and wanted to get ready for bed." I asked her if she wanted some help getting undressed since she had her new cast to deal with. "She giggled and said, "Well, just what did you have in mind?"

I reached out and felt the top of her cast, which had become very hard. I said, "Oh, I thought you might want some help getting to your bed. And, maybe some help getting undressed."

She said, "I'll tell you what. If you'll help me stand up and give me my crutches, I'll go take care of a few things only I can do, and then you can carry me to the bed. While I'm in the bathroom, you can use the other one and freshen up some, then we can enjoy each other before we go to sleep."

"OK."" I took her by her hands and helped her stand on her shoeless left foot." She put her crutches under her arms and held her right leg in front of her with the foot of her cast off the floor." She slowly disappeared into her bedroom and shut the door while I used her other bathroom to freshen up and brush my teeth.

After a few minutes, Christian came back into the living room on her crutches." She was still dressed in her white shorts and blouse with her beige nylon pantyhose stocking on her left leg." She walked over and stood in front of the sofa. She removed her crutches and sat back down on the sofa with her left leg and cast bound right leg stretched out on the cushions." She looked up at me and said with a wink, "I'm all yours to do with what you wish."

I dimmed the lights before lifting her leg and cast and slipping my legs under them. I sat down and took her right hand in mine. I said, "Close your eyes and pretend you are about to travel into one of your fantasies. You can have me do anything you wish to your body. I can grant you any of the pleasures you desire. There are no limits."

Christian smiled and said, "OK, I want you to place me on the floor and play like I'm an accident victim." I need artificial respiration. After I start breathing on my own you must give my body a complete examination, inch by inch, to find out what injuries I have suffered."

"OK, I said, in a very soft voice. "But, what if I find that you are injured? What should I do? Do you want me to kiss it and make it better, or maybe massage the injured parts?"

Christian smiled and said, "Yes, I want you to do both." My poor and injured body is all yours to make better. And, don't forget my poor cast bound right leg and foot will require some special tender love and care."

"OK."" I lifted her leg and cast so I could slide out from underneath them. I bent down and lifted her into my arms with her casted right leg projecting straight out." I carried her a few steps and laid her on a soft rug lying in the center of the living room carpet. When she was comfortable, I left the room.

In a minute I came running into the room wearing just my T-shirt and under shorts. I saw her laying on her left side with her face turned into the rug. I bent down on my knees in front of her and felt of her face. I couldn't feel her breathing so I slipped my left hand into the top of her blouse, and under her bra to feel her heart. I said in a very soft voice just loud enough for Christian to hear, "Gosh, I can't feel her breathing, but her heart is still beating." I guess I had better give her artificial respiration, but first I had better roll her over on to her back and remove her blouse."

I gently rolled her onto her back and ever so softly lifted her left leg and placed it on the floor beside her casted leg." When I looked at her gorgeous legs in the dim light I said in a very soft voice, "Oh gee, looks like she has injured one of her legs. I'd better look after that, but first I must get her breathing restarted and finish examining the rest of her beautiful body."

Before I started artificial respiration I slowly and very deliberately unbuttoned the front of her blouse. I worked it off her shoulders before lifting her body up so I could remove the blouse. While I was still holding her up, I unfastened her bra and removed it allowing her beautiful melons of pleasure to become unconfined. As I lowered her very gently back to the floor, I reached down with my left hand and gently touched her right breast while softly saying, "This is one of natures most magnificent works of art."

I positioned myself on her right side and bent my face down to hers." I placed my throbbing mouth over her rosy red lips and attempted to offer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. She opened her mouth and began to work her hot lips back and forth against mine. After a full minute of sensual stimulation, I removed my lips and said in a soft, sexy voice, "I think she's breathing OK now, I had better examine the rest of her beautiful body. Since the light is so bad, I think I'll use my face and mouth to examine her chest."

I bent down and cupped the velvet soft flesh of her voluptuous right breast in my hands. I gently moved my tongue over her firm, fresh smelling love mound. I placed my open mouth over her nipple and began to play with her erect nipple with the tip of my tongue. She had attempted to lay completely relaxed as if she were unconscious throughout my examination and treatment, but she was unable to control her reactions to my attention to her breast." She let out a soft moan before gaining control of her emotions again.

I turned my attention to her other love mound and again very gently examined her beautiful melon with my hands and mouth. I moved my face to her flat, soft abdomen. She smiled a gentle smile as I examined her navel and gently rubbed it with the tip of my tongue.

I relocated myself next to her cast bound leg." I unfastened the front of her white shorts and worked them off her hips exposing her lower body, which was still sensually dressed in her beige pantyhose. As I continued to work her shorts off her hips and down her legs, it was obvious, Christian had cut the crouch from her pantyhose.

I slowly worked her shorts down her cast-covered leg while lifting her left knee so I could work her lower leg and foot from the shorts." When her left leg was free, I gently lifted her cast by the heel and slipped the shorts from her cast wrapped right foot.

I examined her pantyhose covered left leg from the tip of her small toes to the top of her beautiful, long, exquisitely shaped leg." While examining it, I began to gently drag my tongue along the high arch of the underside of her foot. I could feel a slight tensing of her leg muscles as my tongue first touched her soft, warm foot. Very quickly she relaxed again as I continued to closely examine her ankle, and then her knee. I said in a very soft voice that she could barely hear, "I think her leg is OK."

I decided to continue my examination and treatment of her right leg, which was in the marvelous cast Doctor Burke had applied." I began to gently examining the soft, velvet smooth flesh of her leg as it exited the top of her very long cast. I slowly slipped my fingers down the inside of the tightly wrapped cast, while having a full understanding that I was about to cause a monumental reaction of feverish intensity in Christian's sensual body." I very slowly worked my fingers back and forth against her soft skin as every one of her excited and stimulated nerve endings within the top of her cast was telling her to react. She began to voice a low and gentle moaning sound as I continued my stimulation. I could feel from the palm of my hand pressed tightly between the top of her legs that she was releasing her flow of sexual juices. Her flesh was responding to the rhythm of my fingers under her cast.

After several minutes of exquisite and erotic pleasure, I removed my hand and moved to the tips of her toes confined within her cast. I decided to try something with Christian that had been suggested by Alicia." I had never experienced it with any of my other lady friends while they were confined in casts, but I thought it sounded very exciting.

I got on my hands and knees and bent down with my face over her toes. I opened my mouth and touched the tip of her big toe with the tip of my tongue. I quickly opened my mouth wide enough to place my lips over her first three toes. As I closed my lips and began to apply a gentle sucking motion to her small toes, Christian let out a loud moan." I continued to gently suck on her delicious toes for several minutes with her responding ever so actively.

After another hour of personal attention to both ends of her beautiful, cast bound leg, I sat on the floor and lifted her left foot to my mouth." I opened my mouth and inserted her full complement of pantyhose covered toes into my mouth. The slick feel of the wet nylon stocking over her small toes greatly increased the sensation she felt as I began to suck on her delicate digits. She became so stimulated I had to gently release her leg back to the floor and remove my T-shirt and under shorts. Quickly we were engaged in the ultimate play out of Christian's fantasy.

After resting for a few minutes I gently lifted my beautiful plaything and carried her to her bed. I laid beside her and we quickly fell asleep in each other"s arms.

CHAPTER 5 - Abbey's Surprise

After leaving Christian's apartment earlier in the day, I went home and cleaned up, to get ready for my date with Abbey." I had no idea what surprise she had in mind but I knew from my past experience with her that she could be quite a flirt when she wanted to.

At exactly seven o'clock my doorbell rang. I opened the door to Abbey who was standing before me with her long blond hair in a French roll on the back of her head. Her make up was perfectly applied emphasizing her large brown eyes. She had a trench coat wrapped tightly around her shapely five foot eight inch frame. She carried her dress in a plastic bag, as she smiled and stepped into the apartment. She said, "I know that if I came already wearing my dress, you would spend your whole evening wondering what I was wearing underneath it, so I thought I would show you before I put my dress on."

With that comment, Abbey dropped the bag containing the dress, and placed both of her hands at the front of her trench coat. She slowly opened it and slipped it over her shoulders before letting it fall to the floor around her feet. She stepped out of the coat and said "Well, how do you like it, or should I say, how do you like me?"

I had to swallow hard before I could say anything. I began to slowly look at her beautiful hourglass figure. She had wrapped her upper body in a very low cut, long line, red bra with a lacy bottom that wrapped around her body under her voluptuous breasts and tightly encased her gorgeous upper body to the lower edge of her ribs. She was wearing a matching red garter belt over a pair of red bikini panties. She had pulled a pair of extra long black sheer nylon stockings over her shapely legs and fastened them to the garter belt. The top of the stockings gently kissed the tightly stretched red nylon of her panties between her legs. Her small feet were in a pair of red three inch heeled strapless sandals that displayed her small evenly spaced toes through the sandal foot toes of her beautifully sheer, black nylon stockings.

Finally I gained enough control of myself to say, "Gosh! I can't remember when I've ever seen something so sexy."

She giggled and reached out with her arms to pull my lips against hers. She placed a long passionate kiss on my already throbbing lips before she said, "Here, help me with my dress."

I picked up her black dress from the floor and helped her step into it while telling myself, "This is going to be some date!"

I helped her zip the dress up her back causing it to hug her beautiful, hourglass figure. Her voluptuous breasts were emphasized through the low cut front exposing the cleavage between her gorgeous mounds of pleasure. The bottom of her hip hugging dress showed the profile of her gorgeous upper legs to three inches above her rounded knees. I looked at her and said, "I guess this means you have already shown me the surprise you promised me a couple of days ago."

"No, this was just a teaser to get your attention. The surprise comes after you take me out to eat at the Branded Steer."

"OK, if you say so, but I think I already like the way the evening is beginning."

Abbey smiled and said, "Good, but don't let your imagination get ahead of what I might let you have later. Remember, I haven't promised you anything but a look at me."

I could feel my face redden as I began to try to deny my thoughts. Abbey giggled and placed another light kiss on my lips before she said, "Shall we go. I don't want to be late getting you to the surprise I promised you."

I opened the door to my apartment and let her out first. I closed the door and followed her to the driver's side of her car. I opened her door and watched as she sat on the seat and held her knees tightly together before lifting her legs and swinging them under the steering wheel.

By the time I had closed her door and walked to my side and climbed in, Abbey had managed to lift the bottom of her dress to the point her narrow strip of velvet soft white skin was showing above the top of her black nylon stockings. I looked over and said, "Gee, looks like your dress slid up a little."

She giggled and reached over for my left hand. She lifted my hand to the inside of her right thigh, placing it on the reinforced top of her black stocking. She said, "My leg itches right here. I think you need to rub it until we get to the Branded Steer."

I could feel myself becoming very excited as I gently rubbed the soft skin of her leg through the sheer, silky smooth top of her stocking. She continued to drive us to the restaurant while acting if she was ignoring my attention to her leg, but I could feel the tightly stretched nylon of her red panties between her legs becoming damp, and finally very wet. When she parked she looked at me with a large smile and wink. She said, "Thanks, but I think my leg doesn't itch any longer."

"Oh," I said, as I quickly removed my hand from her leg. I walked to her door and opened it. She had lowered her dress again while I was walking around the car. She smiled and held her knees tightly together as she swung her legs out of the car. I took her hand and assisted her to stand. We walked arm in arm to the restaurant.

We were seated across from each other while eating. During the time between ordering our meals and the time the waiter brought them, I felt Abbey place her shoeless feet on the chair between my legs. I reached down and gently massaged them while she smiled and said I had the rest of the evening to stop playing with her feet.

After eating we walked arm in arm back to her car. I helped her back in and met her raised dress again when I sat on my side of the car. When I placed my hand back on her leg, I felt that her nylon covered crouch was still bathed in warm love juices.

Abbey drove us to a nightclub. She parked and allowed me to escort her to the door. The waiter escorted us to a reserved table in the front of the club next to the stage. Shortly a young lady in a light blue, two piece bathing suite style costume with beige pantyhose and blue three inch open heeled sandals came to our table. I ordered us both a drink and settled back to watch the show. While waiting on the drinks to arrive, I asked Abbey who was in the show. She smiled and placed her left hand on my right arm."" She whispered in my right ear, "Sush, I told you it was a surprise."

Just before the music began, the young lady returned with the drinks. The lights were dimmed, and the stage became lighted. As the "Stripper" song began to play, an announcer with a deep voice boomed, "And now ladies and gentleman straight from the university, here's Michelle."

I looked at Abbey with a puzzled face as she giggled and said, "I knew you'd be surprised. She is out of college for the summer, so she is back doing her act. This is her first day back. She came in Monday afternoon for us to cast her leg."

As the music continued, Michelle entered the stage from the right. Her long dark hair was in a French roll on the back of her head. She wore horn-rimed glasses over her brown eyes. She was dressed in a light brown sweater that was several sizes too large. Her lower body was covered by a tan, pleated skirt that went almost to the floor. Her left foot was in a black nylon stocking and a three inch heeled black pump. Her right foot was covered in an alabaster white cast with a walking pad on the bottom.

As she entered the stage she was carrying an arm full of books and acted like she didn't know where she was. The music continued as Michelle began to prance around on the stage. It was obvious her cast also covered her knee as she had to raise to her toes on her left foot when she pulled her cast bound right foot back under her body.

After a few minutes, Michelle laid her books on a table and reached up, unfastening the French roll of her hair, letting it fall to a few inches below her shoulders. After another trip around the stage she removed her glasses. She continued to prance around the stage while shaking her long dark hair back and forth. She lifted the bottom of her sweater and slowly pulled it over her beautifully made up face. As the sweater rose above her breasts, the sight of the voluptuous mounds erotically confined in a nylon stocking thin, black bra that openly displayed the rosettes of her large nipples on the front of her beautiful flesh was breath taking.

Michelle continued to prance around on the stage as she slowly unfastened the side of her skirt. She dropped it to the floor exposing a pair of black, nylon stocking sheer bikini panties. She bent down and looked at the top of her legs, first examining the sheer top of the extra long black nylon stocking on her left leg. The lacy, elastic top of the stocking kissed the sheer nylon between her legs. She rubbed both hands over the top of the stocking before turning her attention to the top of the alabaster white cast that tightly confined her right leg.

The cast was equally as long as the sheer stocking. Michelle reached down and felt of the cast. She made a fist and knocked on the top of the cast like it was a board. She looked down at the cast, then out toward the audience. She stood on her left foot and acted like she was trying to kick the cast from her right leg. Finally she looked down at the audience again, spotting me setting next to Abbey. She smiled and pointed at me before saying, "Sir, would you please come up here on stage and help me?"

I could feel my face blush as I stood and walked to the stage. Michelle took me by the hands and placed them at the top of her cast. She said, "What do you think happened? Why is the stocking on this leg white and hard while the other one is soft and black?"

I said, "Gee, I don't know, maybe it's something you stepped in."

Michelle put the index finger of her right hand to her mouth and said with a puzzled expression on her face, "Do you think it'll come off if I wash it real hard?"

"I don't know, but I'll be happy to help you try if you would like."

She giggled and said, "No, that's alright. I think I'll just leave it alone and maybe it will wear off. Why don't you just go back down and take your seat beside your sexy young date. I bet she would let you try to wash her legs for her."

I felt my face go crimson red as I went back to my seat." Michelle continued to dance around while unleashing her beautiful love mounds. After several minutes of erotic dancing, the lights dimmed and the music stopped while Michelle left the stage."

In a few minutes she came to our table dressed in a beautiful red evening dress that tastefully covered the top of her body without completely hiding her beautiful hourglass figure. The bottom of the full skirt was knee length displaying her lovely left leg still dressed in her black nylon stocking, and her alabaster white cast covered right leg.

She sat with us and had a drink while waiting for her second show to start." She said, "As you remember, having casts changed all the time so I could do my act became such a drag that I decided to get an education and change my profession." But, since college is out for the summer, and the money is good, I decided to revive the act for the summer. When school starts again, the cast comes off, and the books get opened again."

"Good," I said, as I reached over and patted her arm. "By the way, I loved your act."

"Thank you, but I must go because it's almost time to start the show again."

I stood with Michelle and placed a light kiss on her cheek. She hugged me and said, "It's good to see you again, and I hope we'll have a better chance to talk again."

"You bet," I said, as she disappeared and I sat down next to Abbey again.

While we waited on the show to start again, I turned to Abbey and thanked her for the surprise. She smiled and said, "I thought you'd enjoy it."

CHAPTER 6 - Another Surprise From Abbey

After the show we left and Abbey drove us to my apartment. While on the way she said, "Well, what do you want to do now? Do you want just a good night kiss, or would you like something else?"

"Well, uh, I always knew you were a flirt."

"Look, I've wanted to go to bed with you ever since I first met you," she said with a wink.

"I'll have to admit, you have been in my personal fantasies several times," I said.

"Good. My house or yours?" she said, as she continued to drive toward my house.

"How about mine," I said, as I reached over and put my hand on the inside of her right thigh.

Abbey parked in front of my apartment. I opened her door and assisted her from the car. We walked to the door and I let her in. She immediately kicked off her black three inched heeled shoes and went to the bathroom while telling me to make us some drinks.

In a few minutes she returned and asked me to help her remove her dress. I stood at her back and slowly unzipped the back of her dress. She let it fall slowly to the floor while I caressed the back of her beautiful neck. She turned and placed her arms over my shoulders while placing a very sensual kiss on my throbbing lips.

She took the drink and sat on the couch. She patted the seat beside her and said she wanted me to set beside her. She quickly turned and placed her black nylon stocking covered legs over my lap. I gently caressed her beautiful legs and rubbed her small feet as we continued to embrace. Quickly our passion had risen to the point she was lying on her back on the floor with her bra and panties removed, and I was caressing her beautiful large mounds of sensual flesh between my hands, while gently massaging her hard nipples with the tip of my tongue.

I changed positions and began to massage her beautiful black nylon stocking covered legs while gently rubbing the tip of my tongue up and down her sensual attractions. I began to touch my moist tongue to the inside of her left thigh while working my body against the lower part of her sheer nylon stocking encased leg. In less than a minute we were engaged in the ultimate pleasures I was sure both of us had longed for ever since we had met over a year earlier.

After a couple of hours of pure erotic pleasure, we parted. I helped her get dressed again, although I'm sure she was capable of dressing by herself.

Abbey had to go home so she could get ready for work in a few hours, and I had some work I needed to do early the next morning. Before she left, she said she wanted us to spend the weekend together. She said it could start Thursday evening because Doctor Burke had a trip planned for Friday.

I asked Abbey what she wanted to do. She said if I came to her office about three o'clock, we could leave together and head for a crafts related amusement park in the mountains. We could stop along the way at a motel for Thursday night. Friday we could continue to the park and spent Friday and Saturday nights at the park hotel. Then we could return on Sunday.

We kissed passionately before we parted. Abbey said, "I think I'll have another surprise for you."

"How about a hint," I said, as she walked out the door.

She looked back and smiled with a wink. She said, "No! You're just going to have to wait and see."

"Well, OK, if I have to," I said, while helping her to her car.

I went to the Doctor's office at three o'clock like Abbey had asked. She was still behind her desk as I entered the office. She stayed seated and said they were running behind. She wouldn't be ready for another hour.

Within about five minutes, the door from the examination room to the receptionist office opened and a beautiful young lady walked through. She was very tall. I estimated her to be about five feet ten inches tall. Her brunette hair was collar length with the ends curled under. Her dark eyes shined. She was wearing a light yellow sundress with elbow length sleeves. The front of the dress was buttoned slightly above the cleavage between her large breasts. A small, gold cross hung on a chain around her neck. The bottom of her full-skirted dress touched the center of her knees. Both of her legs were bathed in beige nylon stockings. Her left foot was in a tan flat-heeled pump. Her right foot was also in a matching pump; however, that is where the similarities stopped. The shoe on her right foot was fastened to two silver colored steel rods that extended up both sides of her ankle, disappearing under her dress. A tan leather strap was attached around her ankle and to the steel rods of the brace. A brown leather strap could be seen attached to the brace at knee level as it disappeared under the dress. There was also a leather strap around the back of her leg about half way up her calf. As she stepped through the door she drug her right leg, making it obvious the brace was holding her leg straight at her knee.

Abbey said, "I would like for you to met Annette. She just moved here a couple of weeks ago."

Annette smiled and said, "I'm happy to meet you." Then she asked Abbey to call her a cab.

I said, "If you don't mind, I'll be glad to take you home. Abbey and I were going out for the weekend, but she won't be ready for another hour, so I don't have anything to do."

Annette looked at Abbey, who said, "Sure, go ahead, it's safe with him." Then she looked at me and said, "And, when you get back, I'll be ready."

I walked Annette to my car and opened the door. She backed up to the seat, bent over and placed one hand on each side of the brace at knee level. Her knee bent and she sat on the edge of the seat. She placed her hands under the back of her knee and lifted her brace bound right leg before swinging her legs into the car.

As I drove Annette home, she told me she was still looking for a job. I told her to come by the studio on Monday and we would talk about finding her a job.

I parked close to Annette's apartment and opened her car door. She lifted her right leg with her hands behind her knee and swung her feet to the pavement. She stood on her left leg and bent down to her right knee. She secured her brace so it wouldn't bend. She took a step while dragging her brace bound right leg. I walked her to her door before returning to the car to head back to Doctor Burke's office.

As I entered the office I saw Abbey setting at her desk. She said the Doctor had gone home already. "OK," I said. "Lets get your things and we can be gone from here."

"But don't you want to know what the surprise is, I have for you?" she said with a giggle.

"Sure, but what is it going to cost me?"

"Not much, just hand me those crutches standing in the corner," she said, as she pushed her office chair back from the desk, revealing her beautiful form in a low cut pink blouse and matching full skirt.

I said, "What do you want the crutches for?" as I started to hand them to her.
She giggled and said, "For this," as she pointed to her right leg and foot in a fresh, pink fiberglass cast. She lifted the bottom of the skirt to show me the cast went all the way to the top of her lovely leg, with her knee molded with a forty-five degree bend. Her left leg was in a beige nylon stocking equally as long as the cast, and fastened to a white garter belt over a pair of white nylon bikini panties. Her left foot was in a two inch heeled white pump.

I could feel my blood pressure rise from excitement as I said, "What's that all about. Surely you didn't break your leg this morning."

"Well, maybe I did, if that will make you like me better."

"I like you just as much either way, but did you really break your leg?"

"No," she chuckled, "I just asked Doctor Burke to put me in a cast again for a few days so I could remember how it was when patients in leg casts come into the office."

"Oh, and here I thought you did it for me," I said with a wink.

"Well, who's to say I didn't?" she said, with a chuckle, as she stood and placed her crutches under her arms.

I followed her to the front door and turned off the lights before helping her to her car so I could retrieve her suitcase for the trip. After getting her things, I walked her to my car and opened her door. She sat on the edge of the seat and looked up with a large grin on her pretty face. She said, "Aren't you going to help a poor little girl with her leg in a cast to get in your car?"

I bent down and lifted her legs so she could swing them into the car. While I had my face bent over, she bent forward and jiggled her large and sensual breasts against my face. I turned and opened my mouth trying to latch onto one of her love mounds with my open mouth. She giggled and said, "Don't you dare. You can't have dessert until later this evening after we get to the motel."

By the time I had walked around to my side of the car, Abbey had already lifted her skirt exposing the top of her beautiful limbs, one in a beige nylon stocking and one in a beautiful, hard pink cast. As soon as I had the car rolling down the highway, Abbey reached out and moved my right hand to the soft, velvet smooth flesh of her cast bound upper right leg. I entered my fingers down the top of her cast and began to slowly massage and stimulate the nerve endings in her upper thigh. I knew from past experience with Allyson and Elena, that she wouldn't be able to control her pleasures for long if I continued to gently work my fingers around on her cast bound upper thigh."

After a few minutes I felt her warm love juices soaking through the front of her white nylon panties. She laid her head against my right shoulder and said, "You really know how to make a girl in a cast feel good. I guess I'll have to give you all night to stop that."" We drove for about an hour before we arrived at a motel. She wanted to wait in the car while I registered for the room.

I drove us around and parked in front of the motel door. She sat quietly while I opened her door and lifted her legs out of the car before helping her stand on her crutches. She followed me as I opened the motel door and let us in. She sat on the edge of the bed while I carried her bags and mine into the room. She suggested I go down the street to a fast food restaurant for something for us to eat while she freshened up.

When I returned, she had removed her dress and changed her lingerie. She was now wearing a sensual pink teddy over her wonderful, hourglass shaped body, and a black nylon stocking on her gorgeous left leg. Her foot was in a black, three inch heeled, open toed sandal that displayed her beautifully pink polished toes through the toe of her sandal foot stocking. She had also dressed the cast bound toes of her right foot in the toe of a matching black sandal foot nylon stocking.

She was setting in that erotic costume with her left leg stretched out in front of her on the couch. The heel of her cast bound right foot was resting on the couch next to her right knee. She smiled and said, "Well, do you like it?"

I looked at her with an expressionless face and said, "Like what?"

She threw a pillow at me and said, "Oh you. I had forgotten that I can never get a head of you, no matter how hard I try."

I cleared my throat and said, "Honey, you'd better get in front of me this evening or we're going to kill each other."

She said, with a pouting face, "See. No matter what I say, you've got a wise crack to make."

With that response I walked over and bent down, placing a passionate kiss on her beautiful lips while gently rubbing my right hand up and down the tender, soft flesh on the inner thigh of her left leg. She looked up and smiled before throwing her right arm around my neck, pulling me down on her warm, soft, sensual body. She said, "I think it's time for you to finish what you started earlier with your fingers in the top of my cast."

CHAPTER 7 - I'll Keep My Cast

I lifted her into my arms and carried her to my bed. I gently laid her on her back in the center of the bed. I removed all my clothes before laying on the bed beside her. She rolled to her right side and wrapped her arms around me as we held each other tightly. We kissed passionately before she opened her mouth allowing me to penetrate the warn wet cavity between her sparkling teeth with my hot tongue.

We parted and I gently slipped the top of her pink, lace decorated teddy from the top of her soft, smooth shoulders. I slowly uncovered her glorious love mounds and worked the soft lacy lingerie down her slender waist and off her rounded hips. She lifted her black stocking covered left leg as I slipped the sensual garment down her satin soft leg and worked it off her small foot. I lifted her cast bound right foot and removed the teddy from over her small cast bound toes.

I lifted her cast bound toes to my mouth and began to gently suck on them as I worked my tongue from the tip of one toe to the next. Abbey began to respond with a loud moaning sound. I laid her cast back on the bed and moved my attention to the top of her beautiful, cast bound inner thigh. I placed my fingers down the inside of the cast and began to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings of her cast bound leg, which was already on fire from my attention to her toes. I could feel her love juices against my hand as she became even more responsive by reaching down to pull my upper body up on hers. I began to cup each of her beautiful, large mounds of sensual flesh while gently stimulating each nipple with the tip of my tongue. Quickly we were engaged in the ultimate release of our pleasures.

We slept through the night in each other's arms. The next morning I awoke with Abbey's cast bound leg draped over my body. I gently lifted it off me and placed it back on the bed. She opened her eyes and smiled before stretching her arms and left leg. She said, "Did you sleep well? I sure did."

I reached over and gave her a gentle kiss on her beautiful lips before saying, "Wonderful, just wonderful."

I got up and showered before dressing. While Abbey was getting cleaned up I walked down to the office and got us a cup of coffee. When I returned, she was dressing. She had already put on a white blouse with sleeves to her wrists. The front of it was buttoned to above her cleavage. She was wearing a pair of cut off blue jeans. The bottom of the fringed legs came half way down her thighs.

She walked over on her crutches and sat down in front of me on a small footstool. She worked a beige nylon stocking over the fingers of both hands. She lifted her left foot up and worked the sandal foot toe of the stocking over her small, evenly spaced toes. She slowly pulled the top of the stocking over her ankle and up her long, shapely calf. She worked the stocking over her rounded knee before slipping the bottom of her shorts up, exposing her garters. She worked the stocking to the top of her left leg and fastened it to the garter straps. When she smoothed the leg of the shorts back down, the reinforced top of the extra long stocking was visible through the fringe of the shorts. She smiled and said, "How do you like it? Isn't that sexy?"

"Just great," I said, as I took her small white low heeled pump and worked it on her pretty left foot.

She stood and placed her crutches under her arms before saying, "I'm hungry, us go to breakfast."

We walked to the restaurant next to the motel. We were seated beside each other. After ordering, Abbey whispered in my ear, "Where did you learn to treat my cast covered leg like that? It was so sensual, it drained all my resistance. There was nothing left but for you to have your way with me. And, I must say with pleasure, you sure did."

"An old girlfriend in a cast taught me the little trick with the top of your leg, but I didn't discover the cute little trick with your toes until Alicia told me of a fantasy she had."

Abbey smiled and said, "I sure am glad she told you. Having that done to my toes was just like sucking the juices right out of me."""""" I haven't experienced anything like that before."

"I'm real happy you enjoyed it so much. If you're nice to me today, I'll do it again later this evening."

"Oh great, I'll look forward to it all day."

After eating, I loaded all our things into the car and checked us out of the motel. I assisted Abbey to the car and we continued to the crafts and amusement park. I rented a wheelchair for her to use as we toured the crafts area. We stopped at several of the display areas to watch and listen to the expert craftsmen as they explained their crafts.

At one location we watched a stage show where the entertainment included several young men and women singing and dancing. During one very lively piece, Abbey stood on her crutches and began to swing her cast bound right leg back and forth to the rhythm of the music. She looked at me when she realized I was watching her. She smiled a cute little grin and said, "Gee, I just couldn't help it, the music was so exciting."

Friday evening we watched another stage show filled with music and dancing, while setting quietly on a blanket spread on the ground. We sat very close together with another blanket over our legs. After dark, I very gently worked my fingers into the top of Abbey's cast. She scooted even closer and held onto the top of my arm while resting her head on my shoulder for the rest of the show.

When the show was over we walked back to the park hotel room where we quickly removed our outer clothes. I gently removed her lingerie before quickly turning my attention to her sweet toes. Again, she became totally overwhelmed with my attention to her cast bound foot and leg. The night was completed with another round of totally passionate lovemaking.

Saturday morning we slept in late since the amusement part wouldn't be in operation before noon. She dressed in another blouse and shorts with a beige nylon stocking adorning her beautiful left leg. After brunch in the hotel restaurant, she climbed into the wheelchair and held on to her crutches as we headed for the rides.

We stopped at several small rides for her to enjoy. She had a lot of fun on the merry-go-round when a guy began to watch her riding one of the horses. While setting on the horse, the top of her shorts rode up exposing the soft white flesh of her leg above the top of the extra long sheer, beige nylon stocking on her left leg.

When we got to the roller coaster, the operator told Abbey she couldn't ride the coaster because she had the cast on her leg. She smiled a honey sweet grin and said in her most convincing Southern accent, "Ah, come on now. How can I hurt my poor little leg in this big old cast?"

The poor young man began to blush as Abbey lifted the leg of her shorts to the top of her cast and took his right hand and in hers. She held his fingers and gently rubbed them on the top of the cast as she said, "Here, feel the top of my mean old cast. Now just how could anything happen to my poor little leg in this big old thing?"

He withdrew his hand as if he had just touched a hot iron. He said with a sheepish grin, "Well, OK ma"am but I hope my boss doesn't see you because I'm not suppose to let you ride."

She giggled and said, "Well, don't worry. If he says anything, I'll just tell him I made you do it."

After we were on the ride and headed up the first incline Abbey began to laugh. She looked at me and said, "What do you think? Wasn't I great?"

I just looked at her and said, "Oh, you little devil."

After the ride we walked past a store filled with jewelry and little trinkets. She looked through the stuff and located a small gold colored ankle bracelet. She picked it up and said, "Oh, you gotta get this for me."

I purchased it for her. She ran on her crutches to a small bench where she sat down and patted the seat beside her. When I caught up pushing the empty wheelchair she said, "Here, sit down and help me with the bracelet."

As quickly as I sat down, Abbey lifted her legs and swung them into my lap. She handed me the bracelet and asked me to put it on her beautiful left leg. After gently fastening it around her small, shapely left ankle, I removed her white, low-heeled pump and began to gently massage her small foot. She leaned back on the bench and said, "Oh, that feels so good, almost as good as something else you have been doing to my toes," then she giggled.

""""" After a few minutes I put her shoe back on her small foot and helped her back into the wheelchair." We continued to enjoy the park for several more hours before dinner. Later, we returned to the stage show we had watched the night before. Like the evening before, we sat on a blanket with one covering our legs while I supplied additional entertainment to her beautiful body.

Another wonderful evening and night were spent together enjoying each other's pleasures. Sunday morning we ate breakfast in the hotel restaurant before checking out and heading for home." Abbey was quiet for most of the ride back home. She did tell me she hadn't enjoyed herself so much in years. She also said sex in a full leg cast was unbelievably enjoyable. She regretted that she would have to have the cast removed in a few days, or Doctor Burke would begin to wonder why she wanted to keep it.

I said, "Well, can't you keep it for a couple of weeks by saying you felt you would have a better understanding of what it meant to be in a cast if you had it on for that long?"

She chuckled and said, "What's the problem? I think you would like for me to wear a cast forever."

I smiled and told her there was one sure way to keep a cast for several months. She looked at me with a puzzled look and said, "How? I can't think of any good excuses."

I reached over and put my hand on the top of her cast before saying, "It's simple. Just break your leg, and bingo, you have a cast for months."

She looked at me with the tip of her tongue touching the corner of her beautiful mouth. She said, "Yep, that would do it alright. But just how do you propose that I do that?"

"Oh, I don't know. Fall down the steps, jump in front of a car, go skiing. As many people as you see in the Doctor's office with broken legs, surely you can get some ideas."

"But it would hurt."

"Yes," I said, with a serious look. "But, just remember how much pleasure comes with it."

As I drove up and parked in front of her apartment she finished the conversation by saying, "You have a point. It was a lot of pleasure, and I think I'll keep it for a couple of weeks if you promise to help me enjoy it some more."

I reached over and placed a light kiss on her left cheek before saying, "Good." You keep the cast, and I promise we'll make it worth while for both of us."

She smiled and said, "You gotta deal," I helped Abbey from the car and into her apartment. She invited me to stay for lunch before leaving.

"I said, "Sure, if lunch also includes a little toe sugar."

She smiled and said, "I was hoping you would say that."

CHAPTER 8 - Abbey's Fantasy

The next weekend Abbey decided to spend at my apartment." As I drove home from work, I began to formulate a plan." I had a lot of experience with helping a lady in a cast with bathing, shaving her leg and a few other nice touches that caused a lady to appreciate her male companion.

When I entered the apartment, Abbey was laying on the sofa. She had obviously gone through some of my clothes because she was wearing a pair of my under shorts and a white T-shirt over her naked breasts. She had placed a small blanket over her bare left leg and her cast covered right leg. Abbey smiled and said, "I hope you don't mind me putting on some of your underwear."

I walked over next to her and laid a plastic sack next to the sofa before I said, "I bet that if the underwear could talk, they would say the are having the best time of their lives."

She giggled before she said, "What do you have in the bag?"

"Oh, just some of your most personnel, and sensual things," I told her, as I placed a light but passionate kiss on her lips.

"Good. But look at me. I'm a mess. I really don't want to model anything like that for you until I've had a chance to get cleaned up."

"Well. I've been thinking about that." By the way, how does your leg feel?" I mean, since you are playing the poor little injured girl, how does your leg feel?"

"Oh, it still hurts a little, but I took a pill while ago," she said with a giggle and a wink." "Now, what I would like is something to eat." Then I'll get cleaned up a little."

"OK, what would you like?"

"I think I'd like some fruit and a salad," she said with a sparkle in her large brown eyes.

After finishing our meal and cleaning up the dishes, I walked over and sat on the sofa at her feet. I reached down and placed my left hand on the toes of her cast covered right foot. She visibly relaxed as I began to gently massage her toes. After a couple of minutes I asked her, "Are you ready for me to pamper you with your shower and other little fantasies."

She put on a pouty face before slowly shaking her head up and down. "Well, yes. I guess so, if I have to."

I felt my heart sink to my stomach. Then she began an uncontrollable giggle before she leaned forward and placed her arms around my neck. She pulled my lips to hers and kissed me passionately before saying, "Oh yes. I'm all yours to do as you want." Then she removed her arms and laid back on the sofa in a helpless pose with her arms open before saying, "Come and get this poor little, helpless body. It's all yours."

I scooped her into my arms and carried her to the bed. I sat her down on the edge with her legs resting on the floor. I went to the kitchen and returned with a large plastic bag and some tape. I knelled down in front of her and lifted the heel of her cast bound right foot. I slipped the plastic bag over her cast and lowered her foot back to the floor. I pulled the plastic bag to the top of her beautifully shaped cast covered right leg. She held the plastic bag tightly around the top of her leg while I wrapped it in tape to keep the water off of her cast.

When I finished covering her cast with the plastic bag I said, "Now, if you would remove my T-shirt and under shorts from your beautiful body, we can continue to the next level of your fantasy."

She smiled and said, "But, I'm helpless. You have to remove my clothes for me."

"OK," I said, as I reached down and lifted the tail of the shirt. She lifted her arms as I slowly lifted the shirt above her head, exposing her two large and beautiful love mounds. I pulled the T-shirt from her arms. She reached down and cupped the bottom of each of her love melons as she said, "That feels so good to let these puppies have a little air."

I thought, "Puppies huh, I sure would call them something else if you asked me."

She laid back on the bed and raised her lower body so I could slip the under shorts from her shapely hips. I pulled them down over her beautiful left leg and over her cast. When I finished she sat back up and said, "Well, now that you have me in this compromising position, what are you going to do?"

I said, "Start the shower, what do you think?"

She giggled and said, "Oh, I was just wondering?"

I placed a small backless stool in the shower, and removed my clothes before starting the water. Then I lifted Abbey into my arms and carried her into the shower and closed the door. I sat her on the stool with the water splashing on her back and head.

"What would be my lady's pleasure? Would she like a shampoo?" I asked.

"Sure," she said.

I stood between her and the shower as I placed shampoo on her beautiful shoulder length hair. As I worked the shampoo into her long silky hair I asked her, "Well, how does this feel? Do you like it so far?"

She said, "0ooo," as her shoulders shuttered. Then she said, "If I had only known what a broken leg would get me, I would have jumped in front of a car or something long ago."

I worked the shampoo gently into her scalp while making sure I didn't get any of the soapsuds in her big beautiful eyes. After several minutes of sensual enjoyment, I rinsed the shampoo from her hair and replaced it with a cream rinse. While the shower played on her head, and slowly washed the cream rinse away, I worked some lilac fragranted soap into a washcloth. I bent down in front of her and slowly washed from her pretty face, all of the make up and stains from the tears she had shed with the pain of her broken leg. I gently washed her radiant, pulsating lips before moving on to her large eyes.

After several minutes of gentle attention to her beautiful face, I asked her for one of her hands. She held out her right hand, which I took in the washcloth. I gently washed each of her long slender fingers before working my way over the palm and back of her soft hand. Her velvet soft arm was next. I washed it with care as she smiled and said, "Oh, how did I ever deserve this?"

"Simple. You are a beautiful damsel in distress," I said, while gently washing her upper arm and shoulder. After finishing both arms, I moved to her back. She sat as erect as possible while I washed her soft, smooth back with the fragranted soap. I started at her neck and worked down both of her hourglass shaped sides to the top of her shapely hips before coming back up her soft back to the top of her lovely neck.

I moved to her front side and offered her a newly soap filled washcloth to wash her beautiful breasts. She looked up at me and smiled. "Please, you are doing such a good job, I feel inadequate to take over now."

'"'OK. I just didn't want to do more than you would approve of."

She said with a wink of one of her beautiful eyes, "Now what makes you think I didn't want you to wash these things too," as she reached up and touched the nipples of both breasts.

I gently began to wash her throat and neck first. I worked my way down her chest to her beautiful love mounds, and began to gently wash them with the washcloth and fresh soap. The slick smooth texture of the soap against her gorgeous breasts was so exciting to the touch that I spent several minutes slowly bathing each love melon. The nipple of each breast was firm and erect as I slowly washed it in the foam of the soapy cloth. I gingerly held each of her soft mounds of lovely flesh in the palm of one hand while I slowly washed around the underside of it. As I continued my adventure into daring delight, she lifted her chin and threw her head back. She said, "Oh, please don't stop. That feels so relaxing." Then she reached her left arm around my naked neck and placed a long, passionate kiss on my throbbing lips.

When I had washed her wonderful body to her navel, I again offered her a freshly soaped washcloth. She said, "What's that for?"

"Well, I though I would help you stand while you washed the special spot between your legs."

She said, "Oh, I want you to wash that spot also."

I walked behind her and lifted her so she was standing on her left foot with my left arm around her waist just below her beautiful breasts. As I placed the washcloth between her legs, she moved her head against my head and shoulder. She said, "Oh, please. Don't stop now. I'm sure you need to wash for several minutes before I'm ready to say you have done enough."

After several minutes of sensual washing, I helped her set back on the stool while I walked back in front of her. I took the soap filled cloth and bent down, lifting her small left foot. I carefully washed between each of her small toes. I washed her soft heel before working my way up her shapely calf and over her rounded knee." Then I carefully applied my feather soft touch to the top of her long gorgeously shaped leg.

When I finished bathing her every soft and wonderful part, I helped her stand while the shower rained down washing off all traces of the fragrant soapsuds. I turned off the shower and lifted her into my arms. I carried her to the outside of the shower where I stood her on her left leg with her small left foot resting on a down soft pink rug.

As she balanced herself on her left leg and hung on to the side of the shower stall, I carefully dried her shoulders and body with a soft towel. I bent down and dried her lower body and left leg before carrying her to the edge of the bed. I dried her hands and arms before wrapping a dry towel around her hair.

When I finished she said, "Oh, that was so sweet and refreshing, but you haven't shaved my poor leg."

CHAPTER 9 - Abbey's Fantasy Continues

"Yes, I know. But that's next," I said, as I removed the tape and plastic bag her right leg. I examined the cast for water damage from the top of her beautiful leg, down and over her knee held at a fifteen-degree angle by the cast, and to the tip of her small toes. The cast was still dry and in perfect shape while protecting it's fragile cargo of sensual leg within.

As Abbey sat on the edge of the bed I wrapped her beautiful left leg in towels soaked in hot water. She laid back on the bed and said, "0ooo, that feels so comforting."

I got my razor and some special shaving cream while her gorgeous leg was steaming in the hot towels. I removed the towels and sprayed some of the shaving cream onto her upper leg. She said, "That smells like strawberries."

I smiled and said, "No kiddin', I didn't know that," before I began to shave her leg. After I had shaved her upper leg, I cleaned off the excess shaving cream with the hot, wet towels. I sprayed shaving cream on her lower leg and ankle before carefully shaving them. When I finished I reached down and began to lick the shaving cream from her beautiful leg. She began to wiggle her ankle and giggle as she said, "Oh, you wonderful man."

When I had my fill of sensual pleasure, I washed the excess cream from her leg and gently wrapped her entire leg again in hot towels. I lifted her to the center of the bed and laid her on her back before getting a bottle of hot pink nail polish. I began with her left foot by polishing the nail on her big toe. I carefully polished each nail on her small foot before moving to her toes in her cast. The cast was open enough over the top of her toes that I could easily polish each of her nails.

While the polish on her toes dried, I removed the hot towels from her left leg and began to apply a generous coating of lotion to the warm moist soft skin of her beautiful leg and foot. I worked lotion into the velvet soft skin on the heel of her small foot and the bottom of her toes before rubbing the top of her foot and ankle. She laid silently with a smile on her pretty face while I gently covered her entire leg in lotion. When I got to the top of her long, shapely left leg, I carefully covered her inner thigh with the cool fresh lotion.

I placed a small amount of lotion on the soft top of her small toes confined in her cast before asking her to please lie still for a minute while I went after something. I returned with an extra long, black nylon stocking. The toe was sandal foot, but a black seam had been sewn in the stocking from the bottom of the foot to the top of the leg. The reinforced top of the stocking was finished in black lace with an elastic band to hold it up.

She looked at me and said, "What are you doing?"

"Something to make your beautiful leg even more sensual," I told her, as I worked the stocking over the thumbs of both my hands like I had observed my ladies do on countless occasions. She lifted her left foot in the air so I could work the stocking over her small toes. I drew the stocking over her dainty foot, and up her ankle and lower leg while watching the back of her leg to ensure I was getting the seam straight up the back of her pretty leg. I pulled the stocking over her rounded knee and to the top of her long upper leg. The lace-covered top of the stocking barely kissed her soft and wanting body between her pretty legs.

She smiled and said, "That feels wonderful to have a soft sheer nylon stocking on leg my again."

I gently rolled her over onto her chest before applying more lotion to her wonderful back, shoulders and neck. After rubbing the lotion into her soft skin, I put more lotion on her hips and rubbed it in while admiring the wonderful sight of her long beautiful legs. One leg was bound in a tight fitting cast that reflected the shape of her beautiful leg confined within while holding her knee in a slight bend. Her left leg was gorgeously covered in the sheer black nylon stocking with a straight black seam bisecting the back of her gorgeous leg from it's top to the bottom of her small foot.

I rolled Abbey onto her back and began to apply lotion to her right hand and fingers. After working to her shoulder with the cool refreshing lotion, I put lotion on her left arm.

I poured a small amount of lotion on the soft skin of her flat, firm abdomen. She giggled as I began to rub it into her pretty skin all the way down the side of her hips to the top of her cast and long nylon stocking. I gently rubbed lotion on her shoulders and neck before applying a small amount to the palms of each of my hands. I cupped her right breast and gently rubbed it with the cool refreshing lotion as she began to move her head around while letting out a slight moaning sound. I repeated the sensual application of lotion on her left breast while she continued to enjoy the special attention.

After several minutes of attention, I applied a small amount of strawberry flavored shaving cream to each of her firm, erect nipples. I began to gently lick the cream from her right nipple as she became louder and more emotional with her sounds. I touched the tip of her left nipple with the tip of my hot tongue. She had experienced enough delay in completing the ultimate pleasure that she grabbed my shoulders and pulled me to her wanting body.

The next morning when I awoke, I found my face pressed between her love mounds with her nylon stocking covered left leg draped over my legs. It wasn't long before my attention to her beautiful body had drawn us into another pleasurable experience.

After an hour or more, Abbey said, "Oh, how wonderful you were last night. When you say you are going to pamper a girl, you really mean it."

I kissed her again before I said, "Glad you liked it."

I got out of bed and brought her the crutches so she could go to the bathroom while I got dressed. In a few minutes she came from the bathroom on her crutches. She said, "Where's my clothes?"

I pointed to the bed and said, "How about putting those on before we eat and decide what to do today."

I went into the kitchen and began to cook some bacon and eggs while she dressed. When she entered the kitchen, she was dressed in a red gown as sheer as a nylon stocking, with red feathers around the edges. Under the gown I could see she was wearing the black bikini panties I had laid out for her. Her gorgeous breasts were unbridled under the flowing sheerness of the gown. Her long, shapely left leg was still adorned in the long black sheer nylon stocking with the straight seam up the back. She was wearing a three inch heeled red open toed sandal on her left foot.

Abbey had combed her shoulder length hair down straight and applied a light covering of make up to her beautiful face. She turned around on her crutches and said, "Well, how do I look?"

"Delicious, just delicious," I said, as I watched and admired her beautiful body and her long beautiful legs. The left one was still in the long black nylon stocking, and the right one in the pink fiberglass cast from the tip of her small toes to the top of her pretty leg.

While we ate breakfast, we talked about taking her picture." After eating and washing the dishes, I asked Abbey to come back into the bedroom and sit down while I helped her with her hair. I combed it down on her shoulders, then I lifted it off her neck and fastened it in a small group of curls on the top of her head.

I went through the lingerie I had selected from her apartment and gave her a white torsolette and an extra long, white sheer nylon stocking. After she put them on and fastened the top of the stocking to the garters on the left side of the torsolette, I gave her a low-heeled white pump to wear to the studio. I helped her put on a white blouse and yellow full skirt before she took her crutches and followed me to the car. While we drove to the studio, I outlined my plan.

When we arrived Abbey removed her blouse and skirt while I located a white waist length fur coat and a dark blue three-inch heeled open toed sandal. I helped her with the coat before placing her in the center of the studio bed, which was covered in a light blue spread. I fastened around her beautiful neck, a small choker necklace made of inch wide dark blue ribbon with a white pearl in the center of her throat. I slipped the blue high-heeled sandal on her small left foot before placing a pair of earmuffs covered with fuzzy, dark blue material over the large mound of curls on the top of her head. The earmuffs covered her ears while providing a cute little addition to her costume.

Abbey took several poses while setting in the center of the bed with her legs in front of her. She leaned over with her arms close to her legs and she sat up straight holding the fur coat open, showing her large breasts confined in the torsolette.

After completing the session on the bed I suggested we take some pictures of her standing with her left foot in a ski boot. She removed her coat and earmuffs before I combed her long hair down around her shoulders. I slipped her shoe from her left foot and replaced it with a dark blue ski boot. I gave her the crutches and helped her stand so she could walk over and stand on a stage in front of a mountain scene painted on a backdrop. When she was standing where we wanted her to be, I stood a ski on its end for her to hold onto before I took her crutches. She was the subject of some very sensual pictures standing in her ski boot with her cast covered right leg hanging next to her left leg in the extra long, white nylon stocking attached to the garters on the bottom of her white torsolette.

When we finished, Abbey got dressed." For the next few weeks, Abbey and I planned to spend several afternoons with her posing in lingerie and beautiful gowns.

CHAPTER 10 - Annette's Brace?

I had been in the studio about two hours when Annette walked into the office dragging her brace bound right leg. She was wearing a very attractive brown tweed two-piece suit. Her slim line skirt hugged her shapely hips and outlined her long legs to the center of her kneecaps. Her legs were bathed in beige nylon stockings with her small feet in her brown low-heeled pumps.

I looked up and said, "Hello," as she came in. She smiled a beautiful large smile while brushing her long brown curls back from the side of her attractively made up face. She said, "You said that if I came in to see you, you might have a lead on a job."

"Sure," I said, while pulling out a chair for her. She bent down and unlatched the catches on both sides of her right knee brace before setting on the chair. She looked up and said, "Thank you."

She said she had recently graduated from college with a degree in book keeping. After talking with her a few minutes more, I told her I would hire her to look after the office, and be my general office manager.

She smiled and said, "Thank you, I sure can use the job." When do I start organizing the office?"

"Well, how about right now," I told her.

Annette smiled and said, "Great, I'm ready if you are."

By the end of the day Annette had looked through all my misarranged files and developed a plan. When it became quitting time I asked her if she needed a ride home. She acted like she didn't know what to say. Finally she said, "Well, I was planning to take a taxi. I don't want to cause you any trouble. And, I uh, uh, I mean, well, I just don't want you to misunderstand. I could use a ride but I don't want you to think I am interested in anything but a ride."

I said, "Please, I understand what you are saying." I have several lady friends and I don't want to cause any trouble for you."

"Good, I'm ready then if you are," Annette said."

On the way to her home, said she was renting a furnished apartment by the week until she got her job started.

While I was assisting her from the car, I told her I would pick her up the next morning if she wanted me to. "OK," she said, before slowly walking to her apartment while dragging her brace bound right leg.

The next morning she was ready and standing at the curb when I arrived. We drove in silence to the studio. She went right to work on the files while I went to the dark room. After an hour I heard a loud noise in the office and a scream from Annette. As I entered the room I saw Annette trying to get back up off the floor. I ran over and placed my arms under her arms and helped her stand up. Her brace bound right leg wouldn't straighten out so I helped her hop on her left leg over and set on her office chair.

I asked her what had happened. She looked up with tears in her eyes and said, "I'm not sure, but I think something happened to my brace." Then she lifted the bottom of her dress a little and examined the knee joint of the brace. She said, "Darn, one of the bolts came loose and the brace came apart." Then she pointed at the missing bolt and said, "See, I can't walk with it this way, and I didn't bring my crutches so I can't even walk. Now what am I going to do?"

I looked at the brace and said, "I think I can fix it, but you'll have to take it off first."

"OK, if I have to, I guess I don't have much choice, do I?"

She lifted the bottom of her skirt to the very top of her legs exposing a pair of beautifully shaped, long legs in extra long beige nylon stockings. As she began to unfasten the brace from around the top of her right leg she said, "Oh look, I got a run in my stocking and I don't have another one with me."

I said, "If you want, I'll get you a new pair of nylons while I'm fixing the brace."

She smiled and said, "Oh, would you? I'd really appreciate it."" She lifted her leg and slipped her small foot from the brown, flat heeled pump. She wiggled her toes exposing the bright red polish on her nails through the sandal foot toe of her stocking as she said, "That feels good to get my shoe off. Before I started wearing the brace I use to enjoy slipping my shoes off while I was setting at my desk."

I picked up the phone and called Alicia, asking her if she would mind bringing a pair of extra long, sheer sandal foot stockings to the studio when she had her next break." She asked, "What's wrong, you rip your girl friend's stockings?"

I chuckled and said, "You'll see when you get here."

Annette handed me the brace. While replacing the screw, I guessed that the brace must weigh almost as much as a cast.

Shortly after I finished fixing the brace and returning it to Annette, Alicia came in on her crutches." Her right leg was still in the blue fiberglass cast that held her leg almost straight with her knee bent approximately fifteen degrees.

I introduced the ladies to each other who instantly had something in common to discuss. Annette said, "Wow, you have a cast. I can't believe it. I just got one off a couple of months ago."

As Alicia lifted her skirt to show Annette the top of her extra long cast.

Annette said she had been mountain climbing and fell, badly fracturing her right leg and ripping some of the soft tissue. She said she had been in a cast for almost a year, but her leg wasn't well yet. She had been going to a Doctor in the city where she had lived. That Doctor had put her leg in the brace saying there wasn't anything left he could do.

Alicia started to say, "Oh, you poor thing," when Annette interrupted her again to say, "But Doctor Burke said she thought she could do something if I would let her operate on it."

"Well, you're going to let her do it aren't you?"

Annette said, "Well, the problem is, I'll have to be in a cast again for several months."

"Yes, but you'll be done with the brace won't you?"

"Yes, but I have to think about it some yet," she said, as she reached for the package of stockings Alicia had brought to her.

Annette removed her stocking, with the runner in it." She put the new stocking on her beautiful long leg while they continued to talk. She placed her right leg back in the brace and fastened it again before looking back to Alicia." She said, "After putting the brace back on again, I think I've just decided to have the surgery, that is, if he won't fire me for having to take time off."

Alicia looked at me with a big smile and said with a wink, "I think I can assure you, he will be more than happy to let you have a few days off." In fact, I doubt he would let you quit if you wanted to. . ."

Annette looked at me with a small smile and said, "Oh really," then she pointed at a stack of pictures and said, "I've already noticed that he likes to photograph ladies with casts on their legs."

Alicia stood and placed her crutches back under her arms." She said, "Annette, when you get a break from the slave driver, come down to the lingerie department and we'll talk some more."

After a couple of hours, Annette said she would like to go see Alicia." I told her to go ahead and enjoy herself, but to be sure and come back in time for me to take her back home.

When Annette returned to the studio, she was all smiles. She said Alicia had just invited her to move in until she got on her feet and could afford her own apartment." On the way home I said, "You know, if things don't work out for you to stay with Alicia, I have a spare room at my apartment."

She reached out and touched my arm before saying, "Thank you. I appreciate your offer, but I don't want to set us up for something we shouldn't do."

"Don't worry. I'm not trying to get you into a situation, I just wanted to be helpful if you needed it."

"OK, I will remember your offer," she said, as she removed her hand from my arm.

I drove her to her apartment and savored the image of a tall, beautiful lady dragging her brace bound, long right leg as she slowly made her way up the sidewalk to her door.

The next morning I stopped by to pick Annette up on the way to the studio. She was wearing a light yellow, full-skirted dress with beige nylons. She was wearing her leg brace, but she was carrying her crutches. After helping her into the car I asked her, "What's the crutches for? You afraid the brace will break again?"

She smiled and said, "No, I just want to be able to take the brace off while I'm in the office."

Shortly after getting into the office, Annette sat at her desk and swung her legs out to the side so she could remove her brace.

I said, "I must ask what is wrong with your leg. It is obvious, you can move it around?"

Annette said, "Oh, my leg isn't paralyzed. It was just so damaged inside that it isn't strong enough to hold me up without the brace."

"Well," I asked." "Have you decided for sure to have your leg operated on?"

"Yes, if it is OK with you, and if Doctor Burke can do it."

"Sounds good to me," I said, while continuing to silently admire her long beautiful legs.

Annette turned to the phone and called Abbey. In a few minutes, Annette said, "It's all set, I'll check in to the hospital a week from Thursday afternoon and Doctor Burke will operate, Friday that morning."

""Fine." Do you need some help to get moved in?"

"Well, I could sure use your help this evening, but all I have is a couple of suitcases and three or four boxes to move.

After work I took Annette to her apartment. She changed into a pair of cutoff jean shorts and a white blouse while keeping her nylon stockings on her beautiful legs. She put her brace back on her right leg before getting involved in packing. When she had all her things out of her apartment, I took her to the apartment manager"s office where she turned the key in.

I drove Annette to Alicia's apartment." Annette and I both loaded things into our arms and carried them to Alicia's door." Alicia showed Annette to her room before saying; "I've fixed us something to eat, as soon as we get all of Annette's things in the apartment."

After eating, and being sure that Annette had a ride to the mall with Alicia the next morning, I excused myself and went home.

CHAPTER 11- Annette's Surgery

Since Annette was going to have her surgery on Friday, I gave her Thursday off so she could get ready. That afternoon I dropped by Alicia's apartment to take Annette to the hospital." When she met me she was dressed in a full skirted sundress with nylon stockings. She was on her crutches with her brace removed. On the way to the hospital we stopped by a fast food restaurant. While eating I asked, "Are you sure you really want to go through with the operation?"

"Yes," she said. "I would gladly go back into a cast with crutches for a few months, if I can get rid of the brace. It's such a burden to have to wear it all the time, and I'm still tied to the crutches anyhow since I can't walk without either them or the brace."

When we finished eating, I took her to the hospital and helped her get checked in. After getting her comfortable, I returned to the studio, but not before telling Annette I would come back to see her again after work.

As I was getting ready to close the studio, and go past the hospital on the way home, Alicia came in on her crutches with her cast bound right leg suspended above the floor." Her shapely left leg was in a nylon stocking and two-inch heeled sandal." She asked if she could go with me to see Annette. "Sure," I said, as we left the studio.

When we entered Annette's hospital room, she was wearing a blue hospital gown. She was in her bed with a sheet pulled to her upper waist. Alicia walked over on her crutches and reached out for Annette's hand." I went to the other side of the bed and held her other hand. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to go through with the surgery. She gave us a weak smile before saying, "Yes, I'm sure. Like I told you earlier, I'll do anything to get rid of the brace."

After a few more minutes a nurse came in and asked us to leave. Before leaving, I told Annette we would be there when she came back from her surgery. She smiled and said, "Thank you for caring."

When we arrived at the hospital the next morning, Annette was already in the recovery room. Doctor Burke told us Annette had come through the surgery just fine. Her leg was in a long, green fiberglass walking cast, and she would be back to her room in about an hour.

I followed Alicia on her crutches to Annette's room. "She was in her bed with a sheet pulled up under her arms. The sheet was pulled back exposing her right leg which was wrapped in a green fiberglass cast from the tip of her toes to the top of her very long leg, which looked even longer with the finely molded cast holding her knee almost straight.

Alicia held Annette's left hand while I walked to the other side of her bed and held her right hand." She stirred slightly, looked up at us and said, "It hurts."" Then she fell asleep again. Since she continued to fade in and out of sleep, Alicia decided to stay with her.

I went back to the studio where I spent the rest of the afternoon finishing up some of my small jobs. About six o'clock, I left the studio. I stopped and rented a wheelchair for Annette to use at home before going to the hospital." After a few minutes Annette asked if we were going to come back in the morning. Alicia told her we would be back, and asked if she wanted us to bring her anything." She smiled and said, "Yes a pass to get out of here."

Alicia and I both chuckled and said good-bye." I took Alicia to her apartment and accepted her invitation to stay overnight." She disappeared for a few minutes before coming from her bedroom in one of her beautiful, sensual light blue lingerie outfits with an extra long matching light blue sheer nylon stocking on her left leg." Before long, we were deeply into my erotic examination of her beautiful cast bound right leg and finely shaped toes." The night was equally rewarding for both of us.

The next morning Alicia and I took our individual cars to work." While I was busy in the studio, Christian came in wearing a light blue blouse and hip hugging skirt revealing her beautiful legs from above her knees." Her left leg was bathed in a nylon stocking and three-inch heeled blue sandal." Her long, shapely right leg was still bound in her finely shaped blue cast. She smiled and said, "I've got something to tell you."

I offered her a chair and watched with content as I saw her skillfully lift her cast bound right leg and place it in front of her as she sat on the front edge of the chair with the heel of her cast resting on the floor." She smiled and said, "I've been offered a job in Atlanta. It will only last for about six weeks, but I just wanted to tell you, and say good-bye."

I felt a small lump develop in my throat as I said, "Well, uh, what caused this? Is there some problem with us, or what? When do you have to leave?"

"No, I've really enjoyed our fun filled time together, but I've got a good career development opportunity here, and feel I should take it. I've got to leave now, but I'll be back. Doctor Burke is still looking after me. She said if I came by this afternoon she would place me in a fresh cast." That way I could be gone six weeks before she saw me again to either remove my cast or change it for a new one. If you want, I'm sure open to continuing our relationship when I return."

She stood up and held her arms out to hug me. I ask, "Do you have to leave right now?"

She hugged my very tightly and placed a passionate kiss on my wanting lips before saying, "I've got to go because I have to get the new cast."

As Christian turned and walked out of the studio, I felt a lump in my throat and a slight tear in one of my eyes." I thought to myself, "Well, there goes one of my possible prospects for the future."

Alicia was already at the hospital when I arrived." She said Annette has good news. I looked at her as she said, "Doctor Burke told me she can go home tomorrow."

"Great," I said, as I reached out and squeezed Annette's hand. "What time are we going to do that?"

She giggled and said, "Before lunch. I hate hospital food." Then she turned to Alicia and said, "I need for you to look in the closet and get me some clean lingerie and a fresh stocking." I don't intend to go home from here dressed in a hospital gown."

I left the hospital before Alicia, but not before agreeing to pick her up, so both of us could go to the hospital for Annette on Sunday morning." On the way home, I didn't feel very well. I suspected some of it was because Christian was gone, but I wasn't sure why.

Sunday morning I picked Alicia up at her apartment." She was wearing a full-skirted yellow dress, with a beige nylon stocking and low-heeled yellow pump on her left foot." We ate in the small restaurant next to the hospital before going to Annette's room.

Alicia helped Annette get dressed in a pink blouse and matching pink full skirt." She put on a smoke colored nylon stocking on her left leg." Her new cast held her long shapely right leg nearly straight as she stood on her crutches." The bottom of her cast bound foot was slightly above the floor due to the rubber walking heel molded into the bottom of her cast.

I parked close to the door of Alicia's apartment, and opened Alicia's door for her to get out of the car." After opening the rear door, I reached in to the back seat and lifted Annette's beautiful cast by her ankle while she slipped to the edge of the seat. I assisted her in standing on her left foot before helping her place crutches under her arms. By the time she was on her crutches and ready to walk to the door of the apartment, Alicia had already made her way up the sidewalk to the door on her crutches.

Alicia held the door open as Annette walked slowly to the porch." Annette smiled as she made her way up the walkway. She entered the apartment and walked on her crutches over to the sofa. She removed he crutches from under her arms and turned so she could sit on the edge of the sofa. I walked over in front of her and bent down, lifting her sexy cast by the ankle as she turned on the seat of the sofa, so I could lay her cast covered leg on the seat of the sofa. Once she was settled comfortably on the sofa, we all three looked at each other as Annette said, "Now what shall we do?"

CHAPTER 12- Alicia, I Don't Want to Hurt You

Being unsure of what to say, I stood quietly as Alicia pointed toward me and said, "Well, if you'll help me, I'll make us a snack."" I helped her make some sandwiches and coffee while Annette sat quietly on the couch and watched. When it was ready, I told Alicia to go sit down by Annette, and I would serve them both." She smiled and said, "OK, I think it would be nice to be waited on hand and foot," then she discreetly pointed at the toes of her right foot confined in her cast and winked.

I could feel my face turn red as I looked out of the corner of my eye to see if Annette had caught the reference to my personnel attention to Alicia's toes." Thankfully, she hadn't.

Annette added her comments by saying, "If I had known the personnel attention a cast would get for me, I'd have gotten one sooner."

I heard Alicia say under her voice, "Honey, you don't have any idea what a cast can do for your love life."

After we finished eating, I washed the dishes before I excused myself, saying I needed to go to the studio and catch up on some work. I told them I would be back later with some hamburgers for supper. They both said they could hardly wait, but in the meantime, they would just have a good time talking about their casts.

When I returned, I was met with an eye full of beautiful pleasure." Alicia was dressed in a knee length sheer red gown with red feather trim." She was wearing an equally sheer red demi bra and bikini panties, with an extra long red nylon stocking pulled high on her left leg and fastened to a sheer, red garter strap." Her small, shapely foot was in a two inch heeled red open toed sandal.

I opened the sack of hamburgers and passed them out. While we ate Annette began to talk about coming back to work. I told her she should stay home for a week until she felt better. She insisted she wanted to come back to work on Monday. She said, "Sure, my leg still hurts, but it won't hurt anymore if I'm at the studio."

The next day while at work, I called Annette to check on her. She said she was bored and ready to come back to work. At lunch Alicia and I talked about how quickly Annette was recovering." Alicia said she would bring Annette to the studio the next morning." Tuesday morning Annette and Alicia arrived as the mall was about to open." Alicia was her usual beautiful self, dressed in one of her tight skirts and blouses that showed the profile of her beautiful figure and legs." Her shapely left leg was in a sheer nylon stocking, while her long gorgeous right leg was in the blue fiberglass cast from the top of her leg to the tip of her small toes, with her knee slightly bent, holding her small foot off the floor.

Annette was in her light yellow blouse and full skirt. She was wearing one of her nylon stockings on her long gorgeous left leg." Her small foot was in her three inch heeled yellow sandal. This time she walked in on her crutches like a professional. I said, "Gee, you sure are getting around on your crutches a lot better today."

"Yep, it doesn't take long to get into the swing of things again," she said, while gently swinging her cast covered foot back and forth.

I offered to help her to the wheelchair, but she refused, saying, "I'll be wanting it after while, but for now, I think I'll just stay on my crutches."

By lunch, Annette had accepted the wheelchair. I pushed her to the mall restaurant where we met Alicia for lunch." When we finished, she said, "I'm so sorry, I didn't have any idea you two had known each other so long, or that you had both experienced a common tragedy."

I said, "Actually, Alicia and I hadn't met until a few weeks ago when I saw her by the pool."

"Oh, I thought you two had known each other for a couple of years the way you appear to be getting along with each other."

Alicia spoke up and said, "No honey, we're just very good friends." That's all, just good friends."

I heard the understatement from Alicia and began to think that maybe we had gone too far, to fast together." We had agreed to be just good friends, but once we had gone to bed together, feelings started to come in to the picture. I made a silent pledge to back off just a little. Then I realized that Annette living with Alicia might be the best thing that could have happened." Her presence made it awkward for Alicia and me to get together.

As I pushed Annette back to the studio in the wheelchair, I told myself I wasn't going to be alone with Alicia anymore if I could prevent it." I wasn't ready to become serious with anyone.

When we got back to the studio, I asked Annette her advice on dealing with Alicia." She said, "I think you need to just sit down with her and explain the situation just like you did with me. Sure it will probably hurt a little, but I think it's better to be up front with Alicia than let her find out by accident."

I thanked Annette for her help. I worked on a speech all the rest of the afternoon, trying to plan out what to say to Alicia." I decided to tell her when she came by to pick up Annette after work.

I could feel my heart begin to race and a lump in my throat develop when I heard Alicia's voice." I walked out to the office and asked her if she would mind coming back to the camera room for a few minutes because I had something I needed to talk to her about.

She walked on her crutches back and sat down on a chair. I started to make the speech I had practiced all afternoon, but I found the words just didn't flow. Finally I said, "Alicia, I don't want to hurt you, but"."

Her smile went away as she said, "Oh, I'm sorry, I know we had a deal, and I shouldn't have said what I did earlier today."

I lifted my hands and said, "No, it's all right. I've got to admit, I've had a wonderful time with you, and I hope we can remain good friends, but I think we need to be careful."

Alicia sniffed and dabbed her eyes as she said, "It's all my fault, if I allowed myself to develop feelings." We agreed up front . . ."

I interrupted her and said, "We've had a beautiful relationship. Some of the best sex I have ever experienced, but I need to be free."

Alicia stood on her crutches, looked through tears and said, "Friends?"

I reached out and gave her a gentle hug and said, "Yes, friends, forever."

I followed Alicia and Annette to Alicia's car." I helped both ladies in. As Alicia started to drive them away and I turned to take the wheelchair back to the studio, Alicia said, "I guess you won't be coming over this evening?"

I turned and said, "It's up to you." If you want me to, I will."

Alicia smiled and said, "We'd like that, wouldn't we Annette?"

Annette, who didn't know for sure what was happening said, "Well, sure. Yes, we'd like that."

"OK, I said, "and I'll bring a pizza for supper."

"Good, we'll see you in a little while," Alicia said, as she drove away.

As I pushed the wheelchair back to the studio I felt like a heel. I tried to sort out if I had done and said the right thing. The more I thought, the more confused I became.

I locked the studio and stopped by for pizza. When Alicia answered her door, she was dressed in another revealing lingerie outfit." This time, she was wearing light green with a beige nylon stocking on her left leg." Annette was also in a sheer, light blue outfit, complemented by a long blue sheer nylon stocking on her left foot and leg.

I must have had an obvious look of surprise on my face because Alicia giggled and said, "Annette and I had a long talk on the way home." We decided that the best thing for me to do is continue to treat you as if nothing had happened."

I thought to my self, "That's not exactly what I said, but if that makes it easier for you, it's fine with me."

I carried the pizza to the table and sat it down before saying, "Good, I'm happy if you're happy."

Alicia walked over on her crutches and placed a big wet kiss on the side of my cheek and said, "Let's eat, I'm starved," and, I began to reconsider what I had told Alicia earlier.

- The End-

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