Alice: Only a Twisted Knee

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CHAPTER 1 - Embarrassed

It was the first light of dawn, with barely enough light coming through the window on the East side of her bedroom to see the foot of the bed when Alice sat up in bed." She rolled over and pushed with her shaky arms to the edge of the bed with her feet sticking over the edge." She stood and took one step before falling on her face." She rolled over on her back, shook her head to clear the daze from her confused and hung over mind while trying to remember what had happened the evening before."

With the sound of her striking the floor, George, her newly wed husband, bound from the bed while asking in an elevated voice, "Honey, what happened?"

Alice began to mumble something unintelligible as George raced around the foot of the bed to where she was attempting to sit up." She placed her right hand on her forehead while still trying to stop the room from spinning beneath her." "What happened?? Where am I?"? She asked.

"Honey, you are home!"

George bent down behind her, placed his hands under her arms and began to lift her into a standing position." When Alice put some weight upon her right leg confined in her cast she began to scream, "Oh god, that hurts."

George sat her back down on the floor." Then she realized that there was something wrong with her right leg." It felt heavy and stiff, unmovably heavy and stiff." "George," she called out with a raised voice, "what's wrong with my leg?

"Don't you remember, Honey?? You twisted your knee while dancing last night."

"Twisted my knee?" she repeated with a questioning voice." "What's this thing on my leg?" she continued while placing her right hand on the top of the pink fiberglass cast that covered her upper thigh and extended down her leg, all the way to her toes." Her knee was held almost totally straight in the pink prison."

"Gee Honey, I guess you were a little more drunk that I realized." When you hurt your knee, I took you to the emergency room." They put a cast on your leg."

"Oh no," Alice cried out." "That can't be happening." Take it off, please take it off," she demanded while her big brown eyes filled with tears that began to run down her rosy cheeks.

"Honey, I am afraid that can't happen until you see the Doctor tomorrow."

"See the Doctor tomorrow?? Why?"

"Well, Honey, when you hurt your knee, I took you to the emergency room and a Doctor there just put your leg in the cast and said that you needed to see an Orthopedic Surgeon on Monday."

"Orthopedic Surgeon?? Oh no!"? Alice yelled." "Why do I need to see a Surgeon?? I didn't hurt my leg that bad, did I?"

"No, Honey, I don't think so, but don't you remember?"

She shook her head while trying to remember." A slight smile covered her pretty face while she had a glancing memory pass through her still confused mind." "I remember that we went to the Branded Steer for dinner." I remember having a glass of
wine, uh, no, I take that back."? She put her right index finger to her lips and giggled." "No, I think I had two glasses of wine, yep, I'm sure, I had two glasses of wine."

George smiled." "Yes, you had two glasses alright, uh, and a third, that is, while we were at the Branded Steer." But, then we went somewhere else, don't you remember that?"

Alice tilted her head and placed a frown on her radiant face." "Uh, maybe." I think I remember going to a place where there was loud music, but I'm not sure."

"Well, I think I know why you don't remember." By the time we had left the Branded Steer, you were feeling the wine."

"Oh," Alice responded with a giggle." Then she looked down at herself sitting on the floor wearing only a pair of black bikini panties and the cast on her right leg." She pointed at the cast and said, "But how did this happen?"

"Gosh, Honey, I guess you don't remember much of what happened last night." We went to the County Ho Down Dance Hall to do some dancing." I guess I should have realized that you were too drunk to be doing what you wanted to do."

"George, dear, just what did I want to do?"

"Well, as soon as we got to the Ho Down you insisted upon having another glass of wine." While we were waiting for your wine you turned around in your chair and placed your legs on the table while complaining that your feet hurt." I watched you trying to unbuckle the ankle straps from your three inch black sandals."

Alice put her hand to her mouth and said with a gasp, "Oh I really didn't do that, did I?? I mean, putting my feet on the table."

"Oh yes, but that was just the start." After I helped you remove your shoes, you decided to remove your nylon stockings."

"I didn't!? You're making that up, aren't you?"

"Fraid not." I promise that you did it." But in stead of turning back around and placing your legs back under the table so you
could lift the bottom of your dress and remove your stockings, you just pulled your dress up and lifted each leg into the air while removing your stockings."

"OH god, NO!? Why didn't you stop me?"

"Honey, I tried to, but you said you would yell rape if I touched you."

"George, you have to be making this up."

George smiled." "Well just a little." You didn't really threaten to yell rape." You said you would scream out that I shouldn't touch you."

"I am so embarrassed, but how did I hurt my leg?"

George tried to redirect her attention by saying, "Here, let me help you get back on the bed."

Alice looked up at him and smiled with her big brown eyes dancing." "Well, OK, but then yoknee."

George stepped to her right side." He bent down and carefully slipped his right hand and arm under the calf of her cast while placing his left arm around her back." As he began to lift her into his arms, Alice began to moan that her leg hurt." George responded," "Yes Honey, but it won't hurt but a few seconds while I am moving you to the bed."

As he sat her down on the bed, she smiled a painful grin and said, "Gosh, maybe I really did hurt my knee."

"Maybe, I don't know, but let me get you some pain medicine the Doctor gave you." He said you can take a pill every four hours." He also gave you a set of crutches, but I bet you don't remember that."

Alice smiled a weak smile." "Crutches?? No I don't remember them."

After George had given her the main medicine, she looked with her big brown eyes into his and said, now, how about finishing the story of how I hurt my knee."George blushed a little." "I'm not sure that you really want to know," he said with a shy smile.

"That bad, huh?" she reacted.

"Well, just let me say, you are probably going to be embarrassed when you hear it, so I guess it would be better coming from me that someone else."

Alice put her hand to her forehead and laid back on the pillow." "Oh god, was it really that bad?"

"Only if you think trying to dance on the tables is bad," he answered.

"Oh no, really?"

"Yep." After you took your shoes and stockings off, you stood up on your chair and started to climb onto the table with your right foot." When you put your foot on the edge of the table, it tipped over and you tumbled off of your chair and landed with your knee against a part of the table leg.

"Oh no!" she said, while placing her hand over her mouth." "Please, tell me you are making this up."

??"Sorry, but it is the truth." You began to laugh, and you were so drunk that I didn't realize for a few minutes after I had turned the table back up and got you to sit in the chair that you were hurt." After you stopped laughing, you started to cry, while telling me that your knee hurt." When I touched it, you screamed, so I carried you to the car and drove to the emergency room."

"Wow, I am so embarrassed." Was anyone there that we know?"

"Who knows?? It was kinda dark in there, so there may have been." I guess we will know, if someone comes up and starts talking about it."

"Oh, so what else did the Doctor say?"

"He took and x-ray and said that he couldn't do anything since you were so drunk." He just put the cast on so you wouldn't hurt it anymore before you see the Orthopedic Doctor tomorrow."

By the time George had finished telling Alice what she had done, the medication had made her sleepy." He stood and looked down at his new bride lying on the bed with nothing on her gorgeous body but her black bikini panties and the pink fiberglass cast covering her sensual right leg from her thigh to her toes." He bent down and placed a light kiss on her beautiful lips before standing again." As he gently pulled the sheet over his sleeping beauty his eyes focused for a moment on her wonderfully firm, large, rounded breasts." He thought, "What a wonderful wife I have, and she will never get drunk again, as long as I live."

CHAPTER 2 - Embarrassed

George let Alice sleep most of the day." When it became time for dinner, George helped her get out of bed and stand on her crutches." She was very frightened." As George handed her the crutches and helped her put them under her armpits, she said, "Oh my god, I don't think I can do this."

He tried to reassure her, "Honey, you have to learn how to use them."?

"Why?" she asked very pointedly." "Why do I need to learn how to use crutches when the Doctor will remove this cast tomorrow?"

George didn't believe the cast would be gone tomorrow, but he knew that he couldn't say that." He thought for a few seconds before saying, "Well, Honey, you have to walk from the car to the Doctor's office, or I will have to carry you, and I don't think you would want that."

"Oh, yeah, I guess you are right."

George took a deep silent breath while hoping that she wouldn't say something like, "Don't they have wheelchairs?"

Alice took her first shaky step while George stood behind her with his hands on her waist to reassure her." She finally, after numerous small, hopping steps, made her way to the sofa in the living room." When she turned with her back to the sofa, George took the crutches from her." She bent down slightly so she could reach the arm of the sofa." As she sat down, George placed his hands under the ankle of her cast and lifted it so she could turn around and lay her casted leg on the cushion beside her." She smiled a weak smile and said, "Thank you."

After George served them dinner on the sofa, he sat next to her with her legs in his lap." As he began to gently massage her toes sticking out of her cast, she smiled and said, "I'll give you the rest of the evening to stop that."? A few minutes later she had fallen asleep.

When it became bedtime, George scooped his lovely bride into his arms and carried her back to the bed.

Monday morning George insisted that she use her crutches while coming to breakfast and dressing in a pair of blue shorts with a black shirt and a sandal for the trip to the Doctor's office." After her initial resistance to using the crutches, she appeared to accept the idea."

As they drove to the Doctor's office, her confidence that she would leave his office without the cast increased." She was even planning how she was going to get dressed in her nylons and heels for work the next day." She said, "I think I will put on my new black stockings and new spike heels along with my bright red, knee length dress for the occasion." I want everyone to see that I wasn't hurt."

When George pulled into the parking area next to the entrance to the Doctor's office, Alice saw a wheelchair setting in the doorway." She turned to George with a smile and said, "You dirty dog, you knew all along while you were making me use those crutches that they would have a wheelchair, didn't you!"

George grinned." "Maybe, but you did learn something new, didn't you!"

"Yeah, if you mean that you can stretch the truth."

"No, I mean, how to walk on crutches."

"Oh," she said." Then she turned to him and said while moving to the center of the car seat, "How about getting out of the car and coming around here and helping me get my leg out of the car."? When she was out of the car, George handed her the crutches while ignoring the wheelchair a few feet away." He said, "Shall we go."

Alice walked with confidence to the elevator to take them to the third floor where her Doctor would be waiting." When they stepped inside the waiting room of Doctor McCoy, Alice felt a lump from doubt forming in her throat." She saw a beautiful young woman with long straight blond hair sitting in a chair." Her right leg was in a purple fiberglass cast from her toes to under the bottom of a short white skirt she was wearing."?

Alice walked over and sat in an empty chair beside her while George made the necessary arrangements with a young woman wearing a white uniform, and seated behind a large desk." When he was finished he walked over and sat beside Alice, who was looking very intently at the young woman's casted leg." Finally, Alice cleared her throat while looking toward her." The young woman turned her face toward Alice and smiled." She said with a wide smile, "Hi, I'm Toni."? Looks like we are both here for the same thing."

"Hi, my name is Alice, and we only have something in common if you are getting your cast removed," she said with confidence while extending her right hand.

"Oh no, not me," she responded while placing her hands on the knee of her cast." "This is my second cast." I wore the first one for six weeks and now I have been in this one for three weeks."

"Wow, what happened?"? Alice reacted with surprise." She had never thought of anyone wearing a cast for so long.

"Oh, my sister Laurel and I were in a car wreck nine weeks ago and I broke my leg in two places." How about you?" I mean, what happened to your leg?"

Alice could feel her face beginning to glow from embarrassment. She didn't want to tell Toni that she was so drunk that she didn't remember anything about her accident." "Uh, I was out dancing on Saturday evening and fell." I twisted my knee, so the Doctor in the emergency room put this cast on until I could see the Orthopedic Doctor this morning."

"Oh, so it isn't anything bad then?"? Toni's comment was a question.

"No, I don't think so." See," she reached into her purse and withdrew the mate to the sandal she was wearing on her left foot." "I even brought along my other shoe."? She continued to glance at Toni's toes projecting from her cast." "I have to say that I am very surprised at how nice your manicure looks." I mean, I have already found out how hard it is to touch my toes, and yours look so nice."

Toni laughed." "Well, just yesterday I went to a pedicurist who did my toes for me." I have to say that it was the most enjoyable hour I have spent since I got the cast on my leg."

Alice's heart almost stopped a few minutes later, when a bed on wheels was pushed into the waiting room." "Oh my god," she said loud enough for Toni to hear her, as she saw the face of a gorgeous young woman with long black hair lying on the bed." Alice could see that her entire body beginning at her armpits was encased in a huge blue fiberglass cast that extended down the young woman's left leg to her knee." As the bed got closer, she could see that the woman's legs were spread wide apart and that her right leg was also in the cast all the way to her toes." There was also some kind of bar arrangement from the cast on her left thigh over to the middle of the calf of her right leg."

As Alice was sitting speechless, the young woman turned her face toward Toni and smiled while knocking with her right hand on the hard cast covering her large breasts," "Good news Sis, only two more months and Doctor McCoy will take this thing off."

Alice's mouth dropped open." "Only two more months, I can't imagine?."

Her voice trailed off as Toni smiled and said, "Oh that's great news Laurel." You should be as good as new by Christmas."

Alice couldn't believe what she had just heard, or the way both Toni and Laurel were appearing to be so happy." "Christmas?" She won't be all right until Christmas." Toni, how can that be good news?"

Toni turned to Alice and said, "Well, for a while we thought Laurel would never be able to walk again." You see, the cast on her body is because she had a back injury, and her pelvice was fractures in several places, then there is her right leg." It was broken above and below her knee." We are truly thankful that she will be able to walk again."

"Oh," Alice responded with a soft voice while her face was becoming red from embarrassment." As she watched Laurel being wheeled out of the office with Toni following on her crutches, she heard her name being called." Alice stood on her crutches and followed the nurse into a small examination room with George following closely behind." In a few minutes, Doctor McCoy entered the room." "Well, young lady, I hear that you fell down and hurt your leg."

"Uh, my knee, I just twisted it a little and the Doctor in the emergency room put this cast on temporarily until you could see me today."

Doctor McCoy placed her x-ray from the emergency room in the viewer and turned on the light." "Hum," he said." "I'm afraid that you have done a little more that twist your knee." Looks like you have a hair-ling fracture of the top of your tibia."

"Well, that's OK, isn't it?" Alice asked." "I mean, that isn't a big thing, right?"

"You're right, it usually isn't a big thing." These things almost always heal without a problem after about six weeks of them remaining immobile."

"OK, I can deal with that, now will you take this cast off so I can get on with my life?"? Alice asked.

"Young lady, uh, I'm afraid you didn't understand me." Do you know what immobile means?"

"Well, yeah, uh, that means that I can't go dancing for six weeks."

Doctor McCoy placed his hand on the knee of her cast." "Yes it does, but it also means that you have to wear the cast for six weeks."

"Oh my god NO," Alice yelled out while turning toward George as tears began to well up in her large brown eyes.

CHAPTER 3 - A Quiet Dinner

Two weeks after Alice had the accident that placed a pink fiberglass cast on her right leg from her toes to her hip, she had adjusted well to her situation and the use of her crutches." She had returned to work as a secretary for the Vice President of a local manufacturing business." She had even stepped up to the challenge of wearing a nylon stocking and two-inch heel on her left leg and foot.

George and Alice were planning to take a two hundred-mile trip to see one of her college girlfriends get married." They would be traveling on Saturday, stay in a local motel for the night, attend the wedding Sunday afternoon, and return home late Sunday night." She was looking forward to the trip, even though she knew the cast would make a four-hour ride uncomfortable." They would be traveling through some mountains, which she knew she would enjoy because the leaves on the trees would be in their brightest fall colors."

Friday evening they packed the car with their clothes for the wedding, and a few things to wear Saturday evening." Since it was already fall and they would be driving through the high country, they both took a light jacket to ward off the cooler evening air."

Saturday morning George dressed in a pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt with a pair of cowboy boots." Alice put on a pair of knee length shorts, a long sleeved sweatshirt and a white sock and cloth loafer." They stopped at a fast food restaurant for a quick breakfast before heading out."

The road was four-lane interstate for the first one hundred miles." The road gently climbed to an elevation of over eight thousand feet before coming to a summit." When they arrived at the summit, George turned to Alice and asked, "Honey, would you like to get out of the car and rest for a few minutes?"

She smiled." "Oh yes." My butt is so tired of sitting here." With this cast, I can't move around and it feels like I have been welded to the seat."

After pulling into a parking area, George helped Alice from the car." She felt a shiver race up her back from the cool wind against her warm body." She turned to George and asked, "Honey, would you mind getting my jacket for me?"

After helping her with her jacket, George gave her the crutches." He followed her to a building where souvenirs were for sale." They looked around for a few minutes before George bought a small pitcher and a matching set of glasses with the name of the summit painted on their sides." Then they walked to an observation area where they could look out over the mountain range." Alice pointed to the north and said, "Look Honey, I think it is snowing over there."

George smiled." "Yep, looks like winter is coming early, but we are going over there," he said while pointing to the west.

She smiled and placed her arms around George's neck." "Good," she said in between kisses to his wanting lips." "I love you."

George held his new bride tightly for a long minute before saying, "I love you too."

On their way back to the car, a young boy about eight years old tugged on his mother's arm." "Look Mommy," he said while pointing toward Alice." "Look, she is on crutches just like you were."

The woman bent down and said, "Yes Robert, but it isn't nice to point."

Alice heard her and said, "Oh, that's all right." I don't mind."

The woman stepped closer to Alice and responded, "But I know how hard it is to be on crutches with a cast." I was in a car wreck and I wore a long leg cast with crutches for six months a couple of years ago."

Alice could feel the news of wearing a cast for six months ripple through her body with shock waves like the tide of an ocean." "Uh, six months," she said while forcing a smile." "Uh, I plan to have this cast for only six weeks, and that is too long."

The woman responded, "Yes, I know." Even six weeks seems like a lifetime when you are on crutches with a big heavy cast."

Alice smiled and shook her head in agreement before walking back to the car." As they drove off, she turned to George." "I can't imagine wearing this thing for six months."

George turned to her and put his hand on her left knee." "I am sure you will be out of the cast like the Doctor said, in six weeks."

Alice scooted over closer to him and laid her head on his shoulder." She closed her eyes and smiled.

They drove for another fifty miles on the interstate before turning off on a two lane paved road." George said, "Help me watch for Timber Lane." When we get there, we need to turn off to go to Rock Creek where the wedding is."

They drove on what could barely be described as an approved road for thirty miles through high timber before coming to Timber Lane, a small town of about five hundred people." On the way, they went through a cut in a mountain pass and followed along a road etched into the side of the mountain with a drop off to a stream below." Once they got to the cutoff to Rock Creek, the area opened up into a high mountain valley with snow covered mountain peeks all around."

As they entered Rock Creek, a town with a population of approximately eight thousand people." Alice began to remember her childhood and how she had grown up and attended college in Rock Creek." She had many great memories of small town life." Now she was returning to see her best friend getting married.

George drove them to the motel where they had reservations." Alice remained in the car while her went inside and registered them." Then he drove to the back side of the motel building and helped Alice from the car and onto her crutches." She followed him to their room."

Once they had unpacked George said, "I was checking on a place to eat with the young lady who registered us." She suggested Willies, a restaurant with a small Country Band where we could have a drink and listen to some music before going to bed."

Alice lifted her finger and pointed jokingly at George, then she extended her cast bound right leg and giggled." "Good, but don't you let me have more than one glass of wine this evening."

George responded with a totally innocent voice and blank facial expression." "What, don't you think you would look good with a cast on both legs?"

Alice, who was sitting on the bed, reached over, picked up a pillow and playfully tossed it at George while saying, "Oh you!"? Then she asked, "What do you think I should wear?"

George sat silently for several seconds while looking like he was thinking." "Oh, how about nothing but your cast?"

Alice mocked him." She sat silently with no expression on her pretty face for several seconds." "George, maybe later, but not to the restaurant."

George rubbed his hands together while grinning." "Oh, goodie," he answered.""But seriously, why not dress up a little." You know, a nice skirt and blouse with a jacket would be nice." Oh, and maybe a stocking and high heeled shoe."

A few minutes later Alice was wearing a knee length tan skirt with a matching jacket over a white blouse." George watched with titillating interest as Alice sat on the edge of the bed and slowly put a beige nylon stocking over her toes." She slowly pulled it over her rounded heel, up her calf and over her knee before slipping the top of the stocking up her thigh to the top of her left leg, where she secured it to a garterbelt." She looked at George with a teasing smile when she was finished." She said, "And George, my Dear, just think that you will get to take it off of me when we get back to our room."

George swallowed hard and said, "I can't hardly wait."

George found a new interest in his beautiful bride as he escorted her to the car and helped her in." When he got to his side of the car, he knew for sure that the evening was going to be wonderful." Alice had slipped the bottom of her skirt up, revealing the snow white top of her thighs above the top of her pink cast and silky smooth nylon stocking." Once he got the car started, she took his right hand in hers and gently guided it to the warm, damp spot between her beautiful thighs." He turned his face and looked into her big brown eyes." She mouthed, "I love you," to his flushed face.

When they arrived at Willies, George was especially gentle as he helped her from the car and onto her crutches." The waiter quickly showed them to a table for two in a dark corned of the room." George helped her sit on one side of the table before he sat across from her." She looked at him with her big smile and asked, while lowering her eyes as if she was embarrassed, "George, would you mind if I put my cast between your legs and rested my foot on the front of your chair?"

"Not at all my Dear," he answered while gently guiding her casted foot to the resting place where he held it snugly between his thighs."

While they waited for their food, he put his hand on her toes and gently rubbed them." She closed her eyes, smiled and said, "Honey, you can do that all evening if you wish."

CHAPTER 4 - Felicity, Is That You?

When Alice was finished eating she asked, "George, please help me remove my foot from your chair." I need to go to the little girls room."

George spread his legs and placed his right hand around the ankle of her cast while he gently removed her casted foot from his chair." When he let it lower to the floor he smiled and said, "Honey, don't be too long."

Alice returned his smile while getting to her left foot and placing here crutches under her arms."

As she entered the bathroom, she saw the bottom of a pair of crutches leaning against the inside of one of the toilet stalls." She busied herself at one of the sinks until she heard the toilet flush and the door open." She glanced in the mirror to see who was coming from the stall. It was a beautiful young woman with dark blond hair." She was wearing a knee length gray skirt with a matching gray jacket over a pink blouse." Her left leg was in a gray nylon stocking and a black, two-inch heeled pump." Her right leg was in an orange fiberglass cast from her toes to over her knee and under her skirt.

Alice immediately recognized her." "My god Felicity, is that you?"

"Alice, I can't believe it." What are you doing here?"

Then they both realized that they were on crutches with casted right legs." "My god Felicity, what happened to you?"

Felicity lifted her right foot and said, "Oh this, uh, it is a long story." But what happened to you?"

"Hopefully, not a real long story," Alice responded."

They stepped into each other's arms and hugged tightly." "I'm so happy to see you again," Felicity said." "I thought you were gone forever when you left Rock Creek for the big city."

"No, I still remember home, but I came back with George, my new husband, to attend Karen's wedding." How about you?"

Felicity held out her left hand." "See, I'm engaged." Billy and are going to be married next spring, and you have to come."

"Billy?" You mean Billy, the President of the Senior class?" That Billy?"? Alice giggled.

"Yep, that Billy, but then you should have known, since we dated for the last two years of college."

"I know, but I just wanted to pull your leg a little," Alice began to laugh." "Oh, I guess pulling your leg would be a little hard to do now, wouldn't it?"

"Yeah, just about as hard as pulling yours," Felicity laughed.

"Hey, are you here with Billy?" I mean, why not the two of you join us for the evening." We were just planning on going around the corned to the music show in a few minutes," Alice offered.

"Sure, we would love to," Felicity answered." "Just let me finish here and go get Billy." We will join you at the show."

When Alice returned to George she said, "You aren't going to believe it, but I just found one of my old college girlfriends in the bathroom, and she invited us to sit with them at the music show."

"That's great," George smiled.

Alice cleared her throat." "And, you aren't going to believe the rest of it either." She has a cast on her right leg, just like I do."

George found that to be a little exciting." He was becoming more and more interested in women with leg casts now that Alice was in a big leg cast of her own." His eyes lighted up." "Wow, I can't hardly wait to meet her."

George stood and followed Alice through the restaurant to a room with a stage and small tables with chairs." As Alice looked around in the darkened room, she heard Felicity call her name." Alice squinted to see Felicity in a darkened corner waiving her right arm.

As they walked over, Billy stood." He offered his hand to George while Felicity introduced Billy and Alice introduced George." Then Alice balanced on her crutches and left foot while extending her right hand to Billy, who was looking at her with a wide smile." "Hello Alice, nice to see you again."?

"Nice to see you again, too," Alice responded." Then she turned to George." "Honey, this is Felicity, my best friend from college days."

"Nice to meet you," George said while extending his hand to Felicity's.

Billy stepped back so Alice could take the chair closest to Felicity while George sat beside Alice and Billy walked around to the other side of Felicity.

George was the first to speak." "Uh, Felicity, Alice tells me you have a broken leg also."? His voice conveyed an eagerness to hear her story that he wished he hadn't expressed so rapidly.

"Yes, I'm afraid that is true." I broke my leg last April." It was the last day of skiing for the winter."

The news that she had broken her leg back in April was a shock to Alice." She responded without even thinking, "Oh my god Felicity!? April?" Gosh, here it is early October and you are still in a cast."

"Yes, but it will soon be over, won't it Honey," she responded in part to Alice while asking for reassurance from Billy." "But, what happened to your leg?" she asked.

"I'm a little embarrassed," Alice answered." "You see, I fell down and hurt my knee." Well, actually, I guess I have a hairline fracture of my tibia." I thought I would only have a cast for a couple of days between the emergency room visit and seeing the Doctor the next Monday."

"Oh, well, I guess you weren't badly hurt?"

"Uh, I don't think so, uh, obviously, I hope, not as bad as you." I should get, the Doctor promised me that he would take the cast off after six weeks, and that was two weeks ago."

"Would you like some drinks?" a tall blond woman in a short blue denim skirt and a red shirt with black pantyhose and black cowboy boots asked.

"Sure," George answered while waiting for the young woman to take their order.

George wanted to turn to Felicity and ask her to tell more about her accident, but he decided that he had already said too much about it." Just as he was ready to ask when to expect the first snow fall, Alice asked, "So Felicity, are you going to Karen's wedding?"

"You bet we are," she said while gripping Billy's biceps and turning to him." "Aren't we, Honey?"

"Sure," he said with a kiss to her rosy lips.

Felicity continued." "I would have been one of her Bridesmaids if it weren't for my leg."

George wanted to use her comment to open the discussion of her broken leg again, but he was saved by the returning waitress with the drinks.

After a few minutes of idle chitchat, Alice said, "Felicity, what did you do to your leg that was so bad that you are still in a cast over five months later?"

George sat up a little straighter." He wanted to jump into the conversation and encourage her on, but Felicity continued without his encouragement."

"Well, when I fell, the tip of my ski caught on something under the snow." I twisted my knee before falling on my leg." Apparently, my binding was too tight because my boot didn't release from my ski and I went down on my right leg." I first felt a searing pain in my knee followed almost instantly by the sound of my leg bones snapping at the top of my boot." I don't remember anything more until a couple of days later." I woke up in the hospital with my leg in traction." The Doctor said he hadn't seen anything like that for twenty years."

"Wow," George said before could stop himself.

"Traction?"? Alice asked." "You were in traction?"

"Yep, for six weeks, wasn't it Honey?" she turned to Billy for reassurance." "It seems like it was six months, but it was only six weeks." Then the Doctor put a cast like this one," she slipped the bottom of her skirt up her legs while Alice looked in the darkened room to what appeared to be a cast all the way to her panties."

George moved around a little while trying to look, but he quickly realized that his actions would be too obvious.

"My god Felicity, could he have made the cast any longer?"? Alice said while she slipped the bottom of her skirt up her legs, revealing the top of her cast." "I thought the Doctor had put a long cast on my leg, but he didn't even get started, compared to you."

"Yep, it is pretty long, all right," Felicity confirmed." "This is my third cast, and hopefully, my last one." I hope the Doctor will free me in two more weeks." But, how about you?"

"Like I said earlier," Alice began." "I though I wouldn't have to wear a cast more than that first weekend, but the Doctor said I have to wear it for six weeks." He told me that would be all, and after that I wouldn't have to wear a cast any longer."

Felicity leaned over close to Alice." "Yeah, I heard that also, but you see how that worked out."? She giggled while placing her hand over her mouth." She said in a soft voice, "But, don't you find that the cast is a great love making tool?"

Alice was glad that the lights were dim because she could feel her face becoming red." Felicity was right about a cast being a great love tool, it just that she thought that it was just something that George and she had discovered on their own." As her composure returned, she turned to Felicity and said in a very soft voice, "Yes, the best, and I think we will try it out again tonight, how about you?"

Felicity reached over and took Alice's hand in hers." She squeezed it and winked, "Oh, you bet!"

A few minutes later they looked at each other and proclaimed with wide smiles, "Guys, we are feeling very tired, and want you to take us home."

CHAPTER 5 - Honeymoon Refresher

Alice and George returned to their motel with passion on their minds." George lifted Alice from the car and carried her to the room while telling her, "Lets pretend that we just got married and this is our honeymoon night."

"Oh George, that sounds so romantic."?

When he placed her on the edge of the bed, she turned her face up and held her arms out, inviting him to kiss her." As his lips met hers, she laid back on the bed while pulling him down on top of her." After a long, passionate kiss she said," "Honey, would you please get us a bottle of champagne while I get ready for you?"

George kissed his bride again before he left the room to drive a couple of blocks to the liquor store." As he was returning he was already seeing in his mind's eye, his sensual bride standing before him, on her crutches, wearing only her cast, a garterbelt and the long, beige nylon stocking pulled high upon her left leg." Her right leg in her pink fiberglass cast was beginning to become more of an attraction than he ever thought it would be." He wasn't sure what it was, because he had never been turned on by a woman in a leg cast before, but he was beginning to feel different." There was just something about how the cast held her leg stiff and straight that turned him on, causing his juices to want to flow." He even found that he wanted to look and hear about Felicity and her cast." He had a fleeing image of Toni with the big purple cast on her right leg, and how would he ever forget her sister, Laurel, in that big blue body cast from her breasts to her knees and down her right leg to her toes." Oh, how he wished that he had paid more attention to her while they were in Doctor McCoy's office.

As he entered the motel room, his first view of his wonderful bride was disappointing." She was standing before him on her crutches while wearing a long, pink robe that went from her neck to her toes." It had long, baggy sleeves and a collar that hugged her neck better than he could with both hands." His reaction must have been telegraphed to her through his sad eyes and frown on his face because she smiled and said, "Surprise," before grabbing the front of her robe and throwing it open while giggling like a sixth grade schoolgirl."?

George's eyes lighted up like a fourth of July evening sky." Alice was standing before him in her garterbelt and nylon stocking just like he had envisioned." He set the bottle of champagne on the table and took quick steps to her waiting arms." "Oh, Honey, you had me worried for a minute when I saw you standing there in this robe."

She giggled, then she lowered her head and put on a pout face while saying in a soft, remorseful voice while looking up with her big brown eyes. "I'm, sorry, my wonder husband. Do you forgive me?"

"How can I not forgive you my Dear wife?"

She placed her arms over his shoulders, pulled his lips to hers and gave him a quick kiss before saying, "Now, how about that champagne?"

Alice let her crutches fall to the floor as George scooped her into his arms and carried her to the edge of the bed where he sat her down." He turned the robe down off of her shoulders and removed it from her arms before stepping back to admire his beautiful creature, with her casted leg resting on the bed while her stocking covered left leg hung over the edge of the bed." Her large breasts were smiling at him like to wonderful melons ripe to be picked.

"Oh Honey, you are so beautiful sitting there with your sensual legs in nylon and fiberglass."? As he was already committed to the word fiberglass in his statement, he tried to swallow it, but Alice heard him.

"So you think my cast is sexy?" she said with a devil's delight dancing in her big brown eyes.

"Well, uh, did I say that?" George remarked while trying to place doubt in her mind.

"Yep, you did." Now do you think my cast is sexy?"

"Do you?"? He tried again to refocus on what she though about her cast.

Alice reached down with her hands, wrapped her fingers around the top of her cast and said, "Kinda, but do you?"

George walked over and leaned down." He placed his arms on her shoulders." He pulled her face to his and placed a warm kiss on her rosy lips." "Uh-huh," he said with a soft voice.

Alice smiled." "I do too," she said." "Now how about a drink." Then we can talk about my cast some more."

George stood and went to the sink and got two water glasses." As he poured the bubbly into them he said with an embarrassed smile, "Sorry Honey, but I forgot the champagne glasses."

Alice reached for her glass." After sipping on it she said, "Now, George, what do you really think about my cast?"? She lifted her nylon stocking covered left leg and rotated her foot around while giggling." "I mean, wouldn't you rather see both of my legs in nylons?"

George sat his glass down." He got to his knees and reached out, capturing her left ankle." He lifted her foot while placing a light kiss on her big toe." "Dear, I love your legs weather they are in nylons or fiberglass, but I think they are both wonderfully sexy just the way they are."

Alice said, "Oh George, aren't you just saying that because we don't have a choice?" I mean, it isn't as if I could just take the cast off like it was a stocking."

"Honey," George said while wondering if he should really go there." "Honey, this may sound silly, but, uh, I think I am beginning to like seeing you in a leg cast."? His face was becoming red as he continued." "Uh, I mean, well, I don't mean that I enjoyed you hurting your leg, but, uh, I like your cast."

Now it was Alice's turn to make a confession." "George, Dear, I, uh, I have to admit that it has become a part of me," then she began to giggle." "Uh, what I meant was that I have started to enjoy it a little." Uh, that isn't to say that I want to keep it any longer than necessary, but, I have become used to it and it will take some adjustment when it is gone."

George reached out, placed his arms tightly around her waist, pulled her tightly into his arms and began to kiss her passionately." Soon, George was laying her down on her back while he explored every inch of her casted leg from the tip of her toes to the top of her cast.

The next morning George awoke while lying on his left side with Alice on her right side." His arms were wrapped around her, holding her wonderful love mounds tightly against his chest." Her casted right leg was held securely between his legs." When he opened his eyes, Alice's big brown eyes were looking into his." He moved his face closer to hers, kissed her wanting lips and rolled her over on her back." He began to kiss her large rounded breasts with a passion that quickly spread to another round of lovemaking." After they were finished, they rolled over and fell asleep again." It was after ten thirty when they awoke again."

When they got up, George helped Alice remove her nylon stocking and garterbelt." He wrapped her casted leg in a plastic bag and helped her stand on her crutches in the shower while he washed every inch of her sensual body." Then he helped her dry off before she asked him to leave the bathroom while she dressed."

Alice put on a pair of black panties with a garterbelt and a matching black bra." She slipped a beige nylon stocking on her long left leg, and drew it up to the top of her thigh." She attached the top of the stocking to her garterbelt." Then she stood in front of the mirror and asked herself, "Well girl, do you think this will turn George into another love making machine like last night?"

She slipped on a pair of knee length denim shorts over her stocking and a black pullover shirt over her wonderful melons while George was dressing in jeans and a black shirt that matched hers." She stepped from the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bed." She lifted her nylon dressed left foot." She wiggled her toes while saying, "George, Honey, would you mind helping me on with my shoe?"

She could see George's complexion redden as he kneeled in front of her and placed his right hand around her ankle while he slipped her low-heeled black pump on." She winked and asked, "Well, Honey, how do you like my outfit?"

"Uh great, just great my Dear," was all he could say because his mouth was too dry from viewing his beautiful mate.

There was a slight chill in the air as they stepped from the motel room to the outside." George looked up, surveying the sky." He pointed to the north and said, "Look at those dark clouds, I think it might be snowing over there."

Alice asked, "Honey, isn't that the way we have to go to get home?"

"Yes, but it doesn't look like it is snowing hard." I think it is in the mountains far from where we have to drive."

They walked side by side to the motel restaurant for breakfast." While they were waiting on their food to be served, Alice kicked her shoe off." She could see George react when she lifted her stocking clad foot and began to work her toes up his leg under the leg of his jeans." He smiled and reached out, for her hand." She gripped his hand in hers and said, "Honey, did you really mean what you said last night about liking my cast."? Then she looked down and said with a soft voice, "Or were you just trying to get me in the sack?"

George swallowed." "No Honey."

Alice squeezed his hand and interrupted him, "No Honey what?" No you really didn't mean what you said about my cast, or no Honey, you weren't just trying to get me in the sack?"

"Uh, what I meant was that I really did mean what I said about your cast."

Alice giggled." I'm sorry for teasing you." I had a wonderful time last night too." Maybe we should have a honeymoon more often."

George giggled with her." He said, "Well, are you busy tonight?"

CHAPTER 6 - The Wedding

When they finished breakfast and stepped outside again Alice remarked, "Wow, it feels like it is getting colder."

George looked to the north." "Yep, I think there might be a little snow coming our way."

Since they had slept in, they only had enough time to return to their motel room, get dressed for the wedding and check out of the motel." George put on a dark blue suit with a white shirt and blue tie." Alice dressed in a two piece light blue skirt with a white blouse." When she was finished she walked to the sofa on her crutches, sat down and asked while handing George a two inch heeled, white pump, "Honey, would you please help me with my shoe?"

George kneeled down quickly and reached for her left ankle in her beige nylon stocking." She extended her leg while George slipped her shoe on her small foot." He took a moment and slipped his hands up and down her calf while he felt the silky smooth feel of her nylon stocking."

Alice smiled." She winked while saying,"After we get home this evening, you can feel my leg all the way to my hip if you want to."

He stood up, reached out and took Alice's hands in his." He helped her stand on her left foot while handing her the crutches." She said, "It is getting cold outside, so I think I would like my jacket."

George helped her slip her jacket on over her suit before he carried their luggage to the car." He walked with her to her side of the car." He opened the door." She turned on her crutches and backed up to the edge of the seat." She handed George the crutches before sitting on the edge of the seat." He leaned the crutches against the side of the car before reaching down." He placed his left hand around her casted ankle and his right hand around her left ankle, lifting her legs as she scooted back on the seat." Then he helped her turn and place her legs on the floor.

While they drove the few blocks to the church Alice said, "Honey, isn't this romantic?" I mean, we were married only four months ago, and now we are seeing one of my best college friends getting married."

George reached out and placed his hand on her left knee." He rubbed it through her silky smooth nylon stocking while saying, "Yes, very exciting." And the honeymoon we celebrated again last night makes it even more special."

When they arrived at the church, George said, "Wow, what a beautiful building." It is made of solid stone."

Alice agreed." "Yes, it was the church that I attended while in college, and it is just as beautiful inside as it is on the outside?"

The wind had increased and there were a few flurries of snow in the air." George parked as close to the church as he could before walking to Alice's side of the car." He lifted her legs and helped her from the car and onto her crutches.

As they entered the church Alice spotted Felicity and Billy just being seated." George could see that she was wearing a formfitting light pink, knee length skirt with a matching jacket." Her left leg was dressed in a pink nylon stocking and a two-inch heeled pink pump." He marveled at how her wonderfully casted right leg swayed with each step she took on her crutches."

He was just beginning to think of an excuse to set next to Felicity when Alice whispered while nodding toward them, "George, why don't we go set by Felicity?"

?George felt a slight flush to his face, and hoped that Alice didn't notice." He responded with a soft high pitched voice, "Uh, sure, why not?"

Alice turned toward him and asked, George, are you all right?"

"Sure, Honey, but why do you ask?" he answered.

"Oh, I just thought your voice sounded a little strange."

George slapped himself on the chest while responding, "Guess I got something caught in my throat."

He let Alice step into the row of seats first and sit next to Felicity." He took Alice's crutches and asked Felicity if she would like for him to take hers also." She smiled and handed them to him." He took the crutches and carried them to a corner of the room."When he sat down, he managed to position himself where he could see Felicity's casted foot extending out in front of her, causing her to sit on the front edge of the seat." Her skirt had ridden up exposing the reinforced top of her nylon stocking and more cast than he had ever guest that she had caressing her upper thigh in a smooth fiberglass prison." He wished that he could have looked longer, but Alice turned to him and smiled while reaching for his hand." She squeezed it and said, "Isn't this church lovely decorated?"

George looked at his lovely bride's casted leg extending straight out causing her to sit on the edge of her seat also, he wanted to say, "Yes, and your cast and Felicity's cast only add to the decoration," but he decided to be cautious in expressing anymore of his thoughts about women in leg casts.

Soon, they heard the traditional wedding song being played." George stood and helped Alice to her left foot before they turned to look down the aisle toward Karen walking up the aisle on her father's arm." As George looked at her he remarked to himself how beautiful she was in her white strapless gown with her long blond hair flowing from under her vale." As he glanced to her feet he was sure that he could see a little of her white nylon stocking covered foot with some of her steps.

Alice nudged George and whispered, "Isn't she beautiful?"

George mumbled a soft,"Uh-huh."

George and Alice held hands while Karen and her husband to be repeated their vows." When they were finished, everyone rose while they walked back down the aisle and out of the church." They led the members of the audience to the reception located in another building a few feet away.

George retrieved both sets of crutches, then he stepped back to allow Alice and Felicity to work their way from the row of chairs and into the aisle." He watched them making their way down the aisle while he thought to himself how wonderful his life had become after Alice hurt her knee."

When they got to the reception a few speeches were made before Karen sat down and allowed her new husband to remove her garter." George had made sure that they were standing so he could get the full view of him lifting the bottom of her dress, exposing her right leg in a white thigh-top nylon stocking." Her leg was long and shapely, with a white garter at the top of her stocking." Her foot was in a cute little open backed high heel with ankle straps hugging her gorgeous ankle.

As he watched, George remembered back to how he had made the simple process of removing Alice's garter into a big adventure." He had left the long skirt of her wedding dress down over her legs so he couldn't see what he was doing." That gave him the excuse to gently run his hands up and down her velvet smooth right leg in a nylon stocking attached to a garter belt." He had intentionally moved his hands so high on her leg that her touched the nylon stretched tightly between the top of her legs." As his fingers met her special spot he looked up and saw a slight smile on her pretty face." She squeezed her knees together, capturing his hand for a few seconds while she very sensually licked her lips.

?George, George," Alice said while gently nudging him with her elbow, and bringing him back to the present,"look, he is getting ready to throw the garter."? With her words, his mind refocused upon his surroundings."

"Yes, who do you think will catch?"?" His question was too late, one of the Bridesmaids caught it.

After Karen and her new husband had their first dance, George asked," Alice, would you like to dance?"

She looked down at her leg in the cast, and back to George." "Honey, I would love to, but, haven't you forgotten a little something called a cast on my leg?"

George smiled and stepped close to her." He reached out and removed the crutches from under her arms." He leaned them against the wall." Then he wrapped his arms around her waist while saying, "I certainly have not!?" He pulled her tightly against himself and began to sway with the music." A few seconds later, Alice looked into his eyes and said,"But, it doesn't make any difference, does it?"

George wanted to respond that her cast had made a lot of difference, but he decided to just enjoy the moment while holding his lovely bride tightly and remembering back to their first dance just four months ago.

CHAPTER 7 - Stranded

Before they left the reception Alice and George went to one of the back rooms where they changed out of their dress clothes." George put on a pair of jeans and a shirt with his cowboy boots." Alice changed back into her knee length cut-off jeans and a pullover shirt." She kept her nylon stocking on her left leg, but she changed back into her cloth-topped loafer."

As they left the church, the snow had increased." Alice said,"Gee Honey, I hope it isn't snowing all the way home."

George squeezed her hand and responded in a reassuring voice, "Don't worry My Dear, I'm sure that it will stop as soon as we get back out of this mountain valley."

By the time they had left town, Alice had leaned her head on his shoulder and shut her eyes." Before long she was sound asleep with dreams of her own wedding night dancing through her head." They had left their own wedding reception while she was still in her gown and George in his tux." They had driven to a friend's home where they changed out of their wedding clothes." George had put on a blue suit with a white shirt and blue tie. She had dressed in a two piece pink suit with a white blouse while hiding in the bathroom because she wanted what she was wearing under her clothes to remain a secret until they were in their hotel room.

George had reservations in a very nice hotel in the center of downtown." When he pulled up in front of the hotel, a Valet took his car, but not before he had walked around to Alice's side and helped her out." When she lifted her legs and turned in the seat to get out, her skirt rode up far enough that George could see some of the reinforced top of her beige nylon stocking on her right leg." She looked up at him and winked while mouthing,"Consider that a preview of what is to come."

George mouthed back, "I can't hardly wait."

After they checked into the hotel, they rode the elevator to the eighth floor." They walked hand in hand to their room." After George opened the door, he reached out and placed his right hand around her back while placing his left arm behind her knees." As he lifted her into his arms, she placed her arms around his neck." She pulled his face to hers and placed a passionate kiss on his lips before he carried her over the threshold and into their room." He stood her down next to the bed, then he stepped back and looked at her beautiful bride.

She was standing before him in a knee length pink, form-fitting skirt with a slit up the side that reached almost to the top of her nylon stocking." Her small feet were in three-inch heeled, open toed sandals that revealed her brightly painted toenails though the thin film of her beige stockings." She was wearing a white blouse under a pink jacket that was tightly cut, following the form of her large, rounded breasts." Her long blond hair was in a French roll and her make up was applied with the greatest of care.

George stepped forward with his arms out and embraced her while their lips met in a cautious, but passionate union." Alice began to squeeze him tightly as her lips parted, and her tongue passed through her lips and against his." His lips slowly parted, allowing her tongue an opening into his hot, moist cavity.

After a long few seconds their lips separated and George stepped back." He reached out and gently unbuttoned the front of her pink jacket." As he pulled back the front of it and lifted it from her shoulders, he could see the strong outline of her large breasts straining under the restriction of her white silk blouse." The nipple of each breast was firmly imprinted upon the tightly pulled cloth.

Alice glanced down at her breasts straining against her blouse, then back into George's eyes." She smiled before pulling his lips to hers again." George kissed her wanting lips with a hot passion before stepping back to unbutton the front of her blouse, allowing her love melons to be freed at last." He bent down and placed a kiss, first on her right nipple and then her left nipple before standing back up." He placed a hand on each side of her neck, cupping her face in his strong hands." He lifted her face to his and kissed her lips before nibbling on her left ear while she giggled.

George unfastened her pink skirt and let it fall." His eyes followed it as it passed her slim waist, down over a white garter belt with the garters stretched tautly down to the tops of her nylon stockings before following the falling skirt to the floor around her high heeled, stocking covered feet.

Alice was following his eyes with her own." As his eyes came to the reinforced tops of her stockings which were touching the most sensitive part of her lower body without the benefit of it being covered by panties, she placed her right forefinger against her lips and giggled.

George looked up and smiled." "You little devil, you!? he exclaimed before reaching out and pulling her tightly into his arms." He placed another kiss on her sweet lips before stepping back to look at her again.

She placed her hands on her hips and said with a wide grin, "Well, My Dear, is looking all you are going to do?"

Without answering, George stepped forward, reached out and lifted her into his arms with his left arm under her knees and his right arm behind her back." She placed her left arm around his neck, pulled his face to hers and kissed him while he carried her over and laid her on her back on the bed." He moved to her feet and slowly removed each of her shoes." As he slipped a shoe from her small left foot he lifted her foot to his mouth and kissed the tip of her big toe."

As she dreamed that he was slipping her shoe from her right foot and lifting it to his lips, she begin to feel her body reacting." It wasn't clear in her mind whether she was dreaming or if it were for real. She attempted to move her foot but realized that it wouldn't move." It was encased in some sort of heavy stiff covering. But, she could feel her body reacting for real to his attention."

Her hand had just slipped between her legs to touch her most sensitive spot when she was jolted wide-awake with a screeching sound followed by a loud thud." The sounds were so intense that her heart was racing to escape from her body before she could even ask George what had happened." She sat up and screamed while George was wildly moving the steering wheel back and forth and yelling.

Before Alice could comprehend what had happened, she was sitting in a car surrounded by darkness except for the headlights reflecting back on a sheet of white and accompanied by dead silence." She reached over and placed her hand on George's shoulder." "What happened Dear," she asked with a voice that was squeaky high from her tightly constricted vocal cords.

?Uh, I uh, I don't know for sure what happened," he answered." "I was trying to see in the snow and all of a sudden something flashed before the car and then?"

'Oh no George!? What did you hit?"? Alice asked with near panic in her voice.

Without answering, George rolled down the window to look out." He turned to Alice and said, "It is so snowy I can't see." I need to get out and take a look."

Alice placed her hand on his arm." ?Be careful we don't know what is out there."

He saw that the snow was up to the bottom of the door when he opened it." He stepped out side and quickly closed the door." Alice watched him make his way around to the front of the car and bend over to pick something up." She took a sigh of relief when he held up a roadside sign.

When George got back inside the car, Alice reached out and hugged him before saying,"Oh god, I was so afraid that you had hit another car or someone."

George placed a quick kiss on his lovely bride's lips before saying,"Let me start the car and see if we can get out of here."

The car started but when George placed it in gear, all that happened was the spinning of tires." He tried to rock it back and forth but the car was stuck in a snowdrift that was too deep to get out of." Alice handed him her cell phone." "Here, call 911 and ask for some one to help us."

After making the call, George turned to Alice and said, "I'm sorry Honey, but we are going to have to wait until morning for help."

"You mean we are stranded out here?"?

George reached over and placed his arm around her." He pulled her close and said, "Yes my Dear, I am afraid so."

CHAPTER 8 - Rescued

Alice began to cry." "What are we going to do?" We can't sit here all night like this." We?ll freeze to death."

George reached over and pulled her close to him." He turned her face to his, wiped her tears away and placed a quick kiss on her tear stained cheek." "It will be alright Honey." I can run the heater for a little while when it gets too cold, and we have some clothes and blankets in the back seat."

After a few minutes Alice had calmed down." "Dear, the cast is biting into the back of my leg." Can I sit with my legs across your lap?"

George moved to the middle of the front seat." Without saying a word, he reached down and lifted her legs while she turned in the seat." He guided her legs across his lap." As he gently moved his hand up and down her nylon covered left leg he asked, "Is this better?"

Alice put her left arm around his shoulders and pulled herself close to him." She leaned her head against his cheek before responding."Uh-huh." A few minutes later, Alice fell asleep." Before lone George was asleep also.

After an hour the temperature in the car had fallen to the point that Alice awoke." She was shivering when she called for George to awaken." "Honey, I'm cold," she said while rubbing her hands together.

George started the engine, then he got a blanket from the back seat." After covering the both of them, he removed her shoe and began to massage her left foot and leg through her stocking." Once the heater had warmed the car, George turned off the engine." "Honey," George said while pulling Alice closer to him, "Honey, maybe we should sleep some more." I'm sure that we will awaken when it gets too cold again."

George had just finished running the engine for the third time and they had settled back into their routine of sleeping for about an hour when they were transported in an instant, form a mild sleep to a shocking, heart stopping level of fright." Outside the car came a frightening blood curdling screeching sound followed by a loud noise and something hitting the car." Alice screamed, "What was that?" While George was trying to see through a window that had been frosted over by moisture from their breaths.

"I don't know," he answered as he scratched on the frost with his fingers while turning on the headlights." He cleared just enough of a hole in the frost that he thought he saw a large animal running away in the lights." "I guess it must have a big bear or something," he said before realizing what he was saying."

'Oh god," Alice screamed." ?A bear." Oh god, George, I'm so scared."? She began to cry." "Do you think they can get in the car?"? she choked out while pulling George closer to her.

George held her tightly for a few minutes." After she had calmed down he suggested, "Why don't we sleep a little more, it will make the time go by faster."

"You have to be kidding," Alice reacted with a high pitched yell." ?There is a bear out there and you want me to sleep!? No way!?

They sat quietly in the car for another hour." Just a sliver of daylight was creeping above the horizon when George started the car again." Before long, the sun was shinning through a cloudless sky and reflecting off the new snow with a blinding intensity." Another hour passed and they heard the sound of a large machine coming up behind them." George's immediate thought was that he hoped the driver would see them before he ran over them." George opened the door and stepped outside just in time to see the snowplow rounding a curve." He waived and the driver stopped.

After a couple of minutes, George and the driver talked." He would plow in front of them, then pull them out of the snowdrift, and they would follow him to safety.

Before George got back into the car he walked to the front of the car and looked for tracks from the animal they had heard in the night." When he got back in the car her told Alice, "I think we were visited by a mountain lion chasing a deer last night."

?Alice looked at him and said, "Well, I guess that is supposed to comfort me?" I mean knowing that it was a mountain lion rather than a bear?"

George smiled."He leaned over and placed a light kiss on her cheek while saying,"That's alright Honey." We are safe now."

There was very little conversation between George and Alice while they followed the snowplow to the interstate." Once they were safely on the better road Alice said,"George, Dear, do you know what I want you to do when we get home?"

He smiled and said, "No my Dear." What do you want?"

"I just want you to take me into your arms and make love to me." I think I deserve it after spending the night in a snowdrift with a mountain lion walking around outside." Besides, doesn't the thought of Karen's honeymoon make you a little excited?"

George reached over with his right hand and placed it on her left thigh." He began to rub her inner thigh through her nylon stocking." Alice laid her head on his shoulder and said, "Honey, if you continue to do that, you may have to pull over along the side of the road and finish what you are starting."

George squeezed her thigh while saying,"Then, I guess that means that I am forgiven for making you sit in a snowdrift all night long?"

"Well, I wouldn't say that until you get me home and make love to me," she giggled.

When they arrived home, George parked in the garage." He walked to Alice's side of the car, opened the door, reached in and scooped her into his masculine arms." He carried her to the door and stood her down on her left foot while he opened the door." She held her arm around his neck as he lifted her into his strong arms and carried her to the bedroom where he sat her on the edge of the bed." She smiled." "Dear, would you please get my crutches for me?" Then you can leave the room for a few minutes while I get ready for you."

?A few minutes after George returned with the crutches, he heard her call, "Honey, I'm ready."

When he entered the room he saw his lovely bride standing before him on her crutches." She was wearing the pink skirt and jacket with a white blouse that she had worn on their wedding night." She smiled and said, "Honey, do you remember this?"

'Oh, do I!? he responded with a boyish grin and a slightly higher pitched voice.

"Well, come here you big fellow and help me undress."

As George stepped close to his bride memories of their wedding night flashed through his mind like a windstorm in tall pine trees." He reached out and slowly unbuttoned the front of her pink jacket." He opened it and lifted it off of her shoulders, revealing her wonderful breasts with very erect nipples straining against the smooth silken fabric of her blouse." He was sure that he knew what to expect next, when he unbuttoned the front of her blouse.

His expectations were met when he pulled the front of her blouse open exposing her large melons of love, unbridled and awaiting his attention." He lowered himself to his knees and placed his lips over the hard nipple of her right breast." As he gently teased it with the tip of his tongue, Alice placed her hands around the back of his head and pulled his face harder against her breast.

After several seconds of enjoying his situation, George stood and cupped her face in his strong hands." He turned her face to his and placed a passionate kiss on her wanting lips." He stepped back to admire his wonderful bride standing before him on her crutches, naked from the waist up with her long blond hair falling down around her pretty face."

He stepped forward again and unfastened the skirt that wrapped around her hips and covered her long shapely legs down to her knees." As he let it fall to the floor around her feet his eyes followed it down to a garterbelt securely encasing her slim waist." His eyes focused upon the top of the beige nylon stocking covering the wonderfully sensual upper thigh of her left leg." The top of the stocking was pulled to the top of her leg and attached to the garters that framed her pantyless lower body. His eyes followed the flowing form of her left leg in her nylon stocking and her right leg in the fiberglass cast down her upper legs to her rounded knees, down to her calves and to her ankles." Her left ankle was wrapped in the straps of her three inch heeled sandal with her red nails shining through the thin fabric of her stocking." She wiggled the polished toes of her right foot where they were peeking out of the fiberglass prison that encompassed them." 'she giggled." "Well, is it what you expected?"

'Oh god, YES!? George answered as he lifted her into his arms and laid her on the bed." He bent down over her and began to kiss her wanting lips with a passion that he hadn't had since their wedding night." Before long they had resealed their love.

CHAPTER 9 - Are Their Cast Adventures Over?

It had been a couple of weeks since Karen's wedding and the night Alice and George spent in the cold car stuck in the snowdrift." The cast had become so much of their love making ritual that neither of them were looking forward to its removal, but they were trying to adjust to the idea that it had to be removed sometime."

While they were sitting on the sofa with Alice's legs across George's lap, she said with a sadness in her voice, "It was hard for us to get the idea of the cast into our minds but we did, so I am sure we can adjust to it being gone."

George answered while rubbing her toes sticking out of the cast, "Yes, but I have to admit that I have really enjoyed you being in the cast."

He had hardly finished his statement when Alice smiled,"Oh, so you have enjoyed me wearing the cast, have you?"

?Uh, well, uh, I'm sorry Alice, I didn't mean it like that?"

'Oh, and just how did you mean it?" Did you mean that you were enjoying me in the cast because you liked it as a plaything?" Or, did you mean that you enjoyed me being handicapped with my leg in the cast so that I was your helpless little doll?" Or did you mean that you?"

George held up his hands in a gesture of surrender." "Honey, please, I didn't mean that I was happy that you had hurt your leg, and I didn't mean that I was happy that you had to wear the cast." What I really meant to say was that I have enjoyed the added excitement the cast has given me, uh, us, while making love."

'Oh," Alice began to giggle." 'Oh Honey, I'm sorry to be pulling your leg like that, but, uh, yes, I have enjoyed the cast for love making as much as you have."

?Good," George said before reaching out and pulling her face to his." As their lips slowly met, he opened his mouth and placed his tongue to her lips." She opened her mouth and let his tongue explore her warm oral cavity." Their lips parted and George said,"Speaking of leg pulling, don't you think it is about time you let me carry you to bed so I can really pull your leg?"

'Oh George, I thought you would never ask!?

The next evening when George arrived home from work Alice met him at the door." She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him before saying, "Honey, I have been thinking, since I am going to the Doctor tomorrow, and he is going to take my cast off, I want to go shopping for some new shoes."

After dinner, Alice put on her knee length jeans shorts, her black pull-over shirt and announced,"OK Honey, I am ready to go get my new shoes."

George followed her to the car." He opened the door and helped her sit on the edge of the seat and lift her legs so she could turn them into the car." As they were driving to the store George asked, "Honey, what if you don't get the cast off?" What will you do then?"

"Not to worry my Dear, remember that the Doctor said that it was just a hairline fracture so I am confident that he will take it off."

?But, what if he doesn't?" Then what?"

'Oh, he will, so I don't want to talk about it."

After parking the car, George helped Alice out and onto her crutches." She walked with confidence into the store." She walked down most every aisle looking at clothes before she got to the shoes." She tried several shoes on her left foot." She even clowned around by attempting to try a shoe onto her casted foot." When they left the store George was carrying an arm full of new clothes and two new pairs of shoes, one was a pair of boots and the other was a pair of red three inch heeled pumps.

When they got home Alice asked George to put the clothes and shoes in the bedroom, then leave and watch TV while she tried them on and modeled them for him." A few minutes later Alice walked out of the bedroom on her crutches wearing a new pair of jeans shorts that just barely reached down to the top of her cast." She was wearing a red and white checkered long sleeved shirt with the tail tucked into the jeans shorts." She had a white sock and her new boot on her left foot." After turning around on her crutches in front of George, she asked, "Well, Honey, what do you think?"

He cleared his throat,"Uh, the best hiking outfit that I have ever seen." And, there is just something about that cast on your leg that really sets off your outfit." Maybe you should consider making the cast a permanent part of your wardrobe."

Alice giggled." "You would like that, wouldn't you?"

'Only if you would," he responded.

Alice turned around and walked back into the bedroom." A few minutes later she came back out wearing a white blouse with a knee length red skirt." She had dressed her left leg in a beige nylon stocking." She was carrying her new three-inch heeled red shoe as she walked over and sat down in front of George." "Here, Honey, would you please help me with my new shoe?"

George lifted her leg by her ankle and gently slipped the shoe on her small stocking covered foot." Then he slipped his hand up her leg past her knee and to the top of her stocking." Alice smiled." She said with a wink, "Honey, wouldn't you like to continue moving your fingers up my leg to see if I am wearing panties?"

George accepted her challenge." As his hand moved up her inner thigh, he began to smile while he could feel his fires beginning to roar." "You little devil, I think you forgot to put them on."

"No Honey, I didn't forget anything." I just wanted to invite you to make love to me again because this will be our last night with me wearing my cast."

George removed his hand from under her skirt." He stood and placed his hands under her arms." He lifted her to her left foot before placing his hands around her waist." He pulled her to him and began to kiss her wanting lips with a passion." Quickly he had scooped her into his arms and carried her to the bedroom where he laid her on the bed and began to examine every inch of her wonderfully casted right foot and leg.

The next morning was met with both glee and regret since Alice was to see the Doctor, and learn whether she would get her cast removed or not." On the one hand, she was looking forward to having her leg freed from the fiberglass prison so she could get back to a normal life, but she was also feeling a little sad." She and George had found the cast to be such a stimulant for love making that neither of them were looking forward to loosing their own special love toy.

Since the appointment wasn't until eleven o?clock, they took the opportunity for one last round of love making before they got up, ate breakfast and got dressed for the trip to the Doctor.""She knew the Doctor would be wanting to see her leg all the way to her hip in order to remove the cast so she decided to wear a pair of her long legged jeans shorts and another black pull-over shirt."

They were silent during the ride to the Doctor's office." Just before George opened the door to the car in the parking lot he turned to Alice and put his arm over her shoulder." He pulled her face to his and placed a long kiss on he lips before saying, "Well, Honey, I guess this is it." It's time for you find out if you get your cast off."

Alice shook her head,"Uh-huh, I guess so," she said while she felt a lump forming in her throat." "I will be glad to get it off, but I sure will miss it."

"Yeah, me too," George said before kissing her one more time.

While they were waiting in the Doctor's office, George remembered back to the time they had seen Laurel and Toni." He was wondering how they were when Toni walked in on her crutches." He stood quicker than he had intended and invited her to sit with them." "How are you and Laurel doing?"? he asked.

Toni smiled before sitting next to Alice." She looked toward George and answered, "Well, Laurel will get her body cast off next week, but she will still have a cast on her right leg for another few weeks."

'Oh, and how about you?" Is your leg about well?" He continued to show more interest than he had intended too.

Toni wiggled her toes in her cast before saying, "I think the Doctor might take my cast off today, but I'm not sure yet."

Alice interrupted by saying, "I think I am going to get my cast off today, Isn't that right Honey!?

George shook his head and responded, "Yes my Dear, that is the plan."

A couple of minutes later the nurse stepped from the examination room,"Alice, the Doctor will see you now."

Alice stood and placed her crutches under her arms." She turned and looked over her shoulder at Gorge." She smiled, showed George that she was carrying her new three-inch heeled red shoes and said,"Remember, it is only a twisted knee."

- The End-

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